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Kao-Plan Underway – By: Asad Khan Betini

Kao-Plan Underway – By: Asad Khan Betini

Chief Minister Balochistan Dr. Malik Baloch made a statement while talking to the newsmen in Islamabad that he had failed to bring estranged nationalist leaders to the negotiating table, but vowed to continue his reconciliation efforts, his forlorn statement affirms that there is no vivid phantasm of the Balochistan government and appears to be just up to completion of it’s tenure. Through out the Histroy of Pakistan, Baloch Sardars and Nawabs have been at war with the establishment for control over the natural resources and provincial autonomy in particular, but whenever these Sardars and Nawabs achieve their end and enthrone themselves in the government, they forget their so called Independence and provincial autonomy. The unfortunate Baloch wearing turbans and fighting in caves never knew their fate but were used as a tool for Baloch’ dukes in order to gain a political momentum. Likewise Sardar Akhter Mengal failed to win election on 11 May 2013, He had come up with a new plan to enthrone himself as a chief minister of Balochistan, lamentably his failure once again turned him towards U Turn with self-style denunciation game. Unfortunately, there is no body loyal to this country, if their desires are met with failure they begin to press Pakistani establishment for being involved in enforced disappearance Drilling and mutilated bodies of Baloch nationalists. The uprising in Balochistan was a part of Kao-Plan prepared by Indian Intelligence Agency soon after Indra Gandhi was elected in the late 60s, According to Daily mails findings, the Report says “When Indira Gandhi took over as Prime Minister of India in the late 60s, among her basic priorities was to undo the division of India that created a new State, Pakistan which was highly irritating the Indian leaders since its birth. In that particular era, India’s all intelligence related matters, both internally and externally were managed by only one intelligence agency of the country that was the Intelligence Bureau (IB). The Daily Mail’s research indicates that when Mrs. Gandhi assumed the charge of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) at New Delhi, she ordered the IB to prepare comprehensive plans to destabilize Pakistan and to transform into a failed State and to negate the 2-Nation Theory which was the foundation of the creation of Pakistan. The Daily Mail’s research indicates that in 1968, the then head of IB’s External Division Wing and the founder of Directorate General of Security, commonly known as DG(S) in India, Rameshwar Nath Kao, a confidante of Indira Gandhi and her late father as he was cleared of falling to any honey trap because of being a gay, presented a very comprehensive plan to fulfill Indira Gandhi’s wishes regarding Pakistan. This, around 240-page plan, which is still known as The Kao Plan in India’s clandestine community had three different operations to destabilize Pakistan. The Kao Plan, which is described as a three-pronged strategy by the Indian officials, had three different operations to eliminate Pakistan. The first, known as Kao’s Bangla Plan(KBP) was chalked out to start an insurgency movement in East Pakistan and transform the Eastern part of Pakistan into a new State. The 2 nd plan, known as Kao’s Balochistan Plan (KBP-II) was architected to create a similar scenario in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, while the 3 rd one was relating to organize a separation movement in the then North Western Frontier Province(NWFP) and now Khyber Pakhtun Khowah to establish an independent State there and this one is known as the Kao’s Pakhtoonistan Plan (KPP).” 

The basic features of Kao plan were to launch a Psychological Warfare operation in East Pakistan; to communicate with East Pakistani politicians, mainly those belonging to Awami League; they portrayed Pakistan’s Army as the mother of all evils, the primary goal of plan was to make a sense of deprivation among the Bengalis. The Plan instigated the political circles of Bengal, resultantly, the media and press was used to defame Pakistan. After successful conspiracy in accordance with the (KBP-I) plan that not only portrayed Pakistan’s role as a occupiers of Bengal but also portrayed them as the worst violators of the human rights violations. After 1971, When Pakistan lost Bangladesh, Rameshwar Nath Kao put proposal to initiate (KBP-II) to separate Balochistan from Pakistan, at that time, India couldn’t execute the plan owing to US involvement in Pakistan during the cold war, while India also had no direct link to Balochistan , Similarly, some amendments were made in the plan and it was pursued from another direction, India could never find a safer place than Afghanistan to pursue (KBP-II). RAW had already started contacting Baloch leaders through social activities in foreign countries and a PSYWAR was launched amongst the Balochistani people with a crystal clear reference to what happened in East Pakistan and how India helped East Balochis to have a spate, independent country. In the meantime RAW also sought agency-to-agency help from its counterpart in former Soviet Union and KGB. However, KGB couldn’t take a longer part into Balochistan’s game due to cold war with the united states of America. But soon After the former USSR’s invasion in Afghanistan that captured Afghanistan, The reports suggest that KGB played the major role in training the Baloch militants, given to RAW by certain Baloch tribal leaders, to use the arms and weapons shipped by RAW through sea routes to Balochistan over the years. The reports also indicate that it was not possible for RAW to successfully form the militant outfits in Balochistan without the strong help and assistance of KGB as both RAW and KGB managed to install militant forces like the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) etc. there were comprehensive training facilities for these militants by KGB in adjoining Afghanistan and loads of money for their mentors by RAW. After the fall of soviet, The research indicates that it was only after the 9/11 tragedy that RAW started getting very positive response from America’s CIA to make life miserable for Pakistan and its ISI. The research shows clearly that as the CIA, RAW ties started deepening owing to common interest of both the agencies; the things in Balochistan started getting worst, day by day. The RAW-CIA fulcrum once again got a formal approval of launching the Kao plan in Balochistan after the Congress government came into power in 2004. The Kao plan was initiated in Balochistan formally in 2004-2005 and within one year of its formal launching things got drastically changed across the province. The Kao plan made veteran Baloch leader Akbar Bugti and his like minded tribal leaders of the province defiant towards the federal government and they bent upon initiating an insurgency movement in the province and even brought a name for the new Independent country as Islamic Emirates of Balochistan. After the assassination of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in 2006, The Baloch uprising started taking place. The groups formed in Afghanistan BLA, BLF, etc. amplified their covert attacks on security forces, government installations, gas pipelines, power pylons, railway tracks and passenger buses particularly damaged Chinese development projects. On the other hand, sectarian violence, target killing of settlers, educationists, lawyers and teachers continued as a part of destabilization. In the here now, Balochistan’s coalition government need to clarify their stance over Baloch Maneuver because at one hand, Afghanistan is frequently supplying weapons to the terrorists while on the other hand the failure of coalition governemnt had already made it unblemished that Balochistan will continue to be suffered at the hands of sponsored terrorists. Unfortunately, there is not a single strong Baloch leadership which could bring exiled leaders at the same page even these exiled baloch are being played at the hands of their masters. Baloch leadership is marked by acute failure owing to forget the real cause of insurgency. This is not only a single time, but in fact during Aslam Raisani’s led government too, kidnapping for ransom incidents increased alarmingly in Balochistan during the tenure of Nawab Raisani while the alleged involvement of some ministers in kidnappings for ransom was also echoed in the sessions of the Balochistan Assembly and Supreme Court hearings in missing persons’ case. At the moment, The people of Balochistan doesn’t get what development is being made in regard to bring the province at the par, no strategy is being proposed to bring exiled baloch leaders through inter-pol or negotiation tables, while Afghanistan has become a hub of terrorists trainers, the government need to take serious steps to curb Indian and Afghan’s involvement in Balochistan in order to regain peace and eliminate external terrorists from history. 

The Writer is a Freelance Journalist based in Balochistan 


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