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Unknown-9Pakistan Think Tank will expose the rats, who have stolen the bread crumbs from 180 million Pakistanis. We will shine a light into their rat holes, where they are hiding. These people have existed in relative anonymity. They stolen from national treasury through unsecured loans from the State Bank of Pakistan. They have given kick-backs to bank officers. They have converted these loans to foreign currencies like dollars and punds


We ask our readers from Pakistani backgrounds, members of Pakistan Think Tank Organization, and our global friends to expose these criminals to the world. So, they cannot hide anywhere in the world in cognito. Their children cannot get Ivy League school education paid by the money stolen from poor and indigent 180 million Pakistanis, who do not have the basic life’s necessity like clean drinking water. The biggest thief is EURO GULF ENTERPRISES, who have stolen the monies paid to them for laying down these pipes



Dear Pakistanis and friends go to the website of these thieves and on their feedback page, demand that they return Pakistan’s money. We will write to Attorney Generals and Justice Departments of other countries, if they have money laundered. We are also concerned that Gulf States like Dubai is the hub of their money laundering activities. The Sheikhs of UAE are protecting them, so the money stolen from Pakistan is kept in UAE Banks.


Here is the URL of their company:




If Pakistanis have concrete proof of other defaulters, no on this list, we will publish it for all the world to see. Your Privacy will be protected, your name and location will not be exposed.


Please e-mail to:




(Report by Daily Jang, 21.10.2010)

The State Bank of Pakistan presented a list of loan defaulters before the Supreme Court on Wednesday October 20, 2010.

Company Rs. in mil.
Eurogulf Enterprises  5.342.55
Younus Habib  2.476.40
West Pakistan Tank Terminal 1.977.38
Mercury Garments Industries  1.565.89
Siraj Steels Ltd Muridke 1.412.66
Spinning Machinery Co 1.387.60
Saad Cement Ltd Karachi 1.265.97
Pakistan National Textile  1.166.45
Mehr Dastagir Spinning Mills  1.160.50
Karachi Property Investment  1.003.19
Mohib Textile Mills  1.117.49
Redco Textiles Ltd  1.116.77
Chaudhry Cables  1.050.58
Abdullah S Al Rajhiest  1.031.90
Quality Steel Works  981.60
Mekran Fisheries  960.12
Kohinoor Looms  945.41
AH International Private Limited  901.21
Coral Cast Ltd  900.92
Aziz Spinning  864.95
Rashi Testile Mills  859.17
Farooq Habib Textile  827.15
Northern Polythene  825.59
Firdous Spinning Mills  780.14
Muhammad Ibrahim Murad  748.15
Metropolitan Steel  747.67
Tristar Polyester Ltd  737.02
Bindder Insad Tourism  734.44
Commodore Industries  722.76
Target Readymade Garments  696.46
Balochistan Foundary Ltd  663.54
Tawakkal Group of Industries 642.22
First Tawakal Muzarba  628.65
Synthetic Leather Industries  620.56
Nabchoon Garments Factory  597.52
Golden Textile Mills  589.72
Mian Muhammad Sugar Mills  584.90
Saadi Cement  584.11
Service Fabrics Ltd  571.23
Punjab Cooperative Board for Liquidation 538.23
Glamour Textile Mills  533.88
Punjab Road Transport Corporation  524.15
Ravi Agri Dairy Products 509.73
Pakistan Concrete  477.70
Pakpattan Dairies  467.12
AlJamia & Alquasi Trading  462.67
Fabri Tex Limited  454.32
Apparel Trading Establishment  454.00
Adamjee Industries  448.84

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