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Farhat Taj Andersen: A Murtad Female, Married to a Norwegian Christian, Unleashes Anti-Pakistan Propaganda from Norway

A Fast and Cheap way to get popularity in the Western Press,Media, Intellectual and literati Circles is to bash Islam, its Prophet(PBUH), or Pakistan, the most Powerful Nuclear Armed Islamic Democracy. There are many opportunists from Pakistan lurking in the shadows in dark corners of Europe like Norway, a country which stays almost in semi-permanent twilight. It hides such denizens as Farhat Taj Andersen.

Who is Farhat Taj any way ?

Here is who she is 

Her full name is Farhat Taj Andersen , she converted to Christianity and moved to Oslo from where she conducts treachery against Pakistan.

Her surname is Andersen , which she doesn’t usually write.
Here is info from her profile page , he email address also has Andersen in it

Farhat Taj 
Position: PhD Research Fellow, STK
Telephone: 228 58857 228 58857 
E-mail: f.t.andersen(at)stk.uio.no

Researcher Farhat Taj 

MPhil in Gender and Development

Professional Bakground:
Research Fellow, University of Bergen, Norway
Civil Servant in Pakistan (1999 to 2002)
Contributing Write-ups to national daily newspapers of Pakistan
Authoring Fact-Finding reports in cases of violence against women for Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, a human rights NGO in Pakistan 

Farhat Taj Andersen – Internasjonal Reporter

Interesting to note that this traitor was a Civil Servent in Pakistan from 1999 to 2002, then went off to Oslo , converted to Christainity and married some gora and now writes rubbish against Pakistan. 

Here are some of Her Venomous Articles in Global Press:

  2. Taliban are Pakistan Army proxies, not Pashtun nationalists – by 



    Taliban are Pakistan Army proxies, not Pashtun nationalists – by Farhat Taj. posted by Jehangir Hafsi | October 10, 2012 | In Newspaper Articles. Taliban are  

  3. Talks with Taliban always proved disastrous: Farhat Taj



    Mar 15, 2013 – Author of Taliban and Anti-Taliban, Dr Farhat Taj frequently writes on The Taliban in connivance with the Pakistan army, have perpetrated 

  4. Opinion: Taliban are Pak Army proxies, not Pashtun nationalists – II 



    Apr 5, 2012 – Opinion By Farhat Taj  Secondly, Pakistani army, deeply concerned about its military imbalance vis-a-vis India, does not want a pro-India 

  5. Pakistan: in defence of drones | Pakistan: Now or Never? – Reuters



    Jan 9, 2010 – “This myth was recently exploded by Farhat Taj in her article ‘Drone the Pakistan Army’s attacks, which always result in collateral damage.

  6. Farhat Taj: ‘Taliban are Pak Army proxies, not Pashtun 


    Apr 6, 2012 – 3 posts – 2 authors

    Respect to Farhat Taj for consistently demolishing false and parochial Pakistaninarratives and for her tireless efforts to tell the Pashtun side of.

  7. All stories / articles Farhat Taj – The News International



    Sunday, September 27, 2009. Farhat Taj I was in Pakistan in August and had the opportunity to meet the leaders of the anti-Taliban lashkar (volunteer army) of 

  8. analysis: Dangerous abyss of perceptions —Farhat Taj – Daily Times



    Jan 30, 2010 – analysis: Dangerous abyss of perceptions —Farhat Taj. The Pakistan Army is engaged in ‘friendly fire’ with the jihadi gangs in which the 

  9. analysis: Drone attacks: challenging some fabrications —Farhat Taj



    Jan 2, 2010 – analysis: Drone attacks: challenging some fabrications —Farhat Taj The purpose of today’s column is, one, to challenge the Pakistani and US  drone attacks when they compare it with the Pakistan Army’s attacks, which 

  10. ANALYSIS: Army’s ‘peace’ lashkar —Farhat Taj | Facebook



    ANALYSIS: Army’s ‘peace’ lashkar —Farhat Taj. by Idrees Kamal (Notes) on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 7:11am. It is true that wars cannot be won by armies 


Source: http://www.defence.pk/forums/social-issues-current-events/101312-farhat-taj-who-exactly-she.html#ixzz2XqGPoUQx

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