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Robbers Versus Rangers
















Robbers Versus Rangers



Irfan Hussain


THE recent exchange of artillery salvos between Islamabad and Karachi over the Rangers’ operation in Sindh exposes the tension between the federal and provincial governments.

As the PPP government in Sindh continued to drag its feet over renewing its approval of the operation, Chaudhry Nisar, the abrasive interior minister, upped the ante by hinting at governor’s rule in the province. While clearly a setback for democracy, such an extreme step would not be unwelcome among large segments of the population.

When the MQM was the focus of attention from the Rangers with its headquarters being raided, its senior members being arrested, and its activists — many of them alleged killers — being hounded, the PPP was a silent witness. But when its own Aman Committee thugs were targeted, and its bagmen locked up, there were loud squeals of anguish.





Insisting that investigation of corruption by provincial bigwigs was outside the remit granted the Rangers, the PPP cited constitutional provisions about the rights of the provinces. Clearly, the party feels that its leaders should be allowed to suck the province dry without let or hindrance from the centre.

The irony here is that some of those in Islamabad pressing for tough action against violence and corruption in Sindh have apparently not been above helping themselves to the national exchequer. And for months, the PML-N leadership delayed action against the Taliban. Even today, some of its members are on the same wavelength as the jihadis.

But while this may be a case of the pot calling the kettle black, any improvement in security in Sindh — and especially in Karachi — is to be welcomed. Although the leadership of both the MQM and the PPP have reason to oppose the intrusion of the federal government in their fiefdoms, most people have welcomed it. Demonstrations in favour of the operation being conducted by the Rangers across the province are testimony to its popularity. Even though there are rumours that some of these protests were instigated by the Rangers, everybody I have talked to in Karachi and in rural Sindh supports the operation.

The truth is that things had got so bad in the province that millions were desperate for protection, no matter where it came from. A battalion of horned demons would be applauded if they could make Karachi’s mean streets safe again. The Rangers, not subject to the same political interference that had hobbled the police, have smashed several criminal syndicates that enjoyed protection from party leaders who shared in the spoils.

There have been several reported incidents where the Rangers have misused their powers. But by and large, their crackdown has been effective and focused. Probably the most controversial step they have taken is the arrest and detention of Dr Asim Hussain, allegedly Asif Zardari’s frontman and close buddy.

After the 90-day remand period, he was handed over to the police who have recommended his release as, according to them, there is no proof linking him to any terrorist activity. The Rangers are moving the Sindh High Court to block his discharge as they claim the police have destroyed the relevant evidence.

This extraordinary case between two state agencies again underlines the friction between the federal and provincial governments. Obviously, the police reports to the provincial administration that has every interest in getting Dr Hussain freed. The Rangers, on the other hand, want him tried for allegedly giving terrorists sanctuary in his hospital.

This newspaper has argued in a recent editorial that the Sindh government has every right to seek the assembly’s approval for an extension. Of course it does. But such an exercise in democratic procedure should not have been allowed to turn into the farce that it became. Now, with a diluted approval, it remains to be seen how effective the Rangers will be, and how much acrimony it will generate between the centre and the provincial government.

The reality is that the provincial assembly is seldom used to discuss and debate the abysmal state of law and order, health, education and the infrastructure. Both the PPP and the MQM use the assembly to squabble over irrelevant issues. Issues vital to Sindh’s beleaguered population are seldom aired, let alone resolved.

An online survey conducted by this newspaper found that 84pc of the 4,000 or so respondents polled support the operation. Being online, it is not really representative of Pakistan. But the handful of politicians opposing it benefit from the lawlessness they preside over, and resent any interference in their misrule and corruption.

If anything, the recent local bodies elections showed how the PPP used its muscle to bully the opposition into abandoning the field. The unopposed victory of many of its candidates is testimony not of its popularity, but its undemocratic practices. For this party now to claim the democratic high ground to oppose the Rangers is pure hypocrisy.

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Published in Dawn, December 19th, 2015

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The Military Bashing

Waheed has pointed out the current state of Army Bashing so popular and in vogue with our politicians and the Parliament these days but has not included the effects of this bashing on the morale and psychological state of mind of all soldiers. Include in this the current glee our Anchors and politicians are having at Musharraf’s trial. It is not just for the hatred of Musharraf but it is also for humiliation of an Army Chief. What then is the remedy.? The Army leadership has to think hard and ensure that this great institution of which we are all rightly so proud and which has come to the rescue of the Nation in all calamities and against all dangers is not destroyed. Not by our known enemies but at the hands of those it has helped in coming to power through providing a favorable environment for democracy. Is this the revenge of democracy which the politicians talked about. Despair in the face of continuous attacks and unjustified blame game is a dangerous state.


The Military Bashing


Waheed Hamid






The Pakistan Army enjoys a unique position of love and trust which it has acquired from the people of Pakistan. The Army is looked upon as part of the solution to all problems, a panacea, an “AmritDhara” as most of its ranks from a soldier to a general belong to the class which has its roots in the public. Today we find a definite effort to make it look as part of all problems.


The international media then local media, a few politicians and now unfortunately government officials have joined the chorus. Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan while talking to a private channel said, Gen. Ashfaque Pervez Kayani has kept himself away from politics but people like Gen. Pasha still exist in the army which need to be purged.


While speaking on Balochistan he criticized the law enforcers more than condemning the terrorist.


On the Karachi situation his comments again focused on the army and he did show his reservations on the public appealing to the Army Chief for peace in Karachi and called it an insult to the Parliament.


The virus of Army bashing has spread deep and wide. 150.000 officers and men have been fighting the enemies of state in Swat, Bajaur, South Waziristan and North Waziristan for the last so many years. Over 5000 soldiers have been martyred and 20.000 injured. How many word of sympathy from political leaders, government functionaries or media, not a single visit by President, the Commander-in-Chief, the Prime Minister, any other minister, senator or MNA, negligible condolence meetings. No good wishes or moral support for soldiers and officers or their bereaved families.


Army knows that it draws moral sustenance from civil society and other pillars. Despite all this army keeps receiving a wave of criticism even from local players which remains far from truth but it dares to remain silent.

The Army has to accept a partial blame of getting into such a position . Indifference of the Army has been palpable and conspicuous . It never took cognizance of the changing mode of the civil society and the government. It has never tried to educate the civil society or challenge the recalcitrant and tormentors, cultivate the media or access the establishment, politicians and other stake holders. The simplistic view of only guarding the frontiers and not watching the psychological aspect of warfare hitting the local is a negligence for which it is paying.


However it remains a question that who had to guard their soldiers against such propaganda and is it not asking too much from army to accord physical as well as psychological protection.


We find few a Pakistanis playing with the enemies to make us believe that the Army is a financial drag on national economy. It consumes largest chunk of budget at the cost of health, education, infrastructure and civic amenities for the public.


Dr Farrukh in his article “Military”holds the figure to prove that major portions are eaten by debt servicing, subsidy to public sector enterprises and Public Sector Development Programmes. He neglected to mention massive leakage through corruption, inefficiency and incompetence. The three services all together is consuming only 17 percent of all government expenditure, and only 2.5 percent of GDP brought down from 3.6 percent over a decade.


According to Dr Farrukh, more than fifty countries are spending greater Coalition Support Fund, while the fact is that Army has received less than two billion Dollars out of ten billion Dollars released by US Government.


Mubashar Luqman in his program proves India is Pakistan centric through the deployments of Indian army and yet few Pakistanis are made to criticize Army being India centric. The ratio of defence budget between India and Pak was 1-3 ratio but now this ratio has become 1-6. The reason is that budget was reduced to 18 percent and if we keep doing this under the misperception of the ones who keep working on personal business interests at cost of national interests will we not compromise on our defence.


A part of society , bureaucrats, politicians and so called intelligentsia grudge Army’s indulgence in commercial activities.


Facts are twisted, lies fed to the public that commercial enterprises of Army are subsidized by state, that Army is exempted from paying duties and taxes, that such indulgence adversely affects operational readiness.


Army has never tried to defend itself or educate the public. Defense Housing Authorities and Askari Housing Schemes are maligned to no limit. Housing authorities are blamed for acquiring State land at throw away prices. The land for these schemes are purchased from open market Housing Schemes provide decent living to retired officers and men. The management skills of these society with clean and fraud less environment tend to raise the prices of plots through open market system. Each army person pays for his plot and its development charges . Army Housing Schemes and Defense Housing Authorities are criticized, yet most dream of living in the areas, because of its clean ambiance, safety and security, civic amenities.


Few know that Army’s indulgence in commercial activities is motivated by the urge of providing welfare to retired-personnel who retire at an early age of 40-45 years. It does not affect preparedness for war. Officers and men on active duty are not posted to these concerns.


“Great nations know that value of a school teacher is more than a general in peace time and in war a Sepoy assumes priority over vice chancellor of university therefore they invest in both to uphold sovereignty and integrity of the nation”.


To our unfortunate luck we fail to condemn those who are destroying our schools and are ensuring a dark future of the coming generation.


However, we keep falling prey to foreign propaganda in criticizing the ones who are fighting and sacrificing their today for our tomorrow not realizing their job is different. To move towards the bullet when it leaves the enemy’s barrel.





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