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I wish such facts find place in our history books…a Pakistani Thinkers Comments

Little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing.
Altaf Hussain ,a chronic patient of “foot and mouth disease”, has managed once again to expose his malicious intention by misrepresenting technical terms like ‘Dominions’ and ‘Republics’ and playing with their implication in the grant of independence to British India in 1947, thus creating two independent states – Bharat and Pakistan .
The First Sea Lord of the Admiralty – Mountbatten indeed had a private obsession for 15 August – the date he had secured the surrender of the Japanese in the Second World War . 
He , therefore, insisted upon it to be the date for the grant of independence to the sub continent.  
The date for the grant of Independence to British India was therefore intended to be 15 August 1947. 
The Quaid .however, came in the way and insisted on August 14th as the day of creation for Pakistan.
According to him there was a legal lecuna or breach to be addressed .
The British could only declare independence through the medium / act of the parliament to partition India and ‘create’ Pakistan – while they were still the rulers of undivided India..i.e.,the Indian sub-continent

If they had granted independence to the British India , it would have been quite up to the independent Bharat ..whether to partition itself or not.
To forestall such an eventuality, Pakistan was created at 2359 hours, a minute before Bharat was created….a vital minute deferring to the insistence of the Viceroy to stick to 15 August , while at the same time protecting Pakistan from a possible problem at the hands of the Hindu entity. 
This critical one minute fell within the 14th August 1947 (27 Ramadan) and consequently became the date of the creation of Pakistan….as against Bharat’s 15 August..

Here identities Bharat & India have not been used as synonymous/interchangeable because officially British India was divided into two entities – Bharat and Pakistan
(India stands for undivided sub-continent while Bharat stands for one of the two states being created through India‘s partition.)
It was again a few years later that Bharat realizing the impact of the ancient entity –“India” …that it swapped over to it to identify itself internationally. 

Pakistan, either remained oblivious to the technical lecuna implied in the switch. or decided to give it no importance ……and did not protest on this irregular change of name from Bharat to India.




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