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What astonishes me? That… India has it all

Why Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah opted for Pakistan?
Worship of Penis
115,000 gods,including elephants,monkeys, rats, snakes…

What are some of the things, facts, traditions, mentality, food in Indian society or people which really astonishes you?  




The figures are mind-boggling, obviously no modern day robin-hood would empty the temple coffers and simply distribute the money among the desperately needy. But even if half of our money and enthusiasm was utilized for helping the fellow man and good causes, India would have eradicated poverty long ago.










Please don’t claim that temples themselves are charities. The above figures only includes only “cash” donations. Most of a temple’s income comes from gold/jewelry. Realistic figures would be less than 10% donations to charity on average. The exact figures must be made public for us to take informed decisions.















We take it a step further and waste tonnes of valuable commodities such as milk and ghee everyday for abhishekams. In many parts of our country, people are suffering without even milk for young children. Such an essential commodity should be used for the benefit of children, poor orphans and destitute besides offering to the deities…









I am not advocating giving alms directly to the needy here. Donate to good causes, orphanages and charity NGO’s who reveal their accounts and expenditures. Sponsor a year’s school fee for a poor kid or take it upon yourself to educate an orphaned child. Donate to Medical foundations to help subsist affordable medications for the poor. 

There are umpteen good uses you can put your money to










India 1 



A country that arguably slut-shames the most, is the world’s second largest country. Apparently by cross-pollination. 

A country where your neighbour’s opinion, matters more to your parents than your own.

A country where a billion people, vote for a few glorified criminals every four years. 

A country where most pour milk over a hallowed clay god, while millions starve and perish. 

A country where a tourist is a hostage, but a visitor is a god.

A country which is still the fastest “growing” economy, after about 3 decades of growth. 

A country of snake charmers, and magicians, which is a nuclear power and the second largest army in the world.

A country where Hollywood ripoffs and Dabanggs run at packed halls, while Hockey stands lay empty. 

A country where we still touch our parents feet before an exam, and still break a coconut before a new car. 

A country where Hinduism, Jainism, Buddism were born, before communal riots shamed us all. 

A country where there are a million gods, but Tendulkar holds a place of his own.

A country with a soul. A country with a certain shock value, unlike any other.










What astonishes me? That… India has it all.











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