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Nawaz Sharif’s villainous face is now visible on every billboard in Lahore and rest of the Punjab. His US patrons his patrons have anointed him as the next Prime Minister of Pakistan, under a Zardari Presidency.


Zardari and Nawaz Sharif have direct phone contacts via special PTCL “Hotline,” which cannot be monitored by MI or ISI.  


The coward of Kargil and wannabe singer, brother Shahbaz Sharif, have wasted billions of dollars on projects like Metro Bus.


These are gimmicks to win election and are done to fill the pockets of contractors like Malik Riaz, who is not only the Sharif Brothers Banker and Patron, but also advises them on their extensive investment in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.  


Pakistan’s 200 million poor people are the victims of Sharif Brothers financial scams. They have divided Pakistan into commercial zones of interest.  Punjab is under Sharif brother’s interest, while Sindh is under Zardari’s fiefdom.


Unknown-17Wasteful and grandiose projects and gimmicks are being launched in hope of winning elections and part of pre-poll rigging.


The Election Commission under Grand Father Time and PPP, PML (N) Jiayalas is impotent.


Shahbaz Sharif is not creative enough to innovate projects like the Metrobus. He picks these ideas up during his junkets abroad in the secret company of such “entrepreneurs” as Malik Riaz.


Malik Riaz’s fingerprints are in all development projects in Punjab and Karachi. In all these projects, either Zardari or the Sharif brothers are partner. Pakistani people are the ones, who are the biggest losers in the end. Even, the money made from these projects is in foreign bank accounts of Sharif brothers, Zardari, and Malik Riaz.


Imran Khan has already been side lined, as the Army under Gen.Kayani has agreed to Nawaz Sharif another shot at Prime Minister ship. NAWAZ SHARIF WON, PAKISTAN LOST.


I still weep on Nawaz Sharif’s coward act during Kargil war when he pulled back the forces at the turning point of war that would have resolved Kashmir issue once and for all. Now due to that retreat India is punishing us by drying our rivers by building many dams on our waters. Shame on the coward so-called leader, the incompetent and corrupt Nawaz Sharif.



Questions to Sharif about his assets and his properties. The questions were:__ ____


1. Raymond Baker, an international renowned author, wrote in his book that Nawaz Sharif did corruption worth $417 million. The book says that Nawaz Sharif took a commission of $160 million from Daewoo for the motorway which was recently made. If Baker had made a false allegation, then why did you not initiate a case against him?__ __


2. You bought four apartments in Mayfair worth more than Rs1 billion. Now their value has gone up to Rs4.5 billion. Where did you get the money from?__ __


3. In 1994, you stated your income as Rs150,000 and you gave a tax of Rs14,000. If this is your income, then how did you buy a property in Mayfair?_


4. You took a loan from Al Taufiq Bank worth $30 million and then you defaulted it. They took you to court and attached your property. From where did you get the money to pay back those $30 million?__ __


5. Ishaq Dar gave an affidavit saying that Nawaz Sharif did money laundering by opening a fictitious account by the name of Qazi family in London. The BBC did a film on that too.__ __


6. You took a loan worth Rs6 billion from Pakistani banks and you had them defaulted.

7.Did you return back the loan?__ __


What they have been able to deliver. 

1) 2000 Elite Guards for Sharif Family……………………………….. Yes 
2) Controls over Sugar Prices by Sharif Family Industries. ……….Yes 
3) Extra Judicial Killings. …………………………………………….Yes. 
4) Riwand Road for Sharif Family………………………………….. Yes. 
5) Laptop Purchase from Hamza Shabaz Friend. …………………Yes 
6) Gas Pipe Line to Humza’s Cottage instead of town . …………….Yes. 
7) 32 Billion Stolen from Punjab Budget No reply for 3 years Auditor General Punjab. Yes 
8) Billions syphoned off in Sasta Rotti Scheme………………………. Yes 
9) Danish Schools contract to Hamza’s Friend……………………… Yes 
10) Model Homes Scheme to Malik Raiz………………………….. Yes 
11) Bullet Proof Car from Malik Raiz to Hamza …………………….. Yes



NAWAZ SHARIF a.k.a “Kashmiri Thurkee,” and his Sexual Harassment Stories


Mian Nawaz Sharif’s Flirtation with the Journalist Kim Barker


 , 12-Apr-2012 at 03:30 PM (984 Views)

Kim Barker was formerly the South Asian correspondent for the Chicago Tribune who resided in New Delhi and covered India, Pakistan and Afghanistan political affairs. She is also a writer and a speaker about issues she covers in her journalistic assignments. Currently she is the Edward R. Murrow fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and does freelance work at various reputable publications. She can be contacted here.

After the Mumbai Attacks in 2008, she wanted to go to Faridkot. For the exact location of which Faridkot (there are three in Pakistan named the same) she should check to get further information on Ajmal Kasab, she contacted the premier leader of Punjab and the current President of the PML-N, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif himself. She was shocked with the experience she went through when during the interview instead of answering her questions properly he asked certain personal questions from her, including whether she currently has any “boy-friend”. To this she replied that she had one earlier, but currently she is not in a relationship. Since she was requested to turn off the tape-recorder she had, her words are the only source to cling to this story and considering the track-record of both of these concerned people, anyone should not step back in siding with Kim Barker on this.

Nawaz offered to hook her up with either of the two people he thought she might get interested in. Then it turned out he was trying to place himself in the spot for her. He also tried to give her an iPhone to remain in constant immediate contact with her personally. She declined accepting it because she knew what it all meant and did not want any further trouble being a professional journalist. She shared this entire experience in her 302 page-book “The Taliban Shuffle – Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan” which was published by Doubleday and was in bookstores on March 14, 2011. But this book mysteriously got missing in Pakistan according to Mubashir Luqman, the host on Express News, who covered the case in one of his programmes.

To prove that this whole incident has been made up, the only option that Nawaz thought of availing was never to address the issue. No journalist could have dared ask him directly this question, because everyone who appears in front of him in press conferences or during interviews has been warned not to put him in a tough light since he will fail as a ‘hero’ he pretends to be. Even if he were to be approached to clear himself on the matter, he will straightly deny it. He is comfortable in his political diatribe only.

First of all, Kim Barker being an established journalist does not need to lie about such an incident to make money or to gain fame as she clearly is secured in both of these aspects in her life. Secondly, she does not need to make up any of the stories to defame Nawaz Sharif, because as a professional, she knows how important it is not to take side and be neutral. Her credentials speak for her more than anything else. Also, she was never sued for revealing the incident hence this speaks volumes in itself.

You can see the entire interview on YouTube, click here.

Hence, the happenings of the case being true, it is in fact, proven that Nawaz Sharif, being an ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, someone who had been elected twice to the highest office of the Pakistani government, will not keep in mind the culture of the country he so very much wants to rule just so that he can fill his foreign bank accounts further. Keeping no bounds in sight, he even put at risk the security of Pakistan when he went into those pathetic personal conversations rather than sticking to the subject of how both India and Pakistan are victims of terrorism in their own ways.

The bravery that Kim Barker has shown knowing the risk she is putting herself under while revealing these details in her book is applauding. Had she not done that, no one would have known that Nawaz Sharif, who calls himself a true leader of the Punjabis and of the entire Pakistan, is hallow of any decent character. The people of Punjab need to open their eyes to realize that they have been deceived so many times and it is about time that they get rid of these leeches. Nawaz and his cronies are not worthy of being politicians of this land. Even incarcerating them is of no good and for them self-exile is a better luxury. He has been also known for ruining the marriage of Naeem Bokhari maintaining contacts with Tahira Syed. He has also been linked with Dilshad Begum, an Indian singer and the sister of Feroz Khan.

Behaving in such a lewd manner with a lady of foreign origin means that he not only put at risk his own image which he cherishes so much and protects going to extreme levels, but he jeopardized the honour of the Pakistani nation. Such people who bring shame to the country and its people ought to be thrown out of any public service and public office and should be declared ineligible for life to hold any office in the government and certainly not the highest seat of the country’s leadership. The politics of PLM-N led by the Sharif brothers has been known to be anti-other parties and politicians. They tend to stand against what others are doing rather than stand for anything. The issues they claim to support are just to deliver speeches without any honesty in fulfilling their words. Especially targeting PTI’s Imran Khan on his conduct of character, the Sharif brothers and their party goons have forgotten what their own personal history behind closed doors has been.

Acting in such an irresponsible way without thinking about the consequences is an evidence of the corrupt power they enjoy. They know no one can harm them despite their wrongdoings, because for the past three decades, no one has succeeded in putting them behind bars. Knowing that he can get away, Nawaz did what was in his nature and character to do. Kim Barker exposed the real Nawaz once and for all. This incident should not be forgotten and especially remembered while casting the vote.

This message especially goes to our brothers in Punjab for whom the Sharif brothers claim to be representative. Think of Pakistan and Pakistani nation first as responsible nationals. Do not carry the burden of immoral acts by the self-interested politicians who can only loot the resources and in a way defile the country and its land only. Not curbing out crimes against women in Pakistan has consequences in the politicians also indulging in mistreatment of women.


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