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Herald exclusive: Altaf Hussain, losing the plot

Herald exclusive: Altaf Hussain, losing the plot
June 4, 2014

This article was first published in The Herald Annual issue of January 2014.

Illustration by Sana Nasir

Altaf Hussain must have felt untouchable when the British government decided to grant him a burgundy passport in 2002, a decade after he ran away from Pakistan to seek political asylum from the “brutality” of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s first government.

It is now widely speculated that Whitehall’s benevolence followed a letter Hussain wrote 12 days after 9/11 to then British prime minister Tony Blair, offering “unlimited resources” for human intelligence to monitor activities of madrasas, fundamentalists and Taliban-led organisations in Pakistan. He had also asked for Pakistan’s premier spy agency – the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) — to be disbanded, or “it will continue to produce many Osama bin Ladens and Talibans in future.”


Little did the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) head honcho know that he would himself blow his perceived impregnability about 10 years later, courtesy of his characteristic recklessness.


If 1992 was the most dangerous year in Hussain’s life, 2013 could safely be termed as catastrophic for his political pre-eminence. Damning media reports by leading world organisations, such as the BBC, the Guardian and the New York Times, about Hussain and his questionable activities have seriously dented his public persona. The vehemence with which his party cadre used to defend him has also decreased to an extent. He no longer remains untouchable.


Investigations were already underway against Hussain for alleged money laundering worth millions of pounds, as well as the 2010 murder of a former ally and party convener Imran Farooq, when he attracted the wrath of thousands by making an inflammatory speech after the May election, threatening to unleash violence against his opponents.


The British police had to open dedicated lines to note down complaints and issue crime reference numbers. The situation became so serious thatBaroness Sayeeda Warsi, the British minister responsible for Pakistan, had to state in the House of Lords: “The Metropolitan Police Service has received an unprecedented number of complaints about the alleged comments made by Mr Altaf Hussain. The metropolitan police are now formally investigating those comments and in due course will take any appropriate action.”


Reports suggesting that British authorities have gagged Hussain after his telephonic tirade are abound in the Pakistani media. They largely remain unsubstantiated. However, Hussain’s frequency to pick up the phone and rant for hours has subsided dramatically. One reason for that could be the results of the recent election wherein governments in Islamabad and Sindh do not need the MQM as an ally. It is a unique situation for a regional party that has always pillioned with power but postured as the opposition.


Farooq’s murder case might take a while to get resolved and Hussain might not be brought in on incitement-of-violence charges, but the money laundering accusation is progressing fast, seemingly to the detriment of Hussain and many of his closest aides. Recent raids on his mansion in Mill Hill, the party’s international headquarters in Edgware, and at the Acton Town house of his 70-year-old financial wizard, have made Hussain so nervous that he felt forced to pick up the phone yet again to address his followers. This time, he accused the British police and the “western establishment” of conspiring to kill him. His accusations, it appears, have not gone well with his former “protectors”.


Sibghatullah Qadri (QC), a well known barrister of Pakistani origin, whom Hussain and his comrades routinely consult on legal matters, describes the year 2013 as increasingly difficult for Hussain.


“There is no denying the fact that trouble is at his door and he may find it hard to dispel it.” Qadri opines that Hussain has only himself to blame for his troubles. “He has thrown caution to the wind. He has said things that he should not have and now he must be prepared to face the consequences. Even murderers are not killed under the British legal system. How could he accuse the police of such a conspiracy?”


Hussain is lucky, in a sense, as some of the most damning paperwork regarding his “questionable activities” is now locked away in the family division of the London High Court. Accusations made by his former wife, Faiza Gabol, in her divorce case can’t be accessed by a third party — that is, the media. But those privy to the contents of the divorce papers, privately claim Hussain had admitted to things that could further damage his politico-social credentials even amongst his staunchest supporters.


Pakistani journalists who have reported on Hussain still find it uneasy to talk about him. “He might be down but he is definitely not out,” says one. Others say they have done enough to divert the attention of law enforcement agencies towards him. “The ball is rolling now. We have done what we could. Now it’s the responsibility of the British authorities…” quips a Pakistani journalist based in London.


Hussain’s aides, who were recently picked up by the Metropolitan Police and then released on police bail, are due back for further interrogation in early 2014. If Hussain and company succeed in avoiding the money laundering charges, there is a strong likelihood they will face the music for serious tax evasion — a crime that could make them state guests for a few years.


Shirley Anderson is a pseudonym. The writer’s real name has been withheld on request for security reasons.


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Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain, a stupid bastard who’s complete name is Syed Altaf Hussain Jaffery, is a political leader who faces murder charges in Pakistan. It is perhaps ironic that MQM holds many seats in the current government at the same time when their party leader is in exile. Altaf holds British nationality, he has taken British nationality which is unique as he is the only Pakistani politician to take foreign citizenship, although many have remained in exile. And look at him that even after becoming UK national, majority of Pakistanis in Karachi praise him and think of him as a good person, which in fact proves that Pakistanis have in essence become eunuchs and stupid fools.
In his rise to power, army and Gen. Zia-ul-Haq played an important role. Afterwards MQM turned into semi mafia group and in the late 1990s it fully transformed into a mafia group and it is very rare in Pakistan that a mafia group  holds power in the government taking hostage of entire Sindh province specially Karachi.

Even Pakistan’s army is powerless in front of this mafia group led by Altaf as many army officers were brutally murdered in various torture cells of  MQM, their bodies were even drilled though but look at our army people they now praise this traitor of Pakistan. I guess the Pakistan army has become eunuch now a days.

Altaf is associated with ordering many political murders and using torture, on civilians and opposition party members, to spread his ideology during his time in power. He is commonly blamed for the unrest Pakistan suffered during this period.  He often arranges public video conference speeches in Pakistan to try and gain support for himself. He is known for his outrages and “un-leader-like” behavior. His almost comical appearances and statements during interviews have led to declining support for his party. As a person he is commonly ridiculed and has fallen out of respect with the vast majority of people of Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain also sends out regular statements and makes his views heard on international TV interviews. All this he does by spending money that his thugs collect in Karachi at gun point and with threats.

I wish that he should die a dog’s death in the street. Lets see when Allah will make him an example for other people like him.

Petition to British Government to Kick Pakistan’s No.1 Terrorist Out and Hand

This is stated with very great disappointment and displeasure to remind regarding an International Terror Master who is also the leader of fascist party MQM (now Mutahidda Qaumi Mahaz; previously Mohajir Qaumi Movement), a Pakistani fugitive who is enjoying protection in UK and you have protected and covered him under Your Own Wings, his name is Altaf Hussain.

Target Killing and Mass Murdering is the mission of Altaf and MQM at large. Keeping with his terrorist traditions and mission, Altaf Hussain master-minded and then micro-managed the slaughter of more than 40 innocent people of Karachi. Altaf Hussain is carrying out all his sadistic urges from the comforts of his office in London using his Sofa and a Telephone, according to Daily Telegraph London, May14, 2007 issue.

The man in charge of Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, was at his usual command-and-control post at the weekend from a sofa in north London.
As his fiefdom descended into brutal violence, with the deaths of at least 40 people reported amid the worst political bloodshed Pakistan has witnessed in years, Altaf Hussain directed his followers by telephone from a safe place more than 5,000 miles away.
His headquarters, or “international secretariat”, is not in the Pakistani port city but housed in a red-brick office block opposite a supermarket on Edgware High Street

We therefore assert that the British government, supporting the so-called war against terror, would do well to look into its own backyard as to how one of its adopted citizens, enjoying its protection has unleashed terror in a city thousands of miles away. The UK government may obtain transcripts of Altaf Hussains telephonic conversations a week before 12 May, when the wanton killing occurred, and a week later to ascertain how deeply he was involved in the heinous crimes in Karachi.

Peace loving people in Britain and around the world want to know how you make a difference between Osama Bin Laden and Altaf Hussin. Since you are so sure that Osama has used Afghanistan and has carried out attacks against innocent civilians in NY, USA. What Altaf Hussain is doing? Its OK for him to use his base-camp in London and carry out attacks against innocent Pakistani civilians? Its OK as far he doesnt wear a Turban and keep a Muslims Style beard and does not say the name of God before killing?

Altaf Hussain has killed people like Hakim Saeed, the former governor of Sindh (Pakistan), the founder of Hamdard University and many other renowned institutions. His only crime was, he did not bow down to Altaf Hussain and rejected his philosophy of violence, killing and mass murdering. He was an Indian Migrant to Pakistan, as the parents of Altaf were.

Altaf assassinated Salah-u-Din, the chief editor of weekly Takbber. His crime was exposing the crimes of Altaf et al. He had the same ethnic background as Altaf Hussain has. They also have got the “credit” for killing a US Counselor in the port city of Karachi. These are just few examples of Altaf et als heinous crimes against opponents and political rivals besides hundred and thousands other target killing and mass murdering.

Altaf safely escaped two times form the reach of justice to UK, through the help of the notorious and ever infamous Pakistani Secret Service Agency ISI, who are the real founders of this Gang. Now Altafs criminal gang is a partner in Government with the current military dictator Parvez Musharaf. A proven criminal and Altafs right hand person is the governor of Sindh Province. They also have the local government in the city of Karachi, (many thanks to the Military). Musharf phones and takes dictation from Altaf. The question is what fears Altaf going back to Pakistan to make speeches in the public instead of using his London office telephone.

People around the world are rightly wondering that how a former Chicago Cabby driver, who lost his refuge claim in the US, successfully became a UK citizen. Why British authorities turn their eyes blind at him? How you can deny that UK is not a safe haven for Terrorists and International Criminals.

Peace-loving People throughout the world rightly consider the UK government an accomplice to Altaf Hussains crimes against innocent Pakistanis. We wonder how the British would have reacted were such a man to sit outside and trigger mayhem inside the UK? We also wonder to know how Altaf live like a King in London. Where is the money coming from? His private life is more luxurious and comfortable than any other average British citizen. Your government never got a chance to think about that?

Honourable British PM!

Take a chance and click the following web link just for reference purpose:


International organizations such as the UNHCR and the United States Department of State have cited examples of MQM’s perceived involvement in terrorism”

We demand of the British government that Altaf Hussain be expelled from the United Kingdom, Freeze MQM (Altaf) bank accounts and declare MQM (Altaf) as a terrorist organization.

Better late than never done.

Thank you.


This letter is from our Archives

Dear Editor:
This is a follow-up to the story on “Hitman’s bullet widows British ‘princess,’ by Dean Nelson, in Islamabad. The problems of violence Pakistan is facing come from two sources, the radical Islamists and the Karachi based terrorist organization named MQM.  This latter organization has been responsible for the carnage of May 12; against the peaceful protests organized by the Karachi Bar Council in favor of Pakistan’s Supreme Courts Chief Justice Chaudhry. According to the BBC, the violence was perpetrated by MQM, even to the extent of firing on the offices of the television channel, AAJ in Karachi.  However, the leader of this organization, Mr.Altaf Hussain, a known criminal and absconder finds sanctuary and hospitality in the heart of London, from where he surrupititiously directs the violence through couriers and cell phone calls through third countries. In Pakistan, it is suspected that the “hitman,” who killed Mr. Raza, an honest and upright civil servant, and the husband of the British lady, came from the MQM. Also, Mr.Altaf Hussain goes by the name of “Osama Bin Ladin of Karachi.”  Please see the dossier prepared on him by John Pike of FAS in the U.S. Now, the question arises, is it fair for Britain to ask Pakistan to extradite British citizens residing in Pakistan but are suspected of terrorism by the British Government? Is it not a case of double standards?  These are some of the questions the people are asking in Pakistan about the British policy on terrorism. Can British people with their historical tradition of fairness and justice allow a terrorist to reside amongst them and at the same time direct a terrorist organization to create carnage in his country of birth?  The British Press needs to expose Mr.Altaf Hussain’s nefarious background, otherwise, you may be nurturing a problem for Britain itself.  Since, violence prone people can get into internecine warfare and there are enough of Mr.Hussain’s enemies in Britain, for him to start a mini war here. Why would a Pashtun in Northwestern Pakistan help Britain or the West find Bin Ladin; when the man behind the killings of Pashtuns and also Mr. Raza, the Osama of Karachi sits in the midst of London?
Kindly do not publish my detailed address for my own safety.
Name Withheld By Request
Raleigh, NC

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Imran Farooq murder: British authorities closing in on Altaf Hussain


London : United Kingdom | Jul 01, 2013 at 12:17 AM PDT
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Imran Farooq Murder , Scotland Yard arrests suspect in London , 24 June 2013

The request of British authorities to their Pakistani counterparts for handover of two suspects involved in a high-profile murder in London in 2010 has reportedly been accepted. This report could not be verified independently because everyone is tight-lipped on the issue. If it actually happens, it would seal the fate of a don-like political leader of Pakistani origin staying in London very soon. The dramatic developments of Sunday when the said politician tried to put pressure on Pakistani government not to heed to the request, his threats for doing away with Pakistan if he was arrested etc., are closely related to this development. It seems that the authorities in London are closing in on the said politician which he has termed as a conspiracy of “international establishment” to eliminate him.

The mystery associated with the gruesome murder of Dr. Imran Farooq, an estranged senior leader of Pakistan’s ethno-political party, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), is being unveiled bit by bit. Although, people knew who could have ordered his murder in London nearly three years ago, the London Metropolitan Police was generally tight-lipped about the suspects. The alleged murderers were in the custody of Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies and, since MQM was in partner in the PPP government, were not inaccessible to the Met investigators. The developments in London released by media very cautiously, and without revealing the names, clearly suggested that MQM supremo, Altaf Hussain, a British national known for making fiery and threatening telephonic speeches from an Edgeware studio, was behind the murder. He was also perceived to be involved in money laundering of massive amounts. It is generally believed that money laundered consisted of extortion money collected by party goons from Karachi’s business community.

It was reported two years ago that the murders in Pakistani custody were committed by active members of Altaf’s assassin squad operating from South Africa. The squad, involved in target killing of cops, journalists and estranged workers, takes its orders directly from Altaf. Their handover to British authorities will enable the Met to close in on Altaf. He has gotten away with high-profile murders in Pakistan due to weak and corrupt political leadership but UK will be a tough government for him.

What will prove to be the proverbial last nail for MQM, is murders’ handover to Met. According to reports, British authorities have made a fresh demand to access key suspects in Dr. Imran Farooq murder case. The request was reported made at the top level and very few people were in knowledge of it because of the sensitivity of the issue. Recently, the London Metropolitan police paced up the investigations and has conducted several raids, arrested some eight suspects, questioned thousands of people and scanned through thousands of documents.

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Pakistan: Imran Farooq murder linked to rows between within MQM party

Politician may have been about to endorse or join new party set up by General Pervez Musharraf, source claims

Imran Farooq 


The Scotland Yard investigation into the murder in London of the leading Pakistani politician Dr Imran Farooq has been told that rows within his own party may have led to his assassination.

Farooq, 50, was stabbed to death earlier this month during an attack in which he was also beaten near his home in Edgware, north London. Farooq was a senior figure in Pakistan’s MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement) party, and was in exile in London at the time of his death. The murder is being investigated by Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism branch because of the political dimension to the killing.

Sources say intelligence suggests his death was linked to rows within the MQM.

Farooq, once prominent in MQM, had taken a back seat. A senior Pakistani source said he may have been about to endorse or join a new party set up by Pakistan’s former military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf. The source said of the motive: “It lies within the MQM. Dr Farooq was probably going to join Musharraf.”He is vowing to leave his own London exile and return home to launch a fresh bid for power. His new party, the All Pakistan Muslim League, will launch its programme in London later this week.

Asked by the Sunday Telegraph about his reaction to Farooq’s murder, Musharraf said: “It is terrible that such an assassination could happen in a place like London.”

Farooq, who was married with two young sons, claimed UK asylum in 1999 alongside Altaf Hussain, the MQM’s leader. Hussain, who also lives in exile in London, has said “enemies of the MQM” killed Farooq and they will try to kill him. Pakistan’s media reported him as saying on Friday: “Now the enemies of the movement are after my life, but I want to tell them I am not afraid of anyone, whether it’s a superpower like the United States or its Nato allies or their Pakistani agents … I fear the Almighty Allah and will never bow down before the conspirators even if they get my British citizenship rescinded.”

Police in London are still hunting an attacker who, one witness said, appeared to be an Asian man. Analysts say the MQM has longstanding rivalries with ethnic Pashtun and Sindhi parties in Karachi. The MQM has also been riven by occasional internecine violence.

Before entering the UK, Farooq spent seven years on the run in Pakistan from criminal charges while the MQM was engaged in a violent battle for control of Karachi. He remained a key party figure. While MQM leader Hussain is protected by private guards and rarely appears in public following death threats, colleagues said Farooq never believed he was at risk and had played a smaller role in the party since the birth of his sons, now aged five and three.

Farooq was attacked on his way home from his job at a chemist’s shop. He was found near his home after neighbours witnessed what they believed was a fight. Paramedics were called but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

MQM party officials in the party’s stronghold of Karachi declared a 10-day period of mourning. Previous political killings have triggered riots and deadly clashes between rival factions. Police are keeping an open mind as to the identity of Farooq’s killer and their investigation continues.

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Pakistan’s Porky Pig Altaf Strong Arms Pakistan Media By Remote Threats

Inline image 1
Altaf warns media
May 16, 2013 
 Reaction Faces - does anyone have that reaction image of porky pig ...
KARACHI: Criticising TV anchorpersons in a vehement tone, and accusing them of spreading outrageous propaganda against the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), the party’s chief Altaf Hussain warned them of dire consequences(Boys, his bark is greater than his bite) .
“You have the right to criticise, but not manipulate or spread lies against the sons of those who created Pakistan,” he said referring to mediapersons, in a telephonic speech to his party workers at a sit-in outside the Election Commission offices on Tuesday night. Altaf subsequently retracted parts of his statements and apologised to mediapersons if he had hurt their feelings. In his earlier speech he warned the media that if they did not mend their ways, somebody from his organisation of millions of people might lose his cool. “If that person does something bad to one of you, don’t blame the MQM or Altaf Hussain,” he said.
Altaf-Hussain-With-His-Funny-Slogen-pakistani-politician-pictureHussain claimed that the media was clearly biased against his party, portraying them in a bad light. Using an old Urdu proverb, the MQM chief said, “The dogs bark when caravans move. I want to tell the mediapersons that they can criticise the MQM as much as they want but honestly. We all know about favouritism and manipulation. We have been running the party for the past 35 years. You are like our kids, our children, you can’t teach us politics,” he said.“Are you going to teach us the ethics of journalism? You ‘laundas’ (boys)!”
He warned the media to quit playing games with the MQM and said if the MQM ran out of patience, then neither the anchors nor the owners of the media houses would find a place to hide. Later, addressing the MQM Rabita Committee meeting Altaf Hussain felicitated Nawaz Sharif saying that he accepts the mandate given to his party by the people. He urged all parties to respect each others’ mandates. He said he was sorry if his remarks had hurt anyone including media persons. He also called off the sit-in outside the ECP offices until after a meeting of the Election Commission officials that will decide on the fate of NA-250 scheduled for Sunday.

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