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Capital Talk and Zaid Hamid: GEOs Stealth Policy of Pakistan ISI & Armed Forces Bashing

 Dear Pakistanis at home and abroad, please send a copy of this article to Indophile Jang Group and Hamid Mir, the Voice of India in Pakistan at the e-mail addresses given below.

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Bashing Zaid Hamid by GEO & Hamid Mir Or Shooting the Messenger

 Yesterday in the Capital talk it was most unusual that  you discussed a person Mr Zaid Hamid instead of discussing a subject
 or a topic afflicting our nation now days. I wish I could type in
 Urdu to be able to express myself in a better way especially when I
 Know that English is not one of your strong points. However that
 you reacted to Mr Zaids previous talk shows reflects that there is
 something that really worries you and your owners – now well known to
 be the Indians.
 You are always lambasting Army and the ISI – never the RAW or India.
 Ur TV channel was the first one to discover the ghost story of Ajmal
 Kasab and Farid kot. It was but the lonely Zaid who had pointed
 out the loopholes of the claimed indian story and confirmed that Kasab
 was a Hindu. U are a Punjabi Kashmiri. In your Mohalla are the
 butchers called with the alias of “Kasai” or “Kasab”? Further the
 manner the operation was carried out was the most idiotic which no
 commando would ever so do and is never done the manner it was claimed.
 The initial report of finding two rubber boats in the channel ( and
 which was quickly back tracked) was a small part of a forty five years
 old plan, now wasted out, which must have been with the Indians
 intelligence and in a haste that was thrown in.
 I was ever more surprised to hear Saleem Safi who I always considered
 to be a balanced reporter and anaylist, he was also apparently blown
 in with the winds.
 Now read below and look into yourself who are you? Are u serving the
 interests of ur Mother land or her enemies. You should thank Allah who
 made you some one important from a small time reporter later propped
 up by Mark Telly.
 “The proverbial cat is out of the bag and Pakistan’s populist Supreme Court
 has announced its decision on the *Report of Media Commission*. As
 expected, the court in its ruling made public on its website has chosen not
 to touch the sensitive parts of the report. The most sensitive is *dubious
 interest of foreigners in Pakistan’s electronic media*.****
 There are two most sensitive issues mentioned in the report:****
 – Media watchdog, PEMRA informed the commission a couple of media houses
 are reported to have received large grants in the form of advertising
 contracts from overseas sources. It is said that one such grant is *20
 million British pounds.* Any attempt by PEMRA to probe such matters
 immediately leads to claims that there is an attempt to curb freedom of the
 media and there is always the recourse to obtaining a stay order if an
 inquiry is held. Most of the funds are channeled through the cover of
 a *Norwegian
 nongovernmental organization* named *“Friends without Borders”* but it was
 found the footprints of this funding lead to *Indian sponsors* including
 the Indian state television, the *Doordarshan* .

Who is Keith Rupert Murdoch

< http://www.allvoice s.com/people/ rupert_murdoch and
 why the Indians send their money to one Pakistani channel? If the influence
 of Murdoch and Indians was not checked in Pakistan, then PEMRA was in
 breach of trust and an accomplice in the crime of allowing foreigners
 making inroads into Pakistani airwaves through their money.****
 Keith Rupert Murdoch is an Australian American media mogul. In July 2011,
 he faced allegations that his companies, including the News of the
 World<https://en.wikipedi a.org/wiki/ News_of_the_ World,
 owned by News Corporation, had been regularly hacking the phones of
 celebrities, royalty and public citizens. He faces police and government
 investigations into bribery and corruption by the British government
 and FBI<https://en.wikipedi a.org/wiki/ Federal_Bureau_ of_Investigation
 investigations  in the US. On July 21, 2012, Murdoch resigned as a director of News
 International. ****
 The allegation of PEMRA that one channel (GeoTV) received huge amounts in
 the name of sponsorship is most disturbing. That the amounts were actually
 sent by Indians should have rung alarm bells in the courtroom and media
 watchdog taken to task but the Supreme Court did not utter a single word in
 its order. The Supreme Court could do was to order an investigation. But
 this very serious breach of trust on the part of PEMRA escaped the
 attention of the court which strengthens the perception that the said
 channel is enjoying strong influence in the courtroom.** **
 What are the services that Geo is delivering for India? Numerous.

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Indian Content and ISI Bashing

 showing excessive Indian contents to bashing Pakistan’s ISI and armed
 forces for anything happening anywhere in the world. This was the first
 channel which blamed in unison with Indian media that Mumbai Attacks in
 November 2008 were perpetrated by ISI. Not only that, it helped Indian
 establishment’ s line that Pakistanis were involved in the attacks when it
 prepared a package and informed the world that Ajmal Kassab belonged to a
 Pakistani town Faridkot. Now when this line of propaganda has been
 questioned in India with Indian security officials blaming their own
 government, the cover of this channel has been blown off.

Indian Propaganda and Pakistan Armed Forces Bashing by GEO

 Why this channel bashes ISI and armed forces? Because ISI and armed forces
 must be weakened at the point in time when they are fighting India’s
 proxies in FATA, Balochistan and even in Karachi. This is something enemy
 does to pressurize the security establishment of the rivals and break their
 resolve to fight. The Pakistani channel is doing exactly the same and
 earning millions of dollars of Indian money it has received. The security
 establishment should realize that even this channel is an Indian proxy and
 needs to be fought. The Supreme Court owes its popularity to this channel
 and may not take any action or utter any word to displease it.


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