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Pakistan Loan Rat Defaulter No:3 :  West Pakistan Tank Terminal-: PAY BACK OUR MONEY


According to the National Accountability Bureau reference, the NDFC had approved a financial facility of Rs 40 million in 1994 in favour of M/s West Pakistan Tanks Terminal (Pvt) Ltd as a trade finance facility. 

Subsequently, the facility was converted into working capital funds for the purchase of molasses to be exported abroad and was disbursed in January 1995. Abbasi, the then NDFC chairman, collaborating with sponsors Sadaruddin Ganji, his son Hasham Sarduddin Ganji, Saleem Dawood and Sajid Ahmed of M/s West Pakistan Tanks Terminal, allegedly committed numerous procedural and processing irregularities while granting the financial facilities. 

The NDFC itself made inquiries into the matter with the consultation of M/s Raza Kazim Associates. The NDFC then requested legal action against Abbasi, as the loan amount was still outstanding, and an FIR (40/1997) was registered against the accused in July 1997. 

Previously, the court had issued warrants under Section 88 (attachment of property of person absconding) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) against Abbasi, Hasham Ganji and Saleem Dawood, who were declared absconders.

The investigation officer then submitted a report to the court under Section 87 (proclamation for person absconding) of the CrPC regarding the arrest of the absconders. The other co-accused, Sardruddin Ganji, was released on bail while Sajid Ahmed was remanded in judicial custody. On January 15, the court indicted both the co-accused on corruption charges. They, however, pleaded not guilty and opted to contest the case.



KARACHI, Feb 7: The Sindh High Court on Tuesday admitted an appeal filed by Sadruddin Ganji, a business tycoon, against his conviction in a graft reference.

A division bench headed by Justice Maqbool Baqar issued a notice to the prosecutor of the National Accountability Bureau and put off the hearing to Feb 22.

The appellant was sentenced to seven years in prison and a fine of Rs1 million was imposed on him on Feb 2 by an accountability court that found him guilty of defaulting on the financial facilities he had.

According to the verdict, the prosecution through the evidence placed in court proved that the accused had obtained loan facilities from a private bank and upon non-repayment, the bank filed a recovery suit in the high court, which issued a decree to the amount of Rs657.635 million with 21 per cent markup.

According to the reference (12/2007) filed by the National Accountability Bureau, Sindh, Sardaruddin Ganji and his son Hashim Ganji of West Pakistan Tank Terminal obtained financial facilities worth Rs250 million from a private bank in 1996 for their firm, which was set up to import palm oil, export molasses and store stock in tank terminals. However, it said, the accused remained unable to pay back the loan.

The charge-sheet filed by NAB in 2007 alleged that the accused obtained the loan in the form of letters of credit for the import of palm oil and did not repay the amount as per agreement and committed wilful default of Rs1.122 billion.


The State Bank of Pakistan presented a list of loan defaulters before the Supreme Court on Wednesday October 20, 2010.


Company Rs. in mil.
Eurogulf Enterprises  5.342.55
Younus Habib  2.476.40
West Pakistan Tank Terminal 1.977.38
Mercury Garments Industries  1.565.89
Siraj Steels Ltd Muridke 1.412.66
Spinning Machinery Co 1.387.60
Saad Cement Ltd Karachi 1.265.97
Pakistan National Textile  1.166.45
Mehr Dastagir Spinning Mills  1.160.50
Karachi Property Investment  1.003.19
Mohib Textile Mills  1.117.49
Redco Textiles Ltd  1.116.77
Chaudhry Cables  1.050.58
Abdullah S Al Rajhiest  1.031.90
Quality Steel Works  981.60
Mekran Fisheries  960.12
Kohinoor Looms  945.41
AH International Private Limited  901.21
Coral Cast Ltd  900.92
Aziz Spinning  864.95
Rashi Testile Mills  859.17
Farooq Habib Textile  827.15
Northern Polythene  825.59
Firdous Spinning Mills  780.14
Muhammad Ibrahim Murad  748.15
Metropolitan Steel  747.67
Tristar Polyester Ltd  737.02
Bindder Insad Tourism  734.44
Commodore Industries  722.76
Target Readymade Garments  696.46
Balochistan Foundary Ltd  663.54
Tawakkal Group of Industries 642.22
First Tawakal Muzarba  628.65
Synthetic Leather Industries  620.56
Nabchoon Garments Factory  597.52
Golden Textile Mills  589.72
Mian Muhammad Sugar Mills  584.90
Saadi Cement  584.11
Service Fabrics Ltd  571.23
Punjab Cooperative Board for Liquidation 538.23
Glamour Textile Mills  533.88
Punjab Road Transport Corporation  524.15
Ravi Agri Dairy Products 509.73
Pakistan Concrete  477.70
Pakpattan Dairies  467.12
AlJamia & Alquasi Trading  462.67
Fabri Tex Limited  454.32
Apparel Trading Establishment  454.00
Adamjee Industries  448.84

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LETTER TO EDITOR : Rulers’ Spiritual Rulers


March 9th, 2013


Rulers’ Spiritual Rulers


There must be some real compelling reason for the PM to make a dash to Ajmer, India to pay homage in person to the Sufi saint at a crucial transitory time when his presence was most warranted in the country. We hope it is his personal visit and not paid by the exchequer. Our president too had made the same pilgrimage and even donated a million dollars to the Dargah, whose Mutawali had to come to Islamabad to get the payment expedited which had been somewhat delayed! The late BB was also known to call on various Pirs for their blessings including one in Bangla Desh who allegedly patted her with his danda to administer the blessings. I don’t know why our rulers spend millions on visiting foreign Pirs when there is no dearth of home grown Pirs in our own beloved country, such as;  the Nanga Pir, Damri Pir, Suhaba Pir,  Baba Pir, Pir Chup Wardi Waly, Kawaan wali Sarkar, Kahu wali Sarkar, Chadar wali Sarkar, Saeen Saheili Sarkar, Gali Wala Ba ba, Pir Baba Zinda,  etal,  just to name a very very few from the hundreds that can be viewed onhttp://www.aulia-e-pakistan.com/


The kind of reverence shown by our rulers to their pirs is amazing. Late P.M. Janejo used to walk bare footed while presenting himself to the late Pir Pagaro and did not turn his back towards the Pir while tracing his steps back!

Incidentally, our Gujar Khan born and Sangarh bred PM has quite a few Pirs of his own – one being the Bokahris of Ahmed Pur Sharqia in whose presence he dare not sit on a chair !!


I sincerely request our rulers to ask their Pirs to bless them with some vision also to rule sagaciously and honestly and not bless them with the chairs only!


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)
30 Westridge 1
Rawalpindi 46000
Tel: (051) 5158033
E.mail: [email protected]


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