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Conviction of Hafiz Saeed by Asif Haroon Raja

Conviction of Hafiz Saeed

Asif Haroon Raja



The Anti-Terrorist Court (ATC) in Lahore under Judge Arshad Hussain Bhutta convicted Hafiz Saeed on February 12 and jailed him for 11 years. His colleague Zafar Iqbal was also given 11 years jail term. 23 prosecution witnesses testified but none could provide any concrete evidence. The prosecutor maintained that Lashkar-e-Taeba (LeT) and Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) were two sides of the same coin and since LeT had been declared a proscribed organization vide UN resolution 1267 and put under sanctions, Pakistan being a member of the UN must take action. Despite the fact that the prosecution couldn’t prove the charge of terrorism, the two accused were declared guilty on account of being a member of a banned outfit, supporting and arranging meetings of a proscribed organization, illegal fundraising and buying properties from the raised funds. Besides Indian media, a segment of Pak media together with a handful of well-heeled liberals in Pakistan have been demonizing Hafiz Saeed and his JuD and presenting him an asset of the military establishment.   

Hafiz Saeed was the founder of LeT in the early 1990s, which was actively involved in armed Kashmiri freedom movement. Once LeT and some other Kashmir focused Jihadi groups like Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) were banned by Gen Musharraf under pressure from India and USA in 2002/03, Hafiz Saeed detached himself from LeT and created an educational & charitable outfit at Muredke near Lahore, which he named JuD. His set-up is open to all and all activities are transparent. He, however remained on the radar of India as well as the USA.

Between 2001 and 2008, all terror attacks in India were put in the basket of Azhar Masood led JeM or LeT.  The latter was blamed for the Mumbai attacks in November 2008. India also accused ISI that it trained and backed LeT. Since then, India has been constantly pressing Pakistan to punish Hafiz Saeed and other LeT leaders. At the behest of India, the UN and the US declared him a global terrorist and put $10 million bounty as his head money.  

Hafiz Saeed was arrested by Pak authorities 8 times since 2011 and put on trial but the courts couldn’t find any trace of his involvement in Mumbai attacks and had to be released. Neither India could furnish any proofs. Whatever evidence it sent was too flimsy and insufficient to convict him, but India duly backed by USA clung to its stance. 

India couldn’t supply any proofs because Mumbai attacks were masterminded by RAW-Mossad combine in collusion with CIA with a view to undermine the sudden flare-up of unarmed movement in IOK in the summer of 2008, get ISI declared a rogue outfit and Pakistan a terror abetting state. To make it look real, India made hue and cry, suspended composite dialogue and conditioned recommencement of talks to the conviction of the so-called accused. The USA also kept pressing and advising Pakistan to punish the accused to ease tension, renew the process of composite dialogue to resolve of Kashmir dispute and to return to normalcy.   

Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving accused was tried and hanged within the premises of jail without allowing Pakistani legal team or the Interpol to meet him. India’s claim that Kasab was a Pakistani hailing from village Faridkot was false. He had been kidnapped from Nepal by RAW sometime back and was put in a secret detention center for subsequent use.

The Mumbai drama was initially exposed by the officials of Indian Home Ministry led by Satish Sharma in 2011, who submitted affidavits in Indian Supreme Court asserting that the attacks were an in-house affair to achieve objectives against Pakistan. Fake Hindu saint Aseemanand undergoing the trial of Samjhota Express train blast in 2007 confessed that all the terror attacks in India were the handiwork of Indian terrorist group Abhinav led by Lt Col Purohit of which he was one of the members. Murdered Inspector Hemant Karkare had rounded up the gang and the case was under trial. He was murdered by unknown assassins on the night of 26 November 2008 in Mumbai and thereafter the case was closed and all the accused were set free. As if these revelations were not enough to expose India’s lies and its penchant for false flag operations, two books authored by Indian writers and one by German author spilt the beans.  

With so much incriminating material available, Pakistan was in a good position to put India on the mat and expose its ugly face. Unfortunately, PPP and PML-N governments opted to retain Pakistan’s traditional policy of appeasement. Instead of rebuking Indian bogus version, Indian narrative was agreed to. Several LeT leaders including Hafiz Saeed were arrested and put on trial. Apologetic and defensive stance emboldened India to continue whipping Pakistan under the charge of terrorism.

India under fascist Narendra Modi hardened its stance and stated that till such time Pakistan didn’t control terrorism, it will not talk on Kashmir. Modi forced Nawaz Sharif at Ufa in 2015 to exclude Kashmir from the agenda of future talks and to accord priority to the issue of terrorism. Pakistan’s meekness encouraged India, Afghanistan and USA to dub Pakistan a breeding ground and an epicentre of terrorism and most dangerous country in the world. These labels were given in spite of Pakistan security forces achieving remarkable results in fighting foreign-sponsored terrorist groups in FATA, Swat and Baluchistan and suffering the most.

Failing to suppress the liberation movement in IOK, India not only kept the Line of Control in Kashmir heated up but also broke all records of state terrorism and human rights against Kashmiris in IOK. Finding that Kashmir was slipping out of its hands, RAW conducted a false flag operation in Pulwama on February 14, 2019, which had three-fold objectives. To distract the attention of the world from its human rights abuses against Kashmiris and discredit freedom movement; secondly, to create the justification for a surgical strike inside Pakistan, and thirdly, to whip up anti-Pakistan emotions in India and enlarge the vote bank of BJP for elections in June.

Indian Mirage 2000s intruded in Balakot on February 24 last year under the pretext of taking revenge for Pulwama terror attack. The jets hurriedly released their bombs in a deserted place causing no damage or human casualty due to timely intervention of PAF jets. However, India claimed that it had destroyed a JeM camp. In reaction, PAF made a counter move on the night of 26 February by dropping missiles next to three sensitive targets inside IOK. Indian army chief Gen Bipin survived by the skin of his teeth. In the air duel, PAF pilots shot down one Su-30 and one MiG-21 and captured one pilot. India also lost one helicopter along with the crew due to its own firing. When India tried to strike 8 targets with Brahmo missiles on the night of 27th, Pakistan announced that it had marked 16 targets which took the air out of Modi’s jingoism. Smarting under series of humiliations, Modi ventured to make disputed IOK integral part of India on August 5, 2019, and is now threatening to annex AJK.         

Anguished over their failure to cow down Pakistan or to disable its nuclear program, the three strategic partners India, USA and Israel assisted by puppet regime in Kabul got further upset over the rapid progress made by CPEC. They see it as a dangerous monster capable of overturning their global ambitions. The trio is continuing with proxy war to bleed Pakistan and scuttle CPEC through random attacks. The 5th Generation Hybrid War was launched to create political destabilization, accentuate divisions in society, turn the youth against the army and spoil Pak-China relations.

Additionally, IMF and FATF were used as tools to meltdown Pakistan’s economy and to make it a compliant state. The IMF doled out $ 6 billion loans on stringent conditions forbidding it to use even a penny of the loan money on CPEC or to repay loans of China. The FATF after putting Pakistan in the grey list issued a long list of demands saying if these are not complied with, the country will be blacklisted. The list included the arrest and conviction of JeM head Azhar Masood, and Hafiz Saeed and other LeT leaders.

While India is leaving no stone unturned to put Pakistan in a blacklist, the US is quietly pulling the strings of FATF to keep Pakistan in the grey list for some more time. Alice Wells during her recent visit to Islamabad had admitted that the US would like to keep Pakistan under pressure through FATF till such time Pakistan agree to abide by its dictates.  She declared CPEC and friendship with China harmful for Pakistan.

The International Bully







The new economic and financial managers appointed on the choice of IMF carried out the heavy devaluation of the currency under the hope of boosting exports. They imposed heavy taxes, raised the prices of fuel, gas, and of daily commodities in order to generate revenues. These measures didn’t improve the health of the economy and made the lives of the people difficult. Desperate to uplift the sinking economy and to fulfil the promises made to the people, and to save from getting blacklisted, the cornered government hastened to arrest Hafiz Saeed.

After keeping him under detention for about six months, he was put on trial. The decision of the court was hailed by Alice Wells as well as Trump. India is also happy and sees it a triumph of its consistent efforts. India will now push for his trial on charges of attacks in Mumbai with a view to net ISI and Pakistan in the trap of terrorism.   

Making Hafiz Saeed a sacrificial goat just before the crucial meeting of FATF at Paris from 12-21 February in which Pakistan is hoping to get out of the grey list and become white go against principles and ethics.

For India, Hafiz Saeed has been a pain in the neck since he always raised his voice against Indian barbarities. As head of Difah Pakistan Council, he has been organizing big public meetings and rallies and has been a moving force behind the Kashmiri freedom struggle. His charity outfit Khidmat-e-Khalq provided immense assistance to the victims of natural calamities and was among the first to reach the stranded people caught in the devastating earthquake in AJK in 2005.  JuD has also been imparting free education to the poor and funds to the needy. He is held in high esteem among the Kashmiris living both sides of the divide and has a huge following in Pakistan.

His conviction has not been well received in J&K and by the majority of people in Pakistan particularly the Far Right. They view him as a philanthropist serving humanity, highly patriotic Pakistani and not a terrorist. They feel he has been jailed to please the USA and to mollify India. Already an impression is gaining currency that the government has betrayed the Kashmiris and that neither it is taking any action to provide relief to the marooned 8 million Kashmiris locked up in biggest open prison since August 5, nor it is allowing others to start a Jihad. Since Hafiz Saeed has never been convicted by courts on account of terrorism or funding terrorists, in all likelihood the decision of ATC if challenged might be overturned by Lahore High Court.

The writer is a retired Brig, war veteran, defence and security analyst, columnist, author of five books, Chairman Thinkers Forum Pakistan, Director Measac Research Center, Member CWC and The Think Tank PESS. [email protected]            


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The Apathy in Pakistan to Support Reform



The Apathy in Pakistan to Support Reform

I am appalled.

 I am appalled at the apathy of Pakistani society in not supporting for once what is clearly ( in my lifetime at least ) the most serious and deep rooted attempt at reform.

 I am appalled at the pretentiousness of many otherwise perfectly logical and sane people, for not supporting this serious attempt to get rid of this terrible putrid sewerage system of so called democracy, so cunningly labeled by these sick self-serving so called politicians to safeguard their golden geese.

 These politicians who have destroyed all semblance of good order and governance, simply because of this label of so called democracy. Look at these names who have been in political power in one form or shape or the other, be it a civilian or military administration.

 Look at this horrible horrible roll call of political deviants. Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar, Saad Rafique, Asif Zardari, Khurshid Shah, Fazlur Rehman, Asfandyar Wali. An endless list of self serving, corrupt to the core, people.

 While some may criticize IK and TUQ for resorting to “undemocratic” methods. Here’s something to ponder. What choice do IK and TUQ and and people like us have.  

 We can’t boot the Nawaz Sharifs and Asif Zardaris out through the electoral process because they have “bought” the entire process.

 We can’t take them to court, because they have “bought” the entire judicial system.

 We can’t hold them for any form of major administrative impropriety, terrible misgovernance, gross and blatant use of authority in public sector leadership appointments, misuse of public funds, open corruption, brazen conflict of interest, just because they have “bought” the entire administrative structure.

 So IK and TUQ and people who want reform had and have no option but to resort to what they have done. Because, while theoretically we have a parliament and an elected government and there is due process for acquiring power, the system has been hijacked and held hostage by these “professional crooks” masquerading as political leaders.

 Look at Khurshid Shah thundering in parliament, earlier today and look at the sickening amount of ill gotten wealth he has acquired through corruption since 1991 when he was first elected as am MNA. Can anyone justify this terrible and blatant hypocrisy and criminality.

 While some may not like IK’s arrogance ( I do) or TUQ’s Canadian citizen ship ( irrelevant) or their perceived lack of political acumen. BUT If these two can set in motion the wheels of change for a better, prosperous Pakistan with strong institutions, especially the Police and the Judiciary, an electoral process which does not hand over power to a bunch of professional crooks with just 10 to 15 % of the registered vote, a system of political accountability which does not allow people in power to blatantly and brazenly misuse authority and public trust and public funds, and a country where no one Faith is imposed on another, I am all for it.

 And for those professional politicians with IK ( not many with TUQ) who think that they will benefit once again from the ‘IK” bandwagon, as they have done on other bandwagons in the past…I think they are in for a surprise

Author’s Contact: [email protected]>

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Out of sight: Globe-trotting US Viceroy in Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif : How US Manipulated Democratic Elections & Imposed an Incompetent “Elected Leader” in Pakistan


Why do they hate us? This question is often asked in United States, as an aftermath 9/11. There is much debate and intellectual bylines in newspapers, magazines, and college campuses.  This topic got added momentum, after US replaced the Soviets as the Invader in Resident in Afghanistan.


Crude Remarks like ‘Pakistanis Selling Their Mothers’ Are a Slap on People of Pakistan, but, Nawaz Sharif Continues to Act as US Viceroy in Pakistan

Pakistanis will sell their mothers for a dollar”, remarked an American prosecutor about Pakistani officials who had allegedly played an important role in capturing Aimal Kansi, wanted in the USA for killing two CIA officials outside the Agency’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia. God forgives easily, men seldom do. This Johnny later apologized to Pakistanis but his insult was neither forgiven nor forgotten.


Nawaz Sharif and PML (N) Stole Pakistan’s Election with US Help

The Nawaz Sharif government refuses to allow an independent

investigation of election fraud, to move forward in a timely manner.  This is prompting PTI and other the opposition parties to boycott parliament.

“To some, this looks like another election crisis with Nawaz Sharif remaining in power. But this may not be the end of story as an awakened citizenry refuses to play along. ‘Integrated with the world, many Pakistanis have become too aware, too sophisticated, to accept the rule of a corrupt elite that relies on force and openly steals the fortunes of the country while trampling on individual rights.”


Persistent Meddling in Pakistan’s Internal Affairs

One of the major reason, why Pakistanis hate US, with a passion is United States’ persistent meddling into Pakistan internal affairs. From the nomination of Pakistan Army’s Chief of Staff to the conduct of 2013 elections, Pakistanis see US’s manipulative fingerprints. As a result, those who are perceived as US Bacha Jamura, or Touts, when elected are disdained to the point of morbid hatred. 

The CIA “Geniuses”


The  “geniuses” in CIA, who man the Pakistan or South Asia Region are clueless about the situation on the ground. They have superficial training on culture and mores of the people  of Pakistan. They consider dissenting voices in Pakistan as potential US enemies, without realizing that some of these might be US friends, exasperated by US bungling and fiascoes in the region.  Some of the Young Turks in CIA may come form Mid-West US and are culturally challenged about the history of Pakistan. No wonder CIA operatives, who are supposed to know better, conduct policies which them into a gang that couldn’t shoot straight.


US Interference in 2013 elections & Deliberate Election Rigging


In Pakistan the US dollar goes a long way.  US State Department and the CIA treat Pakistan’s election process as a horse race, in which their horse  can only win, by injecting it with  illegal steroids of US dollars. US anointed are easily recognizable through overnight changes in their lifestyles, their frequent trips to bordellos or whorehouses of Dubai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Macao.

How US Leverages Rampant Corruption in Pakistan to its Own Advantage

Wealthy Returning Officers & Rich Judges

In the 2013 election, several RO (Returning Officers) in Punjab and Sindh became millionaires overnight, because, funding which had been allocated to development of Pakistan’s electoral process was channeled to candidates, who were from PML (N). Their election chests were fortified with funds of “unknown” origin.  These funds were cleverly funneled through the network of unscrupulous Pakistanis, who are contractors for US Embassy in Islamabad.  with their bulging election chests improve their chances of success. Now, if by outside chance, if US sees their horse losing, they buy-off the judges, and make the winning candidate lose.  The election of Nawaz Sharif and his PML(N) is a prime example of US interference and election rigging, which took the shape of “Dhandlee,’ or “Strong Arm Rigging.”  They infiltrate ready and willing political NGOs and use them as fronts for manipulating  the electoral process to serve their own interests. A prime example is the 2013, “rigged “Election, which US manipulated through CIA, to bring their candidate, Nawaz Sharif as PM. The pay-off has been great Nawaz Sharif is at work  as full time touts US, to escape the wrath of his electoral voters, he spends his time in foreign lands, where he either can enjoy a lavish life style or spend his ill-gotten wealth, stolen from the 180 million poor masses of Pakistan.  He is also scheming and conspiring to bring another Army “Chief” from the less experienced Lt.Generals a la shades of Gen.Zia-ud-din Butt.  Through this chicanery, he wants to ensure  an uneventful 2014 US Exit from Afghanistan and fulfill, another mission assigned to him by his US handlers.


Clever Renunciations of US

Soon after his meeting with President Obama, Nawaz Sharif started his Anti-US Rhetoric, designed to cloak his identity as a US Asset. Nawaz Sharif’s pro-US game is ON. He has no interest in Pakistan, rather he serves as a Globe-Trotting US Viceroy in Pakistan.  He travels with a retinue of “bosom buddies,” Ishaq Dar, another fellow Kashmiri, being one of them. Thus, giving credence to historical treachery of Kashmiris Elites to their  own Kashmiri people. Nawaz Sharif has sold-out Kashmiris during the Kargil Crisis and gave one-on-one assurances to US President Clinton, NEVER to raise the Kashmir issue.


Shahbaz Sharif is Nawaz Sharif Plus; A Blatant Incompetent Grandiose Project Builder


The Pakistan Express Tribune describes Shahbaz Sharif

Paranoia has its consequences. Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif’s refusal to trust civil servants beyond a core of a few favourites has resulted in a condition of organizational atrophy and administrative paralysis within the provincial government and even resulted in losses worth billions of rupees to the exchequer. “Sharif is a classic case of democratic autocracy,” said Rai Manzoor Nasir, the president of the Punjab Civil Service Officers Association, a union of government officials in the province.

Nasir alleges that no more than 12 officers whom the CM trusts, with the rest being transferred at whim, often without being given any reason, run the provincial government. According to official data examined by The Express Tribune, every departmental head in the province has been transferred, on average, four or five times over the past three years .

Punjab civil servants say that the government’s rules state that each departmental head must serve at least three years in one position, a rule that does not seem to be applied by the Sharif administration. According to sources familiar with the matter, the Punjab government transfers an average of 12 senior officials every day. “I always keep at least one bag packed at all times because I never know when I will be transferred,” said one assistant commissioner who wished to remain anonymous.

Yet the constant transfers do far more than just create inconveniences for bureaucrats. It raises the cost of running the Punjab government and frequently results in policies being haphazardly applied, which ends up resulting in incomplete development projects and excess expenses that would have been avoided had the government allowed civil servants more time in one position.

For instance, by transferring officials at the frequency that it does, the Punjab government is forced to pay travel and daily allowances to officials (to which they are entitled under both federal and provincial law). This raises the cost of salaries for the government. In addition, the lack of stable leadership in government departments results in policies being applied inconsistently, which ends up costing the government more money.

For example, six months ago, the excise and taxation department confiscated about 350 vehicles from local governments across the province and auctioned them. Within two months, the department purchased 350 vehicles for its own use at a cost greater than that which it received for auctioning the local governments’ vehicles.

In another case, the Punjab government was unable to complete the Lahore to Sialkot motorway because of the government’s inability to effectively monitor costs. The project had initially been budgeted to cost Rs23 billion, but was put on hold indefinitely after the cost doubled to Rs46 billion.

Meanwhile, many senior officers are bristling at the notion that they are being forced to report to officers several years and rank their junior. According to some officials, the government’s decision to violate rules regarding promotions and posts has caused morale to plummet within the civil service.

Other provinces are also being affected by the CM’s attitude towards governance.

The Punjab government currently has 300 federal district management group officers – the elite within the elite federal civil service – but does not need all of them. Yet it refuses to allow any of them to serve in Balochistan, which only has 19. Quetta is so desperate for DMG officers it is willing to pay double salaries for their services, but Punjab, under Sharif, refuses to let them go.

“The chief minister finds it difficult to work with officers who worked under a dictator [former president Pervez Musharraf],” said Senator Pervaiz Rashid, the Punjab government spokesperson.

The Punjab cabinet consists of 9 ministers who collectively manage 43 departments. Many provincial ministers hold up to five portfolios. The CM himself holds 14.

Control Freak  Emperor Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif’s considers Pakistan as part of his Personal Jagir. He treats Pakistanis with mockery and disdain. He denigrates the people of Pakistan by treating them with benign neglect.  

He has mastered the Art of Benign Neglect. Pakistanis to Nawaz Sharif are sheep and Pakistan’s second name is a Nation of Sheep. Pakistan is a gold mine to make money and spend in London, US, Dubai, and Europe. Over 90 percent of Pakistan is illiterate, despite the cooked up figures, issued by Ministry of Education.  


Pakistan’s Nero Nawaz Sharif


While Pakistan burns, Nawaz Sharif its Nero fiddles in London enjoying the Halloween Party in Berkeley Square with his Bacha Jamura, Ishaq Dar.  So, much for the US “Gift” of Pyrrhic Democracy for the 180 million poor of Pakistan, in this cake, they might as well have asked them, “to go and eat cake.”

And that is why Pakistan hate the US with a vengeance. Is anybody in US listening, except NSA?




Out of sight: Globe-trotting PM

Published 2013-11-02 08:12:18

OLD habits really do die hard, it seems. Three-term prime minister Nawaz Sharif has done this before, twice actually: treating parliament like a coronation ceremony that once over, he has little interest in or time for. But Mr Sharif’s habitual disdain for parliamentary traditions, like the prime minister perhaps spending some time in parliament, has a twist this time: the prime minister appears to have traded his parliamentary duties with an itinerant’s zest for wandering the globe. Where the prime minister is in any given week is rapidly becoming the parlour game du jour: forget Raiwind, Islamabad or Murree, can anyone even be sure if Mr Sharif is in Pakistan most weeks?

Of course, few places are as likely to be the choice of refuge for a Pakistani abroad as London. The unofficial summer capital of Pakistan is making a comeback of sorts after the Zardari-era Dubai has fallen out of favour. Mr Sharif is certainly more comfortable in and familiar with London than most: his family famously takes up residence in a fabulously rich neighbourhood when in town, and after several grim years in Saudi exile, he escaped to London and stayed there much of the time until his return to Pakistan in 2007. In fact, so comfortable may Mr Sharif have become in London that he might have forgotten he is the prime minister of Pakistan. For what else can explain the prime minister informing British officials that his government has initiated talks with the TTP before telling the Pakistani people and his fellow parliamentarians about something they all must certainly be anxious to know more about? Perhaps an urgent letter on behalf of the people who elected him needs to be sent to the prime minister abroad: come back, Mr Prime Minister, your country needs you, the letter could read.

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