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America is selling out on its principles Israel continues to imprison and murder Palestinian men, women and children



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America is selling out on its principles

Israel continues to imprison and murder Palestinian men, women and children, while US politicians continue to seek Zionist dollars.

Tariq Al Maeena, Special to Gulf News
Published: 17:24 August 8, 2015

Gulf News

The United States is gearing up for the 2016 general elections. Candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties have been making some items on their agenda public. Fuelled by the dollars provided by special interest groups and powerful lobbies, these potential victors are in the process of selling out their country.

Hillary Clinton, one of the candidates running for president in the Democratic Party, is hankering after dollars from deep pocketed American Jews and Zionist sympathisers.

Like virtually every current candidate who is looking for donors, Clinton is well aware of the economic muscle of the Israeli lobby and in order to get on their most favoured status, she recently sent a letter to billionaire Haim Saban, a man known to spend lavishly on political figures for favours in return.

Saban is an Israeli-American and a staunch Zionist who had previously gone on record to state that his ‘greatest concern is to protect Israel’. Speaking sometime back at a conference in Israel, Saban explained to the audience how he was going to achieve his objectives. His three ways to influence American politics were to “make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets”.

Hillary asked for his input on how to fight the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement that is gaining ground on US campuses and among those contemplating and doing business with Israel. This is part of a global response against the illegal Israeli occupation and annexation of Palestinian land.

Demanding the right to return

The BDS is also asking for full equality and freedom for Palestinians in Israel who are currently treated as second-class citizens. It also demands the right to return for those who fled Israeli atrocities over the years. One would think that such democratic principles that the US is founded on would ring a bell and find favour with Hillary Clinton, but sadly, she’s too busy trying to sell US foreign policy to those with money.

In the letter to the wealthy Zionist, Hillary asked Saban for his advice “on how leaders and communities across America can work together to counter BDS”. She stresses the need to contest the BDS campaign “with information and advocacy and fight back further attempts to delegitimise Israel”. In her spiel she also adds that “from Congress and state legislature to boardrooms and classrooms, we need to engage all people of good faith in order to explain why the BDS campaign is counterproductive to the pursuit of peace and harmful to Israelis and Palestinians alike”.

But her pandering for Zionist favour and dollars doesn’t simply end there. The two-page letter that was released to the press by Saban’s office demonstrates the level of solicitation the former US secretary of state has reached. She is very alarmed she says by such movements which are anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist. She is concerned about the ‘murderous attacks on French Jews,’ forgetting the thousands of innocent Palestinians killed by Israeli bullets, and she continues with how she first fell in love with Israel when she and her husband visited occupied Jerusalem’s old city more than 30 years ago, which is part of Palestine.

“Hillary Clinton has definitely chosen to take sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

-Tariq Al Maeena

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Choosing to take sides

“I am also very concerned by attempts to compare Israel with South African apartheid. Israel is a vibrant democracy in a region dominated by autocracy, and it faces existential threats to its survival. Particularly at a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise across the world, especially in Europe, we need to repudiate forceful efforts to malign and undermine Israel and the Jewish people.”

Clinton has definitely chosen to take sides where the bread is being buttered. Forget democratic principle … it is the greenback instead. Clinton pens that “the Palestinians cannot unilaterally declare a state, and no one can impose a solution on Israel”. She boasts of her record as a US senator and secretary of state on Israeli issues, stating that she had opposed dozens of anti-Israel resolutions at the UN. She reminds Haim that she supported Israel after the “biased” Goldstone Report. She concludes that “time after time I have made it clear that America will always stand up for Israel, and that’s what I’ll always do as president”.

This blatant and servile stance by a candidate running for the office of the most powerful position in the world should be indeed alarming to foreign policy analysts and those who believe in justice and equality. Israel continues to imprison and murder Palestinian men, women and specially children, while US politicians continue to hanker after Zionist dollars.

Selling out the principles a great country like the United States was founded on is tantamount to prostitution.


Tariq A. Al Maeena is a Saudi socio-political commentator. He lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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Over the last decade or so, I wrote some constructive articles on the situation of Islam in Pakistan with a view to promote Islam. Some of those articles were published in different English newspapers, except THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE. I tried to contribute some original articles to the blog at THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE, but I always received a reply from their staff one or two days later expressing their regret for not publishing my article. On July 01 this year also, I contribute a fresh piece to EXPRESS TRIBUNE but received a negative reply from the staff member again. Given below is the relevant email communication with my reply also given below:

Dear Roman,

Thank you for your contribution.
I regret to inform you that we will not be running this particular piece as it does not meet our criteria.

We would, as always, love to hear from you on a different topic though.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Sub-editor Blogs Desk
The Express Tribune


Dear Kid,

THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE never wants to publish any concrete thought on Islam. You people are more into promoting homosexuality for which there can be no pardon in afterlife. You are not to be blamed dear, it is the policy-makers of your newspaper since ET falls under THE INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK TIMES which was owned by a Jew until much recently. Jews are heavily promoting pornography in the world also, do you know that? If you think I am a Mullah, then search for related info on Internet.

I am a creative writer and you people always decline to publish my posts only because they favour Islam. Watch out, the days of glory of ET will soon be over and the whole media house revamped and closed down in sha ALLAH. This is a promise for we won’t tolerate this godlessness anymore.

May ALLAH guide you and your superiors – Aameen.


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Proudly vieled Jewish Women

Proudly vieled Jewish women


John Roberts


Jewish burka

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish women proudly dress modestly in order not to attract attention of men who are not their husband. Just in case if you think that Muslims are the only one who wears Burqa. Here is Haredi burka Jewish sect that observe more stricter Veil than Muslims.

Now, in some ultra-Orthodox Jewish sects, women have gone to a new level of modesty by covering their whole body and face.

According to Wikipedia the sect is called “Haredi burka sect” or “Taliban mothers”. Many of these families dress their young girls of all ages with the same full dress garb, except for the face veil. This modest ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect, is concentrated mainly in Israel, in which ultra-Orthodox Jewish women feel that modesty requires covering their entire body burqa-style, including a veil that covers the face.

The garment, which is more like a burka niqab, is also called frumka, a play on the word frum (Yiddish for the devotee) and the burka. This ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect, is estimated to have started out with about 100 women in 2008, and grew to several hundred in 2011. To date, there are about 30,000 women who wear shawls, according to Rabbi David Benizri. The group mainly resides in the city of Beit Shemesh.

“This dress code was adopted due to concerns about the state of deterioration of modesty in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community,” Rabbi Benizri said.

“The rabbi explained to us the benefits of Jewish women dressing modestly. We leave our body for our husbands and we don’t want to share our bodies with others,” Saari Rothberg, 22, who proudly wears the Jewish burqa in Beit Shemesh, Israel told YourJewishNews.com.

What is a burqa? A burqa is usually associated with the dress code of Muslim women, but the word burqa simply refers to
the face-veil portion, which is usually a rectangular piece of semi-transparent cloth whose top is sewn to the corresponding part of the headscarf

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