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GOOD GOVERNANCE: Another Crook gets appointed to Board of Investment


               Another Crook gets appointed to Board of Investment 


Could there be a worse action than appointing the confirmed crook and corrupt Arslan Iftikhar (son of ex Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry) on the Board of Investment in Baluchistan.


The natural resources of Baluchistan ie it’s mineral wealth is up for grab. Foreign investment is going to come for copper and gold deposits besides oil potential of Baluchistan . Ideal time to be in the game and make some bucks a trait in which this man has done doctorate . Is it pay back for all the rigging engineered by Iftikhar to make Nawaz win with absolute majority.


This Govt is not bothered about public opinion or the fact of Arslan being a house hold name in blackmailing and cheating besides misuse of his father,s authority. Unfortunate people of Baluchistan are going to be cheated and denied the benefits of their wealth. Well done Nawaz. You have learnt nothing from your previous two tenures


  And what happened to the cases against him ?



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