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Afghan Group Claims Indian Assets in Afghanistan Kanadaharبڑا مہرہ پکڑاگیا|Makhdoom Shahab Ud din



The Taliban Are Winning the War of Words in Afghanistan

The government’s radio silence is handing a propaganda victory to the insurgents.

By , an Australian journalist and author.
A Taliban commander ahead of an interview with AFP.

Mullah Misbah, a Taliban commander and director of public health for Ghazni on the Taliban-controlled side, at a hospital in the Andar district of Ghazni province, Afghanistan, on June 3. WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

KABUL—As Afghanistan’s armed forces cede and regain ground in the searing summer offensive against the Taliban, they are losing a propaganda war that is affecting the morale of a fearful population waiting for reassurance that the insurgents won’t overrun their country.

Leaving Afghanistan

Over the weekend, Taliban militiamen stormed districts in the north of the country, furthering the widespread perception that the insurgents are winning against a government that lacks strategy and leadership. Since May 1, the Taliban have stormed 60 districts, with active fighting now going on in some 64 percent of Afghanistan’s territory, according to the Institute of War and Peace Studies, though eight districts have been retaken by Afghan forces. Security sources said that Afghan forces often retreat in order to save civilian lives. 

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