Every one of us must learn that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s political career got birth in General Ayub Khan’s military regime, which was the thing we traditionally call “Martial Law Government”. The-then Army Chief General Ayub Khan staged a successful military coup in 1958 in order to become the center of executive power, entirely derailing Pakistan’s already struggling democratic setup. Mr. Z.A. Bhutto was soon afterwards introduced in the sphere of politics under the Martial Law-umbrella and was appointed Foreign Minister in 1963—an illegitimate beginning of his career. Thus, he did not set out as a public leader.

As the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, the first damage Mr. Bhutto did to the country was surrendering unconditionally 750 square km territory of Pakistan to China in 1962. Bhutto himself sealed off the deal.

Moreover, our history must be corrected about 1965 Indo-Pak War that it was Mr. Bhutto, the Foreign Minister, who pushed the whole country into that war by designing and supporting “Operation Gibraltar”, which ended up in a sheer failure with 3000 Pak Army commandos dead or missing in Kashmir Valley. In reaction to consecutive operations code-named “Gibraltar” and “Grand Slam”, Indians opened up three new war-fronts to release Pak Army’s pressure from Kashmir and thus the country went to war exposing its numerous weaknesses. After the war had ended, this so-called leader proved so shameless that he deceived, even seduced, his own master “Ayub Khan” atTashkent while negotiating the pact with Indian Prime Minister Shastri. Despite being an accomplice in that insulting pact, he started howling against his own master when once having been thrown out of the cabinet in 1966.