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Dear Readers: Please Write to Pervez Rathore to Restore ARY TV ‘s Anchor Mubashir Lucman’s Program and Not to Defy Article 19 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights Charter 

Nawaz Sharif’s Office


E-Mail Address PEMRA Chairman



All Pakistanis Please E-mail Protest

on Banning & Censorship


 Mubashir Lucman

on Khara Sach


Article 19.

  • Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.



Pervez Rathore

Kashmiri of Nawaz Sharif Biradri Followed His Master’s Voice


Suppressor of Media Freedom in Pakistan on Behalf of Nawaz Sharif

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Kaptaan wins the hearts of Pakistanis yet again. No compromise on Accountability!

3:41am Oct 21

Apologies for a Small Video:We Were not able to get a Better One.But,its Worth Listening

Kaptaan wins the hearts of Pakistanis yet again. No compromise on Accountability!!!

“PPP was ready …

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PPP is a party of vultures. Its origins are shameful. There is no progressive PPP; there never was and never will be. 
That small short lived flash in the pan died the day ZAB imprisoned JA Rahim and had this wonderful gentleman sodomized in the Kot Lakhpat jail in front of his son by a jail sweeper to “teach him a lesson”. 
images-6Tried to bump off Ahmed Reza Kasuri and killed his father. Imprisoned Mairaj Mohammed Khan. 
No sir, it was a perverted legacy from the beginningIt’s a mirage, a dream, that people think was real.
 And now, fully exploited by power hungry merchants headed by their chief Asif Zardari using Bilawal Zardari to keep the poor mesmerized as does a snake so they can continue to loot and plunder. If this terrible group of people continue to rule and plunder, and the more we delay, the redressal of ills, wrongs and exploitation, the more brutal and violent and tragic will be the explosion of the pent up hatred of the poor and the exploited against the rich and the haves symbolized by ‎Asif Zardari, ‬‎Bilawal Zardari‬, ‎Nawaz Sharif‬ etc.  
Imran Khan may perhaps be the last hope for a change without violence. 
Otherwise, anarchy, murder, mayhem and bloodshed. The streets of Karachi Lahore Islamabad will run with blood. Marauding angry vengeful hordes exploited for centuries will drag the haves from their “safe havens” in Defense, Clifton, Gulberg, DHA F6 F7 F8, etc including Raiwind, Bilawal House and Bani Gala and the other bastions of the rich and the famous. 
So this order has to end to avoid what is clearly written on the cards; the complete destruction of orderly society in Pakistan. And, not even the army can save the country from this madness were it to happen, which it will if we don’t change. And, all will be swept away, PTI, PPP, PMLN, JI, JUI, MQM, ANP. Everybody! 
The anger and vengeance of the desperate, the exploited, and the angry, spare no one, and have no friends.
 May Allah save us from this wrath. But suffer we will if we don’t fix things soon.
The anger and vengeance of the desperate, the exploited, and the angry, spare no one, and have no friends.
 May Allah save us from this wrath. But suffer we will if we don’t fix things soon.

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Pakistan’s fate was sealed, the day Z.A.Bhutto, a scion of a feudal family came into power as the “man of the masses.” This is the biggest joke ever played on so many people (180 million), by so few, the Bhutto-Zardari clique. First, Pakistan was broken-up, due to Z.A.Bhutto’s lust for power. Then came the incompetent rule of Benazir, who left behind Zardari for Pakistan in Virsa or Inheritance. But, still there is no end in sight, Bilawal Bhutto’s lechery has taken the cake. Pakistan Think Tank had warned its readers, that Islamabad, had become a liquor laden whore house. We suggests a name change for Islamabad. Stop defiling Islam, by attaching its name to this perfidious city. It should be called, “RandiKhana or Sharaabkhana.” Aunties, nayakaas or dalees are doing roaring business, through beauty saloon call girls. A car stops in front of a beauty salon. The man dials the salon’s number. A call girl is sent by the Aunty, who runs the salon-cum- whorehouse. Pakistan’s economy is steaming hot with this lucrative business. All the Who’s,Who of Pakistans putrid, fecal feudal elites are customers of the salon comfort women. Yes, this city defiles the name of the Deen of Peace. Devil has proved that he can establish his kingdom in the heart of the most powerful, nuclear Islamic nation. Pakistani nation lost, evil won. But, is it isolated. No, not at all, look around and see what is happening at your neighbours house. The strange cars. The strange people. The elite of Peoples Party, PML(N,O,P,Q and whatever), ANP, and how could the mobsters of MQM be left behind, they partake of the fruit too. There is a dark corner for Bisexuals and Homosexuals trysts. Dark shaded limosines drive these leeches on Pakistan’s body drive around Aabpara at break neck speeds. On weekends, they fly over to another brothel or bordello of Middle East, after Bahrain. This is Dubai, where all the Khadims of Islam, from S.Arabia to Pakistan come cavort. They enjoy every sexual depravity, from bestiality, sado-masochism, to urinating or defecating on one another during sex.



The blowback of total callousness or rather conscious apathy has given birth to dark and neanderthal forces of extremism and mulliayat.
While, the poor masses of Naudero and Nawabshah had a glimmer of hope from Bilawal, he has let them down. Not only that, he has let the nation down. But, what could Pakistan expect from Zardari’s, “bad seed”?

The London Daily Mail commented in 2008 on Bilawal, while he was still a student at Oxford,”Orthodox Muslims will be surprised to see the new leader of the Pakistani People’s Party with his arms slung casually around two girls, one of whom declares herself as “bisexual” on a social networking website.” But, Bilawal has gone so overboard in his shenanighans that even the most liberal Pakistani will do a double take on his totally lecherous life style.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-506355/Free-alcohol-hangovers-bisexual-friends-girl-called-Boozie-Suzie—inside-student-life-Bilawal-Bhutto-Zardari.html#ixzz287iScurZ
These Neros are fiddling while the Capital city is shaking with their damnable deeds. The have once suffered a huge earthquake, but that warning has gone unheeded. How long can Sipah Salar hold back the seething anger of Officers and Jawans. Lets hope they exercise patience, because, the worst democracy is better than the finest dictatorship.
Although, Z.A.Bhutto was a drunk and a womanizer, Benazir was a typical Muslim woman. But, when, Zardari, joined this family and produced Bilawal, all hell has broken loose. Bilawal is a bi-sexual sex fiend on steroids. Every Daily Mail in UK and every “trash sheet” in India and Bangladesh is rife with stories of Bilawal’s depravity. So, much for the love affair of India with Zardari and the Bhutto family. Bilawal is claimed have seduced Hina Rabbani Khar, while she is still married to millionaire businessman Firoze Gulzar, from whom she has two daughters named Annaya and Dina.
The Baaniyas, who consider Bhuttos as their own have shown their true colours. They have plastered the news of Bilawal’s sexuality all over their wicked nation. Kafirs revel, when Muslims rebel against Islam.
But never mind, what goes around comes around. India will has the Gandhi family, which has its own lurid past. So, Baaniyas, dont ask for whom the bell tolls, it talls for thee. The backlash of Bilawal’s gunah kabira, will come from the people of Pakistan.The deeds of Z.A.Bhutto, Murtuza Bhutto, and Benazir Bhutto did not bring the Bhutto family solace. So Bilawal beware, his action will be his own undoing. He has only one enemy and that is himself!
Enough said!

September 30, 2012

Bisexual Bilawal Zardari, Family from Hell-The Zardaris, Homosexuality of Bilawal, UK Daily


Bilawal Bhutto with horns of devil

The whisper on illicit romantic relations between co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party [PPP] and foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar though had been continuing in the country for quite some time, no one dared to speak about this ‘Majestic Affairs’ in public as both Butto and Khar belong to extremely influential families. President Asif Ali Zardari, despite numerous rumors on his personal life, did not accept the growing relations between Bilawal and Hina, as he always feared, Bilawal’s knotting with Hina would simply put the future ‘heir’ to Pakistan People’s Party under the scarf of Hina Rabbani Khar, thus Khars would emerge as the most powerful family in Pakistani politics. Knowing the background of the thuggish attitude of the Khars – especially the inside stories of that family exposed by eminent journalist Tahmina Durrani, Hina would take full advantage of somehow turning Zardaris’s playboy son Bilawal into her mere lapdog. The Pakistani president even smelled Hina Rabbani Khar’s hidden desire of becoming the next President or Prime Minister of Pakistan, right after she would be successful in establishing total command over Bilawal Bhutto.
While President Asif Ali Zardari was actively trying to somehow make an end to the romantic relations between Bilawal and Hina, as usual, he had his last card to play – which is getting the gorgeous foreign minister killed. Though the relations between President Zardari and Hina Rabbani Khar had been cordial and friendly, when she first joined the cabinet, gradually the senior Zardari sensed Hina’s change in attitude and she was mostly showing the respect and care of a daughter-in-law towards the Pakistani president. For quite some time, President Asif Ali Zardari has been actively trying in keeping eyes on his son. But, nothing worked! Rather, Bilawal Bhutto madness for Hina was increasing like bonfire.
Some of the insiders of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party believe, Bilawal Bhutto’s affection for Hina was pure love but on the other hand, Hina Rabbani Khar’s feelings were purely strategic, as he might have dreamed of using Bilawal Bhutto as a ladder in reaching the highest position in Pakistani politics. But, the international exposure of the romantic relations between Bilawal Bhutto and Hina Rabbani Khar has now opened a completely new challenge for the Bhuttos right from inside the ruling party, when some of the influential figures in Pakistan People’s Party went mad knowing Bilawal Bhutto is alcoholic, bi-sexual and inclined towards Christianity. Their main anger was because of the rumor of Bilawal’s leaving Islam and converting into Christianity. The leaders of the ruling party fear, for the majority of the voters in Pakistan, it won’t be easy to elect a party in power, whose chairman is alcoholic, bi-sexual and non-Muslim, although for the high-profile politicians in Pakistan, boozing or eating pork was nothing new as it even happened with Pakistan’s founding father Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who not only was a non-practicing Muslim but also a huge lover of alcohol and pork. Bilalwal’s maternal grandpa Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto [father of Benazir Bhutto] was never a ‘good Muslim’ rather was a great boozer. But neither Mohammad Ali Jinnah nor Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto left Islam and embraced another religion, while in case of Bilawal, the allegation of conversion is strong enough. At the same time, Jinnah or Zulfiqar were at least not proved to be gays, while Bilawal Bhutto is not only a bi-sexual but also is a strong supporter of gay and lesbianism, which are serious offense as per Islamic code as well as existing law in Pakistan. The news on such huge anger inside the Pakistan People’s Party centering documented allegations against Bilawal Bhutto of being a bi-sexual as well as leaving Islam did already reach President Asif Ali Zardari right in United States, which has put the Pakistani president into extreme fear, because such anger within the party may finally lead to ouster of the Bhuttos from power with the help of country’s opposition political forces and army.
The news on Bilawal Bhutto being alcoholic, bisexual and his non-interest towards Islam although was exposed few years back by influential British tabloid The Mail, the authorities in Islamabad managed to hide this information from the larger segment of the population. But, the already exposed information came at the focal-point this time, when hundreds and thousands of people in Pakistan got the news on the secret romance between Hina Rabbani Khar and Bilawal Bhutto. For President Asif Ali Zardari and the Bhuttos, the biggest challenge now is not only hiding the fact about the romance between his son and the foreign minister, but explaining the reason of Bilawal Bhutto being an alcoholic, bisexual and opponent of Islamic codes.
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Thar famine: Bilawal Bhutto, your incompetence is unpardonable

Published: March 10, 2014

My good Lord, Bilalwal, while you celebrated our history, our future was embracing death.

Dear lord Bilawal,

The recent calamity that has hit the Thar Desert is nothing less than heart-wrenching. As I pen these words, thousands stand precariously at the cusp of death.

However, the purpose of this write-up is not to vent my sentiments but to bring to your Lordship’s attention the truth of his existence and the seemingly obvious realities that hitherto remain unrealised.

My lord, your people are starving and at moments like these true leaders stand amongst their people. You ought to be here; not thousands of miles away in the plush cosiness of your foreign apartments. That’s not the Quaid-e-Awam’s legacy; that’s not Bhuttoism’ – in fact, it is the very anti-thesis of ‘Bhuttosim’.

It is plain disdain and utter disregard for the lives of ordinary men and women.

But perhaps, you find more magnetism in your father’s ways. Perhaps, mixing with uncouth, sweaty, stinking, ordinary ‘proles’ is behaviour unbecoming of a feudal lord of your stature.

By posting those seemingly solicitous tweets who are you trying to fool?

You won’t have the answer but I do; nobody but yourself.

The most shameful dimension of the whole affair is that even when children are drifting towards death, petty politics is being played.

Why was Punjab government’s offer to help snubbed?

Those responsible for the crisis – a Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) and his brothers – are still untouched.

My Lord, if you could look beyond politics, beyond personal gain, you would find that the dying children of Thar demand justice; you would hear their cries. If you could break those barricades and look those sick, starving weaklings in the eyes, you would know the life of a serf is not worthless, after all.

Your party is a scourge and an albatross to the development of Sindh. Its ranks are filled with the vilest of feudals that feed on the blood of their serfs. Its cabinet is nothing but a conclave of dunderheads. Its Chief Minister (CM) is someone who didn’t have an inkling – and he has the gall to admit it – of the plight of Tharians until journalists started raving about the crisis.

So much for good governance.

My Lord, you pride yourself on the colours and richness of your culture and history. Indeed, I do as well. But is this the time for gaieties? A time when we desperately cling to the fringes of integrity, when Pakistan is faced with an existential crisis, when our national coffers are empty and when terrorists stand at our doorstep?

Just to inform you, since I’m sure no one else will, my good Lord, while you were feasting your eyes on those deft dances with the sinuous, almost-surreal movements of the dancers, somewhere someone’s bleary, weak eyes were drooping for good.

While music filled your ears, someone’s cries of anguish went unheard, unattended.

While you celebrated our history, our future was embracing death.

While you were busy revelling, the children of Thar were battling fatality.



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The old tottering, the new struggling to be born by Ayaz Amir

Islamabad diary: Friday, October 10, 2014 

The old tottering, the new struggling to be born

Ayaz Amir







Sounds a bit dramatic, the title, doesn’t it? But I get the feeling that hesitantly, without most of us fully realising it, a new history is being written. A country knowing nothing but frustration for long gives the impression of finally turning in its sleep.

For many this is a heady feeling. You can see this in the dharnas. For the status quo classes hiding behind the slogan of democracy this is an alarming development. They don’t seem to have an answer to the questions being raised about the dead politics they represent.

The two leading champions of the traditional politics seem like two faces of the same currency. For all practical purposes, there is little to distinguish the PML-N and the PPP except geography. The former is mainly interested in preserving its fiefdom in Punjab, the latter in Sindh, both under attack from Imran Khan. In some ways this is divine retribution: the Sharifs and ex-president Asif Ali Zardari supping at the same table. The jaundiced observer would say they deserve each other.

Bilawal says Imran Khan should learn politics from the Bhuttos. This is not without its share of humour. At what his successors have made of the PPP, a cousin or B Team of the PML-N, Bhutto would be turning in his grave. Even the blessed of short memory cannot easily forget that the most finished, most advanced product, to come out of Gen Ziaul Haq’s political engineering machine, with which he sought to cleanse Pakistan’s political stables and put the country on the path of righteousness, were the Sharifs.

The old politics is dying because it is past its sell-by date. It is not addressing the concerns of the people. And because Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri are talking of the injustices and iniquities of the prevailing socio-economic and political order people are listening to them. This is evident in the huge rallies Imran is addressing. The status quo parties can’t make out what’s happening. All they have at their service are clichés about democracy and the constitution. Because they are hollow they don’t make much of an impression.

Democracy was not threatened by the dharnas. It was the old way politics under attack. This entire agitation has stirred both the middle classes which hitherto kept themselves aloof from politics, and the young and rootless who see no future for themselves in the prevailing system. In a matter of weeks the old shibboleths stand discredited, as people asks questions they never had a chance to ask before.

The anti-Ayub agitation of Oct ’68-Mar ‘69 put paid to the controlled ‘democracy’ associated with Ayub Khan’s rule. The anti-Bhutto agitation of 1977 swept aside Bhutto’s populist rule and paved the way for Gen Zia’s military rule and all that he did in the name of Islam. At another of those turning points which take history down a new path, Imran Khan and Qadri, for the most part unwittingly, are becoming the instruments of a new consciousness.

I say unwittingly for when they set out on their separate marches from Lahore they could have had no idea how it would all turn out in six weeks or two months. Their good luck, and the nation’s, was that despite the visible meltdown of federal authority, when power was there for the taking, the army held its hand. A military intervention would have been a godsend for the Sharifs, bestowing on them again, as in 1999, the halo of martyrdom…their shortcomings forgotten.

But when it all looked hopeless for Khan and Qadri, against the odds, against all the dictates of seeming wisdom, they stuck to their guns and turned what looked like certain defeat to the triumph – in the form of the turning of the tide – they are now experiencing. At journey’s beginning Khan was not the all-conquering hero he now appears to be, his march not very impressive when he set out from Lahore. Qadri had the advantage in numbers and organisation.

Behold then the power of determination. Through biting sun and drenching rain the two stuck it out, when lesser men would have given up. How foolish they looked in the beginning, atop their containers, haranguing their followers. What nicknames did they not earn, what ridicule was not heaped on them not least by the punditocracy.

It was not the fault of the pundits. They were in their ivory towers. Imran and Qadri were closer to the pulse and mood of the people. It’s always like this. In the anti-Ayub agitation most of the pundits were on one side, Bhutto on the other. In this narrow sense at least we are seeing history repeating itself.

What happens next, whether the paralysis of government we see now will last indefinitely or premature elections put the Sharifs out of their misery, are matters of detail. The important thing is (1) that the dispensation of the Sharifs stands denuded of authority, the moral right to govern; and (2) it is possible to feel a new mood in the country, one compounded not of cynicism and frustration but hope and enthusiasm. Despite the pundits, the broad reach of television – this a military dictator’s gift, let us never forget – is proving to be another agent of change. Elections may still be stolen. But it won’t be this easy.

Every pantomime has its day. If the finished products of the Zia era were good at anything it was the art of stolen elections. They had some very good tutors and army and ISI then marched to a different tune. The enemy then was the PPP and the good guys were the windbags and toadies of the right put together under the umbrella of the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad by the ISI…and such consummate masters of the political game as my friend Lt Gen Hamid Gul. The popular response to the dharnas, and the public attendance at Khan’s rallies, suggest that the curtains may finally be coming down on this long-standing drama.

The tide when it turns carries all before it. Hitherto unassailable symbols of authority lose their shine; seemingly impregnable walls totter. This is happening with the Sharifs, nothing working right for them, and their authority down to zero.

Imran and Qadri have even changed the discourse of politics. The cry of democracy in danger no longer cuts much ice. Sharif keeps harping on the theme of protecting the constitution. Zardari says he is defending the ‘system’. People are more focused on the corruption and misrule of the political elite, which both the PML-N and the PPP exemplify.

People are just tired of the old faces, as they were tired of Ayub and Zia and Musharraf. In Britain they were tired of Mrs Thatcher in the end and of Tony Blair too when he had been around for too long. There’s just so much the human stomach can stand. The Sharifs have been around for over 30 years.

Does anyone think that people are so dumb that they can’t make out the difference between a more confident India under Narendra Modi and Pakistan under a bumbling dispensation? Does anyone think they have missed noting the difference between Modi’s visit to the United States and our performance there?

Why are people responding to Imran? Not just because of inflated electricity bills but because they want to see strong hands on deck, a leadership of which they can be proud, not a leadership fidgeting with nervousness in front of the likes of President Obama.

Two slogans for the sentiment they captured stand out in our history: the call for Pakistan in 1946-47 and ‘roti, kapra and makan’ in 1970. Now comes a third to rank with them: “Go Nawaz Go”. It has caught the spirit of the times.

Email: winlust@yahoo.com


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