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Blunders & Goof-Ups of Nawaz Sharif in his THIRD tenure so far (2013 – 2015)












Blunders  of Nawaz Sharif in his THIRD tenure so far (2013 – 2015)

This is Nawaz Shareef’s third tenure as a Prime Minister of Pakistan and look like he has gained very little in respect to the political maturity, international affairs awareness and leadership vision. In this short blogs i will try to highlight few of his biggest blunders according to my opinion and will try to explain what he did wrong.

Change of Route of Pak-China Economic Corridor

Pak-China Economic Corridor is one of the most forward looking economic project of Nawaz Shareef’s current tenure. In a sense i feel its the need of the hour not only for economy of Pakistan but its security stability and unity. Road not only bring traffic but also economic activity, prosperity to the land and also reduce hatred and terrorism. According to the original plan the economic corridor was suppose to go through Balochistan and KPK into the china. Currently all Pakistan’s infrastructure is present on the eastern side and this economic corridor will provide much needed infrastructure development on the western side. Western side is also the side troubled with terrorism and sense of depravity and this development will increase the harmony and reduce the terrorism.

But recently PML-N decided to change the route and take it through Lahore. Lahore already is over populous and full of infrastructure and this would have created more chaos and congestion to the over crowded city.

Then the mistake over the mistake was the statement they give for the change of route that the security was lacking. There are two problems with this statement. Is PML-N not in government? do they not plan to improve the security? and secondly are the not giving the message that only Punjab is safe.? so are they acknowledging that their government has failed in improving security and have no plan to improve the security.

Thirdly this project is multi billion rather trillion ruppee project once the road is finalized you cant just pick it up and take it somewhere else so one excuse should not over shadow other important gains like giving the strategic depth, development of the western side, improvement of the harmony among people by improving travelling. opening new routes. enabling the development of the under developed areas and so many more benefits.

Cyber Security Bill

Cyber Security Bill is also one of the high level blunder. This is one of the most ill concived bill in which freedom of speech is restricted and this will give rise to more anti-government sentiments. Social Media was one of the few places where government managed to get some support against the dharna politics of Imran Khan Now they are trying to block it and it will hurt them more in the future then gaining them anything in the present. Most form of the criticism is blocked according to this bill.

I am not against having some restrictions but according to the bill even making political cartoons is a crime. The other issue is the government has not given his view. If they have all these points in the bill for some specific reason then they should commnicate to the masses. But unfortunately tnawaz shareef lack of democratic views and keeping quiet s hurting more than serving him

Enactment of Military Courts 

This is one of the biggest blunder of internal politics. The PML-N enactment of military courts is a message that government is incapable and cannot fix the judicial system of the country. If we go by this logic then the government should not criticize dictatorship or dictators because they also believe that democratic system has not produced results for Pakistan and therefore dictators should be allowed to the govern Pakistan. There government says that democracy should be given time to strengthen then why not give time and direction and make effort to fix the judicial system of Pakistan also to make it more effective.?

Failure to understand Sindh

Although federal government is considered to be representative of all Pakistan and PML-N also waste no time in saying that it got votes and seats in all provinces o the Pakistan but its hidden thing that PML-N is highly disliked by people of Karachi in unanimity. Looking at various steps of the ruling party PML-N it come as no surprise.

Firstly they have highly incapable president of Sindh PML-N. A president of sindh PML-N can not win his own seat even a provincial seat. He has no backing plus he is notorious. Secondly the the mentality of Karachi voter is highly different then the thinking of Punjabi voter.

Secondly just before the election PML-N included candidates or made alliances with the parties who were notorious and with little support on the ground. After these parties lost they again split  from PML-N. So instead of giving exposure to some of their own capable candidate they relied on external unreliable support. Then PML-N Sindh has no voice and even when rarely they make a statement they make a stupid one.

Lack of Foreign Minister

May be in its effort to keep the government size manageable PML-N federal government tried to restrict the number of ministers. But not appointing a dedicated Foreign Minister PML-N just shows that either they are incapable of understanding foreign affairs. ? or they lack a good personality to handle foreign affairs or foreign affairs matters are not in their control. All three meanings shows a blunder and nothing else on PML-N part

They also have some of the worst ministers in IT. Even water and power minister have failed to end load shedding or give a clear vision.

Large delays in Appointing on Key Posts

Nawaz Shareef seems to be incapable of making a decision. Number of key bureaucratic and head of departments post which required agreement with opposition leader like chairman NAB takes a long long time in getting appointment. They get appointed in the end because of strict warnings from the Supreme Court Judges. When a person is incapable of simply appointing key positions with honest and well reputed people in timely fashion then it leaves a big question mark on his decision making skills.

Development of Lahore Karachi Motorway

I am always pro infrastructure projects. but there has to be limit to the amount of such projects especially if its destroying your most fertile land and giving no benefit at all. There are now number of links from Lahore to Multan so developing yet another road from Lahore to Multan for Lahore Karachi motorway is simply like cutting your limb. Pakistan already is facing heaving reduction in agricultural land. We just need to develop the missing roads between Lahore Karachi and should use the existing infrastructure as much as possible.

Yemen Affair:

Without having a dedicated foreign minister its no surprise that PML-N made number of blunders on Yemen Affair. Yemen affair has number of significance. Our trusted friend Saudi Arabia first time asked for help. Nawaz Shareef agreed to provide this help. Suddenly media started maligning campaign against this issue, openly accusing Nawaz Shareef under personal gains helping Saudi Arabia without realizing that our existence is largely thanks to Saudi Arabia help which have never shied from helping us in our time of trouble.

Blunder 1: Government gives no directives to media not malign our trusted friend. (When Musharraf sent NS to Saudi Arabia under the deal he directed media not malign Saudi Arabia in this affair)

Blunder 2: Under pressure from Media and probably Army, Nawaz shareef tried to back track from its commitment and for this calls a joint session. This joint session started talking foul about Saudi Arabia. It is Saudi that helped us when we were put under economic sanctions and its Saudia that has helped monetarily whenever we asked. The joint session speakers started speaking in favor of Iran who deliberately tried to roll back our nuclear program by informing about our help to Iran. Dr. Abdul Qadeer father of Pakistan nuclear capability is penalized because of Iran’s effort.

Nawaz Shareef should have called a meeting with the parliamentary leaders and should have given them directives not to use any foul languages against our trusted Saudi friends

Nawaz Shareef should atleast have told his own party members that they should not take a position against Saudi Arabia.

Blunder 3: Iran FM visited Pakistan and Saudi Arabia also announced to send its representative to Pakistan.. PM after meeting the Iranian FM passes resolution in the join session regarding Yemen conflict which sound n favor or Iranian point of view before even the meeting with the Saudi delegation is held. So a message is sent to our friend that dont come we have already accepted Iran point of view. A country which has number of times violated our sovereignty and killed our soldiers. What a stupid message to give our friend Saudi Arabia.

Blunder 4: When our friends gave a well deserved harsh response to our parliamentary resolution then our Interior Minister who is mostly missing and never found giving a statement on matters related to interior minister gave an even more damaging response. Come on cant the Prime Minister tell his minister to shut up instead of burning to ashes our friendship with the most loyal friends.

Blunder 5: When some section of media highlighted the contribution of Saudi Arabia after our nuclear blast, PML-N finance minister gave a statement in denial of those gifts and concessions and contribution. So now we showed to our friend that we are one undeserving and inconsiderate friend.

Just to wrap up. I feel that Nawaz Shareef is far from the leader the Pakistan needs at this time. His decision making leaves a lot to be desired. He lacks total understanding of foreign affairs. His political skills and political sense are very weak and incapable of developing further. This may turn out to be the bigger threat for PML-N then any other party including PTI

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Why Did Gen Raheel Sharif Say What He Did?

Why Did Gen Raheel Sharif Say What He Did?
Gen Raheel Sharif
A few days ago when Gen Raheel Sharif urged Nawaz Sharif to do his utmost to resolve  his differences with the marchers politically, as soon as possible,and to do so without resort to violence, what was his motivation in doing so?
And why did this result in whispers of suppressed rage among Nawaz Sharif”s most vocal ministers, and why did they feel the need to hint that  their democratic halos had been punctured by the the General’s suggestions?
The motivation of the one and the reaction of the other are not too difficult to guess.
Gen Raheel seemed to have a number of things on his mind for rendering the advice which he did. The most obvious of his reasons must be that his army is currently engaged in operations at one side, while signs were that the LOC and the eastern border was likely to erupt into action as well. In such a situation, no general would like to see a third front opened, pitching the army against its own people in the capital.
But there was more to it than this. The government had invoked Sec 245 and asked the army to stand guard at certain buildings in the capital. The General, any general for that matter, would not countenance the possibility of his troops being sucked into a fray with civilians with a chance that violence may have to be resorted to.
But Gen Raheel would also be more than conscious of a feeling of great resentment which his junior officers and troops harbour against this government–a feeling seldom spoken about  but generally very well known in the army. This feeling just did not materialize out of thin air, but was the result of the studied stupidity of this government which seems to have become a part of its DNA.– a run-wild hubris  which is difficult to escape.
This resentment started with TV channels’ unending castigation of Musharraf, which soon started being conflated with the army as a whole. These daily rounds of gratuitous pummeling by various government ministers on nearly all TV channels could not have been expected to endear this government to the junior ranks.  When Gen Raheel was confronted by such misgivings among junior officers while addressing the SSG, he sought to reassure them, as any general worth his salt would be expected to. The next day when the ISPR issued a gist of the General’s talk to the troops, the vanguard of the Nawaz Sharif’s party promptly went berserk and openly started to condemn these remarks as a challenge to “democracy.” And with the GEO incident this resentment quickly graduated to loathing.
With such feelings entertained by the troops it was doubly essential to emphasize a non-violent approach by the government towards the protesters. Had the troops been ordered to assert crowd control on the protesters, a refusal by the troops to do so  would have been a recipe for disaster. That the feeling of resentment was mutual was put beyond doubt a few days later when PML MNAs, passing troops on duty at the parliament house,could not resist passing snide remarks against them. This was MNAs against troops–an adequate  commentary on the dignity of the legislators.
Thus it is not difficult to determine why Gen Raheel had given the suggestions to the government which he did. But why should members of the government have been so enraged by this? Why did they have to feel that this was an assault on their democratic privilege, which they are so sensitive about at chosen moments of exhibition, as if their modesty were under threat of violation?
This was a plain case of hubris. It was a rehash of their times in office earlier, when the same overweening pride led them to needlessly butt heads with their army. Only this time it was pride mixed with defensiveness, a guilt reflex, because they knew that it was they who had used sneer and insult to push and prod the army into raising its hackles, and done so quite needlessly. They also knew that the army had challenged their authority to launch the operation in N. Waziristan, despite their wishes to the contrary. Their pride would not allow them to admit that this was in pursuance of national interest, the importance and significance of which had continued to evade them despite the continual mayhem being wreaked on the country by the militants. This was without doubt cause for additional grievance of a government which felt itself belittled.
To top it all,  rumours were recently let afloat that the government will drive a resolution through the joint houses of parliament to demand the resignations of D.G ISI and the Army Chief. These rumours could not have come from nowhere. Nawaz Sharif has gone that route once, and no matter how Achackzai, Mulla Fazal, and some others may lean upon his vanity and drive him, it would be better for him, to leave the repeat of this manoeuvre to the next generation. At the very least he should remind himself that the army and its Chief enjoy an approval rating of 87 %, and that is a trifle more than the membership of the two houses of parliament and even throw the White House’s statements in the balance. Pride is best swallowed before it crosses into the realm of stubbornness because then it changes its nomenclature. 

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Yes, the Jail got broken by the TTP or whosoever, as shown on the Video.
The point is, when repeated warnings were being issued by the agencies and 24 hours before the attack an Urgent message was sent out to the Police, the Chief Minister and other concerned, why No Pre-emptive action was taken. The terrorists, went  on for hours in accomplishing their mission.   
Also what the President, The Prime Minister, The Parliament, TheInterior Minister, The Army Chief  have done. Foreign Tours? Eid Parties,  while the country is ablaze?  Shame on all concerned for dereliction of their assigned responsibilities. They do not justify their salaries.
K I Bajwa

DI Khan jail break is failure of intelligence agencies: Khattak


Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa chief minister Pervez Khattak. PHOTO: FILE



PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak attributed the Dera Ismail Khan jail break to a failure of intelligence agencies, and ordered an inquiry into the attack on Tuesday.

As many as 248 prisoners escaped as militants carrying heavy weapons stormed Dera Ismail Khan’s Central Jail.

The chief minister said that he would be travel to Dera Ismail Khan and inspect the prison. He has also directed authorities to increase security at prisons across the province.

Khattak said he was told that prison security had been increased, but despite the measures, the jail break took place. The attack on the hundred year old facility was blamed on weak security arrangements where inmates belonging to various banned organisations were held.

Earlier today, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that the PTI needed some time to combat terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P). He said that K-P had no independent intelligence on terrorist attacks, but had to refer to the federal government for intelligence reports.

Nine people including six policemen were killed and 14 others injured in the audacious attack while four prisoners were also killed by security forces.

See how the TTP in collusion with jail authorities for sure broke open the Bannu Jail. Regards

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