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Over the last decade or so, I wrote some constructive articles on the situation of Islam in Pakistan with a view to promote Islam. Some of those articles were published in different English newspapers, except THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE. I tried to contribute some original articles to the blog at THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE, but I always received a reply from their staff one or two days later expressing their regret for not publishing my article. On July 01 this year also, I contribute a fresh piece to EXPRESS TRIBUNE but received a negative reply from the staff member again. Given below is the relevant email communication with my reply also given below:

Dear Roman,

Thank you for your contribution.
I regret to inform you that we will not be running this particular piece as it does not meet our criteria.

We would, as always, love to hear from you on a different topic though.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Sub-editor Blogs Desk
The Express Tribune


Dear Kid,

THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE never wants to publish any concrete thought on Islam. You people are more into promoting homosexuality for which there can be no pardon in afterlife. You are not to be blamed dear, it is the policy-makers of your newspaper since ET falls under THE INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK TIMES which was owned by a Jew until much recently. Jews are heavily promoting pornography in the world also, do you know that? If you think I am a Mullah, then search for related info on Internet.

I am a creative writer and you people always decline to publish my posts only because they favour Islam. Watch out, the days of glory of ET will soon be over and the whole media house revamped and closed down in sha ALLAH. This is a promise for we won’t tolerate this godlessness anymore.

May ALLAH guide you and your superiors – Aameen.


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