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Where Are We? by S.M.K.Durrani












Indian spy admitting involvement in Balochistan insurgency

What we know so far about Indian Terrorism Mastermind Gulbushan Jadhav in Balochistan:

He is the contact man for Anil Kumar Gupta, the joint secretary of RAW, and his other operatives in Pakistan

His was tasked to disrupt development of CPEC, with Gwadar port as a special target

Jadhav is still a serving officer in the Indian Navy and will be due for retirement in 2022

He started carrying out intelligence based operations in 2002 and in 2003 established a small business in Chabahar, Iran

Jadhav directed various activities in Karachi and Balochistan at the behest of RAW

He was involved in activities of ‘anti-national or terrorist nature’

Seems like it always takes a tragedy before an operation is started. Whatever happened with karachi operation?

What happened to interior Sindh operation?

And now Punjab. These are protocols and passive steps.

All elites and influential always manages to flee the country.

This will keep on happening until or unless root cause is addressed.

Killing/arresting militants will not solve anything.

There is no shortage of recruits.

Now they’re handling this situation in the proper way.

These terrorists and religious parties need to be given a clear message that they got no place in new Pakistan.

Decisions are been taken by military leadership and Leading is by NS?

Civil government proved themselves a failure in all the departments.

The only solution given by civil leadership to every problem is Army…

Just take example of couple a days ago…

Islamabad controlled by Army.,

Lahore controlled by Army.

Where do u see NS leading the nation?

come on man…


Sick or Alive is




This Govt has broken all records of corruption, nepotism, selfishness, borrowing loans, sorry state of state institutions, falling standards of education, law and order situation and many many more things where this Govt is a complete failure.

PPP last Govt had all kind of evils in it and they did not leave any chance to destroy our Great country but when i compare both Govt I realized one thing PPP did as we know about them but PML-N did exactly opposite to what they preach.

They have lost their reputation in the eyes of this corrupt nation and it will NOT reflect in the next election.





Only manufacturer of a machine knows how to fix it best….

I’ll wait for results first before raising any hope for peace.

NS has been doing only reactive leadership, he is not proactive. They should have started the operation in Punjab long back. But just to save their own corruption they delayed it till Army announced the operation.

NS addresses are the failed attempt to cover up, now they are giving a second try to make people believe that ARMY and Government are on same page.

What a MASS mess!

Meetings after meetings and when they get comfortable enemy takes advantage.

Real criminals is our corrupt government they can do anything to destabilize Pakistan .

As a nation majority of us are reactive, not proactive, in dealing with the challenges.

Rest are mentally IMPOTENT ,

As fed & Nurtured


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Simplicity. If only other high-ups could learn such basics!

Greatness of Singapore – Instead of a huge wastage in State Dinner, Singapore PM hosts PM Modi in Komala Villas, a popular eatery in Singapore – a couple of vadas and chutney. This shows how to build a great economy by avoiding unnecessary extravaganza and pomp


​ ​

Isa Daudpota

Compare With Nawaz Sharif’s Life Style
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I was only three when I came to Pakistan from India in the company of my late parents in 1947 . My parents and other elders of the family had mixed memories in retrospect some very sweet .But others were very bitter scenes of Partition . My forefathers enjoyed a good and settled life in India.

However , Pakistan became the only home I have known in my life . I have never looked back . My family and I found love here : within the family , in our friends’ homes , in schools , colleges or universities , in hospitals . Nor do I feel any desire to visit India unlike those who write about their visits in ‘’Aman Ki Asha’ to each others’ countries though I read every bit about ‘Aman Ki Asha ‘ . Through the course of my life I have travelled and seen many countries both in the east and the west , Pakistan remains my cherished land . Pakistan always remains in my prayers . I wish the best for it . My family , both immediate and extended , and my friends , will bear my out that I wish that the country must remain a peaceful and a prosperous one .My parents taught me the dignity of honest hard work and achievements through it. However , like others less fortunate , my children and I faced discrimination for most of our lives .

Had the Muslims not struggled under the indomitable determination of Mr. Jinnah , they would have always been in minority in India on the basis of one man one vote . However , after achieving Independence , that great expectations have evaporated whether the form of government was secular , religious , parliamentary or presidential or military . The ride has not been very smooth .

Immediately after partition , Pakistan lost two important leaders viz. Mr. Jinnah and Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan . Had they lived , the mission for which they struggled would have been placed on even keel.

After of the death of Mr.Jinnah , a controversy started whether he wanted a secular Pakistan which still continues . While most governments in Pakistan and its machinery are inclined towards secularism , an overwhelming majority has a Muslim bent of mind . The liberals quoted his speech made on August 11 , 1947 , three days before the country’s independence , to support their contention . Mr. Jinnah , towards the end of his speech said

“ You are free to go to your temples. You are free to go to your mosques “

Over the years , the many religious parties or groups , big or small , have muddied the waters. .While a couple of them managed to win some seats in each elections , they have never succeeded to form governments independently . However , their antics annoyed much of the educated middle classes . The youth is thoroughly disenchanted and allergic to them. As a reaction to them , they veered to the opposite direction , the girls wearing jeans and tops and the boys wearing bracelets and strange hair dos . In the absence of an example , they are directionless . In one instance , a young girl disembarked from a chauffeur driven elegant car in a Rawalpindi Cantonment market wearing a dress of see through material .My family and I were shopping there . I remembered Maulana Azad’s prophesy that the youth will turn against Islam particularly in the environment of less ‘dos’ and more ‘donts’. The youth do not have an example for them to follow . Dr. Israr Ahmed , Dr. Zakir Naik and some others are good . The people trust their knowledge and their wisdom .But their circles are limited . Only Dr. Zakir Naik has his own TV Channel .

Each group ,who claim to work for the spreading Islam , live in the own cast iron shell . Some of the members sell their soul to the devil very cheaply in exchange of small gifts of this world . At least five times a day , we ask Allah to show the right path . However , the moment we leave he mosque or our houses , we step into another realm , the realm of Satan , the realm of evil where there is business as usual . If prayers (Salaat ) provides guidance to reform oneself and become a good human being , why are we all going in the opposite direction . Allah’s Commandments cannot be wrong . We must know ourselves: analyse ourselves . Let us admit that we stink . We are morally bankrupt . I am also confused . I am only a commoner.

A delegation from the Export Development of Canada and I were to meet the Joint Secretary (Law) , Mr. Bashir Jehangiri ( before he was elevated to the Bench) at 1 PM . When we arrived at his room , we were told that he was preoccupied with the Law Secretary . We waited for one hour . Meanwhile the call to prayer had been answered by the faithful . Since this was October , the congregation had been arranged in the lawns outside the Pakistan Secretariat . One of the members of the raised a pertinent question pointing towards the two prayer congregations standing very close to each other . I lowered my head in great shame . I said only one word in reply :EGO”. If Allah is one , the Holy Quran is one and the Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) is one , there is no reason why Islam should not be one and why the prayer congregation should not be one . Beats logic .

Are Muslims belonging to India , North or South America , South Africa or Tibet inferior to the Muslims of Pakistan . Before partition of the Sub Continent , in the 1920s , 1930s and 1940s , the slogan was Hindi- Muslim bhai bhai . However , after the emergence of Pakistan and within our boundaries , we cant get along with others who might have a different opinion viz. East Pakistan . Why and when did we become opinionated ? Within our immediate families , the father or the mother or real brothers or sisters do not talk to each other . Is it “ Allah Ka Azab “ for our meanness ? Things have become so odious that we were not able to build the Kalabagh Dam and other dams despite our fears of water scarcity in the future years .

A country with high hopes is lagging behind in virtually field in the comity of nations despite being Muslim and which has the Holy Quran to show the right and despite having courageous soldiers and hard working men and women. This is a food for thought for each one of us .

A labourer , who works in a house nearby and who visits my house frequently at night to fetch water for drinking , does not wear warm clothes in this harsh Islamabad weather . On my asking him , he told me that he did not have warm clothes . Allah forbids ,If he falls ill , he might not have money for his treatment .

We never tire from quoting the example of the great Caliph Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) who said that he fears Allah’s wrath if a dog goes hungry on the banks of the River Euphrates . What about this man , this poor labourer , and thousands of others like him who go to bed hungry . According to one estimate , 60% people in Pakistan live below the poverty line . Many families have been compelled to commit suicide because they have no means to feed their children .

Islam is an universal religion . It cannot be confined within the narrow state boundaries . One can live a decent life anywhere in the world without trespassing the limits ordained by Allah , if He Wills. Unfortunately most of us have missed the essence of our deen . Islam teaches discipline .Our Prayers , our Fasts and our Haj all teaches discipline . I liked the pictures of people waiting to board a ferry in New Zealand and the street scenes of Dublin .

Allah’s angels were enough for His Commandments to be fulfilled . But He made man superior to the angels and bestowed upon him the ability to distinguish between virtue and evil so that he should strive to promote virtue and to make every effort to eliminate evil within his sphere of influence .

“ We must learn to live together as brothers or we are going to perish as fools” . Dr. Martin Luther King .

Mahfooz ur Rahman


December 17 , 2013         


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Baat to such hai Per baat hai ruswai ki

Baat to such hai                                                                                       Per baat hai  ruswai ki
مہر عباسی کا حکمرانوں کے منہ پر طمانچہ۔۔۔

‫مہر عباسی کا حکمرانوں کے منہ پر طمانچہ۔۔۔مہر عباسی کا حکمرانوں کے منہ پر طمانچہ۔۔۔ یہ ویڈیو دیکھن…


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Zardari’s & Nawaz Sharif’s Corruption highlighted in Raymond Baker’s book on Dirty Money

Zardari’s & Nawaz Sharif’s Corruption highlighted in Raymond Baker’s book on Dirty Money

Raymond Baker in his book Capitalism’s Achilles Heel: Dirty Money and How to Renew the Free-Market System tried to understand the dynamics of how dirty money works, in his book he elaborately covers the Corruption in Pakistan and takes a swing at both Benazir Bhutto & Nawaz Sharif to say [Credit @Aleem_Ashraf]
Corruption and criminality run from the top down, with the political class constantly looting the national treasury and distorting economic policy for personal gain. Bank loans are granted largely on the basis of status and connections. The rich stash much of their money abroad in those willing western coffers, while exhibiting little inclination to repay their rupee borrowings. Pakistan’s recent history has been dominated by two families—the Bhuttos and the Sharifs—both merely tolerated by the military, the real power in the country. When it comes to economic destruction, there’s not a lot of difference among the three.
Pages 82-85 of the book cover the section on Nawaz Sharif: 
Nawaz Sharif became a director and cultivated relations with senior military officers. This led to his appointment as finance minister of Punjab and then election as chief minister of this most populous province in 1985.
While Benazir Bhutto hated the generals for executing her father, Nawaz Sharif early on figured out that they held the real power in Pakistan. His father had established a foundry in 1939 and, together with six brothers, had struggled for years only to see their business nationalized by Ali Bhutto’s regime in 1972. This sealed decades of enmity between the Bhuttos and the Sharifs. Following the military coup and General Zia’s assumption of power, the business—Ittefaq—was returned to family hands in 1980.  During the 1980s and early 1990s, given Sharif ’s political control of Punjab and eventual prime ministership of the country, Ittefaq Industries grew from its original single foundry into 30 businesses producing steel, sugar, paper, and textiles, with combined revenues of $400 million, making it one of the biggest private conglomerates in the nation. As in many other countries, when you control the political realm, you can get anything you want in the economic realm.
With Lahore, the capital of Punjab, serving as the seat of the family’s power, one of the first things Sharif did upon becoming prime minister in 1990 was build his long-dreamed-of superhighway from there to the capital,Islamabad. Estimated to cost 8.5 billion rupees, the project went through two biddings. Daewoo of Korea, strengthening its proposals with midnight meetings, was the highest bidder both times, so obviously it won the contract and delivered the job at well over 20 billion rupees.
A new highway needs new cars. Sharif authorized importation of 50,000 vehicles duty free, reportedly costing the government $700 million in lost customs duties. Banks were forced to make loans for vehicle purchases to would-be taxi cab drivers upon receipt of a 10 percent deposit. Borrowers got their “Nawaz Sharif cabs,” and some 60 percent of them promptly defaultedThis left the banks with $500 million or so in unpaid loans. Vehicle dealers reportedly made a killing and expressed their appreciation in expected ways. Under Sharif, unpaid bank loans and massive tax evasion remained the favorite ways to get rich. Upon his loss of power the usurping government published a list of 322 of the largest loan defaulters, representing almost $3 billion out of $4 billion owed to banks. Sharif and his family were tagged for $60 million. The Ittefaq Group went bankrupt in 1993 when Sharif lost his premiership the first time. By then only three units in the group were operational, and loan defaults of the remaining companies totaled some 5.7 billion rupees, more than $100 million.
Like Bhutto, offshore companies have been linked to Sharif, three in the British Virgin Islands by the names of Nescoll, Nielson, and Shamrock and another in the Channel Islands known as Chandron Jersey Pvt. Ltd. Some of these entities allegedly were used to facilitate purchase of four rather grand flats on Park Lane in London, at various times occupied by Sharif family members. Reportedly, payment transfers were made to Banque Paribas en Suisse, which then instructed Sharif ’s offshore companies Nescoll and Nielson to purchase the four luxury suites.
In her second term, Benazir Bhutto had Pakistan’s Federal Investigating Agency begin a probe into the financial affairs of Nawaz Sharif and his family. The probe was headed by Rehman Malik, deputy director general of the agency. Malik had fortified his reputation earlier by aiding in the arrest of Ramzi Yousef, mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. During Sharif ’s second term, the draft report of the investigation was suppressed, Malik was jailed for a year, and later reportedly survived an assassination attempt, after which he fled to London. The Malik report, five years in the making, was released in 1998, with explosive revelations:
The records, including government documents, signed affidavits from Pakistani officials, bank files and property records, detail deals that Mr. Malik says benefited Mr. Sharif, his family and his political associates:
  • At least $160 million pocketed from a contract to build a highway from Lahore, his home town, to Islamabad, the nation’s capital.
  • At least $140 million in unsecured loans from Pakistan’s state banks.
  • More than $60 million generated from government rebates on sugar exported by mills controlled by Mr. Sharif and his business associates.
  • At least $58 million skimmed from inflated prices paid for imported wheat from the United States and Canada. In the wheat deal, Mr. Sharif ’s government paid prices far above market value to a private company owned by a close associate of his in Washington, the records show. Falsely inflated invoices for the wheat generated tens of millions of dollars in cash.
The report went on to state that “The extent and magnitude of this corruption is so staggering that it has put the very integrity of the country at stake.” In an interview, Malik added: “No other leader of Pakistan has taken that much money from the banks. There is no rule of law in Pakistan. It doesn’t exist.”
What brought Sharif down in his second term was his attempt to acquire virtually dictatorial powers. In 1997 he rammed a bill through his compliant parliament requiring legislators to vote as their party leaders directed. In 1998 he introduced a bill to impose Sharia law (Muslim religious law) across Pakistan, with himself empowered to issue unilateral directives in the name of Islam. In 1999 he sought to sideline the army by replacing Chief of Staff Pervez Musharraf with a more pliable crony. He forgot the lessons he had learned in the 1980s: The army controls Pakistan and politicians are a nuisance. As Musharraf was returning from Sri Lanka, Sharif tried to sack him in midair and deny the Pakistan International Airways flight with 200 civilians on board landing rights in Karachi. Musharraf radioed from the aircraft through Dubai to his commander in Karachi, ordering him to seize the airport control tower, accomplished as the plane descended almost out of fuel. Musharraf turned the tables and completed his coup, and Sharif was jailed.

But Sharif had little to fear. This, after all, is Pakistan. Musharraf needed to consolidate his power with the generals, and Sharif knew details about the corruption of most of the brass. Obviously, it is better to tread lightly around the edges of your peer group’s own thievery. So Musharraf had Sharif probed, tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison, but then in 2000 exiled him to Saudi Arabia. Twenty-two containers of carpets and furniture followed, and, of course, his foreign accounts remained mostly intact. Ensconced in a glittering palace in Jeddah, he is described as looking “corpulent” amidst “opulent” surroundings. Reportedly, he and Benazir Bhutto even have an occasional telephone conversation, perhaps together lamenting how unfair life has become.

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