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                                              RETURN OF THE NATIVE


Mustafa Kamal, the ex-Nazim of Karachi, has staged a come back on March 3, 2016, to Karachi, after a sojourn of three and a half years. His return to the political scene at this juncture has created quite a stir in social and political circles of Karachi in particular  and of Pakistan in general. Actually it would have been better if he returned before the local bodies elections recently held in Sindh province.


Mustafa Kamal is well-known for his honesty, sincerity, devotion and capability to deliver. Whatever good work and development we see in Karachi is the result of his planning and hard work.

















According to the up-coming news its heartening to know that he has returned to his native place with a great will to re-start his work from where he had left, hopefully with better planning and devotion. It goes without saying that MQM, with its deeds, has earned only a bad name for itself as well as for the country. To put it in a nut-shell, it was a dire need of the time to launch an organization to fight peacefully for genuine rights of the Urdu speaking Muhajirs. But what they have given is a tarnished image of Muhajirs, causing great humiliation and shame to them and in fact to the whole country.


Perhaps our own misdeeds invited scourge from God. The period of scourge now seems to be over and its time for remorse and re-examination of our conduct followed by reform and reconstruction. An opportunity has presented itself which demands making an assessment of the situation and responding accordingly.


I make an earnest appeal to all who stand for justice and fair play to join hands and extend their full support to Mustafa Kamal and his associates, in any way they can, to make this mission a real success. Let everyone of us, irrespective of his/her faith, ethnicity and provincial affinity, give full moral support and co-operation to this move.


Let the new party, to be announced shortly in future, not be against MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) or its chief and let it not aim to break it up. It may continue to function and have its own way. If the new party has good and sincere workers, the people will surely support it. It is important, however, that only sincere and patriotic persons are welcome to join the party, and those found otherwise in future, should be expelled.


Let this forthcoming organization be a platform for all of us to work together to revive peace, prosperity and welfare in Sindh province and to the whole country. Let us (with the help of God Almighty) bring back the identity of Karachi as a city of lights and a portal for employment and opportunity for the people coming from all parts of the country. If we are sincere in our objective and efforts God Almighty will be with us and we will get divine help to achieve our goal.

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