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#GoNawazGo Pakistan Judiciary Should Prosecute & Hang Killers Nawaz & Shahbaz Sharif



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Wake-Up Pakistanis


Every Pakistan Should Make it their Mission to Boot this Corrupt and Seditious Regime of Nawaz Sharif & Sharif Dynasty. If they are not removed Pakistan may cease to exist. Nawaz Sharif is Sh.Mujib of Pakistan.He has a hidden agenda to destroy all state institutions of Pakistan,including the Pakistan Army. Nawaz Sharif has sent feelers to many senior officers of Pakistan Army to join hands with him in benefiting from sale of Pakistan state assets. In return, Nawaz has asked for iron clad guarantees of loyalty to him and not to the state of Pakistan.  Nawaz Sharif is furiously searching for seniors officers of Kashmiri background who will support his dynastic ambitions. Nawaz Sharif is making every effort to weaken the discipline, unity, and cohesiveness of Pakistan Army. He considers Pakistan Army the biggest hurdle in his ambition of Akhand Bharat, where he is promised Presidency with full powers by Narendra Modi. Nawaz Sharif is a clear and present danger to existence of Pakistan,Unless, Nawaz Sharif is removed by the Judiciary, Pakistan faces serious existential danger.

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PML(N): The Rupture Within?

Being a student of Political Science  during 1963-65 and a regular contributor to the ‘Letters to the Editor’ column in ‘The Pakistan Times,’ I have had the opportunity of reading about political parties functioning at that time, starting with the Pakistan Muslim League (Convention). From there onwards, the study never stopped, though it slowed down at times due to other pressing engagements.
Historically speaking, the Pakistan Muslim League has remained a party of the lords. With the induction of Mian Nawaz Sharif into politics, the party’s complexion changed from that of the feudal lords to that of the industrial lords as the supremos.
6944677-big-thief-stealing-a-lot-of-moneyFrankly speaking, there is no difference in the mindset of a feudal lord and an industrial lord. Both are lords–the masters–and the rest are their subjects. The difference lies in the environment in which both lords operate. The feudal lord rules over illiterates in a rural set up and the industrial lord rules over literates in an urban centre.
So, expecting democracy from the feudal lords or the industrial lords is like expecting a baby from a transgender. It is as simple as that. A democrat is not born of a palace, it is born of a hut. That too, if the hut doesn’t have a domineering father or mother. Where is the democracy in our society? In our homes? In our schools? In our colleges? In our business and industrial enterprises? How on earth can we expect a democrat growing up in a dictatorial environment!
Talking of the parliamentary form of government, the least said the better. The parliament in the third world countries, especially in nascent democracies, is the nursery where rich becomes richer, by hook or by crook. Pakistan is no exception.
Coming back to Pakistan Muslim League in whatever shape and shade it existed from time to time, it is the party of lords whether it is Chaudhries or Sharifs at the helm of affairs.
Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam) owned by the Chaudhries of Gujrat is the breakaway faction of the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Sharif). Both the factions were earlier part of Pakistan Muslim League (Junejo). Each faction of the party has generally remained associated with its founder or sponsor and virtually owned and run by him.
PML(Q) suffered heavily in the 2013 elections because it refused to change. It refrained from changing the party leadership and letting it go outside the Shujaat-Pervez family alliance.
PML(N) benefitted by the losses of PML(Q) and took away the lost PML(N) from the clutches of the Chaudhries.
Now is the testing time for PML(N). Will it be a party of Mian Nawaz Sharif or a party of Muslim leaguers? Will it learn from the experience of the Chaudhries and let the leadership go outside the Sharifs? Or will it let the party be ruptured from within.
Honestly speaking, the PML(N) is already bleeding. Mian Nawaz Sharif has been unable to complete the federal cabinet and Mian Shahbaz Sharif has been unable to complete the Punjab cabinet, two stunning examples of the inner self of the party.
There has been no party conventions and no party elections in PML(N). All the posts are filled by nomination. All the party decisions are only talked about in the inner circle of the ‘most favoured men’ but Mian Nawaz Sharif can veto any decision without question. And those expressing their views in the inner circle have to be extra-cautious in the use of their limited vocabulary.
The inner circle reigns irrespective of their designations in the party. The chairman and the secretary general are practically non-entities. It is hazardous for anyone to climb the ladder and land in the inner circle.
The inner circle is well-guarded by its occupants. You find the same faces in the inner circle day in and day out. As usual, the weight of each occupant changes with the change of mood of the party head. There is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is one recent most example. It is now the Khawaja’s and Dar’s golden days.The right and the left hands are already occupied. So, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan will have to wait till one hand falls vacant. Quitting the party, though he threatened many a time, won’t be a good choice for him.
Wait for the next episode on the historic role of the Little Master in PML(N), In sha Allah, next week.
Mumtaz A. Piracha

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RIGGING TO SUSTAIN DEMOCRACY? by Brig (Retd) Samson Sharaf


by Samson Sharaf








The prevailing political chaos in Pakistan is complicated by conflicting narratives. Despite confusion the time for an idea has come. People discern right from wrong.


Democracy despite its inefficacy must continue in present format; eventually it would cleanse itself. Establishment/ foreign agencies have hatched a London Plan. The narrative with minor adjustments is also used by parliamentary opposition and the pseudo liberals. Hidden behind this theory are billions of ill-gotten dollars and business empires raised out of nowhere to manifest ambitions of political upstarts and creations of opportunity. Nawaz Sharif’s sojourn in Saudi Arabia gives weightage to his religious credentials. He dislikes the army for putting a spanner in his Jihadist designs. A cartoon best sums up this fallacy with the caption that the Army instead of tanks now uses animals inscribed with ‘Go Nawaz Go’ for regime change.


Pakistan is a state with perpetual crises. The military and intelligence agencies are rouge. Without civilian supremacy and clipping of armed forces, Pakistan will remain a threat to neighbours. Ultimately Pakistan’s nuclear weapons will fall into hands of terrorists. Proponents of this theory ignore that for the past six months, Pakistan’s armed forces are fighting the most effective war against terrorism that overshadows the entire duration of ISAF-NATO operations in Afghanistan. The war lacks civil support that would rather sleep with the enemy.


Pakistan’s democratic progress is hostage to powerful corrupt and dishonest elites. Over past six decades, they have subverted Jinnah’s social contract with the people. It is time that Pakistanis become true stake holders in the system through transparency. This is the Azadi (freedom) and Inqilab (revolution). Critics maintain that Imran Khan and Dr Qadri are pawns being used to advance an agenda of establishment and foreign powers. As a corollary, another narrative describes the Azadi/Inqilab movement as precursor to anarchy, balkanisation and nuclear disarmament. The biggest merchant of horse trading and bribing General (Retired) Mirza Aslam Beg of Mehran Bank Scandal relishes the limelight to emerge from obscurity as the leader of this notion to help goons he financed and groomed.


The print and electronic media initially took a realistic and objective view of the situation. But as time passed, most media houses and anchors took to grilling their panels with some facts, half-truths and falsifications. These discussions sans framework went berserk. If this wild spin is to be believed, then corruption for the sake of giving democracy a chance and civilian supremacy is condonable. Pakistan’s staged encounters killing innocents are a necessary ends means relationship. Imran Khan and Dr Qadri are terrorists and foreign agents who must be tried for high treason.

Pakistan’s commentators and intellectuals are confused. Some have an elastic conscience or harbour personal grudges. Far and few see the entire crises as violation of fundamental human rights and international agreements. Despite accepting rigging as fait accompli, they are unnerving in their expediency to support the status quo.


Most human right organisations are biased. The curious silence over state sponsored massacre in Model Town Lahore, excessive use of chemical agents in Islamabad, use of ball ammunition against unarmed protestors, illegal custodies and deaths spell duplicity. Silence means criminal neutrality. Asma Jehanghir, the recent recipient of Alternative Noble Prize is full of hate and venom against this movement. She would rather single out presence of women and children at dharnas (human shields) than challenge death of innocents. Since these protests are premised on the fundamental rights of individuals and sanctity of the ballot, one expected an objective approach. Being a lawyer an ex-president of the Bar, one expected her to vociferously criticise aberrations in the constitution created by Chaudary Courts that led to rigged elections.


Perhaps the most despicable are the inactive left and armchair reformists. Their space as advocates of civic conscience has quickly been usurped by the Azadi/Inqilab slogan. These pseudo leftist and liberals insist to demean both leaders at every forum.


Daily speeches on the containers talk of the relationship of the people with the state as enshrined in the first three parts of the constitution of Pakistan. They create awareness on social issues mentioning women, labourers, tenants, haris, farmers, students, teachers, low income groups, human resource development, exploitative capitalism, corruption, jobbery, nepotism and injustice. Their oratory flows out of the speeches made by Qaid e Azam Muhamad Ali Jinnah, Islamic history and international charters. Some commentators have laureled them as rightists with a leftist agenda. But Imran Khan is neither left nor right. He is actually re-focussing the centrality of Pakistan’s politics. As the movement gains momentum, it is a foregone conclusion that most trade unions, labour unions and small socialist parties would form tributaries to the sea resigning the intellectuals to armchairs.


Lieutenant General Khalid Rabbani’s (the chief counter terrorism commander) talk at National Defence University brings clarity to the confusion and narratives. He stressed on the need to extending operations to the mainland. He hinted that political issues were impeding action against terror groups in Punjab and Balochistan. These operations were delayed for three years due to indecision. Belatedly undertaken, urban operations are limited due to lack of civilian capacity and will. This is an issue repeatedly written by the scribe and also voiced by Ex-Prime Minister Gilani and Major General (R) Athar Abbas. The revelation by a serving general by implication singles out General (R) Kayani and the present government for the strategic impasse. Link this apprehension to the recent statement of Chaudary Shujaat Hussain. A complicity to sustain an agreement reached between foreign powers, PML-N, PPP with the then COAS as guarantor emerges. Three successive tenures is the bottom line.


Post-Election Review Report on General Elections 2013, released by Election Commission of Pakistan could not dilute the overpowering role of Returning Officers in making the elections questionable. Limited admissions by ECP in its review are made with the twin purpose of exoneration and hope to hide larger facts. Shall we therefore conclude that Elections 2013 were rigged beyond reasonable doubt but why?  


Instability of Pakistan is an important plank for international actors to keep Pakistan pliant. Given a road of healthy democracy and socio-economic development, Pakistan would emerge too independent to be tamed. Thus the electoral logjam must be maintained. Who is right and who is wrong is for readers to judge.  


Brigadier (Retired) Samson Simon Sharaf is a political economist and a television anchorperson. Email and twittersamson.sharaf@gmail.com

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