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REVELATION: Election 2013 – The Juggernaut

            REVELATION: Election 2013 – The Juggernaut



1.  PML-N, PPP agree to appoint their own provincial members of EC   

2.  Iftikhar Chaudhry/Khalil Ramday appoints ALL returning officers  
3.  ALL presiding officers appointed by Secy Education of Ex-Punjab govt under Najam Sethi   

4.  Ballot papers PRINTED in private presses   

5.  Fake ballot papers distributed to peripheries and closely contested constituencies
6.  Upto 800% votes cast in some rural constituencies. Most suburban polling stations polled above 90% votes while national average was 56% with 62% in urban centers.
7.   Geo-Judiciary Nexus. Mir Shakil’s channel was tasked to counter any allegations.   

8. Chairman NADRA’s daughter harassed by PML-N goons and multiple cases framed against him as evidence of 1000s of unverifiable votes started pouring in.   

8.   Why was mostly Punjab affected?   Ans: Because that’s where PML-N has a provincial govt for last 5 years and they appointed and managed all presiding officers and ROs.   

9.   Magnetic ink was deliberately not issued to make the verifiability issue a plan B. Surprisingly no persons have been blamed or punished for the absence of this ink.  

10.  A nincompoop like Fakhru Bhai was appointed to oversee elections who sat with COAS for 3 hrs and failed to identify his august guest. 

11. Riaz Kayani, the man who acted as deputy CEC in Islamabad as Fakhru stayed at Khi and oversaw all the details  

12. The law officers were hired for election tribunals by Punjab Govt and are all contract employees   

13. Vote recount fee was set at Rs 15/vote which means millions of rupees just for recounts  


1. Asif Zardari & Nawaz Sharif, the evil twins 

2. CJ Iftikhar Ch, the liar 

3. His henchman, Khalil Ramday, the corrupt 

4. Fakhru Bhai, the idiot 

5. Riaz Kayani, the villain 

6. Election Tribunals, the pantomime

7. Mir Shakil ur Rehman, the trumpeter  


A loss of faith in election process by thousands of Pakistani youth can only lead to their conversion to more zealous and extremist ideologies or a total indifference. What a shame! 


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“Strongest defense of Pakistan.”

“Strongest defense of Pakistan.”













Ilyas Khan Baloch

Organizer, Islamic Democratic Party, Pakistan.


Pakistan is passing through a crucial situation with external threat and internal instability and anguish within the rank and file of the people, required serious consideration to this issue.


The dominant rich and mighty feudal and corrupt politician in Pakistan, are like a cursed and they have gifted Pakistan many evil like, unchecked corruption, religious and ethnic divisions, religious extremism, feudalism, social disparity, frequent military rules, corrupt bureaucracy, and the worst most generation of corrupt politicians.


 Pakistan is in drastic need of change, from current or prevailing socio political system, a system of Sole power in the hands of one person or few of them, wherein, only 1% ruling elites enjoy the fruit of power whereas 99% people are deprived from the benefit of democracy and power, even, having no voice in the day to day administration of the nation.


People are being destitute from given hope for better change, promised by almost all political party, but nothing happened so far. Not a single political party in the country prepared to share the power with the ordinary people of Pakistan and allowed then to join  the decision making process at all level, but they failed do so, because no one amongst the political leadership is willing to lose the centralize sole power from their hands.


It is in the National interest to change the socio-political system before it is too late and decentralize the power in the hands of People at grass root level, on the bases of Division within the provinces. There is no other way, possible for peace, progress and prosperity within the society, neither the accountability nor transparency can be established in the society to eliminate corruption and injustice, until the system is changes.


No nation in this world can survive with dignity and respect without developing strong economic base for creation of welfare stare with research activities for rapid industrial development and self-sufficiency in agriculture.


Economic Base:


Self-sufficiency in Industries:


No country can sustain with dignity and pride without the strong economic Base. Due to decentralization of power at grass root level, the divisional Council shall motivate the Chamber of commerce and Industries, assure them to provide protection to local capitals with incentive to encourage them to invest in small, medium and large industries. Council shall arrange for necessary facility required for the establishment of industries. Beside this, financial institutions shall be inclined to encourage, cottage industries and small manufacturing units and provide small business loan to those qualified, capable person to start their production activities in their local area where they will twitch their work and provide job to local people, councilor shall be responsible to make sure investment has been materialize and money is not going to mess.


Separate working facilities shall be provided to encourage the qualified and technically train women force of 52% to join the National production force to increase production and services along with increase in national income.


Self-sufficiency in Agriculture.


Divisional Council encourages collective farming and establishes cooperative, council; provide management expertise, Machine for farming, finance, Seeds and agriculture research facility fertilizer etc. to maximize the production and be responsible for distribution to the whole sales through Chamber of commerce and industries. The whole sealers in turn provide to the retailers in different part of the divisions.


Council will also provide water facilities for which, big Dam will be constructed in every division on big and small river and rain stream, water shall be provided for cultivation by cannel, and arrangement for drinking water be assured for the division along with recycling of waste water for treating barren land to be distributed to land less farmer for cultivation and for growing forest for better environment. Thus council will be able to provide quality food product at cheaper rate with reasonable profit for everyone involved.


This water storage and distribution job shall be assigned to the Agriculture force based on   solders removed from large Army of Pakistan and assign them this new job of National importance.


Whereas, all the farmers with one acre of land or 100000 acre of land shall join the cooperative and be responsible to work on their own land or otherwise the land less farmer shall work on their land and be paid out of income from the individual land lord. If the big land lord does not cultivate his complete land as required by the law council shall punish him and impose heavy fine, if it continues for three years the land in question shall be distributed to land less farmers and council pay the reasonable compensation to the land owner.


By- product industries shall be developed around the cultivation areas as per product cultivated, together  with packing industries, dairy farming, cattle farming, fish farming; chicken farming etc. which can  provide job to the labor at these agro-industries.


This is the only way to make country strong. The defense should be based on its research work on divisional basis, research work in higher educational institution in all division and research from defense department.    


Total intrinsic research strength supported by agriculture and industrial feedback will make Pakistan stronger without external dependency.





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