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London: Finsburry Park Mosque Attack, Dividing the World on Religious Lines by Sajjad Shaukat, International Author & Thought Leader


A man died and at least 11 people were injured in the early hours of Monday (June 19, 2017) morning after a van was rammed into a crowd of Muslims worshipers in Finsbury Park near a mosque in north London.


Eyewitnesses reported chaotic scenes, as the incident unfolded just after midnight when worshipers had just finished evening Ramadan prayers. They said that the driver shouted, “I want to kill all Muslims” before onlookers pinned him to the ground. He was protected from a crowd by an Imam and other Muslims who have been credited with saving his life.

The British Terrorist Darren Osborne

Next day, British police and media that a white man-47-year-old man, namely, Darren Osborne who has previously expressed hatred of Muslims was arrested by police on suspicion of attempted murder and of the terror offense. He was not known to the security services.


Earlier, the British police stated, the man who died was already being treated for an unrelated ailment and they are still investigating whether or not his death was related to the attack.


British Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed that that “hatred and evil of the kind seen in the terror attack on a London mosque will never succeed—every bit as insidious and destructive to our values and our way of life”, as recent terror attacks motivated by Islamist extremism.”


While warning the rise of Islamophobia, leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn said, “I see it this is a terror on the streets…in the communities…We have to all reach out and feel their pain and their stress.”


The Guardian reported on June 20, this year, White supremacists celebrated the attack [On Muslim worshippers], according to the US extremist monitoring group Site. It also said pro-Islamic State channels were using reports of the incident to incite Muslims.”


According to the latest news, ISIS extremists operating online have used the terror attack outside a mosque in London to call for more violent assaults on the West in response.


Much has been written and said by writers and analysts of print and electronic media about the terror attacks in Finsbury Park near a mosque. On the social media, the opinion of some Christians, Jews, and Muslims are divided, while elaborating the tragedy in accordance with their own particular religious background. Prejudice is ruining so high against one another that by reading the name, some people of the opposite side ignore his views.

Zionist Controlled Western Media

Despite it, fact remains that we are living in a world of Zionist-controlled media which is very strong and whatever it releases by concealing the truth and propagating Israeli interests as part of the disinformation, impress the politicians and general masses in the whole world.


In this regard, scholars of international affairs agree that “foreign affairs are too foreign” to the citizens of a country. Renowned scholar Prof. Hoslti opines that “issues and situations” have “influence on public opinion” which in turn “influences the objectives and actions.”

In fact, the fault cannot be laid on the general masses, a majority of whom does not have much time to go in-depth. Hence, they are swayed by emotions, stereotypes, and prejudices created by the political leaders who keep on manipulating any crisis for their own self-interests with the sole aim of getting their sympathies to increase their vote bank. There are equally strong pressures from religious and nationalist forces in wake of fake global war on terror which is dividing the world into religious lines.


Therefore, terror attack on the Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park cannot be seen in isolation. We need to analyze various related developments of the recent past and the present ones in the world and inside the UK to reach the conclusion.


It is notable that no party gain a clear majority in the general elections of the UK, which were held on June 8, 2017.


Jeremy Corbyn has declared his party the victors after addressing staff at Labour Party’s headquarter. Corbyn also repeated his call for the prime minister to resign.


On the other side, Conservative Party of Prime Minister May lost its majority and was eight seats short of a majority. Brushing aside the call of resignation, May has sought permission from the Queen to form a new government.


British analysts opined that there would not be a stable government, as the election results have shown. Instead, there would be hung Parliament in the UK.

Mossad’s Manchurian Candidates Arise

It was the right hour for the Israeli secret agency Mossad to arrange another terror assault in the UK, which targeted the Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park near a mosque.


It is mentionable that at least 22 people were killed in a terror attack at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester on May 22, 2017.


British police said that the attack was carried out by a single suicide bomber, who also died. Afterward, the man who targeted the Ariana Grande gig has been named as 22-year-old Salman Abedi who was a British national and the child of Libyan refugees.


Ian Hopkins, the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police stated, “Abedi was said to have been known to police and the intelligence agencies. British Prime Minister Theresa May said, “Salman Abadi may have been part of a bigger network.”


After the Manchester terror assault, British police had arrested several people in connection with the investigation, and some were released without charge. A Libyan pilot was also arrested as part of the investigation into the terror network behind Manchester bomber.


But, a German intelligence official stated that Abedi-the real culprit of the Manchester rampage flew from Istanbul to the UK via Dusseldorf’s international airport. A senior Turkish official disclosed that the Turkish government had already sent a file on Abedi to British authorities, but declined to discuss the details of the communication.

Following the Manchester carnage, Prime Minister May, the leader of the Conservative Party and Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, including Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron had suspended the campaigning for the general election.


On the social media, the ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror assault at Ariana Grande concert. Other ISIS supporters said online that the attack was revenge for the UK’s involvement in the bombing campaign against ISIL in Iraq and Syria. 


Similarly, seven people were killed and 48 persons injured in the terror attack on London Bridge and at the adjacent Borough Market on June 3, 2017.


According to the British police and media, a van driving at high speed mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge before the occupants got out and began stabbing patrons at nearby bars and restaurants at the adjacent Borough Market.


The terror attacks came days before the general election and two weeks after the Manchester tragedy. It was the third terrorist attack to strike the Great Britain, this year after a man drove a car into a pedestrian on Westminister Bridge in March. 


About the London terror assaults of June 3, the CNN disclosed on June 4, 2017, “The ISIS-linked Amaq Agency claimed a “detachment of Islamic State fighters” carried out the attack, but CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank cautions ISIS has provided no evidence to back up its claim. Amaq also claimed ISIS was behind the attack at a resort in Manila last week, despite Filipino authorities asserting it was not terror-related. A US counterterrorism source tells CNN that US intelligence is aware of the London claim. Mark Rowley, the assistant commissioner for specialist operations in the Metropolitan Police Service, says that authorities will “release the identities of the three men directly responsible for the attacks…as soon as operationally possible.” Police are searching four properties. As for the 12 arrests made during the Barking raids, one man, 55, has been released without charge.”


The Telegraph said on June 5, 2017, that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for the London attacks on June 7. However, it was quite opposite to the report of CNN.


Earlier, British Prime Minister Theresa May warned that Britain is in the grip of a spate of copycat terror attacks in the wake of the London Bridge atrocity. She elaborated that for the second time, this election campaign, Mrs May who had just chaired a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergency committee, stated that while the Manchester Ariana attack which killed 22 people, the Westminster attack in March which left four people dead and the London Bridge attack were not directly connected, there was now a “new trend” in the threat the UK faces.


She further remarked, “Terrorism breeds terrorism and perpetrators are inspired to attack, not only on the basis of carefully constructed plots after years of planning and training, and not even as lone attackers radicalized online, but by copying one another and often using the crudest of means of attack…We cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. Things need to change…the recent attacks were all connected by “the single evil ideology of Islamist extremism that preaches hatred, sows division and promotes sectarianism”. Analysts and sources pointed out that her reference to the public sector meant that schools and other public bodies had to adopt a much stricter approach to extremism, while councils had to make sure they did not create ghettos by housing Muslims in areas where they become concentrated together.


Mrs May also added that the internet provided a “safe space” for extremists to spread their creed and plan attacks, and said it was time to “regulate cyberspace” through the sort of agreements she reached at the G7 summit in Italy recently, when leaders agreed to pile pressure on social media companies to block extremist material.


After the terror attacks on London Bridge and at Borough Market London, again, major parties of the Britain, temporarily, suspended the national election campaigning for the general elections which were held on June 8, this year.


Regarding London attacks, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party had said that Prime Minister May should resign—three days “before polling day may not seem particularly realistic. Corbyn also said, “The election might be a better way of removing her.”


It is notable that three days before the first round of France’s presidential elections, held on April 23, 2017, a French policeman was shot dead and two others were wounded in central Paris on April 20, 2017, when a gunman wielding a machine gun leapt out of a car and opened fire on the Champs-Elysees, Paris’s most famous boulevard. ISIS claimed that the attack was carried out by “Abu Yousuf al-Baljiki (the Belgian) and he is one of the Islamic State’s fighters.”

French Racism Promotion of Anti-Muslim Rhetoric and the Rise of Terrorism among French Isolated Minorities

In the aftermath of the shooting, the three main candidates canceled campaign events and instead made televised statements in which they competed to talk tough on security and vowed a crackdown on ISIS. The incident brought issues of terrorism, the French Muslims, security, and immigration back to the forefront of the campaign. Marine Le Pen demanded the closure of all Islamist mosques, repeating her call for Europe’s partly open borders to be closed. The centrist Emmanuel Macron was elected French president by defeating the ultra-nationalist and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the second round of the French presidential election.


Karim Cheurfi, a 39-year-old French national who was shot dead by the police was identified as the attacker.


In fact, terror attack at Champs-Elysees-Paris’s Boulevard was arranged by the Israeli Mossad with the assistance of the ISIS to ensure the victory of Macron in the French presidential elections. The pro-Israeli, the then French president-elect Emmanuel Macron who was having connections with Tel Aviv in the past will maintain the US-led status quo in the world and will further advance the Israeli agenda against Russia, China, Syria, Pakistan etc, and the Muslims, while further advancing the international forces of globalization, controlled by the wealthy Jews and the elite class at the cost of small countries and the poor class.


Recall that three days before the general elections in Spain, the train bombings in Madrid on March 11, 2004, which killed more than 200 people turned the election results in favour of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero whose Socialist Party won the elections, as he had said that Spain where the “US war has been deeply unpopular”, would withdraw its troops from Iraq. While government led by the Prime Minister Jose Maria who staunchly supported the American-led war in Iraq lost the election. The victory of the Socialist Party in Spain was being called by some in Europe and America as a victory for terrorism, a precedent that offers Al-Qaeda or groups like it the notion that they can alter the democratic process with bombs and murder. A former member of the Spanish Parliament, Pedro Schwartz remarked, “Al-Qaeda won the election”.


As a matter of fact, the agents of Mossad who are in collaboration with the CIA sympathizers, Syrian rebel groups and the ISIL militants arranged terror attacks in Paris, Brussels, Orlando, San Bernardino, Nice, Munich, London (March 22, 2017), St. Petersburg (Metro train)  in Stockholm, in Manchester and again in London, and now at the London mosque. While, a gunman who went by the nickname Black Jesus was identied—39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad, making militant comments on social media killed three white men in downtown Fresno, California, on April 18, 2017, and fired at another before he was taken into custody, while shouting “Allahu Akhbar,” as the Fresno police stated.


There is an interrelationship of the terror attacks in the US, Europe, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Philippines etc., and elsewhere in the world, which were false flag terror attacks, conducted by Mossad in connivance with the agents of Indian secret agency RAW and those of the vulnerable CIA operatives.


Through all these false flag terror operations, the US and Israel wanted to obtain their covert aims against Russia and the Muslims. Mossad had also provided the US President Donald Trump with an opportunity to manipulate various terror assaults of Europe and America to win the US presidential election and to reunite America and Europe, as a rift was created between America and its Western allies, especially Europe on a number of issues, including NATO. And, President Donald Trump had left no stone unturned in implementing anti-Muslim policies, while speaking openly against the Muslims and Syrian immigrants. 


It is noteworthy that since September 2015, Russian-led coalition of Iran, Iraq, the Syrian army the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Lebanon-based Hezbollah in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been achieving successes in Syria and Iraq by retaking several regions from the occupation of the CIA-Mossad led rebel groups and ISIS militants after their failure to topple the Assad government—proving links of Al-Qaeda’s Al-Nusra Front and ISIS with America and Israel, Mossad with the cooperation of some CIA agents started terrorism-related attacks in the US and Europe. Meanwhile, the CIA-Plan B for partition of Syria also failed. Moscow also exposed smuggling of oil supply by the ISIL-controlled areas to Europe and silence of their governments in this connection. In this regard, Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin’s successful diplomacy surprised the Israel-led America and some European countries who still want to oust the Assad regime to obtain the greater interests of Israel.


In response, taking note of various developments and some other ones such as reluctance of NATO countries to support America’s fake global war on terror,  acceptance of Syrian refugees by the European countries, especially Germany, criticism of the controversial Turkish-EU refugee deal by a number of human rights groups, the EU rule to boycott goods produced in Israeli settlements on the West Bank, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (EU), after the referendum (Brexit) on June 24, 2016, prospects of Scotland and some other countries for separation from the EU, and the divide between the elite class which run multinational companies with the direct or indirect control of the Jews and the general masses who are suffering from multiple problems in wake of differences on the refugee crisis, Syrian war, Greece’s weak economy, violent protests against the labour laws in France etc.—the chances of European Union’s disintegration and a rift among the NATO countries, as noted in the recent past by the “Stop NATO protests in Europe were quite opposite to the Israeli secret interests. Hence, Israeli Mossad which was in collaboration with the vulnerable CIA operatives organized terror assaults in the US and Europe. As part of the double game, these terror attacks were conducted by these secret agencies, particularly Mossad with the assistance of the ISIS terrorists who used the home-grown terrorists of these countries.


Owing to the irresponsible approach of the Western leaders and their media, far right-wing parties and “Stop Islam” movement in the West, especially in Europe has been becoming popular by largely attracting their people. Right-wing parties in a growing number of European countries have made electoral gains. The right-wing parties range across a wide policy spectrum, from populist and nationalist to far-right neofascist.


Other aims of Tel Aviv was to muster the support of America’s Western allies against Russia in relation to the Syrian war, as US-led countries like France, UK also started airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, under the cover of targeting ISIL.


Trump’s Extremist Anti-Muslim Islamophobia


When American President Trump’s extremist policies were strongly criticized inside America and around the world, including particularly her Western allies, his advisers, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, neoconservatives and Israeli-backed officials directed him to implement dual strategy of Bush and Obama, with the aim to keep America and Western allies, particularly Europe united against Syria, Russia, China, Pakistan etc., while covertly continuing anti-Muslim rhetoric so as to safeguard the interests of Tel Aviv.


Nonetheless, Israel succeeded in its sinister designs. Notably, backing out from his earlier statements, American President Trump has changed his policy regarding Europe and NATO. In this context, he stated on April 13, 2017, that US relations with Russia may be at “an all-time low” and declared a new-found faith in NATO, suggesting the alliance was “no longer obsolete”. Besides, US President Donald Trump attended a summit of NATO nations, held on May 25, 2017, in Brussels. He also met leaders of NATO and those of EU. His trip to the European countries came in wake of the deadly attack in Manchester. Talking to the Belgium prime minister, Trump said that countries would work together to defeat various problems and “new one is terrorism.”


Here, it is mentionable that Machiavelli advises the rulers to have a lion-like image outwardly, and act upon the traits of goat inwardly. He also suggests them foreign adventures and the use of terror to obtain their goals. In his sense, a good ruler should be a good opportunist and hypocrite. While echoing Machiavelli, Morgenthau points out that sometimes, rulers act upon immoral activities like deceit, fraud, falsehood and even murder to fulfill their selfish aims.

Trump Lies and Duplicity

Now, Trump has begun acting upon the discarded theory of the past in the modern era. It could be judged from the recent trip of Trump to the Middle East. Backing out from his earlier statements—banning the Muslims from entering the United States, vetting of the Muslims—blocking visas being issued to anyone from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen—strict conditions for the citizens from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon, in Saudi Arabia, in his address at a regional summit in Riyadh, on May 22, 2017, President Donald Trump called for “Muslim unity in the fight against terrorism…a battle between good and evil…U.S. wants a coalition of nations who share the aim of stamping out extremism…This is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life, and decent people of all religions who seek to protect it,” as he elaborated.


Like Bush and Obama, Trump described Islam as “a religion of peace” and did not use the contentious phrase “radical Islamic terrorism,” as he frequently has in US speeches. Instead, he called on the Muslim leaders to honestly confront “the crisis of Islamist extremism and the Islamist terror groups.”


Setting aside the Israeli-led US state terrorism and CIA-backed terror in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen and other vulnerable Islamic countries, Trump singled out Iran, accusing Tehran of contributing to instability in the region. He supposedly said, “From Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, Iran funds, arms and trains terrorists, militias and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region.” Keeping Israeli hidden agenda in his mind, Trump also stated that all the Muslim nations should boycott Iran, and also pledged to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for peace of the region.


Trump’s address was a mixture of calls for Israeli-Arab peace and a defense of Israel from threats in the region, including from the groups allied with the Palestinian cause.


On May 21, 2017, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Trump signed a defense deal of nearly $110 billion agreement to bolster the military capabilities of Saudi Arabia. The defense deal, effective immediately, was one of the series agreements the two countries signed to enhance their military and economic partnerships, including a second defense pact with options valued up to $350 billion over the next 10 years. In fact, by keeping the Iranian phobia, the major purpose of Trump’s visit was to sell America arms to Saudi Arabia.


President Trump also encouraged NATO-like alliance of Saudi Arabia, which includes the Sunni countries against Shia states, especially Iran and Yemen. It was formed on the instructions of Washington. As after the US-led invasion of the Afghanistan, Iraq, airstrikes on Libya and promotion of war in Syria have been clearly exposed, therefore, America revived the old phony global war on terror to secure the illegitimate interests of Tel Aviv, whose major aim was to deceive the Muslims.


President Donald Trump pledged on May 23, 2017, at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem that he would work for an Israeli-Palestinian peace, while, protecting the region from Iran and other threats. He stated, “Israelis have experienced firsthand the hatred and terror of radical violence…Hamas and Hezbollah launch rockets into Israeli communities…The United States is firmly committed to keeping Iran from developing a nuclear weapon…America’s security partnership with Israel is stronger than ever.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Trump and his wife, daughter, and son-in-law for visiting the Western Wall before saying Israel must always be able to defend itself against any threat.


Trump met earlier in the day with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem and came back to Jerusalem insisting that a peace deal is possible.


All this reminds that before attacking Iraq in 2013, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the US President Bush had announced the Road Map to the Middle East so as to please the Islamic World that Palestinian-Israeli issue would be settled. But no progress took place in that respect.


It is also of particular attention that on June 5, this year, six Arab countries including Saudi Arabia and Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Qatar for allegedly supporting terrorism. Trump also raised similar false allegations in connection with Qatar. While Saudi Arabian king who wants to save the kingdom of the country has been creating division and divide between the Muslim countries on the basis of Shia and Sunni. In fact, America and Israel are diverting the attention of the international community from their own state terrorism and terrorism-related attacks in the world. 

Despite the revival of the fake global war on terror, some developments disappointed the Israelis. In this regard, Russia-Turkey alliance to fight the ISIS, and US decision to dispatch more troops in Afghanistan where America and its NATO allies have entangled in the prolonged war of history, which has, rapidly, increased the cost of war, bringing about multiple internal crises, affecting the ordinary Americans and Western citizens, particularly those of Europe might be cited as example. Besides, differences between the Britain and the US about Manchester terror attack—probe of Trump that the US intelligence agencies already knew it, Trump’s criticism of Germany regarding trade, conduction of missile test by North Korea, failure of Thump’s war-like diplomacy against the latter and waning of Russia and China to America in this regard also depressed the Israelis.

Israel’s Set-Backs

Notably, on June 8, 2017, the Russian Defense Ministry said that it is checking on information, indicating that the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was reportedly killed in a Russia-led airstrike in Syria. However, this incident further disappointed the Israelis.

The Russian Meddling in US Election in Support of Donald Trump

Moreover, US intelligence agencies, especially FBI has continued the so-called investigation that Russia and President Putin authorized the hacking in the November 8 US presidential election aimed to help Donald Trump to win it. Both Putin and Trump have denied the charges. In this connection, differences between CIA and FBI also frustrated Tel Aviv.


Especially, Tel Aviv wants to intensify the new Cold War between the US-led West and Russia so as to avoid the two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, as some European countries have been emphasizing on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to stop the expansion of West Bank settlements and restart a negotiation process for the two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute in wake of the debate between the Zionists and non-Zionist Jews in relation to the two-state solution of the issue.


Earlier, on January 15, 2016, France who is a staunch supporter of the two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian issue conducted a summit in Paris which was attended by 70 nations. In a statement, delegates at the summit also restated their commitment to the two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and emphasized on them to restart negotiations. Palestinians welcomed the conference, but Israel called it “rigged”.


As regards the new Cold War, ABC News (Wire Service News) pointed out on June 14, 2017, “The U.S. has deployed a truck-mounted missile system into Syria, an official said Wednesday, to a forward operating group of rebels and U.S. military advisers that have repeatedly clashed with government forces. The deployment raises the stakes in eastern Syria, where Iranian-sponsored pro-government forces have outflanked U.S. advisers and rebels holding the Tanf border crossing to establish their own link to Iraq for the first time in years.”


Taking note of America’s ineffective diplomacy in Syria, by violating the international law, an American fighter jet shot down a Syrian warplane on June 18, this year. In reaction, Russia has shut down a communication line with its US counterparts in Syria, threatening to target any aircraft including US aircraft operating, above Russian and Syrian regime-controlled territory in the country. Under the guise of combating terrorism, on June 20, 2017, a US fighter jet also shot down an armed Iranian drone in southern Syria.


The Hindu Fundamentalism of PM Narendra Modi and BJP


It is also of particular attention that by pursuing the double standards of America in its worst form, Trump also intends to favor India, while opposing the nuclear weapons of Pakistan. However, like Obama, Trump has brushed aside the ground realities that Indian Prime Minister Modi-led by the ruling fundamentalist party BJP has been implementing anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan agenda while encouraging Hindutva (Hindu nationalism).

CIA-MOSSAD-RAW -The Axis of Evil in Covert & BlackOPS

As part of the double game, based in Afghanistan, operatives of CIA, RAW and  Mossad which have well-established their collective secret network there, and are well-penetrated in the terrorist outfits like ISIS, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and their affiliated Taliban groups are using their terrorists to destabilize Tibetan regions of China, Iranian Sistan-Baluchistan and Pakistan by arranging the subversive activities. In this context, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is their special target. Recent acts of terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s Balochistan are part of the same scheme.


Although Mossad was behind terror attacks in Madrid and at Champs-Elysees, Boulevard to affect the election results, as already mentioned, yet the case of the latest terror assaults in Britain is a little bit different, though having similar purposes of Tel Aviv.





According to a report of Telegraph, “Landmark study shows the number of children under five being brought up as Muslim rose 80 per cent in a decade while three-quarters of Muslims in the UK identify themselves solely as British…The number of children…in what experts have described as an “unprecedented” shift in Britain’s social make-up. One in 12 schoolchildren in England and Wales are now officially classed as Muslim after a decade which saw the number of followers of Islam surge by just over 1.1 million, according to the most detailed study of its kind ever published. The report, presented to Parliament, concludes that Muslims could play a decisive role in the coming general election…making up a significant share of voters in some of the most marginal seats in the country. Significantly, Muslims make up more than a fifth of the population in 26 parliamentary constituencies and around 50 per cent in some areas. There are also 70 council wards with a Muslim population of 40 percent or more…This statistic highlights the diversity in modern Britain and the need that this is reflected in all spheres of life, from top management opportunities to political representation.”


In the meantime, last year, the success of first Muslim Pakistan’s origin Sadiq Khan as mayor of London by defeating the Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith-a wealthy Jew who was supported by the former British Prime Minister David Cameron also depressed the Israelis. In the May 2015, the number of Muslim MPs in Britain increased from eight to 13.


Now, a total of 16 Muslims, including a dozen British Pakistanis, have won UK Parliamentary elections of 2017 to become members of the House of Commons on mainly Labour and Conservative tickets.


Unlike the other European countries, Britain has strongly favored American policies. By bypassing the UN Security Council, Anglo-American invasion of Iraq might be cited as an instance. As regards the anti-Muslim policy of the UK, on January 18, 2015, while singling out only Muslim women British Prime Minister David Cameron had announced that Muslim women who fail to learn English to a high enough standard could face deportation from Britain. He also suggested that poor English skills can leave people “more susceptible to the messages of groups like Islamic State (IS).”  His biased statement was firmly criticized by the Muslim MPs and some members of his own party.


Therefore, either it is Conservative Party or Labour Party, which, usually, wins the election; it does not matter, as both the parties are pro-American. Interestingly, both were trying to win the support of the Muslim voters for the recent election.


It is noteworthy that, taking cognizance of the growing threat of global terrorism which has been dividing the Western and Islamic nations into cultural and religious lines since 9/11, American and European governments had already started an inter-faith dialogue, especially between the Christian and Muslim nations. The main aim of such a dialogue was to create interfaith harmony among various religious communities. In the recent years, many conferences were held in various countries in which scholars from Islamic states also participated with a view to creating cultural understanding and interfaith cooperation among major religious communities. But, all these measures proved fruitless due to a deliberate anti-Muslim campaign, launched by the Indo-Israeli lobbies, resulting in obstacles in global interfaith harmony. America and its allies continued to kill many innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Palestine through heavy aerial bombardment and ground shelling in the name of the war on terror. The occupying forces have been using every possible technique of state terrorism in these territories which have become the breeding grounds of a prolonged interaction between freedom fighters and state terrorists, thwarting global interfaith harmony.

Indo-Israeli Lobby

It is because of these developments that a greater resentment is being found among the Muslims who think that the US in connivance with the Indo-Israeli lobbies is sponsoring state terrorism, directly or indirectly from Kashmir to Palestine.

‘Working for India or against Islam? Islamophobia in Indian American Lobbies’

In this context, on October 19, 2007, the special issue of South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal, under the caption-‘Working for India or against Islam? Islamophobia in Indian American Lobbies’ had written, “In the past few years, Indian American community has gained an unprecedented visibility in the international arena and now constitutes influential ethnic lobbies in Washington. Among other factors, Hindu aligned with Jewish pressure groups in relation to the war against terrorism and to further the India-Israel-US strategic partnership play a major role in exaggerating Islamophobic overtones in the Indian American lobbies”.


Another regrettable point is that irresponsible attitude of Indian, Israeli and some Western politicians have introduced dangerous socio-religious dimension in their societies by equating the “war on terror” with “war on Islam” and acts of Al Qaeda with all the Muslims. Their media have also been contributing to heighten the currents of world politics on cultural and religious lines with the negative projection of Islam.


Anyhow, through the terror attacks in the UK before the general election, the major aim of Mossad was to affect the election campaign. And, through the terror assault by a white man at Muslims worshipers in Finsbury Park near the mosque, Mossad’s real purpose is to create a division of the world on religious lines, particularly between the Christians of the Western World and the Muslim World. For these sinister designs, Mossad, RAW, and CIA operatives have also been assisting ISIS and Al Qaeda and similar terror outfits which have accepted responsibility in relation to various terrorism-related attacks on Christians in Egypt and some African countries, including Pakistan.


While, like other European countries, especially France, Mossad wanted to accelerate persecution of Muslims, hate-crime against them and also to compel the Britain to make discriminatory laws against them. So, besides other terror attacks in the UK, the latest one is part of the same policy of Israel, implemented by Mossad.  


However, like Trump, Israeli rulers have also been confused due to the above-mentioned developments which do not favor Israel like the past, while, still some CIA agents, Indian RAW and particularly Mossad want to divide the world into religious lines. Like Tel Aviv, India also wants to keep its control on the Occupied Kashmir through state terrorism and to avoid its solution.


Although overtly President Trump has softened his external policy regarding Muslims and Islamic countries, yet covertly, he is acting upon the conspiracy of Mossad and RAW, which is, intentionally or intentionally, being followed by America’s Western partners against the Muslims. If not checked in time by the peace-loving Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists, these policies of the President Donald Trump who is particularly completing the extremist agenda of Israel are likely to result in more recruitment in the militant outfits, especially in the ISIS group, inspiring the extremist Muslims for more terrorism-related attacks. Israel, who will never accept the two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian issue, will prefer to seek the final revenge by bringing about a major war between the Muslim and the Christian worlds or to cause a major war between Russia and the US-led some Western countries, which will convert the entire world into a holocaust.

We may conclude that although agents of RAW and CIA are in a collaboration which managed terrorism-related assaults in the US and Europe and elsewhere in the world, yet Mossad is, particularly behind terror attacks in America and Europe. So, undoubtedly, Mossad is, again and again, targeting the UK through ISIS. The latest terror attack which was conducted by a white man on the Muslims worshipers in Finsbury Park near a mosque in north London clearly proves that especially Mossad seems determined to divide the world into religious lines.


Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: The US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations


Email: sajjad_logic­_pak@hotmail.com






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NADRAGate: The terrifying cable that should not be ignored by Waqas Ahmed

 NADRAGate: The terrifying cable that should not be ignored  


Waqas Ahmed

Daily Pakistan



In 2010-11, Wikileaks released a trove of classified US govt data which consisted of communications between Washington and her embassies worldwide – this was called Cablegate. Cablegate consisted of more than 250,000 US diplomatic cables – an overwhelming amount of data. In the same year (2011) Pakistani journalists published a story about one cable of particular interest: #09ISLAMABAD1642_a, classified ‘secret’ by US govt.

There was some noise about this cable back then, but the public quickly forgot it and it remained forgotten till a few days ago when Wikileaks tweeted about it and reminded us.

This particular cable details a series of meetings held in 2009 between the then Interior Minister of Pakistan, Rehman Malik, the President of Pakistan, Asif Zardari, and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gilani with US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano. The purpose of these meetings, from the US side at least, was to “Offer DHS assistance to enhance Pakistan’s border security and [seek] GOP views on an arrangement under which DHS would provide the Government of Pakistan (GOP) with technology to access and analyze Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) data on passengers flying to and from Pakistan, in return for DHS getting access to the data.

What is API and PNR?

Advance Passenger Information is, in simple terms, information about the passenger who is travelling overseas. Suppose you are travelling to UAE, a country that requires API from Pakistani passengers, you will need to provide the following data about yourself prior to boarding your flight:

  • Full name
  • Passport number, issuing country, and expiration date
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality

This information will be connected to your PNR, which is a unique ID identifying you as a passenger on a flight. This information will be received by your destination country so they could investigate your past criminal history (if any) before they allow you in that country. To do that, they will use your API information to search their own country’s database and check if you are clean or not. Without connecting API to the database of a host country, API is useless.

United States DHS, in the cable under discussion, wanted to provide us with such a tool which would connect API to NADRA database for the purpose of analysis, and in theory give us a heads-up if a terrorist was travelling to or from our country. United States, it seems benevolently, wanted to give us this technology for free – with only one catch: they would be able to access the data from our side. And not just the data of passengers travelling from US to Pakistan or vice versa, they would be able to access data of passengers from all countries going to and from Pakistan. To make it all useful, the API technology would have to be connected to NADRA database, therefore, in a way US would also get an interface to NADRA database.

Why was US pushing for API technology?

US was pushing Pakistan to install this technology for the obvious reason that they wanted the data. It is a good rule-of-thumb to remember that if something supposedly valuable is being given to you for free, you must be doubly suspicious.

But there was something else that was going on at that time.

At that time Pakistan was in the process of phasing out an old system provided to NADRA by an American company for a similar purpose. That system was called ‘Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System (PISCES)’. NADRA aimed to phase out that system by 2011 and instead install a new indigenously made one: Integrated Border Management System (IBMS).

PISCES was installed in 1999-2002, when Lt Gen (r) Moinuddin Haider was the interior Minister under Musharraf’s govt. But listen to this: While IBMS cost us around Rs421 million to implement, PISCES was free. Why?

Here is a clue: PISCES was made by US firm Booz Allen Hamilton. Booz Allen Hamilton was Snowden’s employer for those of you who can’t recall where you heard that name. Booz Allen Hamilton was an NSA contractor and that is enough to reach the conclusion that PISCES had a backdoor that allowed US to access all Pakistani data connected to it. Moinuddin Haider rubbished, at that time, any claims that PISCES had a backdoor – but in hindsight after Snowden leaks, it is highly improbable that PISCES was clean. Another clue is that US State dept wanted to give us $42 million (free) to upgrade and maintain PISCES and abandon all attempts to make something similar on our own. Here is an Express Tribune article (which was affiliated with New York Times at that time) telling us why IBMS sucks in comparison to PISCES.

The shady dealings with PPP govt

When US was pushing API on us, we were getting rid of PISCES, and I suspect, it was because of this exact reason API was being pushed on us.

How did the PPP-led govt react to that? While the behavior of PPP govt remains highly suspect, we can see in the same cable that Rehman Malik was being very slippery in his dealings with Ms. Napolitano.

According to the cable: On API/PNR, Interior Minister Malik assured the Secretary privately that the GOP wanted to be helpful, but in the meeting with his subordinates asked for information on model agreements, legal frameworks and precedents the Ministry could use to persuade those in the GOP worried about privacy rights and possible legal challenges in the courts to API/PNR data sharing. The GOP agreed to host future DHS visitors to continue discussions on API/PNR and border security. It is obvious that while Rehman Malik was being cooperative in front of US govt, he also wanted to protect his own behind and was trying to be extremely careful.

Not only that, the PPP govt at every turn tried to get something out of the US in return and in a way put a price on the private data of Pakistani citizens. In every meeting they tried to couple PNR/API issue with: Pakistani textile exports to US, non-stop PIA flights to US, and a few hundred Pakistani students receiving scholarships in the US. Rehman Malik also tried to make excuses by saying that overreaching Pakistani judiciary would never allow such a thing.

On the other hand Napolitano was even more stubborn:
Secretary Napolitano responded that the United States now wishes to deal with non-stop flights separately from the issue of API/PNR data exchange, and explained that enhanced access to API/PNR data is of direct benefit to Pakistan as well as to the United States. Prime Minister Gilani echoed Zardari’s comments on PNR, stating that, although the Interior Ministry is considering the U.S. request, to “do the whole world” will be difficult. To Gilani’s statement that Pakistan had been promised non-stop flights in return for buying Boeing aircraft in 2004, Secretary Napolitano was clear that flights will be dealt with as a separate issue, not as an exchange.

While in all these discussions the pretext is Pakistani border security, it is obvious that both parties know exactly what is going on: That US wants Pakistani data, and Pakistan, while not unwilling to provide access to that data, wants a ‘consideration’, i.e something in return. And without any potential political blowback.

Make no mistake, at no point did Rehman Malik or Gilani or Zardari say an outright “NO”. They wanted to put some sort of price on this invaluable data, something that would protect them from political repercussions. However, it seems that these discussions did not bear any fruits at that time. We don’t know the reason – there is no cable that follows up on this one.

Enter another shadowy company: International Identity Services (IIS)

On September 6, 2011 The News published a report that NADRA was out sourcing its UK operations to a private company. This news in itself would’ve been outrageous but the details were even more so: IIS was headed by an unnamed person with a criminal history. Not only that, but NADRA officials maintained that NADRA was working with the company since 2009, when in fact IIS was created the very same year, and maybe for the very same purpose.

IIS was formed in 2009, and closed its operations in just 5 years.
IIS was formed in 2009, and closed its operations in just 5 years.

There could be two reasons for such a discrepancy: Either some officials at NADRA or Interior Ministry were planning to receive kickbacks from that company made by someone close to them, or this company was a front for NSA/CIA/GCHQ. IIS, even more suspiciously, stopped its operations in 2014 – in just 5 years and disappeared off the face of this earth.

Is NADRA data safe?

In short: NO, NADRA data is not safe. Even one outsourced company or country that can access NADRA database through any interface can potentially steal the whole database. They might not even have to steal because we have people in our government, supposedly custodians of our national interests, willing to sell such invaluable national asset such as the database of the whole populace in exchange for pennies then all bets are off. We do not know, and we may never know, how much of our data has been compromised. But one thing we know for sure is that we cannot trust our government, elected or otherwise.

One thing we see in the cable is that Rehman Malik and Co, were afraid of public outrage. When this cable first surfaced, there was little to no great public backlash. If there is no adverse reaction, future governments may get bold. Let’s make sure that there is no such misunderstanding between public representatives and the public. Wikileaks has given us another chance to consider our reactions against those who claim to represent us but actually do not. Let’s give it to them.

Waqas Ahmed

Waqas Ahmed

Waqas Ahmed is Editor, Digital Media, at Daily Pakistan Global. You can reach him at waqas@dailypakistan.com.pk

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Why do people say the story of the California shooting doesn’t add up? Eyewitness Sally Abdelmageed told CNN:

Date: Sat, Dec 5, 2015 at 7:33 PM
Subject: California Shooting!









As just received from CEO of local subsidiary of a well known multinational. .
Eyewitness says very differently from US news media & Law Enforcement Agencies.




















Why do people say the story of the California shooting doesn’t add up?

Eyewitness Sally Abdelmageed told CNN:




“[it was] three men, dressed in all black, military attire with vests on holding assault rifles… I couldn’t see a face, he had a black hat on and uh, from my view all I could see was a black hat and long sleeve shirt… black cargo pants with zippers on the sides, big puffy pockets, he had a huge assault rifle and extra ammo… I just saw three dressed exactly the same…. their skin tone looked white. They looked like they were athletic build. They appeared to be tall.”

Yet four hours later, the police shot: two Pakistanis, one a 90 pound woman with a young baby, California residents in a rented black SUV with Utah plates, the military style assault rifles purchased by an unknown person. Farook attended the same holiday party last year. Since then, his coworkers threw a baby shower for him that included a registry.

His brother, who lived nearby, was in the Navy and earned two medals for his service in “The Global War on Terrorism.”  His brother said the couple wasn’t radical.

At the party this time, Farook was sitting at a table chatting with a co-worker before “disappearing” — with his coat still on his chair.  They now say there was no argument.

When shot in the SUV, his tiny wife, an alleged ISIS follower, was wearing fitted shorts above her knees and no head covering.

They are portrayed as Bonnie and Clyde with a young baby. They had a fully stocked fridge with cooked food in Tupperware and pictures of their baby all over the house. Arranged flowers on tables and freshly watered house plants. Baby was left with her grandmother for Tashfeen to make a doctor appointment.

That’s why, at this point, it doesn’t make sense. A young mom left her baby to go kill the same people who hosted her baby shower. She allegedly made a FB post pledging allegiance to ISIS on an alias page, then removed it — at 11 am. The shooting started at 11 am.

The shooters left before police arrived. Police and media then said they were searching for 3 white males. Then police shot these two, who fit no stated description, around3 pm, after receiving a tip. The story changed from 3 male shooters to a married couple.

The ammo, pipe bombs, etc., were found in their townhouse’s garage. The garage was in a building separate from their home. It was not connected in any way. A few minor items in the house. And a manhole in their closet ceiling.

And no one who knew them, including their many siblings and mother who lived with them and Navy brother who lived close by, saw anything strange.  Neighbor said they were happy. Smiled at her.  Farook would leave the garage door open as he worked on his car. Last saw them hanging out on their patio on Sunday with their daughter, enjoying their family.

Journalists entered their house today to rummage through their belongings. An unprecedented event. Any more evidence for or against this deceased couple, now unusable.

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Does ISIS Exist in Pakistan? By Sajjad Shaukat

           Recently, propaganda intensified that the militant outfit Daish or ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has its presence in Pakistan. Besides some newspapers and media anchors of some TV channels also misperceived that ISIS has penetrated into Pakistan. In fact, they made their observation on the basis of media announcements by the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leaders and Indian media.


Although ISIS does not exist in Pakistan, yet Pakistan government, law-enforcing agencies, media and civil society must exercise high degree of vigilance against any possible ingress by any elements like ISIS. Despite this, existence of ISIS in Pakistan needs special analysis, as its presence can not merely be propagated on the basis of wall chalking or media announcements of the TTP leaders and India.


As regards this militant outfit, on 29 June 2014, ISIS proclaimed a worldwide caliphate by its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, based in Iraq. It claims religious, political and military authority over all Muslims, while ISIS’s actions have been widely criticized around the world, with many Islamic communities judging the group to be unrepresentative of Islam. One of ISIS’s goals has been to establish a radical Sunni Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant region, which covers Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine etc., and southern region of Turkey. It is widely known for its violent propaganda which includes Internet videos of beheadings. The UNO and Amnesty International have held this group responsible for human rights abuses and war crimes. ISIS group has been designated as a terrorist organization by the UNO and the European Union.


Some reports suggest that as part of the double game, American CIA has also been supporting the militants of the ISIS to overthrow the Shia regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Another aim is to spread sectarian violence in the Islamic countries.


However, besides some Islamic countries, a majority of the religious extremists from the Western World and especially India has joined the ISIS. In this context, a deliberate oblivion on the part of the West about ISIS recruits from their countries also exposes their duplicity and hypocrisy.


images-14It is notable that although various kinds of terror attacks in Pakistan have been conducted by the TTP and its banned affiliated groups in the past few years, yet the massacre of 132 school children at Army Public School and College in Peshawar on December 16, 2014 proved a watershed, as it has given a final wake up call to the nation to unite against these ruthless terrorists.


In this respect, the armed forces of Pakistan have conducted several successful military operations against the terrorists; the most recent one being operation Zarb-e-Azb, which has successfully broken the backbone of militants. Frustrated by their failures, these insurgents are resorting to coward acts like attack on innocent children in Peshawar.


Taking note of the school attack, Chief of Army Staff Gen. Raheel Sharif has himself started supervising the military action against terrorists, and as part of the operation, several terrorists have been killed during air strikes. Gen. Raheel stated, “We are extremely saddened, but our resolve has taken new height”, and added “We will continue to go after the inhuman beasts, their facilitators till their final elimination.”


Undoubtedly, as a result of ongoing operations in Waziristan and Khyber Agency especially operation Zarb-e-Azb, militants are finding no place other than Afghanistan to flee and save their skin.


In this context, Gen. Raheel accompanied by the DG of Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI), rushed to Kabul on December 17, 2014. During his meeting with his Afghan counterpart, President Ashraf Ghani and the ISAF commander, he presented evidence of the Peshawar massacre’s linkage with TTP sanctuaries in Afghan provinces of Kunar and Nuristan. He also asked the extradition of TTP chief Mullah Fazlluah, and handing over to Pakistan. In response, they assured him to take action against the TTP.


In fact, Afghanistan has become a hub of anti-Pakistan activities from where external secret agencies, especially Indian RAW are sending logistic support to Baloch separatist elements and TTP insurgents in Pakistan. Posing themselves as Pakistani Taliban, these enemies have joined TTP and other banned extremist outfits. In the recent years, especially TTP’s insurgents and its affiliated banned groups conducted many terror-activities in various regions of the country like suicide attacks, ruthless beheadings of tribesmen, assaults on security personnel and prominent figures including Shias, Ahmadis, Sufis, Christians and Sikhs as part of the scheme to create chaotic situation in the country.


It is of particular attention that spokesman of the Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), Usama Mehmood and some other militant groups have also condemned the TTP in relation to the massacre of innocent children at Peshawar school.


Nevertheless, after Peshawar incident, strong public reaction against extremism/terrorism and dislike for Taliban/TTP elements—has been equally condemned by the political leadership as a national policy, showing solidarity with the armed forces. In this connection, on January 2, this year, political and military leaders agreed on a draft of legislative measures which would pave the way for establishment of special military trial courts. The participants also reiterated the commitment for dismantling and destroying all forms of terrorism and terrorist networks operating within the country. It was unanimously resolved that the 20 points enunciated in the All Parties Conference (APC) Resolution of December 24, 2014 shall be acted upon expeditiously—the bill as 22nd (Constitutional) Amendment, will be enforced soon after its approval from the parliament.


Meanwhile, media has reported that an Indian person namely Mehdi Masoor of Banglore remained affiliated with ISIS, and is running a pro-ISIS tweeter account. So question arises as to how India justifies its propaganda of ISIS linkage with Pakistan?  As a matter of fact, New Delhi has been frustrated by the successes achieved against the Taliban/TTP insurgents by Zarb-e-Azb. Therefore, sinister aim of Indian false propaganda about the presence of ISIS in Pakistan is to distort country’s image in the eyes of international community, while ISIS does not exist in Pakistan.


Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations


Email: sajjad_logic@yahoo.com


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India’s NSA causing acute threat to regional, global peace

India’s NSA causing acute threat to regional, global peace

Special Reports


They are Terrorists

– Ajit Kumar Doval running plan of re-engaging TTP militants by establishing Deash-TTP nexus
– Syrian envoy in India confirms Doval having complete data of Daesh militants, provided by Syrian authorities
– Doval organized TTP-Daesh meeting in Kandhar last month at Indian Consulate
– Doval, deceiving Obama administration, held series of meetings with Daesh warlords in Iraq, Syria, with or without CIA blessings
– Indian media confirms Doval’s secret trip to Syria and Iraq, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel admits Indian role in financing terror
– IPS officers of different state cadres very strongly follow Hindutva ideology after joining spy agencies; develop deep links with RSS
– Ajit Doval, B Raman, Sanjeev Tripthi, Alok Joshi, Amitabh Mathur formed unholy nexus to promote Hindutva mission of Akhand Bharat, Hindu supremacy
– Raman purposely kept Doval in IB to maintain a deep association for unauthorized projects despite acute professional rivalry of the two spy outlets
– Doval, Raman, Tripathi formed Chhota Rajan gang for hall of unauthorized, unsanctioned operations in region and beyond regional ambits
– Funds for such unauthorized operations are also generated through underworld gang of Chhota Rajan
– Chhota Rajan gang works jointly for RAW and IB while MI is also given its services under Hindutva nexus
– US Embassy in India, according to leaked diplomatic cables, confirmed deep links of Doval with Chhota Rajan gang
– 1990s Hazrat Bal Shrine episode in IOK was also orchestrated by Doval
– It was a Doval Plan under which Foreigners were kidnapped in IOK in 1995
– Gujarat’s anti-Muslim riots were also scripted by Ajit Doval and Sanjeev Tripathi group
– Doval, Raman organized hijacking of Indian airliner IC 814 in 1999 to fulfill an infiltration plan
– Tripathi, with Doval’s association formed plan to penetrate into Pakistani media and laid down projects like Aman Ki Aasha and SAFMA
– Doval’s philosophy of depending more in Human Intelligence helped creating more moles in regional media
– Former army Chief VK Singh’s unauthorized Technical Support Division of army was also organized by Doval, Tripathi blessings
– China’s Tibet riots of 2008 and constant Xinjiang violence are also result of Doval scripted Hinudtva policies for region

By Makhdoom Babar (Editor-in-Chief)
With inputs from Anjali Sharma and Bhopinder Singh Dhillon in New Delhi ( Additional reporting by John Nelson, Kapil Verma, Guru Mahadev, Pryanika Joshi, Asotosh Cheterji Shagufta Bhat and Zara Khan)

India’s National Security advisor Ajit Kumar Doval has selected to move on a very deadly path of destruction and devastation not only in the region but across India as well and is leading the unholy nexus of Hindu extremists militants with the help of his former IPS colleagues and in a rare move, is reported to has established a special liaison with the militant warlords of Syria and Iraq based Deash ( aka ISIS) and is re-engaging the deeply wounded network of Pakistani Taliban, establishing their nexus with Daesh to put Pakistan in more troubled waters, reveal the Investigations, carried out by The Daily Mail.
According The Daily Mail’s investigation, the recent announcement by, on the run, Pakistani Taliban about supporting Daesh in Syria and Iraq and bid to motivate Pakistani youth for the purpose has not come merely out of nowhere but in fact it has deep roots with New Delhi. Investigations indicate that India’s National Security Advisor who is also the former Chief of India’s Intelligence Bureau and headed a variety of IB’s foreign operations in the region and even beyond regional ambits, carried out a series of open and secret visits to Iraq and Syria and held meetings with Daesh leadership. Diring these meetings, he proposed them to establish a nexus with Pakistani Taliban who are on the run and very deeply require a blanket arrangement like getting tagged with a Daesh like organizations. These investigations further indicate that Ajit Doval flew at different occasions in the last few months to Damascus and used certain elements of Syrian intelligence agencies that had contacts with the ISIS or Daesh, in their private capacities.
It remains a fact that though ISIS had declared war on Syria, there are many State and non-State actors who are friends of the dissidents. These State and non State actors were holding old ties with Ajit Doval ever since his joining of the Indian IB. The investigations of The Daily Mail further reveal that Ajit Doval had misused Syrian Ambassador in New Delhi and took a handsome data of Deash activists to establish contacts, under the garb of ensuring the unwitting Ambassador that through this data, Indian government will try to help Syrian government in hunting down Daesh.
In a recent media interview, Syria’s Ambassador to India, Riad Kamel Abbas claimed that his country had vast databases of information on the militant group Daesh (or ISIS), its sponsors and its designs. He admitted that same data was shared with India through India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.
.” We have huge information on this group and their sponsors from the region. “We shared all information with Indian NSA in this fight against terrorism. Some nationals from India’s neighboring countries have also joined ISIS and, therefore, could trouble Delhi in future.” Ambassador Raed Kamel said in his interview, without realizing that the data, he and his government shared with India, was actually attained by Indians to establish fresh links with Daesh fighters to bring them to the focal point of collaborating with Pakistani Taliban, who were deeply hurt and massively destroyed in Pakistan army’s mega anti-terror operation, code named “Operation Zarb-e-Azb”.
In another rare development, Indian TV Channel ‘India TV’ and a US media organization claimed that Ajit Doval carried out a “Top Secret Visit” to Iraq, very recently. These media reports suggested that Doval’s visit was apparently part of India’s diplomatic efforts and help for stranded Indians in Iraq. However these reports do not explain as to why such an otherwise diplomatic visit was kept Top Secret by India? The Daily Mail’s investigations however indicate that it was only after such Doval trips to Syria and Iraq that the fabricated and premeditated news of certain Pakistani Jihadi elements leaving for Syria, followed by the similar natured news of the TTP’s announcement of supporting Daesh, started appearing in international and specially in the Indian media. It remains a fact that ever since Pakistan army has launched Operation against TTP terrorists in Wazirinstan, just one statement from a so called spokesman of these Taliban, Shaid Ullah Shaid, has surfaced in the media and that statement was about TTP joining hands with Daesh.
A Similar Top Secret visit was also carried out by Ajit Doval to Iraq on June-25 this year, just when Pakistan started the aforesaid army operation and began effective and smart crushing of the TTP. At that time, this visit was carried out under the garb of bringing home some 46 Indian nurses, stranded in Tikirit, a mission, which by no means, required a secret or open trip by an official of the level of National Security Advisor of India, until and unless the trip had a further classified purpose. The Investigations also reveal that Doval had made it clear to Daesh leaders that despite the fact that the Indian government wanted to extend Daesh a handsome financial and weaponry support, yet it was not possible to be materialized due to certain international reservations while same could easily be done via TTP nexus as India was already doing it in case of TTP, without anyone’s objection from amongst the global leaderships.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that a meeting in regard between certain Daesh leaders and TTP’s Afghanistan based leader Mulla Fazalullah was organized by Doval through Indian Consulate in Kandahar last month. The Investigations reveal that for the said meeting Daesh participants travelled to Kandahar by road from Iraq via Iran while Fazalullah (aka Mullah Radio) and his team were specially flown to India’s Kandahar Consulate from Nuristan area of Afghanistan where he is running a proper military base of TTP. Nonetheless, on the same night, Daesh representatives were also introduced to Khalid Khorasani, a former TTP Commander and a dissident of Fazalullah but running parelel militant organization from Kunhar province of Afghanistan under RAW patronage. Both Fazulah and Khorasani were not informed each other’s presence in Kandahar while the separate meetings with Daesh were also kept completely confidential from each other, though later it became an open secret in Afghanistan’s militant world. These investigation further reveal that to keep maintain a high level camouflage for this meeting and divert the attention of Pakistan intelligence and other Western intelligence operatives, present in the region, Ajit Doval, revived his decades old links with certain top military officials of Iran and thus managed to organized a situation at Pak-Iran border in Pakistan Balochistan area and a small border clash over there, diverted every one’s attention from everywhere else, especially from Kandahar, to this new development.
Some seasoned security analysis’s and counter terror expert see this development going beyond the apparent perception as they believe that this Daesh-TTP network will be intensively used by Doval for militancy in Pakistan as well as in China’s Xinjiang region as they smell the alliance eventually getting teaming up with CIA-backed East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) that is engaged in rather limited terror and violent activities in Xinjiang via Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. They are of the firm opinion that once US troops are pulled out of Afghanistan and India gets a security role over there, this combination of Deash- ETIM – TTP will unleash a hell in Pakistan and China in particular.
These security experts and counter terror specialists are of the view that the way Indians fooled the US government with regard to terror attack on Samjhauta Express train in 2007 and US, on the basis of intelligence provided by the Indians, took no time in declaring certain Pakistani elements as accused for the said terror act but which later turned out to be a handy work by Indian army’s serving officers in connivance with extremist Hindu militants and thus made the US to cut a very sorry figure, eventually, this time again the Indians are very conveniently fooling the Obama administration by ensuring India’s utmost resolve against terror across the world but at the same time continuing with their covert support to terrorists in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, China etc. These counter terror maestros of the global clandestine community say that there is a possibility that this all is going on with the complete knowledge of White House and Pentagon and they have shut one eye over the issue with other being fully open or there could be a possibility of this being materialized merely between Indians and the CIA operators with little or even no knowledge, at least officially, to the White House. However, it remains no secret that the US government is very much aware of Indian NSA Doval’s deep connections with terrorists and top underworld mafias of the world that was disclosed by a classified ( declassified by Wikileaks) diplomatic cable, sent by the US Embassy in India to Washington when the NSA had just vacated the office of IB Chief. Remarks made by US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in 2013 in which he clearly stated that India has been exporting and financing in Pakistan, he very much meant the terror operation organized by Indian officials, Ajit Doval, Sanjeev Tripathi, B Raman etc. Hagel said “India has over the years financed problems for Pakistan on that side of the border, and you can carry that into many dimensions.” This statement of US Secretary of Defense very clearly indicates that the Obama administration in general and its Secretary of Defense in particular are very well aware about what Ajit Doval and company have been doing over the past many years with regard to promotion and financing of terrorists and terrorism.
The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that the Hindu extremist elements of radical and militant outfits like RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, Shiv Sena etc, started placing a special focus on religiously motivated, young IAS (Indian Administration Services) and IPS (Indian Police Services) officers, right at the training academies level from the late 60s, after India faced a severe defeat in war with Pakistan in 1965. This Hindu extremists believed that despite huge numerical supremacy in terms of troops and weaponry of India over Pakistan, Pakistanis managed to defeat Indians in 1965 as they fought with religious motivation while there was no religious motivation on the Indian side and thus it was very pivotal for India to streamline religious motivation across the society via promotion of Hindutva. It remains a fact that after the assaination of India’s founder Mr. Gandhi by activists of extremist Hindu outlet RSS ( that is now part of Indian government) in a planned manner, the major chunk of the Hindu society was repelled from religious extremism and got mainly disconnected with Hidutva ideology.
They started these young motivated Hindus under the philosophy and ideology of Hindutva Brotherhood and started transforming them into extremist Hindus. These investigations indicate that this trend was proposed or introduced by none other but an IPS officer himself. This officer is known as Bahukutumbi Raman or B Raman, an IPS officer of 1961 batch of Madhya Pradesh Cadre, who later was inducted in IB and from where he went to Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) as its founding members and died last year in retirement. Despite being retired from RAW in the last decade, Raman was kept on board and he kept providing his constant input to RAW in post retirement life.
The investigations reveal that later there was a trivial shift in the policy and focus was slightly reduced from IAS officers and was enhanced more on IPS officers as it was planned that the most dedicated ones of these IPS officers would later by inducted into spy agency IB with later expanding it to RAW. The investigations indicate that a huge number of IPS and IAS officers of different state cadres were successfully dragged to Hindutva school of thought. These investigations indicate that though there was a rush of Hindutva motivated IAS and IPS officers in the 60s and 70s, later B Raman took the task of short listing them to form a comprehensive network of top most confidants by maneuvering their respective careers and eventually ending them up in IB, RAW, CBI and other relatively important organization and on highly sensitive assignments.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that B Raman managed to create 5 officers of IPS according his requirements in a period of ten to fifteen years and managed their postings and transfers till the end of his life, with all being junior to him in the service and thus being extensively loyal and obedient to him as well. These officer included Ajit Kumar Doval, an IPS officer of Kerala Cadre of 1968 Batch and ended up as IB chief of India with current political position of being National Security Advisor of India, Sanjeev Tripathi, an IPS officer of Uttar Pradesh Cadre of 1972 Batch and ended up as RAW Chief, Alok Joshi, an IPS officer of Haryana Cadre of 1976 Batch who first served in IB up till the position of Joint Director and was later managed to be placed at RAW and is the current RAW Chief, Amithabh Mathur, an IPS officer of 1977 Batch of Manipur Cadre and ended up as RAW’s #2 with B Raman, and IPS officer of 1961 Batch of MP Cadre being their Godfather. Raman was called Guru by his colleagues and likeminded juniors.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that interestingly, all the IPS police officers were somehow maneuvered by B Raman and Hinudtva Brotherhood to reach to the top positions at IB and RAW with Ajit Doval being the most successful in enjoying the extraordinary position of NSA in his political phase of life. These five IPS officers eventually defaced the organizational identities of RAW and IB amongst their own circle and continued to deliver with mere extremist religious devotion and motivation under Hindutva umbrella. There appears to be another commonality amongst these Cops that all of them, throughout their careers have been maintaining very strong connections with Most Wanted criminals, terrorists and Mafia Dons with Chhota Rajan and his gang being the most prominent in this direction.
These investigation further indicate that despite his great desire to jump into RAW, Ajit Kumar Doval was purposely kept back in IB on B Raman’s suggestions ad by keeping Doval at IB, Raman wanted to maintain a strong support platform in IB for certain Hindutva related operations, despite extreme professional rivalry between RAW and IB and he succeed in doing so as Raman got many operations completed with secret IB help via Doval and Chhota Rajan gang’s operations for RAW were possible only by Doval’s presence at IB as Doval was the mentor and creator of Chhota Rajan and his gang. In the clandestine community of India, it is said that Chhota Rajan and his gang was perhaps Ajit Doval’s best gift to RAW and B Raman while Raman-Doval duo delivered a lot through mutual cooperation at their respective organizational ends to the cause of Hindutva Brotherhood through Chhota Rajan Gang’s operations.
Though the successive Indian governments continued to deny any links of its law enforcers or other top officials having any connection with terrorists and criminal mafias with current Modi government being no exception, yet these deep rooted links are open secrets in Indian media and society. However,in a highly classified diplomatic cable (later leaked by Wikileaks) sent by US Consulate in Mumbai on 8th August 2005, the US Mission in Mumbai confirmed this link to Washington with Ajit Doval being fully exposed in this direction.
In the cable, following assertion was made:
“In early July a group of Mumbai policemen traveled to Delhi to stake out Vicky Malhotra, an underworld figure who had been charged with numerous acts of terror and crimes, including murder, extortion explosions and arms smuggling. On July 11 the Mumbai police arrested Malhotra while he was driving through central Delhi. Accompanying Malhotra was Ajit Kumar Doval, former head of the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB. Doval himself as well as GOI officials from the Home Ministry later declined to comment about the incident. 9. (SBU) Thereafter the Indian media was rife with speculation about why the former head of India’s premier intelligence service was caught with a known underworld figure. Malhotra is the right hand man of gangster Chhota Rajan, an otherwise Most Wanted criminal by Law in India.
GOI and the Mumbai police have not commented on the incident. The arrests and the presence of former IB chief Doval are established facts. Since the authorities are not publicly talking, everything else about the incident is speculation of media outlets.”
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that though all the above mentioned IPS officers of Hindutva Brotherhood have always maintained spectacular relations with India’s homegrown terror networks and underworld mafias, yet the Chhota Rajan gang and Dawood Ibrahim gang emerged as the prominent one’s of this chain of protected rackets. Though when Hindutva brotherhood decided to exit Dawood Ibrahim gang out of the scene for his reluctance to carry out anti Muslim operations, all the IPS gang of five went against him and Ibrahim was declared a Pakistani agent, working for Pakistan’s ISI spy agency, despite the fact that ISI had no advantage in using the services of an Indian underworld gangster who was already operating under the protection of India’s own police and intelligence network, yet his being a Muslim was more than enough for the Indian Police and Intelligence as well the local media to portray Ibrahim as an ISI patterned criminal. Some reports however suggest that when life was made miserable for Dawood Ibrahim in India, he shifted to Dubai and formed an even wider network of with the connivance of certain friends from Italian and Russian underworld mafias. These reports also suggest that Dawood had some support from his Mumbai days partners of Karachi-based Pakistani elements of local underworld yet any of Dawood’s connection with any Pakistani State organization and specially the ISI could never be established on the basis of one single solid evidence and all the hullaballoo in this direction remained merely part of media and official propagation by the Indians.
The Daily Mail’s investigation indicate that Chhota Rajan gang’s services were first utilized by Doval at the large scale level during the attack of extremist Hindus on Babari Msjid in Ajodhya in early 1990s. As this assault was made in the name of religion, yet was carried out in a manner of organized crime, Chhota Rajan gang’s input was very much required and Gang’s contribution brought Chhota Rajan in the very good books of Hindutva Brotherhood. From there onwards, Chhota Rajan gang’s activities got the full support and blessings of the Hindu extremist groups while it had the IB and Police blessings already. The investigations indicate that when Ajit Doval introduced Chhota Rajan to B Raman, Raman straightaway took Rajan and his under the RAW cover and handed him over a sort of ex-officio RAW wing that was code named by Raman as “Special Operations Division” while gang’s association with IB continued under Doval’s leadership at IB and later under Alok Joshi’s patronage while Joshi is now looking after the gang in his capacity of RAW Chief. S Special investigative report on the overall activities of Chhota Rajan Gang would be published soon. However it is worth mentioning here that Chhota Rajan gang delivered handsomely for both IB and RAW while its services were often rendered to Military Intelligence at different occasions under the Hindutva- Army nexus arrangements. Chhota Rajan Gang was used from the level of eliminating defiant crime rackets in Mumbai and other parts of India to the massacre of Nepal’s Royal family and then down to the level of killing of Indian Jai Dey of Mid-Day newspaper of India and assassination of Pakistani journalist Salim Shahzad a few years back when both the Indian and Pakistani journalists were working on investigative reports of exposing RAW, IB and Chhota Rajan Gang’s nexus. However, very smartly, using RAW pawns in Pakistani media, on the advice of Sanjeev Tripathi, RAW tried to drag Pakistan ISI into the murder of Salim Shahzad to damage an outstanding professional relationship between ISI’s media wing and local journalists to combat anti Pakistan media propagation by the foreign media and especially by the Indian Media. Chhota Rajan gang was also used for execution of organized violence in China’s Tibet in 2008 and the follow up incidents of violence and terror in China’s Xinjiang province while in Pakistan, this gang has not only been operating in Balochistan but a strong presence of the gang members was discovered during anti- terror operation in Waziristan agencies and Swat area while Afghanistan has emerged as a regional headquarter of Chhota Rajan Gang. These investigations believe that Ajit Doval has throughout been a devil’s advocate and has been insisting in use of underworld mafia’s for intelligence operations as he believes that
Underworld gangsters had more ingress in society and were more effective in penetrating into any segment of life than the intelligence agency personnel.
The investigations indicate that after getting RAW and IB protection via blessings of Ajit Doval and B Raman and later Sanjeev Tripathi, Chhota Rajan aptly expanded the gang’s smuggling gold and narcotics, extortion, gambling, prostitution, contract killings and other racketeering operations. Due to his links with the Shiv Sena’s ideologue late Bal Thackeray and his gang’s involvement in anti-Muslim riots in Bombay, Rajan soon came to be known as the Hindu Don in the Bombay’s underworld Rajan later managed to built up a steady business empire around the world acting as front offices for his illegal operations and thus got further promoted in the good books of Hindutva Brotherhood.
The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that the glamorous world of Bollywood immediately caught Ajit Doval and Sanjeev Tripathi’s attention for easy money extortion from the heroes, heroines, producers, directors and distributors etc., who personify virtues on screen and in real life are an amalgamation of deceit, treachery, conspiracy and temerity. RAW and IB, meaning Tripthi and Doval, for quite some time, had their eyes on the Indian film industry for various reasons. With Rajan’s coming to the scene Indian film industry soon become IB and RAW’s interest in Bollywood got new dimensions. It remains a fact that the film media serves as the best possible propaganda tool for the RAW as well as Hindutva Brotherhood not only in India but also abroad including Pakistan. A blatant glorification of Hinduism and an utterly distorted fanatic portrayal of Islam is the common message conveyed through the RAW and IB sponsored movies.
According to Pahlaj Nehlani, a former President of Film Producers Association of India, the underworld lord (Chhota Rajan) started demanding overseas rights of all good movies without paying a penny in late 90s In words of a bollywood entertainment reporter Priya Bhose, “Top movies stars of the 90s including Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Jackie Sharof, Govinda, Mithun Chakaraborty, Johnny Lever, Juhi Chawala, Mundakani, Manesha Koirala and many others were forced to do a number of free shows to raise funds for Chhota Rajan at Dubai, UK, USA and other countries. The entire Bollywood, at that time, had to dance to the tunes of Chhota Rajan for the annual funds raising shows at Shiv Sena’s NGO ‘Mukti’ without any charge. Those who dare to resist were left to face the music of Chhota Rajan’s mobsters. Gulshan Kumar of Super Cassettes Industries was assassinated by Chhota Rajan’s ‘enforcers’ because he refused to sell part of his music empire worth Indian rupees 400 crore to the ZEE music Company of RAW. The conspiracy was hatched when a galaxy of Indian movie starts participated in the opening ceremony of Chhota Rajan’s luxury hotel in Dubai. Rajan’s key man in Dubai Vivekt Goswani conceived the entire plan.
Similarly, former film star and current producer and the father of a super bollywood star Hrithik Roshan’s father Rakesh Roshan’s car was fired upon in year 2000, for refusing overseas rights of his movie ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ to Chhota Rajan. Roshan made repentance by asking his son Hrithik to sign RAW’s sponsored movie ‘Mission Kashmir’ produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra for less than his usual fee while in many other cases, Indian Showbiz stars were forced to sign anti-Pakistan movies like Zameen, Qayyamat, Border Hindustan Kaa, LOC Kargil etc., on fairly low rates under threats from Rajan as RAW wanted to minimize its budget for these films but at the same time desired to have leading film stars in these movies. This was a rather decent way of distortion for Doval, Raman and Tripathi to generate funds for unauthorized operations.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that Cable Operators in mega cities of India also operate with the blessings of Rajan. His brother Deepak runs the company by the name of Cable Cop, which offers film producers protection from Cable Operators who telecast new movies without authorization. According to a senior Bombay police officer Sunil Paraskar, all Deepak does is to give a call to the operators warning them not to telecast the movie for which he has taken protection money, officer Sunil also affirmed that never have the cable operators telecast a new film, produced by ‘ZEE Movies’ (as ZEE Movies enjoys comprehensive RAW protection). He later entered into Real Estate world too, to manage the land grabbing by Rajan Gang and is still in this “business”
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that since using Chhota Rajan gang had never been part of written or documented policy of RAW and IB, Chhoata Rajan Gang had to suffer hard times at different occasions on the hands of certain professional rivals in the ranks of national politicians. This had force Rajan to get his gang a political platform too. Rajan Gang made a couple of tries in this direction but from some rather low-key political parties’ platforms but failed. For the purpose, Chhoata Rajan has now approached National Security Advisor and old time friend and mentor Ajit Doval to help his gang in this direction. The media reports in India suggest that Rajan was assured a political cover for his gang by Ajit Doval, the NSA and he promised to get his gang into politics with part support of BJP in last month’s state elections of Chembur. However, it is said that no political part ever wanted to have Chhota Rajan gang presence in its ranks as they believe that such an arrangement would jeopardize party position and that was why Shiv Sena, RSS and BJP never wanted Rajan’s family or gang member to be directly winning the election and the same happened this time when after Ajit Doval’s assurance of comprehensive support from BJP, Chhota Rajan’s brother Deepak, who was otherwise the business or corporate face of Chhota Rajan Gang contested the Chembur polls from the platform of Republican Party of India (RPI) but lost once again, though stood 3rd with over 3600 votes and with 27% of voting aggregate.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that Hindutva Brotherhood’s tilt towards occupied Kashmir rose in 1990s. At that time Hindutva confidante Ajit Doval, who was by then fully prepared by B Raman and was placed at Intelligence Bureau, was moved to the occupied valley. Doval first started a fake insurgency movement to suppress the genuine and unarmed struggling freedom fighters and portrayed them as Pakistan-backed militants and then arranged their killings by creating counter insurgent groups that paved the way for what the Indian army, RAW and IB are doing in IOK today under the garb of combating militant insurgency and that too under the garb of highly controversial and rather draconian laws like Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) and POTA etc.
During this period, Ajit Doval, who was IB Area Incharge of IOK, organized a high voltage drama to counter Kashmiris’ struggle and to demoralize the freedom fighters and also to create religious controversies amongst freedom fighting groups about their leaders.
Under this conspiracy, in October 1993, Ajit Doval informed some likeminded media persons in New Delhi that some freedom fighters of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) had occupied the famous Shrine of Hazrat Bal in the valley with some highly ulterior motives that threatens the sacredness of the shrine.
On the other side, Ajit Doval, using IB platform, sent a classified SOS to Lieutenant General Zaki, Security Advisor to the then Governor of IOK, informing him that locks securing access to the Moe-e- Muqaddas sanctum had been tampered with, and that 40 militants had entered the shrine with 12 LMGs. Upon receiving this IB reports from Doval, General Zaki, without awaiting verification, called Governor KV Krishna Rao and Union Home Secretary NN Vohra and informed them that an attempt had been made to steal from the shrine its famous relic, a purported hair from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)s beard. He also hurriedly summoned a meeting of the Unified Command. The Governor asked Zaki to intervene and eventually, two battalions of the Indian Army laid siege at the shrine on October 15, 1993. This is said to be the first major operation under the Hindutva-army nexus, at least with regard to IOK in which Hindutva activist, in the ranks of IB provided a platform to Indian army to go wild in IOK under the garb of hunting down the militants.
But The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that it was merely a promo of the film as the evidences reveal the entire Doval game from the IB’s platform in IOK with regard to Harat Bal Shrine episode.
Decades down the line, the Indian government’s then Divisional Commissioner and Chief Negotiator and later Chief Information Commissioner, Wajahat Habibullah has recounted the behind- the-scene maneuvering and the disconnect between various government agencies and higher ups during the said episode.
In an issue of India’s weekly Tehelka magazine, Hibullah writes that the militant leaders holed up inside the Shrine were already in touch with the outside world through an unlisted telephone connection installed inside the shrine at the behest of the Intelligence Bureau (IB). He writes that he was amazed the way the militants appeared always so well informed of daily events outside during his negotiations with them. One day the Telephone Department told Habibullah, who was also Divisional Commissioner of the Kashmir Valley, that they had discovered an unlisted telephone connection, inside the Hazrat Bal shrine premises. When he asked the department to disconnect the line, he was told by the IB that the line should be allowed to remain as it was there at their behest. The Telephone Department had in the meantime told Habibullah that they had discovered an unlisted number inside the premises of the shrine.
“I, of course asked that the line be disconnected forthwith, only to receive a call from the Intelligence Bureau that the line was there at their behest, and that it should be allowed to remain operational,” writes Habibullah.
According to Habibullah, when he discovered this development and brought it into the notice of General Zaki, General Zaki got furious and asked Habibullah to discuss the matter with him in person.
Habibullah says that on his way from Raj Bhavan to the shrine, he was asked by Lt Gen Zaki to accompany him to his residence, so that the development could be discussed in details and with secrecy. “On the way, a military truck rammed our car injuring Zaki and almost killing me and it later proved that the crash was no mere accident,” says Habibullah.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that it was a multifaceted plan to not only create a rift between different freedom fighting groups and to disgrace the most prominent group JKLF in the eyes and minds of allied groups by creating a blame of bidding to steal the sacred hair of Holey Prophet (as JKLF was the most successful freedom fighter group had commanded a great respect and following amongst the other similar groups) but it was also aimed at paving the way for army operations and lastly to generate a feeling of insecurity and helplessness amongst the Muslims on the both sides of LoC by capturing of Hazrat Bal Shrine by Indian army with Muslims being helpless and merely on the mercy of Hindu soldiers, a philosophy that is key of Hindutva operations is very strongly exercised by Ajit Doval and his group while the same was behind Doval scripted Gujrat’s massacre of Muslims in 2002 under Modi’s Chief Ministry and the current wave of military hostilities on LoC and along the working boundary by Indian army, under the newly implemented National Security Policy by NSA Ajit Doval is also part of the same Hindutva philosophy.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the plan was jointly conceived by B Raman and Ajit Doval as Raman had mastered in creating fake freedom fighting groups during his handling of Khalistan freedom struggle by the Sikh community of India. Under the plan Ajit Doval penetrated some IB supported individuals into the Shrine, fixed a phone line inside the Shrine to give instructions to the fake occupants as doing so through Radio (Wireless system) was not safe. Sent a fake report to media persons and to the Governor’s security advisor; organized siege of most sacred shrine by Indian army; arranged a safe and secret exit for his own sent occupants and in the meanwhile, after learning that his plan had been smelled by officials like Habibullah and General Zaki, gave them a life threat by arranging a lethal road crash and succeeded in doing all that he wanted and planned as neither Habibullah, nor General Zaki ever uttered a single word over the issue for decades. It, at the same time, speaks very high of Hindutva-army nexus as a Muslim officer with the rank of Lt. General in the Indian army could never utter a single word despite having the complete knowledge that a life attempt on him was made by none else but by a serving driver of the Indian army.
This episode led the Indian army and its so-called security forces to go for killing and brutally torturing of millions of Muslims in IOK under the garb of militancy combat. Kashmiris were not engaged in any armed struggle for their freedom until Ajit Doval managed to portray them as armed insurgents via exaggerated and glorified Hazrat Bal episode. It remains a mystery just like the 26/11 Mumbai attacks where the entire security chain of and establishment of India could not over power the attackers armed merely with AJ-47 assault rifle and a bunch of ordinary hand grenades for about 70 hours, in Hazrat Bal, two battalions, fully armed and equipped with all weaponry and sophisticated assault tools, could not over power merely 49 militants for days and days and eventually let them walk feely under an agreement. The safe exit of 40 militants who were reported to be armed with assault rifles highly mysteriously disappeared from the “Crime Scene” with at least 2 battalions of Indian army merely acting as silent spectators.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the original plan was to arrange the stealing of the sacred relics from the Shrine and let the occupants go vanished via a tunnel that Doval had already arranged and got dug with the help of army personnel. Doval believed that such blame on JKLF would put all other freedom fighters on the mission of eliminating all JKLF operators as part of Jihad and the most prominent freedom fighter group will be eliminated by its own followers. However, threat perception experts and evaluation analysts at the IB, RAW and Army headquarters, rejected this part of Doval plan as it was perceived that such a move will bring a great religious wrath not only in IOK but also across India and most probably across the Muslim world and thus it was decided to end the mission in safe exit of occupants.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that back in 1993, a young Pakistani journalist Makhdoom Babar, who, at that time was working as an investigative reporter with Islamabad based newspaper Pakistan Observer, filed a comprehensive investigative report, proving that Ajit Doval had actually planned a tunnel out of Hazrat Bal Shrine to secretly flush out his ‘organized’ militants as according to the initial plan, they were supposed to flee along with sacred relics but after this part of the plan was rejected, the drama ended up in free and safe passage to the occupant militants but without taking away any of the belongings from the Shrines. But on the other side the tunnel was ready and was discovered by some media persons. To cover this up, it was officially stated that this tunnel was dug out by army personnel to penetrate into the shrine to overpower the militants. However, it was never explained by Indians as to why that tunnel was not utilized by the military commandos and secondly, why the tunnel was dug in a manner that was going from inside the shrine to outside and not from outside to inside?
The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that the rather soft freedom struggle in IOK though touched new heights after Doval organized the Hazrat Bal Shrine drama, yet there was another high profile incident, again organized by Doval with the help of Hindutva network in Indian army and with a close coordination of his Guru, B Raman in 1995.
This was the incident that brought IOK under global scanner and introduced high voltage to the freedom struggle in Kashmir with adding high grade militancy to it. These investigations indicate that during the early 19990s, when BJP-backed Indian government of VP Singh put IB, RAW and MI together to run special operation in IOK to crush the freedom struggle in the occupied valley, Doval was posted as IB Chief while a former RAW Chief GC Saxena (yet another IPS officer with acute Hindutva following) was made Governor of IOK and the RAW’s wing on IOK was placed under the supervision of B Raman. Doval, Saxena and B Raman organized a plan of creating fake freedom fighting organizations as V Raman had done the same very effectively in case of countering Sikhs’ similar freedom movement of Khalistan in the 1980s. Using this experience, Doval was advised by B Raman to form fake Muslim freedom fighting organizations out of jobless Muslims of the valley and also out of extremist Hindu activists from Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) that is a paramilitary wing of Hindu ultras. Doval, following Raman’s direction formed different fake Kashmiri freedom fighter organization with title names, similar to those of the original ones and thus the occupied valley saw a mushroom growth of Hrakat this and Harkat that and Hizb this and Hizb that, suddenly, on the patron of the same exercise in case of anti-Khalistan campaign while the same was later introduced in Pakistan in forms of different factions of TTP including Jindulla and Ahrar-ul-Hind etc.
In his book, titled, Kao Boys of R&AW, B Raman writes, “We were directed by Delhi to organize secret armed training for the cadres of RSS in the Jammu area to counter the freedom movement. This was originally the idea of LK Advani. So RAW held two secret meetings with RSS representatives from its Jammu Branch to discuss the beginning and modalities of the said training. First meeting was at local hotel in Jammu while the 2nd one was held at Ambassador Hotel in Delhi.” After these meetings the mission of militarization of IOK started off that would later see the Hazrat Bal Shrine episode in 1993 and kidnapping drama of some six Western tourists, on an expedition trip to IOK, organized jointly by RAW, IB and MI in 1995.
At that very juncture of time, CD Sahey, another IPS officer (of Hinudtva school of thought), merely one batch senior to Ajit Doval and some 6 batches junior to B Raman was made as Chief of RAW operations ( under immediate subordination of B Raman) in IOK with Ajit Doval being appointed as IB head for IOK ops. The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that in July 1995, in the mountains of IOK, six Western tourists, included two British, Keith Mangan (from Middlesbrough) and Paul Wells; two Americans, John Childs of Simsbury, Connecticut and Donald Hutchings of Spokane, Washington; a German, Dirk Hasert; and a Norwegian, Hans Christian Ostrø were abducted by one of Doval created Kashmiri freedom fighters’ group with the comprehensive planning and assistance of RAW, IB, MI and the IOK Police. The purpose of this drama was to portray Kashmiri freedom fighter as high profile and ruthless militants and not simple freedom fighters, in the eyes of the global and especially the Western communities and governments while the other purpose was to glorify certain “Doval converted” freedom fighters which ultimately were made extraordinarily glorified through Raman, Doval joint efforts later in 1999 through a hijacking drama. In their book, titled “Meadow, Kashmir 1995- where the terror began”, two British journalists and searchers Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark have categorically exposed this Indian drama. The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that despite all odds, it establishes as an undeniable fact that first seed of the armed terrorism in occupied Jammu and Kashmir was seeded by Ajit Doval by Hazrat Bal episode and later flourished by the Kidnapping and hijacking dramas and perhaps Doval expects that the crop that he seeded in Kashmir, is about to be harvested in Kandahar via the Daesh-TTP drive.
Though Doval claims that he was spying inside Pakistan during those days and had achieved many goals during stay in Pakistan and thus had nothing to do with IOK developments during those years, yet his claims go completely wrong by checking his service record and going through his posting tenures. Doval claims of spying inside Pakistan also stand challenged by former senior army officer of Pakistan army Brigadier (Rtd) Junaid Zaman. “One of the surefire ways to get popular among the Indian public is to claim that you have served as a spy in Pakistan sometime. The myth of Ajit Doval spending eight years as a spy in Pakistan is total pack of lies, and this is in fact a total responsible and well researched information which can be give in this regard”, says Brigadier Zaman.
“I do not say that it’s not possible that India could never have a spy in Pakistan, or there never was, or there is not a single Indian spy lurking in Pakistan. There will be hundreds of them for sure, as we have many on the other side. Bigger the country, more the spies. Anyway, more than the traditional spies there are better ways now to get what is important,” says the Brigadier in one of his columns in local media.
He further says “Narendra Modi believes in stronger government with a threatening attitude so it wasn’t a surprise when he appointed Ajit Doval as his national security advisor in India. Ajit, who thrived on the myth of him being the premier spy in India who spent time in Pakistan and never was caught. On that basis, he rose within the ranks of BJP, though he never held any designation. His formed a think tank which was basically a front for BJP to formulate and push RSS-oriented espionage agenda to any incumbent government. Nobody took them real serious, not even the Indian army because they knew the truth behind Doval being the premier spy in Pakistan. Doval has been a real drama queen throughout. He tried back stab Sikh Movement while infiltrating within Golden Temple. The truth is that when Doval tried to pass him as Pakistani spy within temple, nobody really cared, as they were welcoming even the people who claimed to be angels from heaven. There are also many fantastic stories about him creating a rift within separatist in different parts where India has occupied forcibly. Courtesy to all those myths, he even got himself Kirti Chakra award, and now also has managed to secure the juicy national security advisor seat.
The problem is that such hollow people always remain in quest to prove themselves. With fishy characters Doval in charge of Indian security with full backing up of Hindu extremists, the region might drift into a dangerous game because Doval likes to play dirty and secretive. But he still has to taste the real espionage, so he if tried any of that trick which he only has read in the books so far, he for sure is in for a nasty surprise from this side”, concluded Brigadier in his column.
According to Indian media, Doval does not want India to give an inch in Kashmir. In fact, he is against any agreement between India and Pakistan that allows the Line of Control to be recognized as the national boundary. India’s position can only be that it owns the entire Jammu and Kashmir, including Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. “Pakistan, if not punished for waging a covert offensive against India, should, at least, not be rewarded by it,” Doval wrote in one of his media columns.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the 2002 butchering of thousands and thousands of Muslims in Indian state of Gujarat when Narendra Modi was Chief Minister there. This episode that earned Modi the title “Butcher of Gujarat” across the world, is also attributed to Doval. In his last days in IB, Doval scripted the Gujarat Carnage for Hindutva Brotherhood as Modi government in the state was very desperately looking for any such exercise to terrorize the monitories and to win the next elections. Investigations indicate that this time B Raman and Ajit Doval’s disciple from IPS, Dahyaji Gobarji Vanzara the then Deputy Inspector General of police was selected to head the mission. f. He has been in jail since 2007 on charges of having conducted a series of extrajudicial (“false encounter”) killings while heading the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS).
An IPS officer of the 1987 batch, Vanzara, an extremist Hindu and who would worship Narendra Modi as “god” had his tenure as head of the city crime bureau full of spurt in encounter killings. He was known to be close to Home Minister Amit Shah, who made 331 calls to Vanzara and other police officers, many of them around the time of these killings.
Investigations indicate that indeed, there was considerable evidence that Vanzara had been carrying out home minister Amit Shah’s orders on these killings. On May 18, 2008, ex-DSP N.K. Amin, also arrested in the case, told the court “that a police-politician-criminal nexus was in operation in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh case.” The high level of direct communication from Shah, as minister, to an on-duty officer has also been questioned in court.
In the Tulsiram Prajapati case, the encounter killing took place in Banaskantha district. Just 13 days earlier, Vanzara was surprisingly transferred there as DIG Border range.
Vanzara’s resignation letter refers to political mileage obtained from the killings. In the 2007 elections, Modi had asked the electorate as to what was to be done with people like Sohrabuddin, to thunderous responses of “Kill him!
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that as a result for orchestrating and scripting the amazing plan of Gujarat Carnage, Doval wanted to have some important assignment in Central government on contract basis after his retirement from IB. However he was advised to wait till Modi forms a government at New Delhi and in the meanwhile, he was accommodated by making him the head of a BJP, RSS fund NGO, a think Tank named Vivekananda International Foundation’s as its chief. He was asked to work there and to continue his liaison with IPS network in police, IB and RAW and continue giving his inputs to relevant quarters in IB and RAW for Hindutva’s cause. He was finally made NSA, superseding a number of BJP leaders and elected MPs, after Modi formed the government at Delhi.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that that the much glorified hijacking of an Indian Airlines’ flight, IC 814 in 1999 to Kandahar, Afghanistan by fake Kashmiri insurgents was also a handy plan of Ajit Doval and B Raman.
The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that since IB, RAW and MI operate under the Joint Intelligence Committee and by virtue of what, often carry out operations with collaborated efforts, once again in 1999, IB and RAW wanted to flush in some Kashmiri freedom fighters who were first abducted by IB, under Doval’s instructions and were later lured to operate for India, during their days in detention and they agreed to do so. However, there arose the issue of how to make them high profile Kashmiri freedom fighter across the world and specially in the eyes of Kashmiri sympathetic groups in Pakistan as otherwise they had not contributed to the freedom struggle of Kashmiris and were merely minting money in the name Kashmir Jihad while one of them was actually an MI-6 operator. To make them Kashmiri heroes to provide them an easy ingress and penetration into Pakistan-based Jihadi outfits, it was first attempted to achieve the goal via a high profile kidnapping of some Western tourists in IOK during 1995 by raising the demand of these freedom fighters in exchange of kidnapped hostagesl However, as contrary to the expectation of Ajit Doval, CD Sahey and B Raman, when this issue escalated too high, in the Western world, the idea of launching them as gloried Jihadis was dropped.
The Daily Mail’s investigation reveal that 4 years later, in 1999 it was decided they should now be launched as Jihadi heroes via a glorified hijacking.
The investigations indicate that since late B Raman was a maestro in arranging hijackings as he did it many times in 1980s through fake Khalistani groups to dent the Khalistan movement and also to implicate in the same, he gave a plan to Doval and the Indian airline flight was very conveniently hijacked by some very little known “Kashmiri freedom Fighters”
The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that though a plane, en route from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, India on Friday, 24 December 1999, was hijacked. Indians were very quick in accusing Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, a Pakistan-based Islamist group, of the hijacking. Hijackers ordered the aircraft to be flown to several locations. After touching down in Amritsar, Lahore and Dubai, the hijackers finally forced the aircraft to land in Kandahar, Afghanistan, which at the time was controlled by the Taliban. It was very interesting for security experts and counter terrorism specialists to observe that though the ultimate destination of the hijackers was apparently not known to any one on the earth, yet Indian media was very efficiently predicting about every nest destination of the hijacked flight while a Peshawar based journalist of a RAW-linked local media organization was also predicting every next mover of the hijackers with a great accuracy.
After landing at Kandahar air port, hijackers forwarded the demand of releasing three Kashmiri freedom fighters named, Azhar, Omar and Mushtaq. All the three were not very well known with regard to their contributions in freedom struggle of Kashmiris but became world famous after the hijackers spelled their names. On the other side, Doval; from IB and B Raman and CD Sahey from RAW, launched a global media and psychological operation campaigns of branding the demanded trio as being ISI backed Kashmiri militants, arrested by Indian authorities for terrorism.
It remains a fact that all the three remained engaged in Occupied Kashmir and were arrested by Indian authorities. Yet, it also remains a solid fact that all the three were arrested as part of a joint RAW, IB campaign of creating counter insurgents from within the ranks of the actual insurgents. However these three were picked up with a different purpose as during their Five Star detention, they were trained to carry out well calculated operation in Pakistan, following RAW, IB instructions. The later series of developments proved that these militants, after being release by Indians and after reaching Pakistan, got hectically engaged in activities that were very much against Pakistan and very defaming for ISI. For instance Omar, who was originally an British MI-6 agent and later crossed over to RAW and IB, first formed a network with Al-Qaeda operatives and kidnapped and killed American journalist of Wall Street Journal, Daniel Pearl and later during his days of detention by Pakistani authorities, hurled a completely baseless allegation of Pakistanis being behind attack on Indian Parliament building in 2002.
. None of them ever turned out to be of any service to Pakistan or its ISI. It also remains very interesting to notice that the Chief negotiator to negotiate with hijackers, appointed by Indian government was none other but great Ajit Doval, actual organizer of the entire hijacking drama, while his RAW partner from IOK, CD Sahey was the part of the negotiation team. Doval kept the negotiation process for about a week, to get maximum media coverage of the incident across the globe, like it was done in case of Mumbai attacks where drama was carried on for over 70 hours to bust just 9 attackers but the drama was kept alive for global media coverage for that much time. Such a similarity of media coverage related operations, speak very low of the professional approach of RAW and IB policy makers.
The Daily Mail’s investigation indicate that for dealing with Pakistani media, just before the launching of mega terror operations across Balochistan province of Pakistan, IB and RAW decided to deal with Pakistani media separately to avoid any linkage of the media persons and media houses of Pakistan with RAW alone. When Pakistani security agencies were focusing RAW’s penetration into Pakistani media, IB was forwarded, though the policy remained the same, collaborated and joint. These investigation reveal that since Ajit Doval very strongly believed in supremacy of human intelligence (Humint) rather than technical intelligence (Techint, or technological snooping) as he, even today feels that human assets, which can infiltrate nations and militant organizations, help intelligence aagencies to understand the enemy’s mindset and get precise information, he discussed the matter with his accomplice in RAW, Sanjeev Tripathi who by that time was heading a RAW desk that deals with Pakistan related operations. Though this plan was organized when Doval was having his last days at office as IB Chief, yet Sanjeev Tripathi fully agreed with Doval’s vision in this direction and thus organized a comprehensive plan in this direction under which an NGO, South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) was generated, comprising certain unwitting as well as willing journalists from both countries while a separate media plan under the garb of Aman Ki Aasha was also launched with Doval giving complete input even after his retirement and the platform of his Thin Tank, mentioned above was used. Both SAFMA and Aman Ki Aasha were launched with a vision of discouraging the Kashmir issue and putting 50-50 onus on Pakistan for peace with India while the same was never the fact. Aman Ki Aasha however gained new dimensions later on and the entire clandestine mission was exposed in April 2014 when the media house, conniving with RAW and IB, itself blew its nexus by hurling a series of allegations and accusations on ISI chief after one of its journalists was targeted by unknown shooters in Karachi.
The Daily Mail’s investigations also indicate that when former Indian Army Chief and now a BJP elected MP, VK Singh decided to establish a special terrorists cell out of its military establishment to carry out terrorist operations inside Pakistan and code named it as Technical Support Division (TSD), he had no resources and infrastructure to carry on with plan as military laws were giving him no room for such an illegal adventure. Investigations indicate that at that juncture of time, General VK Singh sought help from Doval and Tripathi and the funding and resources of RAW and IB were used through Hindutva nexus for the creation, training, arming and financing of this TSD. Some reports also suggest that in this process, RAW and IB got certain week point of VK Singh himself and these week points were very much to force him to toe a certain line with regard to Pakistan and China
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that Dharamshala based Dalai Lama network is also jointly managed by RAW and IB and Sanjeev Tripathi, with the input of retired Doval, organized the 2008 riots in China’s Tibet, code named “Ashes on Snow” while supporting the CIA backed ETIM for generating violence and terrorism in China’s Xinjiang province is also on the manifesto of RAW and IB.
These investigations clearly indicate that India’s National Security Advisor could be the Security Advisor for Indian Prime Minister but he, with this highly objectionable background and with even more alarming current profile and activities, is a constant and crystal clear threat to global peace and imminent terror for the regional countries, with even India itself cannot be considered safe from his venom of Hindutva. The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that if this state of affairs of Ajit Doval, Sanjeev Tripathy and Alok Joshi like extremist Hindutva planners would not be checked timely and properly by global powers and regional leaders, the Hindu extremism and militancy will soon emerge as a monster that no one could ever be able to handle.

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