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What is Justice Qazi Faiz Isa all about? ………………..Saeed A. Malik.

What is Justice Qazi Faiz Isa all about?

Saeed A. Malik.

Irrespective of what has been said in the attached link on sundry issues, Qazi Faiz Isa is a judge who needs being investigated and scrutinized for allowing Nawaz Sharif and family a free pass in the Hudaibya case. This was an open and shut case of huge corruption against the Sharif family. This family was sprung from this case by corrupt judges, and their collusion with the then Chairman NAB, Chaudhary Qamar Zaman.

This was a fact known by all and sundry, and more than one Justice of the Supreme Court had observed this fact while hearing the Panama case.

Belatedly NAB chose to take this observation as a direction, and filed for a review of this case with the Supreme Court, in order to right a villainous wrong committed by its ex-Chairman.

And Justice Qazi Faiz Isa chose to throw this case out and forever barred its hearing by the apex court.. He point-blank refused to allow the NAB prosecutor to invoke the observations made by the present Chief Justice. As a matter of fact, this judge more or less threatened the prosecutor with jail, should he refer to the subject observation, by warning him that should he pursue the line of argument he was following, the latter would be charged with contempt.

This judge also bound the media not to report this matter.

Had this judge been half the judge he is masquerading at being, he ought to have played fair with Pakistan, and taken ‘judicial notice’ of the following facts:

  1. That the Hudaibya Case was the most complete prosecution case in the history of white collar crime in Pakistan’s legal history.
  2. And that, but for corruption in the higher judiciary and NAB, Nawaz Sharif and family would have stood convicted in this case, and the billions they stole from the exchequer after they had received judicial favour, would not have been stolen, and rule of law would probably have clawed back a part of the way to reclaim its lost space.

” Judicial Notice”, for those of my readers who may not be aware of this term, simply means taking notice of a general truth by a court, which is so well known, that it need not be proved in a court of law.

This is something which each individual does every day of his life.

Qazi Faiz Isa should be held to account for giving safe passage to arch-criminals whose combined criminality destitute and despoiled the country that this judge has sworn to defend.

This man needs to be investigated.

And this is something that should be debated far and wide,  night and day.

And after Qazi Isa, so should Athar Minallah be opened to scrutiny, along with the NAB prosecutor who combined with him to bail out Nawaz Sharif and his grasping brood, which made possible the infamous “43-page judgement.”

Remember, this is our country. It is something worth speaking up for…

All this “Me-lording” is all very good and civilized stuff. But it is about time that we took it upon ourselves to see what the judicial black cloaks are covering up.



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PMLN Threatens Anchor Mubasher Lucman During Live TV Show


SPECIAL REPORT | 12 June 2013





TV anchorman Mubasher Lucman was threatened on live television after he aired footage of Punjab police storming the houses of Faisalabad residents protesting against the government of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.


Lucman received the threat during his 10 pm prime-time show Khari Baat on ARY News last night.


The video of the police action has gone viral on social media. It shows police brutality by the newly formed government of PMLN, the party of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The protesters were out against the acute power crisis in the central Punjab city of Faisalabad, a hub of textile and agriculture. 

During the show, Lucman picked his cell phone and said he just a received a text message in Urdu that said, ‘Apni Khair Manao!’ [Literal translation: ‘Pray for your safety’]. 

After reading the text message, Lucman looked into the camera and addressed Chief Minister Sharif saying he will stay put in Lahore and is ready to face the wrath of the powerful chief minister. 

Lucman did not reveal the identity of the sender of the text message.

Lucman compared Sharif to a pharaoh and asked his producer to show again the footage of Sharif’s police storming the houses of poor Faisalabad residents. The ruthless action by the new government of PMLN, which swept the 2013 general election, has surprised Pakistanis.


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Pakistan’s Columnist Rauf Klasra: Akhir Kyun-Well Done Kehna Bunta Hai,Boss!


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