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Akbar Hussain: 14th January-The Re-awakening the Masses


on 12, Jan 2013 

Taking into account the increasing hardships of the people – the different columnists, political analysts, anchorpersons and even the economists have been talking about the possibility of a revolution in Pakistan and also on who would be behind it during last several years.

Consequently, many political leaders also started claiming that they would bring revolution in the country.  But, surprisingly, whenever the wave of any revolution emerged in the country, the same media men and the political leaders preferred supporting the prevailing system and termed such a wave as a conspiracy by the establishment against the democracy. Everyone has been witnessing the same again when Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri held a very successfully public gathering at Minar-e-Pakistan on December 23rd 2012 and also made an announcement for a Long March for the revolutionary change in the electoral process. This contradiction naturally raises a question where these people are in favor of a revolutionary change in the country for benefiting the common men, or they are the beneficiaries of the existing system?

The most interesting aspect of this is that all the critics of the proposed Long March want Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and MQM`s leadership to let the present system to continue and that if they really want to bring any change, they should achieve their agenda by coming into the electoral process. The question is, if the prevailing system is so effective, then why do the people of Pakistan have been facing so severe problems for several decades? Why did Pakistan get split into two parts? Why does our country have no value in the international world? If the present had been so fruitful, why do we have to face the Martial laws and the Army interventions in the politics?

 Are corruption, feudalism, injustice, terrorism, inflation, heavy debts, improper law & order situation and the crisis of electricity, water, fuel not sufficient to prove that this system needs be discarded as soon as possible?  How would the common men have any positive expectation from such a Parliament that does not let the legislation, which can benefit the common people, take place?

it is the matter of land reforms, discriminatory taxation, agriculture taxation, making more small units, delegation of administrative authorities to them, deweaponization of the country and facilitating the middle & lower middle class people to come into power, all the beneficiaries of this system get together against the people friendly legislation.  The worst aspect of the prevailing system came to light in 2007 when the movement for restoration of democracy started.

It was claimed not only by the lawyers` community, but also by the judges themselves that the judiciary had been enslaved for the last 60 years despite the presence of the “democratically” elected assemblies. Then, the judiciary had to get its freedom back not by approaching system-generated Institutions, but by way of coming on the roads for mobilizing people. If the system had been good enough, had the deposed judges gone beyond it? Not only the affected party, but also almost all the political and religious parties were with hands in hands on the roads against the democratic government. Should they not have preferred getting their demand met in the Parliament that came into existence by way of the electoral process?



It is also on record that all the Army Generals who sacked the democratic governments and took over the reign of the country, were also justifying their unconstitutional acts arguing that they wanted to help the poor people. The similar case is with the media as well. It also claims to have got its freedom restored after several decades. Would the media persons like to name the constitutionally set up body from which they got their freedom back? So, why is so that when it was the matter of their own freedom, all these people completely ignored the existing means defined by the Constitution, but when it is the matter the of political, social and the economic freedom of the common people they are imposing limitations?? Is it fair? Are they in favor of the peopleor the system that has sucked blood of the people?


In addition to all these, Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and MQM leadership have been struggling to make the people friendly changes in the system, but the defenders did not let it come true. Now, the level of dissatisfaction of the people has arrived at the point, where meaningful changes have to be made for them. So, if the Long March critics are still of the view that present system can solve the people`s problems, they will have to come up with the concrete solution of their problems from within their system before 14th of January. Otherwise, 14th of January would prove to be as the last of the day of the rotten and corrupt system of the elite class people and a day of re-awakening of the masses!


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HUMAYUN GAUHAR’S COMMENTARY: Pakistan: Return of the ‘Padri’



Time to descend to earth. Time to pause from delving into heaven after death to hell before death. Things had become stagnant. Now there is a new kerfuffle – the Return of the ‘Padri’ and another long march that threatens to bring Islamabad to a standstill yet again.

I had been predicting it for months: a visitation by the latest pretender to the messiah mantle, to wit one Tahir ul Qadri, doctor of philosophy and a scholar of theocracy who speaks many languages and whom the wags have taken to calling Tahir ul ‘Padri’ – as in ‘Padre’. He claims to having been visited by the holy Prophet (pbuh) who was so unhappy with Pakistan that he threatened to leave and never return. Qadri begged and pleaded with him but I don’t remember whether the Prophet (pbuh) relented. People cry when they hear this story and regard Qadri as the anointed one. So once again the illusion of change in the air is upon us. Once again there is no gainsaying that it too won’t turn out to be another mirage.

People flocked to Qadri’s rallies in droves. Not all could have been hired or rounded up. No surprise with a people who have dynasts and messiahs in their bones, for that is all they know, perpetually in search of a monarch and at the same time a messiah to deliver them from the dynast’s tyranny.

We first knew Qadri as head of – wait for it – PAT, acronym for Pakistan Awami Tehreek. Then he went to Canada and got citizenship. For years he honed his political philosophy. Now he’s back with a new set of demands: change the constitution, change the system, end feudalism, reform before elections, blah, blah and more blah, things we have heard many times before but never seen come to fruition.

On the face of it none could disagree with Qadri. We all want reforms towards a truly democratic and egalitarian society. But talk comes cheap; action is difficult. Qadri hasn’t told us how he is going do it: we know his strategy – what to do – but not his tactics – how to do it – except for the inevitable ‘long march’ (Poor Mao. When O’ when will they have an original thought?).

What could Qadri’s real objective be? If you cut through the jungle of his rhetoric it becomes obvious: to delay elections that are nigh – ‘reforms before elections’ gives it away. Elections can be delayed for a year constitutionally, but how reforms can take place constitutionally defeats me. Why should the disease willingly provide the cure and kill itself? Why would our parliamentarians bring reforms that end their over lordship?

Conventional wisdom has it that Qadri has America’s backing. Proof? Where is Qadri’s money coming from? Fair question. It’s more than his supporters could muster or the ISI provide.

Why would America want the present government to continue a while longer? Because they have been brought to the realization that without Pakistan it would be impossible to exit Afghanistan safely and honourably. Pakistan’s support is vital to getting hundreds of thousands of troops and some $35 billion worth of heavy armaments, equipment and materials out, which can only be done via Pakistan’s land route through Port Karachi. They might never find more pliant and obedient satraps as they have now. They can’t risk what new elections might bring. Even the return of the same satraps won’t guarantee continued compliance for their power might be limited. There is no guarantee that an interim pre-election government with a long extension will be able to deliver without electoral ‘legitimacy’ and a mandate. They certainly don’t want Nawaz Sharif whom they regard as unreliable and unpredictable. So the best option is to continue with the present set up.

Indian writer Bhadrakumar agrees in ‘India’s Afghan Moment’: America’s ‘dalliance’ with India is over and Pakistan is back in the ‘core group’ of three with America and Afghanistan and an ‘outer ring’ of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. An end to America’s Afghan War is not only good for Pakistan, America and Afghanistan but also for the rest of the world. We should help them for our own sake.

The People’s Party’s and the Nawaz Sharif’s opposition’s minds are preoccupied by Qadri’s impending long march to Islamabad on January 14. If it materializes it will bring the capital and thus the state to a standstill. It could eventually also bring Pakistan to flashpoint. If there is violence there will be chaos and eventually anarchy. The army will have to step in. Some people think this is precisely Qadri’s purpose: to create justification for a coup, overt or covert. MQM supporting him lends credence to this theory for its leader Altaf Hussain has repeatedly asked the army to join the people for once to bring reform and end feudalism. I don’t think so.

The army knows that Pakistan is already in so much turmoil that they will not be able to control it. The army statement that now internal security is its main concern fortifies the coup theorists but they forget that the war within is worse than the danger without.

However, things could go so out of control that a coup becomes inevitable. The earlier ones couldn’t deliver because while it is relatively easy to do a coup it is very difficult to know what to do the day after. Without a plan of precisely what to do, another coup would be a disaster. Remember an uncontrollable Pakistan suits no one. Its falling apart suits them even less, especially India, whose own centrifugal forces would accelerate and the Taliban come to its borders and soon inside it. Who wants such a powerful country with a huge armed forces laced with a nuclear arsenal in chaos? Old countries like Egypt can withstand the turmoil that it is going through and still remain intact. What about a new, fragile state brimming with contradictions and problems?

How to counter Qadri? I had predicted Zardari and Sharif ganging up again, this time in an electoral alliance of convenience driven by self-survival. That has nearly come to pass. The alliance will be so huge that it will take the wind out of Qadri’s sails. It might even suit America and our establishment: Zardari the senior partner, Sharif the junior, PPP prime minister, PML-N deputy prime minister. Let’s see. As President Lyndon Johnson said, America might think of Sharif that it is better to “have him inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.” With the MQM, ANP, JUI, FATA and PML-Q – perhaps Qadri too – rushing into the tent as well, it is the closest thing we will have to a National Government. No bad thing at this juncture.

I say what I have been saying for years: let our evolutionary process continue to its natural conclusion. If that conclusion is self-correction, good, but if it is demise all the better. Best it dies naturally than becomes a martyr to rise again as a zombie as it has done. Something better will emerge from its ashes. The people will have learned and will not make the same mistakes again – hopefully. Some people never learn and remain mired in the past, stuck forever in decadence, degradation and poverty. There is no system that can correct them. This is how nations die.

You might think that I am being perverse, but I am happy because things are going in the right direction. I thought it would take longer, but it has taken only one full term of elected governments to expose the system as unworkable. An increasing number of people are seeing that this system isn’t for working. Best to let it go to its natural death and hope that a brave new world emerges naturally from its ashes.

Once again Pakistan stands at a crossroads. Take the path less trodden upon and go to fortune. Or take the path most trodden upon and go to more misfortune. Let us see what lies in store but never underestimate the collective stupidity of our ruling classes.

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