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Mustafa Kamal tears apart MQM chief, forms new political party

KARACHI: Launching a scathing attack on Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain and his ‘evil’ policies, Syed Mustafa Kamal, former Karachi mayor and ex-MQM leader, has announced to form a new political party aimed at mustering support of all patriotic forces to work for the country.

Addressing a crowded press conference in Karachi, Kamal said, “We [party workers] took enmities for Altaf Hussain, but Mr. Hussain doesn’t care about a single worker or any Urdu-speaking person.”

Flanked alongside senior former party leader Anis Qaimkhani, he said MQM stayed in power despite worst performance from 2008 to 2013 just because of party’s organizational structure and modus operandi.

He said MQM joined the government on directions of Mr. Altaf Hussain in 2008-13. During those five years, we left the government and rejoined it for four times.

In 2013 elections, the Urdu-speaking people of Karachi gave 7 to 8 lakh votes to PTI. He said it was in 30 years that people gave votes to any other party.

Regarding his party, he said we wanted devolvement of powers to the provinces. He said the current local government structure is a total fraud. “I am talking about a real devolved local government system. Every developed country has a proper LG system, but we have none.”

Regarding his surprising arrival to Karachi, he said: “We came here on our own, rented a house through a friend to address press conference. There is no one behind us.”

Backing of ‘establishment’

Responding to a query by journalists, Kamal said what kind of establishment it is that could not let other leaders sit alongside us. “We are just two people here.”

Anis Qaimkhani said he has come to Pakistan to face cases.

“I will not run away and face all cases legally.” Only two people could have been such bold in speaking this truth, he said while referring to himself and Kamal.

‘One man show in MQM’

“In MQM, only one person rules the roost,” said Kamal.

“Why should we sacrifice?.. Is it only for making properties for Altaf Hussain in US, Canada and London out of Fitra collection, land grabbing and hides collection.”

“I am telling all these facts to make people and workers mend their ways,” said Kamal.

“People like me assumed that MQM would come to sanity and focus on serving people after people voted PTI a heavy mandate. But instead of mending their own ways, MQM chief Altaf Hussain vented his anger on PTI women who gathered to protest election rigging on Clifton’s Do Talwaar area.”

He claimed that directions came from the MQM chief to gag protest by women and children of PTI in Karachi. He added the workers opposed the instructions.

Kamal said people sacrificed their lives for Altaf Hussain, but their sacrifices were never acknowledged. “What is the agenda… what have you gotten?”

MQM chief made Saulat Mirza, Ajmal Pahari a… by arynews

‘RAW agents’

“We were a cultured community, but now we are labelled as RAW agents.” He added: I know Altaf’s workers of Indian set-up, South African set-up are working, and I was literally terrified by the impending outcome.

He said Altaf Hussain never accepted his mistakes, nor he would. In reaction of refusal by the workers, MQM head on May 19, 2013 let workers to smash Rabita Committee members.

He said Rabita Committee now gets abused in minutes and seconds [by the party workers]. We often tried, he said, to portray Altaf Hussain like a God before the public.

Kamal alleged that the party chief often came to address workers when he was intoxicated.

He said Karachi’s situations never deteriorated in a day – it took a long time just because of bad policies of the party.

The MQM chief brought goons on Nine Zero to abuse senior party leaders against massive votes gained by the PTI.

“It’s around after three years parting ways with the MQM that we are interacting with media.”

He said he was a Senator in 2013 when he left MQM. We neither had any petrol pump, wedding hall or a piece of land.”

He said it’s been a history of MQM that only a person who is kicked out leaves the party.

In 2013 elections, JUI, PML-Q, ANP were all wiped out from Karachi except MQM.’

“Why have we returned to Pakistan?” explains Kamal

Just 24 hours ago, me and Anis Bhai were spending a luxurious life with our families. Allah has been so kind to us.

He said everyone knew the MQM links with Indian spy agency RAW.

“Regarding Imran Farooq murder case, the Scotland Yard grilled all MQM officials concerned”. He said Altaf was interviewed by the police for three consecutive days.

He said MQM leaders were asked to come in London by the party chief. Tariq Mir and Muhammad Anwar briefed the leaders on Scotland Yard investigation. Rehman Malik was also present in the meeting, he added.

He said today Altaf Hussain is insisting that he is a patriotic leader of Pakistan. But a local party worker doesn’t know the reality.

‘Altaf Hussain, despite “gobbling up” two generations of supporters, should be brave enough to tell people the truth.’

He said Pakistani establishment is now conceiving every citizen as a RAW agent. “We have returned just to press Altaf Hussain to speak truth to people.”

“The Almighty Allah will ask every one in the hereafter about your deeds.” I have made these remarks to convince my God and repent whatever I did, he said. “We have succeeded today.”

Kamal underlined that, “We could have gathered people to rebel against the party chief. But it’s not our aim.”

He said several die-hard party workers were arrested by the Rangers during raid on March 11, 2015.

MQM chief slammed for disowning workers

Kamal asked, “Was Saulat Mirza a born criminal?”

He said who forced Mirza to murder former MD KESC Shahid Hamid. He questioned who made Ajmal Pahari a criminal.

Has any moment Altaf Hussain thought about the future of boys who sacrificed their lives for the party. All these, he said, young boys were made criminals after joining the party.

The former mayor asked why MQM workers laid their lives for party chief. He appealed civil society, establishment and anchorpersons not to hate Urdu-speaking people just because of actions of a few individuals.

Former mayor shares his future plan

The former mayor of Karachi said: We [Anis Qaimkhani and me] are now forming an organisation, which has no name right now.

Mustafa Kamal announces to form new party by arynews
He showed a flag of Pakistan and said “it’s a flag of my organisation/party”. He explained that he didn’t want to stain Pakistan flag by adding more colours to the national flag for sake of a political party.



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