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PAKISTAN: Why is a Nuclear Nation of Dazzlingly Brilliant People Under the Spell of Mediocre Leadership for 65 Years?

Some are Born Mediocre (Pakistan’s Rulers),

Some Achieve Mediocrity (Pakistan’s Elite-Jagirdar,¬†Zamindar, Bureaucrats, & Industrialists)

Some have Mediocrity Thrust Upon Them (The Rest of 180 Million Pakistanis)

with apologies to the Bard of Avon.


Dr. Manzer Jamil Khan Durrani



Why have we become helpless gluttons for abuse by our rulers and a nation of mediocre thinking? That is a question that always haunts me. We pursue shortcuts in everything. We want admission in a good college, we look for a sifarish. We want a good job, we look for the right contacts. We want to sell something, we want a cut-throat price. If somebody does not agree with us, we want to bury them alive. The path of Critical Thinking , which our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) embedded in his teaching is virtually non-existent amongst us. Debate, Mubaiyaisa, discussion, consensus, have no place in our decisions. WE have become our own biggest enemies and in the process, we are hurting ourselves and our future generations irreparably. We spend our days in pursuit of “Almighty” Dollar. Shirk is not confined to idols made of clay. Today, our idols a 8 Kanal Kothi, a Farm, a Bungalow in Pir Sohawa, a house in Murree, a flat in London, next to the international bhaand and Don of Murder Inc, otherwise known as Altaf Bhai, the money launderer. Throughout history,Pakistan (with a few exceptions) has been run by a conniving band of mediocrities; whose claim to fame is political thuggery. Look at the present leadership, Nawaz Sharif, he somehow got admission in GCUL(at that time in 60s, it was Government college,Lahore), through Abbajees contacts or povah. He took most of the chump courses in Arts and even at that could hardly clear English, which at that time required 33 out of 100 marks to pass a subject. But, Abbajees largesse was inevitable, Nawaz Sharif struggled through FA barely. Abbajee, the lohaar, did not know what to do with his least bright son. So, he chucked him into politics, the refuge for for n’er do well Jagirdars, Zamindars, Waderas, Sardars and a host of scoundrels coming out of the noveau riche vulgarian incubator called Aitchison College,Lahore. Now this man runs a country of 180 million people, I ask the question what managerial skills he has? He did not even run his Abbajees Ittefaq Foundry, which his elder brother managed. Abbajee again used his contacts in the military to get this chump hooked up with the dictator Zia-ul-Haq and the rest is history. Now, this chump wines and dines with great leaders like Xi Ping, whose resume of achievement is long enough to make Nawaz Sharif’s poorly fitting sherwani. How come Nawaz Sharif has a bewildered look, whenever he is photographed with a global leader, as if he is totally confused and befuddled. My generation which saw the birth of Pakistan has to suffer under 3 stints of this village idiot, Nawaz Sharif, whom I suspect suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder, as told to me by a Pakistani Nuclear engineer, who had the bad luck to give Nawaz Sharif, a presentation on the progress of Pakistan’s Nuclear Program . According to him, Nawaz Sharif never focused on such a strategically crucial briefing. Rather, he was more interested in his trip back to Lahore and was trying to have certain amenities when he arrived there, including a serving of cold badami lassi. Can such a mediocrity solve the monumental problems Pakistan is facing? If you believe that, then I have a Bridge in Brooklyn, N.Y., which I want to sell to you! May Allah Save Pakistan and Pakistanis from the sixty five year vise grip of intrinsically inept Mediocrities. Ameen


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