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Naval Feet of 36 Nations Begin Naval Exercise “AMAN 2017” By Pakistan Army Channel



KARACHI: Naval platforms of nine participating countries arrived here Thursday to participate in Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN 2017 organized by Pakistan Navy.

The exercise will be held from February 10-14.

Over 36 countries are participating in the exercise, which will help in enhancing interoperability with regional and extra-regional navies thereby acting as a bridge between the regions.

It will also project a positive image of Pakistan as a country contributing towards regional peace and stability, said a press released here Thursday.

Being held since 2007, AMAN 17 is 5the edition of this series of Multinational Exercises.

Upon arrival, the visiting ships were given a warm welcome by Senior Pakistan Navy Officials while catchy tunes of National Songs played by PN Band. Officials of the consulates of the respective countries also present in the reception.

Participation details; of different countries are as follows:

1. USA Navy has participated in AMAN 09, AMAN 11 with naval assets and Special Operation Forces during AMAN 07. This year, USA Navy is participating with 04 Naval ships namely USS AMELIA EARHART, USCGS MAUI, USCGSAQUIDNEK and USS TYPHOON.

2. Chinese (PLA) Navy has been an active participant in all AMAN exercises. It has participated in AMAN 07, AMAN 11 and AMAN 13 with naval assets whereas in AMAN 09 it participated with Special Operation Forces team. In AMAN 17, Chinese Navy is participating with 03 ships namely HARBIN DDG 112, HANDAN FFG 575 and DONGPHINGU AO 960 with Senior Capt. Bai Yaoping it’s Mission Commander.

3. Russian Navy is participating in this series of exercises for the very first time with 03 ships namely SEVEROMORSK, ALTAY Tugboat, and DUBNA tanker. Its Special Operations, Forces are also part of this exercise. The Russian contingent’s mission commander is Capt. Stanislav R VARIK.

4. Japanese Navy is participating for the 4th time in this series of exercises with their 02 P3C Orian aircraft led by Commander Daigo Tsubokura.

5. Australian Navy is also participating for the 4th time in this exercise with naval assets.

This year .its ship HMAS ARUNTA is arriving to participate in the exercise led by Commander Cameron Steil, Ran.

6. Indonesian Navy is participating in this series of exercises for the 2nd time. It has earlier participated in AMAN 09. Indonesian Navy ship KRI SULTAN ISKANDARMUDA is led by Commander Rio Henry Muko Yumm as its Mission Commander.

7. Turkish Navy has participated in previous exercises with their Special Operation Forces teams. Turkish Navy is taking part in the exercise for the first time with Ships. Turkish ship TCG GELIBOLU is commanded by Commander Ali Tuna Baysal.

8. Sri Lankan Navy is participating for the 2nd time with its assets. Earlier, they have participated in AMAN 13. Sri Lankan Navy Ship SLS SAMUDRA is commanded by Capt. JP Premaratne.

9. Royal British Navy has participated previously in AMAN 07, AMAN 09 and AMAN 13.This is their 4th participation in this series of exercises. HMS DARING will join the exercise this year commanded by Commander M J C Hember Mam. The Mission Commander from Royal British Navy is AVM Ed Stringer.

During this exercise, participating units will rehearse various naval operations to enhance interoperability. The aim of this multinational ship’s exercise is to display united resolve against terrorism and crimes in the maritime domain.

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Pakistan needs more F-22Ps, not Type 054A

Pakistan needs more F-22Ps, not Type 054A

The first F22P frigate visited Malaysia in August 2009

Kuala Lumpur, KLS: Pakistan’s Navy is looking at expanding its F22P frigate fleet, either construct the exactly same F22P or improved variant of F22P.

Chief of Naval Staff of Pakistan, Admiral Noman Bashir told KLS that because of geographical factor, Pakistan needs more ships to cover the vast area.

“We need to expand F22P, whether we do exactly the same as F22P or we make some upgrade, make it even better. Because of the technology is changing every year, in order to keep it up to date, you have to keep upgrading what you have.”

Pakistan ordered four F22P frigates from China in 2005, the first three ships will be built in China while the last in Pakistan. The first F22P was delivered to Pakistan in mid 2009.

Apart from that, there are reports saying that procuring Chinese Type 054A Frigate is part of Pakistan Navy’s expansion program. Type 054A is a 4000+ ton missile frigate, installed with vertical launch missile launchers and advanced radar and fire control systems.

F22P frigate is an improved version of Chinese Type 053H3 frigate, its full load displacement is 3000+ton but without any vertical launch system.

“Type 054A is a bigger ship than F22P, but we may not acquire 054, but we need to upgrade F22P, to become closer to 054,” Admiral Noman Bashir said.

Type 054A XuZhou is installed with 32 cells vertical launcher system. XuZhou called on Port Klang in Dec 2009.

He commented that Type 054A is a very successful ship for PLA Navy.

He said F22P can be modified to become closer to Type 054A, but not exactly like that. Pakistan Navy is discussing with Chinese counterparts about its future frigate upgrading program.

He added for the time being, Pakistan Navy is engaging with F22P program, only once they have finished it then goes to second.

“The fourth F22P will take about a year for construction, then we will talk about that.”

He not ruled out the possibility of naming the next generation frigate as F23P.

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