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 Justice Saqib Nisar, General Bajwa, and the Hidden Hand          By Saeed A. Malik.

 Justice Saqib Nisar, General Bajwa, and the Hidden Hand         

By Saeed A. Malik.

I have just read an article by Najam Sethi complaining that “the ‘hidden hand’ is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, pushing the plug on dissenters”, and that these dissenters “cannot comment freely on the machinations of the Miltablishment without being roughed up or disappeared” etc.
Reading this I could not help recalling Churchill reading through reports on the Bengal famine and penning on the margin that if the famine was indeed so devastating, “Why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?”
To wit, if so many people were indeed being “roughed up and disappeared” for dissenting, how come Mr Sethi himself, far from being “disappeared”, is so prosperously visible?
It seems all self-styled liberals and bleeding heart democrats who are blind to the plunder and rapacity of the Sharif circus, have nevertheless developed a keenness of the eye to spot a hidden hand at work in every nook and cranny in the country.
Mr Sethi’s litany of woes is a long one which I cannot debunk because this will end up being an exercise of my word against his. But one charge of his can easily be put in the waste bin; that of the allegation that a free comment on the judiciary is laden with a risk of being jailed for contempt!
This allegation is so patently false that it does not bear being ignored. All those given to viewing various TV channels, however minimally, and having the very basic rudiments of honesty about them, have seen the judges being castigated, maligned, or being subjected to outright abuse or threats by a mangy brigade of the Sharif minions, day after day for months. The abuse has become ever shriller because of the obvious restraint of the courts. A growing number of people are finding fault with the judges for this leniency since only one culprit has seen the inside of a jail on the charge of contempt. Thus as his bias relents, even Mr Sethi may be tempted to concede that he was led away by a passing enthusiasm.
And if this enthusiasm was not a mere impulse but a commitment to licking the hand that feeds him, I must admit that this is commendable constancy in a bordello of sellouts. In my book, this puts Mr Sethi solidly in the ranks of such loyal stalwarts as Daniyal Aziz, Talal Chowdhary and Mushahid Hussain etc, who, when it is the season of jumping ship, closed ranks to stand steadfastly behind their leader who has taken their country to the cleaners. Only committed “democrats” can dredge their will, and their conscience [if they have any]  to make such a high minded choice!
As far as the “hidden hand” is concerned, a lot of people are looking for it. They have their eyes on the forty to fifty fidgety legislators who jumped to Musharraf in 2002; then to Zardari in 2008; and then to Nawaz Sharif in 2013. Had the hidden hand been so keenly at work as is being so assiduously suggested, they should have been expected to jump ship at the slightest wave of this hand on 29 July 2017 when Nawaz Sharif was unanimously dethroned by a full bench of the Supreme Court. The news was rife and widespread in the country that this gang heads cocked, waited nervously and long for a signal to come from GHQ. But the signal never came. And though the heads are still cocked, the signal stubbornly refuses to come through.
Thus, by the clearest yardstick of all, the hidden hand theory has failed its acid test. Either the “hidden hand” has lost its efficacy, or it has refused to execute the signal, so that pedigreed ship jumpers have remained in place. 
But by the rules of the conspiracy theory, which Mr Sethi is propagating, there is obviously much to see in the unseen i.e ” because we cant see it, GHQ must obviously be hiding something!”
The one contact between Justice Saqib Nisar and General Bajwa, which almost certainly took place, did so about February 2017. The C.J informed the General that the judgement in the Panama case was due to come soon. He expected some sort of a law and order situation to erupt no matter which way the judgment leaned. He thus wanted to know where the army would stand if such situation came about. General Bajwa, without hesitation, informed him that the army would do its constitutional duty i.e that it will stand at the beck and call of the Supreme Court.
When this news hit Nawaz Sharif, it hit him like a sledgehammer. A general is chosen by him to be the Army Chief, who should have been “his General”, had decided to stand by the Constitution, instead of standing by him! This was enough to send any man reeling. This is where the froth and unbounded venom of our pretty Maryum springs from, and so too the fulminations of her great and unforgivable taint, Safdar.
In such thinking also lies the essence of our “democracy”. Votes mean mandate. And mandate means a license to rob and plunder without let or hindrance. To do away with all such possible hindrances every institution must be brought to heel. Most unfortunately for Nawaz Sharif, his pet dream of having the army led by a poodle in uniform who could be expected to ” sit” and “stay”, has eluded him once again.
And having thus far failed in getting a credible narrative going, his minions who have fed off the scraps of his table, invent and propagate ever new theories. That of celestial beings and the hidden hand are the newest he proposes to regale those with, whom his royal depredations have stripped quite literally to the bone.
 There is no trick in the book that Nawaz Sharif and company have not tried to bring the C.J and the COAS to heel. They have tried to disarm the Army Chief by the charms of the Shahbaz-Nisar circus; invited the influence of the Saudis and the Turks and the Americans; Modi pitches in right on cue with some well-timed artillery barrages– but nothing seems to have worked. They have threatened cajoled and tried to bribe. But thus far they have failed in all their efforts. Little wonder then, that Nawaz Sharif and company have finally woken up to the presence of “celestial beings.”
On two grounds indeed there is a reason to suspect that Justice Nisar and General Bajwa may indeed be justly cited as celestial beings. One is that every aggrieved person in the country likes to invoke intervention by either of these two to intercede and rectify the injustices they may be suffering from. In all ages crushed humans have appealed to high heavens to come to their aid when all nearer hopes lie dashed.
The second is that no matter what step Nawaz Sharif and his clowns plan against this duo, somehow news gets to them almost as soon as the latest plan gets off the drawing board. It is known for example that in a fit of exasperation Nawaz Sharif ordered Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to sack General Bajwa. But though the windmill was clearly in the sights of Sancho, and though he may have wanted to do his master’s bidding, his ass failed to move. The onset of this paralysis was, it is believed, directly related to the fact that General Bajwa came to know of the plan almost immediately as it was crafted. And this case of catastrophic ass failure may have saved our democracy. Few asses have done such sterling service to a higher cause merely by the act of failing!
What will ultimately decide if these two high officers of the state will be numbered among celestial beings or among mortals who failed to stand up to the call of the times is the direction they give to their country. To do right by Pakistan they will have to first admit that nothing is more sacred than the state. They will then have to become alive to the fact that Pakistan is actually standing at the very brink of implosion; that the situation today is in no wise less serious than it was in 1971; and that this has been brought about by theft so massive for it to have become catastrophic. All other maladies by which the state is saddled find their root in this plunder. And not least of these is treachery against the state which seems to have become respectable enough for many like Hussain Haqqani and Achazai to be quite openly espousing the cause of the enemy. The obvious question which then arises is where should this put Zardari, Haqqani’s employer, and Nawaz Sharif, who draws strength from Achakzai?
It is for the C.J and the Army Chief to stand by and for the state in such a manner, that in future even the mere suggestion of plunder of the state, should impel the thinker of the thought to run for the exits. And the aim should be to get every looted penny back. As soon as the interim government comes in, lists should be ready to put every suspect on ECL. NAB should immediately be strengthened, with Chaudhary Qamar Zaman to become among the first to be indicted, with his favourites in NAB to follow. All those against whom prima facie evidence of corruption exists should be arrested and jailed pending trial. They need not be abused slapped or tortured. Theft being a crime of moral turpitude, all that needs to be done to them is to put them in C class in jail and to treat them EXACTLY as per the dictates of the Jail Manual. If just this is done, the torrent of money that will issue from these people will become one of the modern wonders of the world for the voluntary return of looted wealth.
And all events, what will vitiate the entire process is, if the powers that be, begin playing favourites.
And the last thing we all expect is that the next elections are as absolutely fair, as it is humanly possible to make them.
P.S. Perhaps it will not be too much to draw the attention of the CJ to the fact that only Ahad Cheema among Punjab’s heavyweights is under detention and is being investigated. Perhaps he will concede to me that this is being too conservative.

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Of New Islamabad Airport

Incompetence is the Hallmark of the Corrupt Nawaz Sharif PML-N Government

Of New Islamabad Airport

Brig Rashid Wali Janjua

First visit to Islamabad Airport. Today was my first visit to the new airport as I was travelling to Karachi via PK 309. I started from Chaklala Scheme III at 16.45 hrs and reached the airport exactly after one hour of travelling on a Sunday when the traffic on Peshawar road and GT road was quite light. As we approached the airport the sight of wide approach road was reassuring. Suddenly I found a big queue of vehicles at two checkpoints which created a jam. So despite new facilities the ubiquitous traffic jam issue remained as it was on old Benazir Bhutto Airport. The new building of the airport presented a grand and spruced up look. Here at least was an international standard airport at Islamabad. As I entered the airport I beheld the red granite floor. While standing I closely examined and found chipped off edges of granite slabs, which was quite surprising as it indicated a poor workmanship. Apparently in hurry someone had compromised on workmanship. The queue for boarding pass was a horror story however. Quetta bound passengers were milling around all counters raising noises and entering in heated debate with the PIA booking staff. A plane bound for Quetta was diverted elsewhere and the Quetta flight now was at 11 pm. There was shortage of booking staff and the overworked and harried booking staff battled frequent internet breakdowns and communication problems. A seasoned staff member confided in me that due to sudden inauguration many services could not be fully developed a d especially communication equipment shortage like walkie-talkies etc was hurting the smooth operations. When I reached the booking gentleman he kept fidgeting with my ticket and his computer for good 15 minutes. After that he told me that since my ticket was economy premium and that the plane had been changed there was no premium economy and that I should contact my booking agent to upgrade my ticket to business class. The News was frustrating yet I went to another staff member and explained the problem. My travel agent meanwhile told me that since PIA ha changed the airplane to a 777 and failed to inform we needed to upgrade the ticket. I acquiesced. While this was being done suddenly the ticketing system went down with internet issues. Meanwhile I heard loud shouts by Quetta passengers who had started getting violent due to frustration. There were few counters and all overloaded with frequent computer breakdowns. Complete mayhem with harried looking booking staff and clueless coordination gentlemen presented an anachronistic scene for a newly inaugurated airport. Now when my ticketing issue was sorted out I was directed to finance desk to pay some amount. I moved around but found the finance guys absent! If I thought this was hilarious more was yet to come. The finance guy was frantically called on internet call bit the signals went down and no contact. Flight departure time meanwhile was approaching close and I was getting restless. After a tense wait of 15 minutes the cash guy sauntered in and I explained my requirement. He made few calls to get the right information as he was not aware of the ticket change dues payment procedure. After wasting a lot of time he finally informed me that there were no extra charges and that I could go. Relieved finally I dashed for Gate B1 to be precise for my inaugural flight from Islamabad Airport. After a lot of escalator movements we reached at the gate expecting to be led to the pedestrian bridge. No such luck however and this takes the cake. At the gate a forlorn yet spirited ASF guy informed us that we would have to wait for a bus to take us to the plane. I asked,”Where is the pedestrian bridge?” He replied matter of factly,”Sir, the pedestrian gate could not be operated as the Civil Aviation guy has gone away with the Key”. The passengers despite their discomfiture burst into guffaws. At least there was some redeeming feature in this disorder. Our flight took off 3xactly an hour late, nothing wrong with that since by PIA standards that was perfectly normal. 
Amid all this turmoil on the airport especially on the booking counters, there was one gentleman with the name of Harish Kumar and two ladies Maria and Bushra on the counters who were a picture of equanimity and handled all irate passengers with professional courtesy and a cool head. One felt for those nice souls caught up in an impossible situation. The overall impression was such that as if someone had deliberately conspired to create confusion on the airport.
I appeal to all concerned that if due to electoral expediency the premature inauguration was necessary all facilities and requisite should have been provided at the new airport. My humble suggestion is to suspend operations there for few months to get the complete staff and facilities operative and the flight operations are conducted from the old airport till then.

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Ch Munir’s Spider Web of Jagirdars-Industrialists-Connect Nawaz Sharif & General Naveed Mukhtar

Ch Munir’s Spider Web of Jagirdars-Industrialists-Connect Nawaz Sharif & General Naveed Mukhtar

Corridors of Powers interconnected through Marriages & Partnerships. 
Ch. Munir started from managing Property of Sheikh Zayd (rulers of Abu Dhabi) in Pakistan.
Then Ch. Munir’s sister was married to Sheikh Zayd of UAE.
Ch. Munir’s daughter married to Mian Aamir of Duniya TV and Punjab group of Colleges.
Ch. Munir’s Son married to Maryam Nawaz’s daughter.
Ch. Munir’s Sister-in-Law married to Corps Commander Karachi, Lt Gen Naveed Mukhtar, the new DG ISI.
Ch. Munir’s partner is Brig (R) Mukhtar, father of Lt Gen Naveed Mukhtar.
Ch. Munir is a contractor of new Islamabad Airport.

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معصوم زینب کے مبینہ قاتل عمران علی کے بارے میں چند معلومات

معصوم زینب کے مبینہ قاتل عمران علی کے بارے میں چند معلومات

شیئر کی ہیں۔ ان کی درستگی کی گارنٹی ہم نہیں دے سکتے مگر پبلک کی آگاہی کے لئے پیش ہیں۔ آپ سے تصدیق کو خوش آمدید کیا جائے گا۔ ۔ معصوم زینب کے مبینہ قاتل عمران علی کے بارے میں چند معلومات نام : عمران علی والد : ارشد پتہ : محلہ روڈ، کوٹ، قصور تاریخ پیدائش : 18 اپریل 1994 شناختی علامت : ٹھوڑی پر تل شناختی کارڈ نمبر : 3510274598347 ختم ہونے کی تاریخ : 22 اکتوبر 2022 موبائیل نمبرز : 03226528198 03238468153 03244358485 تفصیل خاندان نام رشتہ شناختی کارڈ نمبر تاریخ پیدائش پتہ ارشد والد 3510296099649 01-01-1967 محلہ روڈ کوٹ، قصور سلمیٰ بی بی والدہ 3510205215606 01-01-1970 ایضاَ نورین بہن 3510235138772 12-08-2006 ایضاَ فہد علی بھائی 3510263942477 21-10-2003 ایضاَ زہرش بہن 3510296717966 17-09-2001 ایضاَ عمران علی بھائی 3510275660635 18-04-1994 ایضاَ ثمرین بہن 3510235234722 06-08-2008 ایضاَ بنک اکا وْنٹس کی تفصیلات 1۔ وسیلہ بنک معلومات نا معلوم 2۔ الائیڈ بنک لمیٹڈ سنٹرالائیزڈ پروسسنگ گروپ، چھٹی منزل، ہیڈ آفس 3 اور 4 ، ٹیپو بلاک، نیو گارڈن ٹاوُن، لاہور 3۔ امیریکن ایکسپریس بنک ، اب جے ایس بنک کہلاتا ہے علامہ اقبال ٹاوٰن، لاہور 4۔ ایضاَ IBA سٹی کیمپس گارڈن،کیانی شہید روڈ برانچ، کراچی 5۔ ایضاَ جے ایس بنک، کنزیومر سنٹر، 15-S، گلبرگ II، لاہور 6۔ ایضاَ جے ایس بنک، 4-C، شاہ عالم مارکیٹ برانچ، لاہور 7۔ عسکری کمرشل بنک لیمیٹڈ عسکری بنک، بارہ کہو برانچ، اسلام آباد 8۔ ایضاَ ہیوی انڈسٹریز، ٹیکسلا 9۔ ایضاَ ہائی سٹریٹ، ساہیوال 10۔ بنک الفلاح لمیٹڈ 15-C/16-C،غلہ منڈی، ہارون آباد 11۔ ایضاَ 47-B-1، بلاک 10،اکبر چوک، ٹاوٰن شپ، لاہور 12۔ ایضاَ F-8، مرکز برانچ، اسلام آباد- شاپ نمبر 2 و 3،البابر سنٹر، ایف 8 مرکز، اسلام آباد 13۔ ایضاَ کریڈٹ کارڈ ڈویژن، 8th فلور، بزنس ایوینیو، شاہراہ فیصل، کراچی 14 ایضاَ پیر ودھائی روڈ برانچ، راولپنڈی، Z.B-7128، مین پیرودہائی روڈ نزد میلینیم سی این جی، راوالپنڈی 15۔ ایضاَ پلاٹ نمبر 7، سروے نمبر 35P/1، سروے نمبر 7، بلاک 3، کراچی کوآپریٹو ہاوٰسنگ سوسائیٹیز یونین لیمیٹڈ 16 ایضاَ تاج چوک، مینگورہ، سوات 17 بینک الحبیب 5-F، مین بلیوارڈ، گلشن راوی، لاہور 18 ایضاَ عوامی کمپلیکس، 1-4 عثمان بلاک، فرنٹ بلاک 5 19۔ بینک آف پنجاب 15-C، جی سی پی کوآپریٹو ہاوٰسنگ سوسائیٹی، لاہور 20۔ ایضاَ 20-C، گلشن راوی، لاہور 21 ایضاَ قصور 6811321/6817321 22۔ ایضاَ خسرا نمبر 7520، 7521، 8068، بالمقابل ریسکیو 1122 بلڈنگ، 23۔ حبیب بنک لیمیٹڈ اینٹی منی لانڈرنگ ڈیپارٹمنٹ، 5th حبیب بینک پلازہ، آئی آئی چندریگر روڈ، کراچی 24۔ کاشف مائیکرو فائیننس بینک لیمیٹڈ 387-E، جوہر ٹاوٰن، لاہور 25۔ خوشحالی بنک شجاع آباد 26۔ مسلم کمرشل بنک ریلوے روڈ، وزیر آباد، گجرانوالہ 27۔ نیشنل بینک آف پاکستان قلعہ شیخوپورہ، سول لائینز، شیخوپورہ 28۔ ایضاَ چک نمبر 224/RB، وارث پورہ برانچ، فیصل آباد 29۔ ایضاَ ڈسٹرکٹ کورٹ چوک حسین آگاہی، ملتان 30۔ ایضاَ لاہور ایسٹ، 042-9211208-9211233 31۔ ایضاَ مین بازار پبی، ڈسٹرکٹ نوشہرہ 32 ایضاَ مین بازار، بہاولنگر 33 ایضاَ مین بازار، جھنگ ڈسٹرکٹ، جھنگ 34۔ ایضاَ مین برانچ، مردان 35۔ ایضاَ مین برانچ، سمندری، فیصلآباد 36۔ ایضاَ مین برانچ، میانوالی، 369 37۔ ایضاَ ،کرا ٹاوٰن برانچ، میرپور، آزاد کشمیر 38۔ ایضاَ مظفر آباد 058810-32065 39 ایضاَ ریجنل آفس، بینک روڈ،صدر، راولپنڈی 40۔ ایضاَ صفدر آباد، احمد پور 41۔ ایضاَ تحصیل روڈ برانچ، چنیوٹ 42۔ نیٹ ورک مائیکرو فائیننس بینک لیمیٹڈ اورنگی ٹاوٰن برانچ، LS-8، سیکٹر 12، کراچی 43۔ سلک بینک پرائیویٹ، لیمیٹڈ ایمان اسلامک بینکنگ، پلاٹ نمبر 64، سیکٹر E، جناح بلیوارڈ 44۔ ایضاَ پلاٹ نمبر 18-C، کاغان روڈ، ایف ایٹ مرکز، اسلام آباد 45۔ ایضاَ پلاٹ نمبر 25-D، ایف الیون مرکز، اسلام آباد 46۔ ایضاَ خیام چوک، گلبرگ پارک 47۔ سنہری بینک لیمیٹڈ چک نمبر 470 جی بی، گوجرہ منڈی، تحصیل گوجرہ، ٹوبہ ٹیک سنگھ 48۔ ایضاَ خسرہ نمبر 2056، خاتونی نمبر 556، خیوٹ 317، بالمقابل نیشنل بنک 49۔ ایضاَ سی او کے، 5th فلور، الرحیم ٹاور، آئی آئی چندریگر روڈ، کراچی 50۔ سٹینڈرڈ چارٹرڈ بینک ایس سی بی، 6th فلور، پی آر سی ٹاور، نزد پورٹ گرینڈ ہوٹل، کراچی 51۔ یو مائیکرو فائیننس بینک لیمیٹڈ 2nd فلور، رضیہ شریف پلازہ، بلیو ایریا، اسلام آباد

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Disastrous decade of democracy sorry state of the state-Al Pakistan by Simon Templar

Disastrous decade of democracy sorry state of the state-Al Pakistan


Simon Templar

Thug life is a term used by gangsters to glorify their law breaking,heady crime sprees.

Nothing describes the misrule of two successive, so called democratically elected governments in the unstable, underdeveloped 200 million strong south Asian state of Pakistan.

How thieves, plunderers and freebooters came to rule this nuclear armed state is a sad tale in itself.

Ruled by military General Pervez Musharraf who took over in a military coup in 1999, the country became a close US ally after 9/11 and witnessed an era of growth and stability under military rule.

However when Musharaf reached his limits of flexibility, it was decided by the US and British to force him bring back the two tainted, condemned political leaders in exile and to wash away all their sins under a dubious order in the name of national reconciliation.

As in the Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, there was also a hungry, eager, more flexible General waiting in the Wings to replace him, and Deputy Chief Kayani used Military intelligence and a judges restoration movement to cripple the erstwhile strongman, now out of favor with the US.

A final thumbs down from the US Ambassador compelled Musharraf to resign and after the mysterious, unsolved murder of Benazir Bhutto, her thuggish husband, the upstart, criminal uneducated, corrupt and much reviled Asif Zardari came to power.

The deal with the West was that we bring you back, wash away your past sins and you squeeze the Army.

The game began and new Chief Kayani turned a blind eye, as he had brought the devil to sup at the table and was also busy improving his impoverished families financial condition.

So well did this team work that General Kayani got an unprecedented 3 year second term, Zardari became a billionaire, Kayani from rags to millionaire and the country went to the dogs.

The US with its two boys in place, in charge of the Presidency and military, violated Pakistani sovereignty and physical boundaries at will, using drones, choppers, covert assassin’s and whatever they chose.

As per the unholy charter of kleptocracy, Sharif kept silent during Zardari’s plunder and he returned the favor after Sharif took over in 2013








Simple math, over invoice $ 50 billion of Chinese funded projects-whether needed or not- by ten percent, sign sovereign guarantees, leave future generations to pay off horrifying debts and pocket 5% off the top!

Walk away with a cool $ 2.5 billion dollars.Astonishingly simple as it is audacious.

Where Zardari was a street thug, looting millions, for ing neighbors to sell their properties on the cheap, the plunderers from Punjab, whose father made pots and cooking utensils with his bare hands are now certified dollar billionaires thanks to massive bank defaults,and international cuts commissions and kickbacks.

Wow! Wonderful, just one mistake…Sharif, egged on by vicious anti military Advisers like Junior Minister for Foreign Affairs Syed Tariq Fatimi, kept on targeting the by now restive and powerful Pakistan military.








The leakage of information pertaining to thousands of offshore companies incorporated in Panama signalled the end for the strangely absent Sharif regime.

Perhaps the most corrupt and worse administered government in the history of Pakistan..certainly the most hypocritical.

Destroying the civil service structure, promoting nepotism, turning state servants especially in the Punjab into glorified pimps and facilitators.


Nawaz Sharif ‘s Well Hidden Taliban Connection-Taliban did Nawaz Sharif’s Dirty Work-While, US looked the Other Way-Rana Sanaulla, Nawaz Sharif’s  Killer Interior Minister Connected to Punjabi Taliban








One poor martied lady was famously peddled by her husband out to Sharif, then his younger brother and in turn was rewarded with top administrative positions for his immoral shamelessness.

Functioning without statutory, mandated positions such as State Ombudsman, National Tax Collector, Head of the Audit Service and even without the Governor of the State Bank.

Burgeoning debt,increasingly hostile borders, declining exports, a dysfunctional government, falling stock market and collapsing currency could not shake Sharif out of his stupor.

On the ropes, with his family corruption the main story in every paper, every channel and on social media, he chose to plod on shamelessly, trying one corrupt lawyer after another in a futile attempt to cover his tracks.

Described as a sicilian mafiosi by the worthy judges of the top constitutional court, Sharif scraped the bottom of the barrel, hiring the immoral Raja Salman Akram, known to have defended Zardaris drug dealing Prime Minister, all to no avail.

Functioning without a Foreign minister for four years, and appointing idiots as top envoys, the joke is on Sharif as he is now left with no friends to bail him out as before.

His Saudi patrons distanced themselves from their pet poodle after Sharif was unable to prevail upon his military who very sensibly refused to go and fight alongside Saudi troops in Yemen.

Indians and Americans have realised he cannot dominate his military and the Turks and Chinese know him and his tribe as crooked, slimy money grabbers.

Despite holding office for years, Sharif has paid no attention to healthcare, education, rule of law or job creation, focusing purely on shady, unnecessary projects providing easy kickbacks.

Now decades of money laundering, defaulted bank loans and millions in off shore accounts and overseas properties stand to be exposed for what they are, the loot and plunder from 190 million poor uneducated helpless souls who are forced to sell or kill their children due to lack of justice, poverty and a gloomy future.

The question is how will things unfold? Will the shameless, immoral, hypocritical kleptocrats escape yet again to lick their wounds and enjoy their boots abroad or shall they deservedly meet the fate of another erstwhile billionaire, the late unlamented Colonel Qaddafi who died bloodied and screaming in the street as his engeful subjects beat him to death?

The author is a geostrategist based in Brussels.

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