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Pakistan rejects Altaf! – By Fahad Malik

Pakistan rejects Altaf!


 Fahad Malik

London based Pakistani notorious politician Altaf Hussain speaking to a general worker meeting at MQM’s head quarters Nine-Zero he blamed Pakistan Armed Forces, and Inter Services Intelligence ISI, and the newly appointed Director General ISI Lt-Gen Rizwan Akhtar for targeting MQM workers and in killing of Muhajirs in name of targeted operations in Karachi. Before this attack Altaf Hussain posed 14 questions to the Pakistani military, and they were totally absurd.

         The man sitting in London, who is supporting thousands of daily killings in Karachi, who is behind targeted killing of Karachites, who is involved in “bhatta”, and is in many kid-nap cases, that man, a London national Altaf Hussain blames Pakistan Army as anti-muhajir force. Let me remind you, this is the same Army who is protecting these Muhajirs in Karachi, saved many of them, rescued many from the ransome kidnappings, busy in floods, on borders and in Karachi Operations.

         The man sitting in London, who has not visited Pakistan since long, who is unaware of the ground realities of Karachi, he spoke against Army and national institutions in a very silly tone, used words like “Kuttey, Kaminay, Ullay k Pathay” for some military men, and I wonder, why Pemra kept sleeping? Why every channel showed his speech of more than 2 hours continuously? Not a single word by our neutral analysts and journalists against Altaf Bhai’s abusive language. Altaf has raised his voice for Muhajirs, but what he did with Muhajirs? Sitting in London, enjoying on the money of Karachites, and Muhajirs, is this what he talks about rights of Muhajirs? Where are the rights? He has blood of many muhajirs on his hands. Altaf and his Party Mutahhida Qaumi Movement is famous being a bloody, blood-shedding party. He started with a few target killers, and then with the help of those few target killers, he made the whole Muhajir Nation hostage. He is ruling Karachi since long, and how can he be unaware of the all the target killer, Bhatta Mafia currently active in Karachi? Like how? No one can take a shoe without his permission, and he is unaware of the target killers, Strange? Isn’t? He has also been involved in Farooq’s murder and London police took him many time off his house, He also has many corruption cases, and that culprit talks like he is so innocent. Like he did nothing. Like no one in the world is more innocent than him.

         After his drunk-kind-of-speech, and hatred against the military of Pakistan, a common Karachites, and a common Pakistani has rejected ALtaf Hussain. It’s the duty of Military, and civil government to take notice of his speeches and ban telephonic speeches. Abusive words against Pakistan Army and other national institutions should not be tolerated.

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