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Modi Trump Howdy


September 24th, 2019

Modi Trump Howdy


I understand the Modi Trump Howdy in Houston attracted a lot many Indians – though not as many as anticipated. And there was also a sizable crowd of protesters as well there. Anyway I am sort of surprised that the Indian Diaspora living in the USA and exposed to higher values of freedom and human rights there had come to hear Modi – Modi the butcher of Gujrat 2000 Muslims,  the Hitler & Nazi Loving Racest of the worst order after Hitler promoting Saffronism and Hindutva through the RSS and killing Muslims and the minorities without impunity at leisure, the fascist of Kashmir where he has created the largest jail in the world by clamping an unending Curfew ( today being 52nd day) on nearly 10 million innocent, men, women, old and sick Kashmiris  and young school going children and depriving them of any contact with the outside world by denying them all forms of communications, landline phones, Cell phones, Internet, WhatsApp, Face Book, Tweeter, Newspapers, Radio and TV anything etal. The Kashmiris short of food and critically of medicines are totally cut off from the rest of the world in the so called largest democracy of the world. 

Modi Hero is Hitler- Modi Plans to Kill 8 Million Kashmiris



How can the Indians residing in America tolerate such a person is beyond me?



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 Imran Khan Wins America  By Adam Garrie

This won’t go well with some people in Pakistan, but in reality, Imran Khan’s conduct in the US is something for Pakistanis to feel proud of. 

Imran Khan Wins America   


Adam Garrie  


It was a Sunday night and Washington’s large Capital One Arena was packed. But it wasn’t packed for basketball or a music concert, it was 20,000 people who came to listen to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. It was at this moment when on a cultural level, decades of mistrust and bad blood between Pakistan and the United States evaporated. Prior to the formation of Imran Khan’s government, Pakistani Prime Ministers were the kinds of people who could only fill large public squares at home by mobilising a network of bribery and patronage.  Such politicians could not attract any great attention abroad in places where the system of feudal political patronage does not exist.

But the people who came to listen to Imran Khan were not paid or coaxed, many in fact came from all over the United States at their own cost in order to see Imran Khan in the flesh. When Imran Khan took to the stage flanked by both a Pakistani and American flag, it was as though a new era was born – one which carried with it the spirit of the 1980s which was the last time that Pakistan and the US cooperated on an equal footing against a clearly defined and easily recognizable common enemy.

What’s more is that when speaking of a desire to create opportunities for Pakistanis to advance their worldly condition on a level playing field, he was speaking the language of political optimism that once defined American politics. But whilst American politics grows ever more cynical, Imran Khan assured his audience of 20,000 that a forward-looking Naya Pakistan is being built for them and for their children.

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Although most of the audience were Pakistani-Americans, there were surely a good number of Americans in the arena with no connection to Pakistan. This of course includes those working at the large facility. They too would have seen and heard Irman Khan and they would have realised that the man before them was speaking American insofar as celebrity is a major element of the broader American culture.

More importantly, Donald Trump who shortly awaits his meeting with Imran Khan would have seen the footage. Above all else, Trump likes someone who looks and acts like a success. As someone who himself packs arenas for frequent political rallies, Trump will likewise recognise in Imran Khan someone who is a formidable figure with a global appeal.

This contrasts sharply with the parochial, pretty and lowly style of politician that since the 1990s Pakistan has produced. Such people simply do not turn heads outside of their own circles within parts of Pakistan and this has helped the international enemies of Pakistan to inflict damage on Pakistan’s reputation. Without a leader whose reach is global, few listened to Pakistan over the last twenty-five years and in many respects, Pakistan’s leaders hadn’t even tried to get their point across outside of Pakistan’s borders.

With Imran Khan his has changed. He is a superstar and whilst his government’s sometimes lax security policies against certain seditious and foreign threats are clearly fit for criticism, there are signs of improvement which should be not only applauded by encouraged.

Although Imran Khan’s meeting with Donald Trump will be about more than symbolism, in politics as in life, symbolism is highly important. For Donald Trump, in particular, the personal and the political are deeply intertwined and as such, Imran Khan’s mass rally in Washington will certainly be a pleasant conversation starter between the two leaders.

Even before Iman Khan and Donald Trump speak about key issues regarding a re-start of proper bilateral ties, Imran Khan has won America. In a country that since 2001 was programmed by its fake news media to hate Pakistan, in a country where Islamic societies are often misunderstood and in a country whose arenas are usually filled with sporting or music events rather than anything remotely political, Imran Khan stole the show. Even if his rally is played for 20 seconds on America’s notorious television news programmes, this is a victory for Pakistan because all it would take is 20 seconds of footage from Imran Khan’s rally to change perceptions of Pakistan from one that is wholly negative to one that is self-evidently optimistic and indeed one that is inspirational.

While the petty figures of Islamabad’s old elite continue to bark like dogs, Imran Khan has done something that even many European celebrities find hard to do. He conquered America’s heart and he did it with dignity, charm and sincerity. This simply cannot be denied.


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For the very fact that no other politician has had the temerity to question the legality of the drone attacks, the validity of the election process, the moral courage to challenge a fascist party in its own backyard and to raise the issue of corruption in the dharnas…….. Do we want to live with the pathetic electoral process- where the irregularities, as they are being revealed daily, are mind boggling? Do we want to accept the killing of innocent children, women, men and older people as part of ‘collateral damage’ of the drone attacks? Do we want to be held hostage to a political party that believes in terrorizing the citizens of a whole city? And ultimately, if we want to control terrorism, we will have to address the upstream factors- and the complete and utter failure of the educational, health, law and order and justice systems of Pakistan. And if one man and one party is raising all the above issues and bringing them into our collective political consciousness, what is wrong with that? And what does it matter if the person raising these issues is a sportsman or a shopkeeper or a soldier or a businessman? As long as he is speaking the truth and challenging the status quo, he/she has my support Whether PTI survives or not without IK is a question we must leave for the future. All I know is that if the foundations of any party or an organization or an individual are based on ethics, morals and integrity, that party and that individual will leave a legacy for future generations. That is why we remember Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Nelson Madela and what they stood for. And that is why we do not remember Marcos, Shah or Iran, Idi Amin, Zia ul Haq and others like them

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Shukriya Pakistan – 30 November Islamabad



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Mehwish Zia

In the past few months, perhaps media coverage has caused more harm to minds than TTP. The ability of the media to transform villains into heroes and vice versa is a serious threat that should be neutralized by the implementation of media laws. Since the conception of Azadi and Inqalab March, Pakistani media is playing an absurd role. Whenever you turn on TV, you are literally bombarded with manipulated information . It is the agenda of the media outlet that determines the selection and the final form of information. Different channels will show you different perspectives of the same news. Unless you are a passive receiver of information, you can clearly observe the difference between their policies. What is the rocket science behind adding absurd songs in the background of news packages? Perhaps this is the best way to seek attention? What good the use of objectionable language in news bulletins and talk shows do? What for ? To spice up the story? Whenever an incident happens, they create hype, manipulate the information and confuse the audience by presenting different perspectives of the same story. This is what the basic principles of journalism propose? No, this is what media outlets need to do for safeguarding their commercial interests.
No matter which party you support , you will agree that Azadi March has received extensive media coverage. From August 2014 till to date, media is mourning the so called democracy. Long before the announcement of the date of Azadi March, news channels started conducting debates on the role of ‘empire’. From the day one, Martial law is being highlighted as the ultimate outcome of Azadi March.  Either the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif meets the chief of Army staff Raheel Sharif or Imran Khan says the word ‘empire’, the topic of the debate remains the same i.e. Is the military going to take over?  In case of traditional media, audiences have usually no say. However, social media is overloaded with the tweets and statuses of keyboard warriors of PTI and PMLN who are purging out their frustration by criticizing army for not fulfilling their personal wishes. Before Azadi March , people wanted army to stay away from politics. Now they are accusing army of not interfering , ignoring the fact that by not taking anybody’s side army is doing what should be done at this point in time.
Those who are in favour of military intervention in any form should realize that they want it because of the good reputation of army which is perhaps our only hope. Therefore, people should understand that military intervention will harm the reputation of army, politicians will mourn and the black sheep of the media industry will get another chance to do for what they are being heavily paid. Secondly, D-chowk is not the stage of a puppet show as the factors that compelled people to leave their homes and join Imran or Tahir ul Qadri cannot be ignored. Therefore, blaming somebody for pulling the strings of Imran Khan is not going to help.Thirdly, media outlets need to pay attention towards other issues. Pakistan is going through a very critical phase. We are in confrontation with terrorists in North Waziristan and Indians on the border. We have half a million IDPs who deserve more than just a news package.Not only this, there is also a positive side of picture that people would love to know. The United States of America that once used to doubt our every effort is now acknowledging our positive role for the stability of this region .Afghanistan that blamed us for launching a proxy war in their territory is now making efforts to improve relations between the two countries. A new chapter of Pak – Russia bilateral relations are going to open. Are all the above mentioned facts not newsworthy ? If no , why news channels are ignoring them for the sake giving proper attention to the conflict between PTI and PML N ?

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