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Who rules Pakistan? Malik Riaz of Bahria Foundation




Taji Khokhar owned/ owns a guest house in Islamabad where Mr. Asif Zardari used to visit in the

 evenings while in so called detention. He supplies Russian girls to

 Asif Zardari .


Malik Riaz of Bahria Town…. …and his crooks!

Malik Riaz was the conduit for bringing the PML Q wing led by Chaudhry

 Shujaat/Chaudhry Pervez Illahi into Asif Zardari’s fold.

Pres. Zardari was so pleased/Jubilant with NICL scandal!

 He said that NICL delivered three people/groups to him who covered to his


1. Yusuf Raza Gilani, as his son/sons were involved

2 Benazir’s nominee for PM…. Makhdoom Amin Fahim

3. Chaudhry Shujaat Husain and Chaudhry Pervez Illahi

How the corruption of some, benefits the other corrupt elements. The threat by MQM was thwarted by NICL as Chaudhries came into the fold, by out smarting the murderous MQM.

Who is Taji Khokhar?

Brother of Nawaz Khokhar formerly, Deputy speaker of National Assembly.

He works on behalf of Malik Riaz for acquisition/ land grabbing in

 Islamabad/ Rawalpindi area on behalf of Malik Riaz, the Don….

 Taji ( Imtiaz Khokhar) lives on the main road connecting Rawalpindi to Islamabad and has his own Zoo, where inter alia he has kept two live lions. The whole menagerie daily expenditure runs over several lakh rupees. He is responsible for killing of at least 100 people in pursuit of land grabbing.

At one point after killing more than four persons at a land site, he came home and shot his long time guard and registered FIR against those killed by him and using as a cause for retaliatory firing. Of course he compensated the family adequately.


Who is Faisal Butt? 

He owned/ owns a guesthouse in Islamabad where Asif Zardari used to visit in the evenings while in so-called detention. He supplies Russian girls and provide Asif Zardari’s favorite alcoholics drinks. Asif Zardari asked Faisal Butt of his Choice. He asked for CDA. Asif Zardari, who is known for never forgetting anyone who even offered him a glass of water, when in difficulty (unlike Nawaz & Shahbaz Sharif). Asif Zardari asked his choice for Chairman CDA. Butt suggested Kamran Lashari…. Asif Zardari agreed and

appointed him. He told Lashari to follow orders from Mr Faisal Butt. This continues after Kamran Lashari, former Secretary Defence’s brother amassed Millions of Dollars with full patronage of his powerful brother.

Also it is learnt that real brother of COAS, Ali Kayani has amassed billions through Mr Malik Riaz?


Malik Riaz also has Shahbaz Sharif in his pocket and has been successful in causing a breach in PML N. Chaudhry Nisar was the victim. All PML N MNA’s and MPAs from PML N from the area around Pindi/ Islamabad are in the pocket of Malik Riaz.




Islamabad Murder and Taji Khokhar


By: Israr Ahmad | October 03, 2012 .

RAWALPINDI – Police arrested four men, allegedly involved in the murder of a woman over property dispute, outside the courtroom after an additional district and sessions judge (ADSJ) Tuesday rejected their pre-arrest bail here on Tuesday. According to details, ADSJ Yar Muhammad Gondal rejected the bail applications of Khalid Khokhar, Muhammad Rafique, Kamran Khan and Tilawat Khan and police arrested them outside the courtroom.

The four men are the bodyguards of Imtiaz Khokhar alias Taji Khokhar, brother of former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Haji Nawaz Khokhar. The four accused along with several other armed men murdered one Sabira Bibi, 45,at Dhoke Gangal, the area of Police Station (PS) Airport, over land dispute on August 17, 2012 when a local commission on the direction of a civil judge was present to prepare its report on the disputed land.

Earlier on Saturday another accused person already in Adyala Jail namely Irfan alias Niko confessed to have shot dead Sabira Bibi, who had a dispute over the ownership of piece of land with Taji Khokhar, uncle of Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar advisor to Prime Minister on Human Rights.

Two other men Muhammad Waheed and Anwar-ul-Haq besides Niko are also in police custody for killing a woman and firing at her lawyer Ghufran Khursheed Imtiazi and the commission also a lawyer Raja Saim-ul-Haq Satti. It is pertinent to mention here that the main accused Imtiaz Khokhar, commonly know as Taji Khokhar, is on transit bail for the 20 days that he had obtained from the Peshawar High Court (PHC).

Meanwhile, Taxila police arrested four robbers after an encounter and recovered weapons, a vehicle and stolen gold from their possession. However, two robbers managed to escape during the encounter, informed DSP Taxila Circle Raja Taifoor here on Tuesday.

The robbers, held by police, identified as Kamran hails from DI Khan, Shabir Khan of Chontra, Muhammad Hanif resident of Lahore and Abdul Rasheed of Rawalakot, he added. According to him, a gang of six robbers had entered Javed Jewelers at Taxila and fled away in a Corolla car with 7 tolas of gold. He said that police cordoned off the area after receiving information. However, the robbers succeeded in fleeing towards Haripur. Taking action, police started chasing the robbers stopped them in a forest near TIP Colony. But, the robbers shot at the police, which also retaliated.

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MEDIA WHORES GEO,ARY,DUNYA: ‘The Joker in the Pack: Tahir- ul -Qadri ‘s Structural Reform Crusade: Status Quo Politicians and Pak media are “Londees” Priced at $50 -100 Million

Western Diplomats in Islamabad are agitated.  West loves Pakistani politicians, because they are absolutely corrupt and can be bought off with a penny.  These status quo agents in Pakistani politics keep the political pot boiling.  This situation also keeps, the minds of common people distracted from constant hunger, disease, and economic deprivation.  Like Pakistan bureaucracy, Pakistani politicians are “Londees,” or kept Whores of Western Powers. In dictatorial regimes, the same politicians were whores of Pakistan Agencies. Generals Aslam Baig. Asad Durrani, and Brig.Imtiaz are living witnesses to political bribery and nepotism.  Islamabad is ruled by manipulative, evergreen bureaucrats, who worship, the Mammon.  Most of the noveau bureaucrats are intermediate fail, Sindhi or Punjabi PPP Jiyalas. Pakistani media and press are also agitated, because their owners, who  are bribed annually with $50 MM largess from countries like the US are worried about losing that manna from their foreign masters. Most of them are anyway, “londees of Western Intelligence Agencies or  Paid Keeps /Mistress of  Western Intelligence Agencies.

 GEO, ARY,and Duniya TV (Malik Riaz Fame) are the Media Whores of Pakistan, who sell their Mother, Pakistan,  for 50 Million Dollars.

So as we present excerpts from The Financial Times Article, the West is Worried that Qadri-Padri might turn out to be a double edged sword.

THE MEDIA WHORES LOGO OPT 4 ARTICLEIslamic scholar urges Pakistan reforms.  

A respected Islamic scholar has burst on to Pakistan’s political scene, threatening to storm the capital with a mass public protest unless his demands for sweeping electoral reforms are met this week. “I will lead an ocean of people to change Islamabad,” vowed Tahirul Qadri, who last month returned to Pakistan after four years abroad.  A fragile transition Zardari cancels Iran gas pipeline talks Charles Leadbeater Look at Pakistani society Pakistan’s security business booms. To the consternation of many established politicians, including the coalition government of President Asif Ali Zardari and its main opponents, he is calling for comprehensive political reforms before a general election set to be held between March and May. Mr Qadri, until now considered a minor force in politics as leader of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) or Pakistan People’s Movement, attracted tens of thousands of people to a political rally in the central city of Lahore on December 23, one of the largest such gatherings in recent memory. “People who came were not just my supporters,” he told the Financial Times in an interview at his home in Lahore. “Pakistanis are anxious to see major changes in the way their country is being run.” Mr Qadri draws his support from Pakistanis who are frustrated at the domination of politics by a handful of elite leaders from well-known families and who are embittered by the parlous state of the economy. Some commentators have compared him to Anna Hazare, the anti-corruption campaigner in neighbouring India, who emerged last year as a voice for middle-class resentment over entrenched corruption and patronage. Since Mr Qadri’s December gathering, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement – the main political party from the southern city of Karachi, allied to Mr Zardari’s Pakistan People’s party – has decided to join Mr Qadri’s Nizam Badlo, or change the system movement. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf led by Imran Khan, the former cricket star turned politician, is widely expected to join future protests too. By contrast, leaders from Mr Zardari’s PPP and the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, the two biggest political parties, have united in accusing Mr Qadri of disrupting the build-up to parliamentary elections this year. The polls are being hailed as the first chance for Pakistan to see a smooth transfer of power from one elected government to another since the country was created. In the interview, Mr Qadri warned of Pakistan’s “break up” unless ruling politicians are forced to abide by laws that have been openly flouted by them for years. He said he wanted tax evaders, loan defaulters and those with criminal records to be banned from standing for elections, because the existing system led to illegitimate results and “immoral and unethical” governments. “The whole process is a total negation of the principles of democracy,” he said. “I only want the constitution to be enforced. Law breakers are the lawmakers in Pakistan,” he said, noting that in some past cabinets no minister had paid income tax. “Seventy per cent of parliamentarians are tax evaders.” Pakistan’s domination by tainted politicians and the rise of domestic terrorism, he said, had damaged the country’s reputation. “There are parts of Pakistan where the government has no control. Internationally, we are seen as a threat. In the past five years, the government has not formulated laws on terrorism.” Mr Qadri, a moderate Muslim, is not alone in complaining about tax evasion by Pakistan’s corrupt elite and its inability to tackle terrorism. According to by Ehtisham Ahmad and Michael Best of the London School of Economics, only 0.9 per cent of Pakistanis pay tax, compared with 4.7 per cent in India and 80 per cent in Canada. Violence by Islamist extremists and criminals is rampant in various parts of Pakistan. The US and other western nations are ambivalent about Mr Qadri’s sudden reappearance in Pakistani politics as they seek to restore stability in the region amid a withdrawal of Nato forces from neighbouring Afghanistan. “He brings in an element of unpredictability to future politics, said one western diplomat in Islamabad. “ With others [from mainstream parties] you can predict intentions, but not with Qadri.” 

Additional reporting by Victor Mallet in New Delhi Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2013. Details 

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