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Previous generations are faulty; easy going. They didn’t realize that their goals just weren’t realistic — and that could mean that now youngsters got to deal with life in a very different way.

mplc-FILEminimizer-1An awkward situation seems to stretch on and on — so long through Dharnas and Jalsas and public mood has been well noticed but the parties at the helm are showing complete blindness.

In fact, powerful Judiciary and the mighty Military stay in their deep slumber.

Since the elections 2013 were held under the Judiciary; it would not take any initiative, which back fires on its own institution. Hence,greater responsibility lies on the Military, not to fetch power, but to put the house in order this time. Will they do it for motives beyond their institution? There is valid question here why the Military intervened in 1977 elections while the magnitude of vote theft was not that much? 

Role of the leaders of religious-cum-political parties in current crisis; such as, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, Sirajul Haq, etc., shows traditional duplicity in what they say and do, which reinforces my belief that Mullas are not trustworthy.  

Younger generation’s willpower is stronger than ever today under the leadership of IK and no other political leader in Pakistan every gathered so many people in the history as IK did. He certainly deserves to be taken solemnly by power mafia behind the curtains.


  1. A. Chishty

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From: S.M.K Durrani


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Our generation could not do much significant for Pakistan. 

– Neither we were able to abolish Feudalism, 

– nor we eliminated Corruption, 

– nor did  we introduce Merit. 

– nor we raised our voice against all this .  

The young generation now from the core of their heart wish to make a new Pakistan …..

Let them do it . I am positive they shall do it. 

Let us support them and pray for them to achieve their goal which shall be better for all of us indeed.


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From: Hashim Baloch

Subject: Expressions

The remarks on this picture by the originator of this posts are worth reading :

I never thought it will take this picture for me to realize how a genuine trust looks like. Despite all of my criticism of PTI or IK, some of that genuine and some sarcastic, I must admit that the expressions on this young lady’s face have convinced me about her electric desire to see a better Pakistan like all of us. When I look at this picture, I regret my heavy handed approach in my posts and comments about a cause that is very much apparent from her face. Out of respect for her emotions, I will refrain from posting discouraging remarks about PTI’s current moves even though I disagree to many. I would also request the Admins to please pin it as this much sincerity towards a cause can not be evident from any other picture.


Zubair Alam

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