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Mehwish Zia

In the past few months, perhaps media coverage has caused more harm to minds than TTP. The ability of the media to transform villains into heroes and vice versa is a serious threat that should be neutralized by the implementation of media laws. Since the conception of Azadi and Inqalab March, Pakistani media is playing an absurd role. Whenever you turn on TV, you are literally bombarded with manipulated information . It is the agenda of the media outlet that determines the selection and the final form of information. Different channels will show you different perspectives of the same news. Unless you are a passive receiver of information, you can clearly observe the difference between their policies. What is the rocket science behind adding absurd songs in the background of news packages? Perhaps this is the best way to seek attention? What good the use of objectionable language in news bulletins and talk shows do? What for ? To spice up the story? Whenever an incident happens, they create hype, manipulate the information and confuse the audience by presenting different perspectives of the same story. This is what the basic principles of journalism propose? No, this is what media outlets need to do for safeguarding their commercial interests.
No matter which party you support , you will agree that Azadi March has received extensive media coverage. From August 2014 till to date, media is mourning the so called democracy. Long before the announcement of the date of Azadi March, news channels started conducting debates on the role of ‘empire’. From the day one, Martial law is being highlighted as the ultimate outcome of Azadi March.  Either the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif meets the chief of Army staff Raheel Sharif or Imran Khan says the word ‘empire’, the topic of the debate remains the same i.e. Is the military going to take over?  In case of traditional media, audiences have usually no say. However, social media is overloaded with the tweets and statuses of keyboard warriors of PTI and PMLN who are purging out their frustration by criticizing army for not fulfilling their personal wishes. Before Azadi March , people wanted army to stay away from politics. Now they are accusing army of not interfering , ignoring the fact that by not taking anybody’s side army is doing what should be done at this point in time.
Those who are in favour of military intervention in any form should realize that they want it because of the good reputation of army which is perhaps our only hope. Therefore, people should understand that military intervention will harm the reputation of army, politicians will mourn and the black sheep of the media industry will get another chance to do for what they are being heavily paid. Secondly, D-chowk is not the stage of a puppet show as the factors that compelled people to leave their homes and join Imran or Tahir ul Qadri cannot be ignored. Therefore, blaming somebody for pulling the strings of Imran Khan is not going to help.Thirdly, media outlets need to pay attention towards other issues. Pakistan is going through a very critical phase. We are in confrontation with terrorists in North Waziristan and Indians on the border. We have half a million IDPs who deserve more than just a news package.Not only this, there is also a positive side of picture that people would love to know. The United States of America that once used to doubt our every effort is now acknowledging our positive role for the stability of this region .Afghanistan that blamed us for launching a proxy war in their territory is now making efforts to improve relations between the two countries. A new chapter of Pak – Russia bilateral relations are going to open. Are all the above mentioned facts not newsworthy ? If no , why news channels are ignoring them for the sake giving proper attention to the conflict between PTI and PML N ?

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