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“EMPTY SLOGANS” – 14th August, 2015 by S Roman Ahsan

“EMPTY SLOGANS” – 14th August, 2015


S Roman Ahsan


14th August, Independence Day indeed! What do we have beside empty slogans today? Are we really independent?


In March this year of 2015, I got a job in an online English Newspaper. I did not give up “Together We Rise!” even then but that is beside the point. Anyhow, I was overqualified for the job but I gave my best, even working overtime. I was required to do news reporting and news-writing.


As the days went by, it was surprising to note that like other Urdu cable TV channels, our English newspaper was also very keen on sharing news on Bollywood movies, actors and actresses. I expressed my concern to the manager (who was much younger and inexperienced than me in fact) that I didn’t want to promote all that considering that I had been writing against showing of Bollywood movies in Pakistan. I also conveyed to him that India is attacking our borders since 2013 and you want to promote their cinema. Being a shallow person, he only said it was part of my duty.


That exchange of dialogue occurred towards the end of two weeks and the same evening I left the job. So my friends, are we free and independent? No, we are not. We are cultural slaves of our neighbouring Hindu country. Just turn on the TV channels and note how many TV channels are showing Indian content.


That reminds me further. Though I am narrating my own experiences but they are reflective of the general state of affairs. In 2008, I joined the newspaper THE NATION in the magazine section. I liked the job itself except the environment of workplace and the ugly politics that was going on.


I used to keep thesaurus with me on my desk while writing my stories. I would like to narrate here what happened in the initial few days. Well, the editor who was in-charge of the magazine section was standing near my desk. As I was busy, he stepped forward and said “What is that?” I said “Thesaurus”. He said “Hum tau use nai kartay” (We don’t use it). What a stupid thing to say considering use of Thesaurus is very much aligned with newspaper and magazine work.


The editor was a local Christian and though in my school we had a very nice local Christian as our English Teacher whose name was Robinson Qamar Javed, but the experience at THE NATION was totally opposite. He was an unsophisticated and uncouth person who was insecure himself due to the caliber of others. I could write a whole article how he used to play dirty politics. He himself was not a good storyteller and hence liked to attack others.


I also did some pro-Islam articles in the magazine then and the editor got further prejudiced. He knew that my writing skills were good and so he stopped editing my stories for fear that would add more glitter to my work (even though he continued editing for other members). Even my coverage of art-exhibitions was better than his.


My question is why did the management of THE NATION had to keep a prejudiced Christian as In-charge of magazine section? A newspaper such as THE NATION reflects our cultural and Islamic values, and a person in a key position in such a newspaper should not be a hater of Islam! He is currently still the editor of magazine section there at THE NATION by the way.


So my friends, I just gave you another example. We have incompetent people in key positions in our organizations and we are afraid of our Islamic values. Then are we really independent? Furthermore, most people who rise (with exceptions) in Pakistan to key positions mostly adhere to unethical ways. With this system in place, can we really except to achieve overall progress?


Let me give you more examples. Our Mohammad Ali Jinnah founded Pakistan and he founded the newspaper DAWN as well. After 9/11, DAWN has become a mouthpiece of the imperialists. Day and night it attacks the sanctity of Islam in different ways. One of its senior columnists is Nadeem F. Piracha who is almost an atheist spreading filth through his writings. So are we really independent?


THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE is not behind with its shameless practices. The newspaper falls under the INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK TIMES and it is also promoting the imperialistic agenda along with promoting decadence in society. In 2011, the paper published a 6-page cover story on the rights of homosexuals in Pakistan. Trends are not any better now. So are we really independent then?


The above gives just a brief picture of the media but the situation is not prettier in other sectors of Pakistan. The corporate sector in Pakistan is closely aligned with international standards and following them. So if a Pakistani Corporate Guru promotes those companies that are funding Israel (either directly or indirectly), then he has not learned ethics. And he does not know the true meaning of independence either!


Let us not just raise EMPTY SLOGANS of “Independence”. WE HAVE TO FIGHT THE OVERALL SYSTEM IN PAKISTAN TO ACHIEVE “TRUE INDEPENDENCE”. We cannot put the whole blame on politicians and absolve ourselves. If we consider ourselves above them in talent and general acumen, then we have greater responsibility.





p style=”text-align: center;”>WISH YOU ALL PAKISTAN INDEPENDENCE DAY!

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Dr.Garga Chatterjee, MIT Scholar : Hindi films should be legally blocked in Pakistan

Hindi films should be blocked in Pakistan 
Pakistan has the legal mechanisms to stop the damage that Bollywood has done to film industries elsewhere. It better act soon.
By Garga Chatterjee
December 24, 2013
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The case in Pakistan regarding the continued certification and commercial screening of films produced in the Indian Union territory has been settled. Mubashar Lucman, the Film Producers Association and the Cinema Owners Association have come to an agreement that would allow for the equal sharing of screening time between films made locally and those imported from the Union of India. This is a useful opportunity to discuss some issues regarding the commercial import and certification of Bollywood Hindi films in Pakistan.

Let us first understand what these Indian’ films are. We are largely talking of films made in the Hindi language produced via a very cash-rich industry setting in Mumbai. For the rootless young people in certain metros of the Indian Union, that is much of what constitutes ‘Indian’ films. But for those who are talking in terms of greater mutual understanding via these films, one needs to realise that much of the Indian Union does not speak Hindi and produces films in their own languages. The content of such non-Hindi films represent a much greater terrain of the subcontinent than Bollywood Hindi flicks can ever aspire to. To be fair, Bollywood Hindi films never did aspire to that. Thank the gods for that, as with the money power behind Bollywood Hindi films, they might even try to define Tamil-ness or Bengali-ness through a metro-centric Hindi medium. Are they influencing people in Pakistan with an alien commercially-produced idiom? If yes, people in Pakistan better take notice.

Those who portray films as some sort of a medium to develop India-Pakistan bonhomie might also do well to look beyond Bollywood. Virulently anti-Pakistan films with a lot of ‘action’ are also a Bollywood Hindi film sub-genre. Yes, that does good business. Go find an Assamese, Bengali, Tamil, Manipuri or an Oriya film in the last 15 years that has an anti-Pakistan theme. There are none. Are these not ‘Indian’ films? What is it about the Bollywood Hindi film idiom that lends itself to making films like Gadar: Ek Prem Katha and LoC Kargil, which unabashedly dehumanise people from Pakistan? The economic muscle of Bollywood ensures that such films receive a wide audience. It is not the specific film that matters. Pakistan can choose to not allow this film or that. But it is the same set of cartels that produce most films — the ones that are anti-Pakistan and the ones that are unrelated. This industry understands only money and would not stop from producing the next commercially lucrative anti-Pakistan blockbuster. There is a market for such prejudice in India just like there is a market for anti-Hindu prejudice in Pakistan. Do people from Lahore and Karachi really need to add to the profits of an industry that sees no qualms in showing Pakistanis in a bad light?

Most Bollywood Hindi films are set in the cities of Mumbai or New Delhi, and increasingly in cities of the Western world where people from north India live and aspire to flourish. This can be Sydney, London, New York or Chicago (Dhoom 3, an action film released a few days ago and which has already grossed crores of rupees, is set largely in Chicago). Delhi and Mumbai choose to tell their stories and want people to pay for them. But Karachi is not Delhi and I am sure it has its own stories to tell, stories that are different from the stories of young partying explorers of Mumbai and Goa, stories that are not about aspirational or ‘everyday’ life of Delhi people. Despite the Zia years, one can be sure that 15 crore people have stories to tell. If the decision was left to the burgers, they might even start a juloos in support of Hollywood and Bollywood. The culturally illiterate have no investment in their own cultural milieu. That is precisely why their ‘tastes’ shouldn’t be setting agendas. Nor can they be depended on for a revitalisation of films culturally rooted in Pakistan (and not cheap Bollywood remakes).

Bollywood Hindi films represent the metro-centric and homogenised ‘idea of India’ in the mind of the new Indians — 20-40 years-old, in the top five per cent income category, aspirational migrants with Hindi and English being their near exclusive vocabulary. They are concentrated in a few cities but have the economic might to determine cultural policy. These multiplex consumers, with their moneybags, have launched a great assault on the idea of mass-films, which is why now a film’s profits are not an indication of its popularity. The Pakistani film industry is up against an economic behemoth with an agenda of its own cultural expansion. Its production, distribution and broadcasting machines are well oiled. Stupendous amounts of black money from deep pockets bankroll the ‘creative’ explosion that is Bollywood.

The twin attack of a homogenising national ideology and economic muscle has grave implications on visible public culture. The 19th Kolkata International Film Festival witnessed the extraordinary scene of Bollywood Hindi film stars being feted in a manner as though they represented some pinnacle of human achievement. It was a sad moment — underlining how limited and predictable the cultural horizon of West Bengal’s film industry had become. The lack of self-confidence showed. Film industries that do not have as much black money circulating, have lesser number of casting couches, have lesser number of ageing ‘artists’ and producers targeting young actresses, have lesser number of big crooks financing films and which do not make films in Hindi or India-English, have been relegated to second and third class status. Pakistan has the legal mechanisms to stop the damage that Bollywood has done to film industries elsewhere. It better act soon.




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YouTube Ban is National Security Issue!: By Zaheerul Hassan

YouTube Ban is National Security Issue!


Sun, 2013-08-25 06:12 — editor
By Zaheerul Hassan

The justified ban on YouTube is not a domestic but a national security as well as financial issue. I am not against cartoons, songs and research material available on YouTube, but do has concerns over the blasphemy videos against our beloved Prophet SAWW, the videos of beheadings of our soldiers who are fighting for the Nation, the videos promoting sectarian violence , clips of pornography spoiling minds set of youth. Unfortunately, many so called enlightened elite and champions of freedom of speech are actually advocating the opening of YouTube.

To some it may seem very important to unblock YouTube since they are no more able to listen to Lata, Pink, Metallica and other singers, but for some it matters a lot as the life / properties of many are at stake, our cultural / social values and the future of our next generation which is being bombarded with Western and Indian influence is at stake.

Don’t let them bully you Ms Anusha Rehman Khan

I feel the urge (as if I would suffer, if I kept quite) to convey it to the always elegant and decent Ms Anusha Rehman Khan, Minister for Information Technology (IT &Telecom Division) that please don’t let them pressurize you. They are working as a team trying to bring your nerves down by writing on the issue in newspapers and then projecting it on social / print media as a means of building pressure on you and your team. Besides, this decision wasn’t taken by you, it was taken by the PPP Prime Minister, Supreme Court, Inter Ministerial Committee and LEAs so if they target you, its already unfair.

It all started when one fine day an NGO i.e. BYTES FOR ALL, B4A(its apparent name) with the help of a infamous lawyer (forgot his name) filed a petition in the Lahore High Court for uplifting the ban on YouTube in the name of Human and Privacy rights. After studying the website of this NGO showing its activities across Pakistan, it seems to me that they have no regard for national security and there is something fishy about their people, sect, connections, and activities in Pakistan as well. B4A is partners with Privacy International, UK and Media Legal Defence Initiative, UKwho seem to be the real string pullers behind efforts of opening YouTube but why?. It was also amazing to see that this NGO has also filed petitions against the Electronic Surveillance Capabilities of LEAs in Pakistan and are trying to bring this important Intelligence tool down (but why again?).

I kept thinking that if this Surveillance capability goes down who will benefit?. Terrorists and Enemy Espionage Agents???. Electronic plus Telecom Surveillance plays a vital role in nabbing these Terrorists / Agents who are funded by anti-state elements. If my logic is correct, then surely these small groups of sponsored sources are working against the interests of Pakistan and for appeasing Masters sitting outside! The funding of “B4A” and other similar NGOs “Bolo Bhi” working on same lines must be checked by LEAs.

The real facts and figures for banning the YouTube are again presented for the audience so that they get an idea about what I am talking about and what the other side of the story is. YouTube was banned after airing of a highly blasphemous porn movie titled “Innocence of Muslims” produced by an Israeli-American Movie Maker Sam Bacile reportedly using Jewish funding for mocking the beloved personality of our Holy Prophet SAWW, Umhaat ul Momineen RA, Sahaba e Karam RA and for defaming the foundations of Islam as a whole. The movie led to wide scale unrest in the World especially Muslim Ummah leading to killing of 04 Americans including US Ambassador in Libya on 11 Sept 2012. Cairo, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and other Muslim countries demanded persecution of the movie maker and removal of this movie by Google but of no use since most of all types of media is controlled by the Jewish Media Mafia who do not have any respect for Muslim emotions and feelings.

LEAs, Ministry of Information Technology (IT & Telecom Division) and PTA took bold steps and setup a cell identifying the links of the movie for blocking but was of no use since the anti-Islam elements were uploading the movie again and again with new names and links so the blocking effort was not fruitful. The deliberate attempt by anti-Islam elements for promoting the movie was leading to more anger amongst the masses leading to loss of life / property across Pakistan and Muslim Ummah (actual goal of the funders).

Finally, on the recommendations of LEAs, Inter Ministerial Committee, Order of the then Prime Minister and due to the judgment given by Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan,YouTube was blocked on IP level on 17 Sept 2012 for putting an end to the issue since Google was not obeying instructions of Pak Govt and trying to bully its agenda on us which do not include having respect for beloved Prophet SAWW, Islam, National dignity and Social / Moral values which are exercised by proud nations. This was a matter of National Security of Pakistan and the decision wasn’t due to academic, educational or scientific concerns but purely for safeguarding our interests and life / property of our people.

Many other Muslim countries also took similar actions since Google and YouTube were not taking appropriate actions against the movie and its makers. YouTube is still banned in China, Iran, Pakistan and Turkmenistan. Germany has also blocked most parts of YouTube. Moreover, Afghanistan, USA, Bangladesh, Brazil, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Russia, Syria, Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia and UAE had also previously put blanket bans on YouTube due to their non-cooperative attitude and for not obeying their govt orders which were taken for achieving national security. It is pertinent to mention that it is not the first time YouTube is being blocked in Pakistan so those who are making hue and cry should remain quite and silent. YouTube was also previously blocked in Feb, 2008 andMay 2010 for not removing “Non-Islamic Objectionable Videos” and “Draw Mohammed Day” caricatures respectively. It seems it is old habit of Google allowing blasphemy on its mediums including YouTube.

For those who are unaware, it is crucial to mention that YouTube’s Terms of Service also prohibit the posting of videos which violate copyrights or depict pornography, illegal acts, gratuitous violence or hate speech as per “YouTube Community Guidelines” but still Google has allowed its platform to be used for anti-Islam and other subversive activities for achieving Zionist objectives. Shouldn’t the campaigners of “Unblock YouTube” campaign against them as well??? Or are they promoting their agenda too???. As per YouTube Community Guidelines (Available on internet), there should be no need for PTA to remove blasphemous or porn material, YouTube should’vet took this step on their own. I strongly recommend that we should bring the matter to International Court of Justice’s notice too.

It is clearly evident now that the “YouTube ban” has turned into a war like situation where certain anti-Islam platforms / NGOs are trying to remove the ban while some are making efforts so that the ban should not be lifted until the justified demands of government of Pakistan are met which are in line with, Firstly, Blocking YouTube is a principled decision taken by the Govt of Pakistan. Blasphemy material should not be allowed by YouTube. All clippings of the movie “Innocence of Muslim” and “The innocent Prophet” (another blasphemous movie which was aired on YouTube later) should be removed from YouTube and emotions of Muslim Ummah must be respected.

Secondly, YouTube should register and pay taxes. FBR should take action against search engines / social media websites who are earning from Pakistan and not paying a single dime back.

Thirdly, the operating agency should bow down to Pakistan govt requirements and sign agreements for legalizing their services. No illegal service should be allowed in Pakistan. Fourthly, favorable agreements should be signed with Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Networking Sites which are inline with our national security requirements.

Fifthly, OIC should take up a case with UN for drafting a resolution not allowing any person to misuse the Holy Prophet SAWW’s name and make movies / caricatures on his beloved personality, Umhaat-ul-Momineen R.A, Khulfa-e-Rashideen R.A and Sahaba R.A. Necessary legislation as was done by Jews on“Laws related to denial of Holocaust” is the need of the hour with punitive actions against the culprit who does not adhere to these laws. UN should also pay their role in this regard or they can keep on sleeping when it comes to demands of Muslims.

Lastly, Pakistan based equivalent of YouTube should be developed for the public. Own versions of Search engines, Video sharing platforms and Networking sites like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter etc should be developed which are owned by the state as was done by China. Besides, these tools are used for espionage by Zionists but we the “Masoom Musalmaan” don’t have a clue what they are doing to us. Instead, we are helping them in promoting their agendas.

Another important point is that YouTube along with Twitter and Facebook (Social Media Websites) are also used by Western powers for promoting own objectives as was done by them in Arab Spring by misquoting the facts and confusing the masses. The western agenda of “Free everything” will not work in Pakistan as we are a Muslim state and our Constitution guarantees provisions which do not allow anti-Islamic or subversive activities. Perhaps some of the NGOs should highlight these aspects as well. Will they do it? No …..

Last but not the least my question from those campaigning for Unblocking YouTube is that do they even know the dictionary meaning ofNational Security, Nation’s Dignity, Love for Prophet SAWW and Islam or are they simply dancing to the tune of Google. I admit some of you might not be able to view online lectures and educational material but come on lets be frank, all of you are using Proxies for that, Arn’t you?. Books and literature on other websites are already available and all of you are using it since I see all doctors, engineers, students passing their exams and graduating even without YouTube. I bet that some of the “Open YouTube campaigners” may also be paid by Google since YouTube is getting a big loss due to ban put by the govt. We need to decide that whether Google / YouTube is important or our religion, our beloved Prophet SAWW’s respect and our nation’s pride.

Finally, my plea is that let the govt settle this issue. Turkey had banned YouTube for 2 years which finally let, the owner to obey Turkish govt’s demands. We should also act with dignity and make owners to surrender to Pak govt. Opening YouTube at this point in time without necessary legislation and agreements will not benefit Pakistan but will only benefit to the owner and the Zionists. They will make Ms Anusha Rehman open it and in case of any blunder will put the whole blame on her. Besides, the case is also subjudice in Lahore High Court and Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah has yet to give his verdict on the case. Opening YouTube without consent of judiciary will create problems for PML-N govt and the Ministry as well. Our nation should support and respect the decisions taken by our Government, Judiciary, LEAs, PTA and our Ministries, instead of using defaming tactics against them.


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