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SHARIF BROS TERRORISM AGAINST ARY-TV JOURNALISTS: Use Of Ittefaq Foundry Union Busting Goonda Tactics Against Pakistan’s Journalists

“Gutsy camera crews, go-get-’em producers and correspondents, and a competitive on-air culture compound the danger of working in Pakistan, and not just for those in television, but also for newspapers, magazines, and radio.”

Nawaz Sharif’s fascist and dictatorial tendencies are coming to surface. He tends to forget that such tactics had him booted out of Prime Ministership twice already. He has not learned from his past mistakes and continues to repeat them, including bear baiting the Pakistan Armed Forces.

Nawaz Sharif is showing his true colors as a former Union Busting Goonda of Ittefaq Foundry. He is known to have ordered beatings of Ittefaq foundry workers who wanted to form a Workers Union.”

“I was the general secretary of PIU. In the end, they had asked us to resign we were in a confrontation. The confrontation was with Nawaz Sharif’s relative Farooq Barkat.

They beat me, abused me a lot. They took pins and forced them into my thumbs.http://www.viewpointonline.net/the-story-of-union-busting-at-ittefaq.html

Where is their fellow Punjabi  Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry righteous wrath?
Where is his Suo Moto on beating -up of ARY TVs news team. It is ironic Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry dons blinders, when it comes to the high handed tactics of fellow Punjabi Kashmiri,
Nawaz Sharif. But, crucifies PPP and its leadership at the stealth goading of PML(N) leadership. 
Beating-up of ARY-TV journalists was pre-meditated. They were lured into a hospital room by the DMS of the hospital and then severely beaten.

 ARY’s investigative camera crews was attacked earlier today. 

It was a big crew–apparently seven or eight, including the driver. But they were heavily outnumbered by the thugs who didn’t want them around. Two of the crew’s members were wounded by gunfire and others badly beaten when

they tried to start taping the medical response to a sexual assault on a minor girl.


 Thus, the Sharif Brothers Govt.(installed by 600 Million Rupee US sponsored Election rigging) operates above the law. Their first action is to brutally attack journalists and convey to the press that they will control the press with such pressure tactics.


Shahbaz Sharif is a known control freak, who does not tolerate freedom of expression or dissent of any kind. A preview of Sharif Bros. version of press Freedom was displayed today.

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