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PMLN BESHARAM KASHMIRI JIYALA YASIR SAKHI BUTT’S “ISLAM” ABAD BROTHEL & 300 WHOREHO– — USES: Patronized By Japan’s Nippon Paint Pakistan, UK’s Standard Chartered Bank.Pakistan’s PIMS Employees

After Kim Barker Episode:Nawaz Sharif’s, Kashmiri Yasir Sakhi Butts,& PMLN Lawyers Establish a

Brothel in Islamabad:THE “ISLAM” ABAD BROTHEL



A report has been stand up to in Islamabad High Court by a senior official who belongs to Islamabad Police. In the report it is recognized by the police officer that at least 58 locations in Islamabad are being used for the dishonest trade or in other words, illegal business of prostitution centers is being run in these locations. These brothels are mostly present in sector G and sector F of Islamabad. These areas are populated with middle class and upper middle class people. Tariq Mehmood Jahangri who has formerly served as Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Prosecutor General, said that women involved in prostitution in Islamabad joined this business due to poverty. Their husbands either left them or were on drugs and in order to earn their daily living, they had to find some source of earning and as a result they had to join this depraved business. Some of the women who joined prostitution were sexually abused by senior officials of their offices and employers as they were not getting paid and they had to sexually satisfy their employers first in order to get paid. If the situation is judged from various views, it is revealed that Islamabad has more than 300 brothels and this business is on the rise as new brothels are introduced every day. Poverty is on the rise and people who are desperately in need of the money are growing day by day. This is a favorable situation for prostitution to grow. Sources claim that police is well aware of these brothels and some of the brothels are favorite place for certain influential officials. Below is a full list of number of brothels in different sectors of Islamabad and the police station under which these areas fall. – See more at: http://pakistanztv.com/prostitution-in-islamabad/#sthash.4bE9jjWK.dpuf

The News stands by its story
Wednesday, January 22, 2014 

From Print Edition



ISLAMABAD: The owner of the Islamabad guest house where police had arrested three couples under Hudood laws besides various other charges, has explained the position in a detailed press release.


It says: “The news report inadvertently stated that the guesthouse is owned by “one of the most influential figures of the capital city and a leader of the former ruling party.” It is averred that the guesthouse is owned by Mr Yasir Sakhi Butt who neither has nor ever held any political office. Besides Mr. Butt had never been a leader of the former ruling party. Mr. Yasir Sakhi Butt is a revered and most respected businessman of the capital.


Chateau Royal is one of the many businesses of Mr. Butt, which is being managed by the managerial staff. Yasir Sakhi Butt is not responsible for day-to-day operations of the same. Even otherwise, the management of none of the hotels/guest houses in Islamabad has any legal or moral authority to check “Nikkahnama” of its guests.


Upon perusal of the record by “The News”, it transpired that bookings of the accused guests were made by their employer companies including Nippon Paint Pakistan, Standard Chartered Bank and PIMS. The report inadvertently omitted to mention that Mr. Adnan Jamali, the Honorable Magistrate, not only duly absolved all the accused of the charges leveled (except one Mr. Altaf and that too for allegedly possessing a bottle of liquor) but also categorically held in most unequivocal terms that no offence has ever occurred as alleged in the FIR by the police.


The said order categorically enunciated that “Copy of this order be sent to concerned police authority for taking appropriate action against SHO/IO for avoiding codal formalities required to be met in initiating proceedings in such like cases.”


Lawyers of the accused when contacted stated that judicial magistrate has been endowed express power by the Criminal Procedure Code, 1898 to discharge arrested suspects if no case is made out. The lawyers reiterated that the honorable magistrate acted within the ambit of law to hold that no alleged offence has been committed and reprimanding the local police.


Shakeel Anjum adds: This correspondent stands by his story regarding the police raid at a guest house located in Street 64, F-8/4, in which three couples were arrested and a bottle of liquor recovered.


The story was exclusively based on the FIR No. 59, lodged by the Margalla Police Station Islamabad on January 19 against Yasir Sakhi Butt, the owner of the guest house, three males and three females under sections 371-A, 371-B, 496-B and 109 Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and 4 Hadd.


The FIR, a copy of which is available with this reporter, reads:


“The SHO received information that Yasir Sakhi Butt has established a guesthouse in House No. 1, Sreet-64, F-8/4, Islamabad where brothel and prostitute houses are being run. The SHO obtained search warrants from the court of the area magistrate and marked the case to me (Sub Inspector Mohammad Abbas who raided the guesthouse along with a team and registered the FIR). Consequently, I, along with SI Shakil, ASI Shaukat, Head Constable Zafar Iqbal (4739-HC), Constables Shakil (4798-C), Ghulam Mustafa (6165-C) and Atif (7186-C) and Lady Constable Shabana (860-C) at House No. 1, Street No. 64, F-8/4, Islamabad at 10.45 pm where a man was sitting on reception, who introduced himself as Mukhtar son of Gul Khetab, resident of Tauhidabad, Pasala, Tehsil and District Abbottabad. I took him with the team and started searching rooms and found Gohar Ali, resident of G-8/3 Islamabad with Shazia, daughter of Mohammad Yousaf, resident of Quetta in Room No. 40; Altaf, son of Mohammad Din, resident of 4 Jail Road Quetta with Samia, daughter of Nasrullah, resident of 436-Y, Iqbal Colony, Sargodha from Room No. 216; and Yasir Rashid, son of Malik Rashid, resident of Sadiq Colony near Chawk Shaheedan Multan with Saila Shaheen, daughter of Umar, resident of Lari Adda, Dub No. 2, Tehsil and District Mansehra, from Room No. 212, fornicating. They were given opportunity to wear their clothes. A bottle of liquor with the brand “Tio Voldes” was recovered from Room No. 216, placed beside the bed.


The person, living in the room, identified as Altaf could not provide a permit for keeping liquor with him. Sample of 6 ounce of liquor taken from the bottle, has been sent for chemical examination.


The manager of the guesthouse, identified as Manzar Abbasi managed to escape from the scene by jumping from the roof of the guest house. The owner of the guest house and staff committed offence of providing place and liquor to accused for fornication under section 371-A, 371-B, 496-B and 109 PPC and 4 Hadd.”


According to my story, a well-reputed criminal lawyer disputed the discharge of the accused by the duty civil judge. Rizwan Abbasi, advocate, termed the decision illegal. The lawyer said that the case can’t be discharged because an illegal substance was available which justified the arrest of the accused. “Discharge is not tenable when accusations are well-founded.”


However, he said, the duty judge/magistrate can discharge the accused under Section 63 Criminal Procedure of Code read with its Section 167 if allegation is ill-founded and material available on record doesn’t justify the arrest but in the present case, secret information was received; proper search warrants obtained from the court; three couples, not related to each other and belonging to different areas were found in objectionable postures; and in the presence of these evidences, order of discharge could not be passed.


The Islamabad police have challenged the decision of the duty civil judge in the Sessions Court with the request to discard his decision and order arrest of the people involved in the case, the SHO Margalla Police Station said.


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