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The Fate of General Musharraf

The Fate of General Musharraf
The following message is being circulated on the Internet that reveals the truth about General Musharraf.
I am passing on the message because I agree with it. I hope that the political class will take note that they are next in line and that the segments of the media and the judiciary are complicit in actions and statements that direct the wrath of the nation from the person of Musharraf to the institution of the armed forces. No foreign power can hurt a country as long as the armed forces are effective in their statutory role of defending the country and enjoy overwhelming public support in that role. The military can and does impose its will when policy makers are acting treacherously. Musharraf made a lot of mistakes which come in the category of misjudgement. But Asif Zardari acted treacherously at least on two occasions. One, he put the nuclear deterrent of Pakistan on sale and publicly said that a 100 billion dollars would be acceptable. Israel publicly recommended that the USA accept the offer. Two, the Memo he sent through Hussain Haqqani to the USA offering a deal to accommodate US concerns on Pakistan’s nuclear deterrent in exchange for an overhaul of the military command in the name of ‘CIVILIAN CONTROL’, to make  Asif Zardari the like of Saddam Hussain and Hosni Mubarak as the ‘emperor’ of Pakistan on the lines Hasina Wajid is being entrenched by India in Bangladesh.
After Musharraf’s trial under Article 6 of the Constitution is over, it is the turn of Asif Zardari to face the music. The Indo-Zionist agents (some complicit, some implicit) in the media and the judiciary who are undermining the defence and security of Pakistan are under watch. The armed forces would not neglect their statutory duty for ever. + Usman Khalid+              
Musharraf is in custody today. A fall from grace indeed! This is natural justice for the mistakes he committed during his rule. 
I see the media, the politicians and the judiciary asking for his head — the same people whose heads should also roll if the Constitution is applied to them! This is the irony.
For the sake of putting on record the facts, I am writing this. Those who trust us will know the facts. Those who do not trust us can disagree.  
Musharraf is a patriot who chose his allies and advisers very badly. He was destroyed by Shaukat Aziz, Tariq Aziz, Altaf Hussian and the PML(Q) which were his allies. Today, they have all abandoned him. This happened as he chose the corrupt, the Qadianis, the enemies of Pakistan and opportunists as advisers. He may have been a brave soldier, but he was very naive in politics and poor in religion. He was still a patriotic Pakistani. We must be fair to him.
But his actions harmed Pakistan just as Zardari’s actions and CJ’s decisions are harming Pakistan today. Both Zardari and the CJ would also meet the same fate which Musharraf is facing today. 
Musharraf is guilty of following crimes: These are indeed major crimes that have had lasting consequences. 
1. NRO, which imposed upon hapless Pakistan this bunch of crooks in the name of democracy. Those who ruled Pakistan for the last five years were not only l corrupt; they are traitors ho opposed Pakistan at the time of its creation or have been recruited by hostile secret agencies since.  The same NRO is haunting him as he sits alone in a Police rest house in Islamabad .
2. He allowed the proliferation of electronic media without ensuring that control did not fall in foreign or hostile hands. The TV channels are now openly owned by corrupt media moguls who employ known subversives as anchors and get their objectives and propaganda line from foreign funded – mostly by Indo-Zionists – who work to destabilize Pakistan and sown seeds of discord and conflict. Now the same media is skinning him alive. 
3. He resurrected and reinvigorated the MQM, which had almost died in 90’s. Now they are a huge monster haunting Pakistan . 
4. He allowed the CIA to create TTP, offering Pakistan land to NATO unconditionally to supply weapons for terrorist and separatist groups like TTP, BLA and MQM. Thousands of “Raymond Davis” were allowed into Pakistan to wreck havoc with Pakistan ‘s security.
5. Destroying Pakistan ‘s ideology, Islamic values and moderation to patronise “western liberal secularism” in the name of ‘enlightened moderation’. This created extremism – both left and right – that has polarised the society and helped sustain murderous strife. Islamic values and faith has taken a serious hit in this period.
The above are just a few important ones.
But Musharraf is NOT guilty of following crimes:
1. He or the army did NOT kill Akbar Bugti. That is a lie. Bugti was killed as the roof of the cave he was hiding in, collapsed. Details of the incident have already been discussed many times.  
2. Musharraf did NOT kill Benazir Bhutto. That is a lie as well. BB was killed by the TTP. That has been confirmed by every investigation agency that looked into it.
3. The case of Lal Masjid is not so clear. It was confirmed that the TTP used it as a terrorist den. The use of force may have been excessive and opportunity for a negotiated resolution spurned recklessly. But the Khawarij rebellion – whatever its scale or form – has to be put down firmly with force. 
Also, remember this:
A case or FIR cannot be registered against the Pak army (the Army Chief or the President) or the Police on internal security duties or conducting an operation. This is abuse of law and a blatant violation of rules. Musharraf was the President just as Zardari is the President today. Are we registering FIR’s against Zardari or the PM for all the violence going on the country? NO! Then how can FIR be registered against Musharraf for Bugti, Benazir or Lal masjid? Would that not be Target killing through the judiciary?
He is a victim of his own bad decision, treacherous allies, and self-serving advisers and the ‘free media’ he is so proud of freeing.
The present rulers including bureaucrats and judges should learn a lesson. Their fate is also going to be the same to the extent as they act as tools of foreign intelligence to destabilise Pakistan today.
May Allah (swt) protect Pakistan and its people from the fitnah created by misuse of power, wealth and status, and arrogance of the undeserving.

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