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Global Peace and Human Security: Are We the People and Global Leaders at a Crossroads? By Mahboob Khawaja, PhD

Global Leaders lack an Understanding of Nature,  Peace, and Human Security


Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja




To manifest global peace and human security, We, the People of conscience, ask for a reasoned dialogue for peace between all the warring parties. There is no place for complicity to maintain ignorance of the atrocities and emerging calamities of an acrimonious spell of violence and madness on either side. The superiority of intellect and information are simply imperatives of necessity, not the soul of human compassion and universal kindness. Cynicism about politicians is endemic. Mikhail Gorbacheve died this week but his legacy offers opportunities for political openness to change in Russia if collective efforts are implied to rebuild the trust between the contemporary belligerent actors. The Chernobyl nuclear meltdown is not forgotten or forbidden from recent memory as were the nuclear incidents in Japan and Three Mile Island, NY. We, the People of the world will continue to witness the unthinkable consequences of human fatalities and environmental impacts for ages to come.  Scientists and engineers specializing in nuclear reactor technology must have imagined theoretical and conceptual perfection of security and peace on this planet. Not so at Zaphornizhia (Ukraine) nuclear station. Now under Russian control, it is posing a critically ferocious problem according to the IAEA (Geneva) team that visited the site, calling ‘the security and integrity of the plant violated.’  Its volatility is a serious concern to all if another meltdown happens. The competing forces would start the blame games while human peace and security would be at crossroads.

It is repulsive to suppose universal harmony can be enhanced by profligacy, malevolence, and horrors and miseries for unthinkable multitudes. The IAEA team took more than two weeks just to visit the epicenter of the alleged nuclear disaster. How could the UNO or any of its agencies assure global humanity of its safety and survival in a nuclear meltdown? The current global institutions have a serious problem with integrity, relevance, and effectiveness. Why did the UNO Security Council fail to convene an emergency session and designate the nuclear establishments as “Safe Zones”, and ‘out of bounds’ for all military engagements? The people around Zaphorzhia breathe fear and sleep with the invisible horrors of radiation and nuclear meltdown. The fear could dehumanize people all over the globe.

Despite the reality of the catastrophic events of the World War II, most global leaders claiming greatness of mind and vision have lost the moral and intellectual path of political farsightedness and accountability.  The EU and NATO and their regionalized and ethno-nationalistic propositions are fast becoming contentious issues of peace and security between the Russian Federation and the Western nations. People with knowledge and wisdom cannot make animosity as a trade to endanger our future.

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NATO and the EU are regionalized organizations and their advisors lack imagination of global peace and security. We, the People witness a present devoid of reason and rationality often fearing the coming of an apocalyptic ending of a completely decadent human civilization. Some mythologists as the World Economic Forum advisor Yuval Noah Harari,  explains Emily Mangiaracina (“World Economic Forum Adviser Claims the Planet No Longer Needs the ‘Vast Majority’ of the Population” Global Research: 8/12/22), argues beyond the capacity of human nature:  that the world does not “need the vast majority” of the current population due to technological advances. Harari made the bold declaration in an interview with Chris Anderson, head of the popular TED media group, echoing past predictions of a “useless class” of “unemployable” humans.

To this author, the cataclysmic nature of human intellect is unleashing a highly irrational and unthinkable world of complexity to come into our consciousness, destroying all progress and achievement of any human civilization on this planet. Most human intellect knows the basic imperative: “if you THINK intelligently, you could find workable remedies to human problems.”

Global Leaders Must THINK of Effective Communication to Resolve Emerging Problems

Despite the leaders of Iran and Turkey having a working relationship with President Putin regarding the supply of grain via the Black Sea and prospects of meetings for peace talks, no other Western leaders took the initiative to break their strange silence and come out of the box to articulate a New Vision for political change and start talking to Russian and Ukrainian leaders for an immediate ceasefire and peace process.  All parties could well use the common phenomenon and threat of nuclear arsenals / hydrogen bombs or mother of bombs to annihilate human beings and habitats in few seconds, if not minutes.

The failure of global leadership and institutions more so of the UNO signals dubious conceptions of right and wrong, good and evil in problem-solving in Ukraine, Russia, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Kashmir and Palestine are the outcomes of consequential military invasions and aggression that kill people and destroy Earth. History illustrates when a nation or its leaders challenge the limits of the Laws of God and approach the end of their lifespan, insanity overtakes common sense and they tend to ignore warnings and reject all Voices of Reason.

The planet Earth is not a dead orbiting object but a living entity providing continuous nourishment to human life and existence to all other living beings. When nations and leaders subscribing to political absolutism start acting like God and challenge the sanctity and limits of the Laws of God; historically speaking, they become an object of unthinkable natural calamities- earthquakes, wildfires, floods, deaths and destruction. The Divine Revelations (The Qur’an: 40: 64), remind us, of who we are and what relationship we enjoin to Earth and its sustenance that supports our life and existence:

It is God Who made for you the Earth as a resting place and the sky as a canopy;
And has given you shape and made your shapes beautiful,
And has provided for your Sustenance, of things pure and good;
Such is God your Lord. So Glory to God,
The Lord of the Worlds.





Global Humanity Rejects Military Conquests and Demands Peace, Security and Co-Existence

The sanctity of human life is grounded in the realization of peace, dialogue, and co-existence. The on-going onslaught between Russia-Ukraine and the West makes no sense to rational thinking and political accountability. Appearing more like spectators, American, European and NATO leaders pay their lip service to aid Ukraine is mere a repetitive cry for public consumption.

If time and history are a reference point to avoid any conflict between Man and the Nature of things, we must comprehend how the planet Earth exists and moves at its axis and rotates at 1675 km per hour or 465 meters per second that is 1,040 miles per hour. The Earth’s circumference at the equator is 40,075 km. And the length of time the Earth takes to complete one full turn on its axis is 23.93 hours. How do all living beings get lifelong nourishment within the splendid Universe? The NEED is urgent to understand the natural equilibrium of relationship between Man, Life and God – given the living Universe in which we all co-exist harmoniously. Modern wars represent sadistic minds to undermine and destroy all that is built over the ages that we call human cultures and civilizations. All of the Monolithic Religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) reveal the truth of “Trust” – human beings took to be responsible and be at peace with the Nature of Things – the living Planet Earth. This TRUST and its reminder are explicitly mentioned in (The Qur’an, Chapter 33: 72):“We did indeed offer the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth; And the mountains but they refused; To undertake it, being afraid thereof: But man undertook it; He was indeed unjust and foolish.”    

German philosopher Immanuel Kant(“Perpetual Peace”, 1795), was more proactive and a realist when he noted that:  “Intellectuals must be seated in chosen assemblies and systems of public governance to overt individualistic insanity against the people.”  Viewing the perpetuated chaos and nationalistic ideals of the few, no matter how time exists in a frozen leadership intellect, this author recently proposed a strategy of communication to global leaders to resolve the conflict on both sides of the iron curtain: “https://www.uncommonthought.com/mtblog/archives/2022/04/19/ukraine-russia-and-the-easter-of-insanity.php and https://english.pravda.ru/opinion/151200-easter/ 4/19/2022:

To stop the war in Ukraine, the US, the EU, NATO should have a direct face to face communication with President Putin. …….It is logical when people of diversity and opposing ideals come to talk directly, tensions and evil mongering is reduced to reason and mutual interest. This has not happened except military options for weapon supplies and enlargement of the scope of regional conflict.  Time and history will not forgive nor forget any of the leaders if they failed to agree to an immediate ceasefire and peace deal. 

Can we THINK to be human first in all of our moral, political and intellectual endeavors?

Can we look at the mirror and critically see ourselves – who we are and why have we become so stagnated in moral, spiritual and intellectual values to destroy our own existence by our own complicity?  Can we see the mirror with a collective conscience and realize as if there were no people of REASON and accountability populating Planet Earth?  What kind of nuisance discovery it could be if other intelligent species from outer space ( as indeed there are living beings in other planets), come to visit our Earth and its advanced knowledge-based species and their AI weapons, visual constructs and magic of conquests claiming to be the master of their destiny and sustainable future, and given the sophisticated missiles, nuclear arsenals and mother of bombs so well placed comfortably that nothing could disrupt their lifelines except animosities, wars and wickedness to destroy their own existence on this Earth.

Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations, and is the author of several publications including the latest: One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution. Germany, 12/2019.


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Ukraine, Russia and the West to Rethink of Dialogue for Peace, Not War Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.

Ukraine, Russia and the West to Rethink of Dialogue for Peace, Not War

Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.



Rational Leaders Think of People, not Egoism


In an age of Reason, the cause of humanity calls for peace, freedom and respect for human dignity. In a hybrid geo-political culture – part human and part vulture, we are witnessing a forgotten wisdom of human courage and foresight to stand for the protection of human rights, state sovereignty and national freedom as we continue to see a catastrophic evolving war in Ukraine. The man-made emerging war against the innocent people has no place in an inexplicable antiquity and immense scale of irrational purpose for individualistic glory – all appear to be  covered in mystery and unfolding irrational policy behavior in global affairs. To ensure and safeguard the vital geo-political interests of global mankind, this unwarranted war must stop on all sides. Leaders on both sides need to acquire an enlightened understanding that in crisis management, effective leaders do not rush to hasty reactionary judgments and naïve conclusions of belligerency and warmongering.

A reflective snap shot  of a critical moment in time pulse and movement of history reveals absence of reasoned dialogue for the prevention of the on –going conflict causing massive human casualties, displacement of millions of Ukrainian civilian refugees across  Europe, destruction of essential civic infrastructures and furious competitive edge for success in an ugly war between Ukraine and Russia. The latest being an attack on the European biggest nuclear establishment in Ukraine. Its consequences could lead to catastrophic disruption and wipe out an entire population and progress of human civilization simply to satisfy the few sadistic political minds. To glance ahead of the emerging horrifying events coming out of Ukraine, We, The People of global humanity must call for immediate halt to all war machines and lingering suspicion of one-sided peace and triumph. The sudden and inexplicable plunge into insanity of war will not produce any military or psychological gains for violent assumptions plagues with hatred, bias and false claims and counter claims of military superiority, defeats and occupation.




Reference: Image Courtesy NY Post





There are wild and inhuman sciences of Ukrainian people’s suffering and forced displacement to neighboring Poland, Hungary, Moldova and other locations. WE, the People of the globe enjoin immense bonds of understanding for equal rights, friendship and freedom and respect for national integrity of all people and states within the world systems of political affairs. Regardless of geography and history, we are One Humanity and pain inflicted on any parts of the human body gives pain and anguish to the whole body. We, the People cannot be detached from what is happening between Russia, Ukraine NATO and Europe. We must emphasize and enhance our moral and spiritual bonds to remain contacted in solidarity of the suffering masses and refocus on peace and ending the conflict through reason and dialogue. There is no reason to opt for ruthless purging of a democratically elected leader or political governance in Ukraine or Russia or elsewhere in Europe.  We, the People of global consciousness must reject politically indoctrinated cynicism becoming an endemic to change the political governance in Ukraine by violent actions of military actions and unwanted war.  If Ukraine and Russian political elite could face each at a table and pursue the urgent need for a reasoned dialogue to cure the sickness of military triumph, it will be a welcomed evolutionary development to foresee the end of the current conflict.

America, Russia and NATO Failed to Learn from History


Human progress and future-making are jeopardized when lessons of history are deliberately misinterpreted and ignored by the so called intelligent people. If war is the only avenue to seek peace, we are on the wrong side of history and thinking of our future. There are fearsome and ferocious flows of blame game as often used in conflict-making and conflict -keeping situations.  NATO and America are implying extensive financial and other sanctions against Russia to halt the on-going war in Ukraine.  The action and reaction gamble will result in unthinkable economic, social and political consequences for Russia and America and the EU and others on this planet. Most rational analysts would agree that sanctions would not deter Russia from its stated aims and priorities of the current conflict. Russia appears to be as competent and viable militarily and politically as is America or the EU and NATO in their pursuit of political strategies and goals. The conflict envisages mutual suspicion and distrust in official policies and behavior across the board.  To a perceptive eye, this is the real reasoning for the emerging war in Ukraine. It reflects a treacherous mindset to imagine that any one country is powerful enough to dominate another sovereign entity.

Is NATO being managed by people who lived in the distant past and perhaps post WW2 historic culture is still alive and flourishing? Is there any glimpse of hope for change and new reasoned relationships between America, Russia and West Europeans? The future of violence and nationalistic resentment looks embedded into the distorted strategic necessities of the current affairs, be it the argument of Russia or American-led NATO and or the EU on its own. NATO is run by the wrong people, glued to wrong thinking and doing the wrong things without any rational sense of time, people’s interest and history. The waking consciousness and wisdom would demand that Russia, America and NATO and the EU  – all active actors in this perplexed game should critically analyze their strength and weaknesses, their aims for freedom and respect for state’s sovereignty, should know who they are and where they are and that global humanity is watching them if they will act wisely for peace or demonstrate abhorrent and ruthless behavior in ensuring a  peaceful resolution of the current naive  aims of disastrous  consequences for all the living mankind.

Global news media represents the pains and sufferings of Ukrainian masses forcibly evicted from their homes and towns moving to take asylum across Eastern Europe.  There could be few millions on the move without knowing any safe place or destination or hope for safety.  It is self-evident unambiguous experience of human aggressive connotation by the few against the many and all – as it happened during the 2nd World War.  Should America, Russia and the EU not learn lesson from the formative and living history?  The unreal embodiment of good intentions and piety showed by all in this war, reminds us all that we are not inhabitants of a rational and 21st century knowledge-based civilized world. Perhaps, we are living in a dangerous world of our own making – not differentiating between evil and virtue in human thoughts and behavior. It is fast becoming clear that NATO and the EU failed to grasp the reality of the current conflict and appears unable to help Ukraine for its rights to a be free member of global political systems of states.

 Russia and its leaders must realize the humane urgency to agree for an immediate ceasefire and try to resolve the issues through peaceful dialogue and certainly not by conquest of Ukraine. Any violations of mutual relationship will have volcanic consequences to dehumanize the civic Russian principles and values. When noble ideals are misinterpreted,  it could drain out all the good qualities of people and leaders. Political reasoning is a shared enterprise within the global systems of governance to which America, Russia and NATO failed to observe.  The sanctity of peace and values of human life will encompass open-mindedness and readiness to listen and learn from each other concerns and experience for peace, harmony and viable neighborly relationships.  What if President Putin, President Biden and the EU leaders would meet in person and hold dialogue for peace-making and conflict resolution?  The violent assumptions of NATO outreach to Eastern Europe and outrageous hypothesis of military confrontations will lead nowhere – certainly not to peace-making or conflict resolution. Who could gain in these mindless and extravagant ideas of power and military warfare?  Certainly None.  Rationality dictates objective reasons for the good of people, societies and nations. The sudden plunge to cataclysmic destruction of human societies and civilizations by the few is a misleading notion and aims, no matter how powerful they claim to be.

The equality of human beings and states sovereignty synthesizes an equal consideration and treatment of all involved in this warfare. The global awakening of human soul and consciousness demands an immediate ceasefire and return to face to face negation between Russia, Ukraine, NATO and the EU. If they reject, surely, a debacle could swept unthinkable catastrophic consequences and ends for all on this planet.

 Isn’t true that intelligent leaders and people always readily accept reasoned advice?



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Ukranian Whistleblower Reveals MH-17 Tragedy Was Orchestrated By Poroshenko And British Secret Service by Tyler Durden

Ukrainian Whistleblower Reveals MH-17 Tragedy Was Orchestrated By Poroshenko And British Secret Service


Inline image

Tyler Durden

Wed, 01/08/2020 


Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH-17), that was shot down on July 17, 2014 in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine, killed all passengers onboard and was immediately blamed on pro-Russia Donbass volunteer militias fighting against henchmen of the Maidan civil unrest, the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion and the Ukrainian military. The blame was assigned against the Donbass militias with no investigation occurring and many questions remaining unanswered.

These questions were answered by Former Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Prozorov of the Ukrainian Security Services, who fled to Russia, in a damning new documentary titled “MH-17: In Search Of Truth.”
MH-17: In Search of Truth

The whistleblower in the 39-minute documentary completely delegitimizes the findings found by the Dutch investigators and world leaders by drawing on classified documents he attained through his own high-ranking position and those close to him, as well as eye witness accounts including from the Donbass volunteers.

The responsibility for investigating the tragedy was given to a Dutch-led joint investigation team with the Dutch Safety Board, who claimed that MH-17 was downed by the Donbass volunteers with a Buk surface-to-missile. Prozorov challenges this assertion and questioned why Malaysia, which owned MH-17, was pushed to the periphery of the investigation and priority was given to the Dutch side. This in itself is not damning and does not disprove that the Donbass volunteers were not responsible, but it does demonstrate that there is a clear agenda when a country with direct interest in this tragedy is cast aside.

Interestingly, the Dutch investigators completely disregarded declassified Russian Ministry of Defense information that the missile used to down MH-17 was sent to the Lviv region in Western Ukraine near the Polish border during the Soviet era, the opposite end of the country to Donbass. Prozorov was able to even reveal the serial number of the missile (8-8-6-8-7-2-0). This revelation is complemented by the fact that the Ukrainian military 156 Anti-Aircraft Regiment were operating in Donbass and had BUK vehicles in service in the region, as corroborated by two interviewees who served in the regiment, bringing into question why Dutch investigators ignored such critical information. This comes as it has now been proven, as explained in the documentary, that the alleged Russian Buk movement in Ukraine was faked, with a single still photo being used with a picture of a tractor, a trailer and a Buk vehicle being inserted into the picture.

However, the Ukrainian Security Service using the 156 Anti-Aircraft Regiment had not acted alone, and there were significant joint efforts with external states, primarily Britain, but also Australia. The documentary reveals that Ukrainian Major General Valery Kondratyuk and Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Burba, in which Prozorov knew the latter, was with two British secret service agents on June 22, 2014 in the battle zone some weeks before the MH-17 tragedy. Prozorov claims that Burba remained with the British agents in the region and plotted together with Ukrainian Security Services to bring down MH-17. As this was spearheaded by the British intelligence, there was no surprise that Englishman Elliot Higgins, a former lingerie retailer, who has not studied politics or journalism, had his obscure blogging elevated into the Bellingcat website, with monetary backing from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, just days before the tragedy. Higgins was promoted to such an extent that he began to closely collaborate with the Atlantic Council, which Edward Curtins describes as “a think-tank with deep ties to the U.S. government, NATO, war manufacturers, and their allies, and the National Endowment for Democracy, another infamous U.S. front organization heavily involved in so-called color revolution regime change operations all around the world.” Higgins has also spearheaded disinformation campaigns on chemical weapon allegations against the Syrian government.

The MH-17 tragedy also strangely involved Australia, according to Prozorov, with Australian intelligence agent Peter Kalver, likely belonging to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation if Prozorov’s allegations are correct, having a British phone number beginning with +44 and ending with 575, despite operating in Ukraine and being Australian, in which the national phone code of his home country is +61.

With these revelations, Prozorov explains that “we collected enough information and documents that allow us to draw a firm conclusion. The Boeing crash was a provocation that had been planned and realized by the Ukrainian top leadership and the Western intelligence agencies.”

Prozorov lists the main culprits in this tragedy:

  • Petr Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine at the time;
  • Alexander Turchinov, the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine;
  • Viktor Muzhenko, the chief of the General Staff;
  • Valentin Nalivaychenko, the Chief of the Security Service of Ukraine;
  • Vasiliy Gritsak, the Chief of the Anti-Terrorist Center;
  • Valeriy Kondratiuk, the Chief of the Counterintelligence Department of the Security Service;
  • Vasiliy Burba, the Security Service officer;
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Lyshchenko, the commander of the second division of 156 anti-aircraft regiment;
  • The British intelligence agents who supervised this covert operation.

It is highly recommended that the documentary is viewed as all the information, in which all of it is relevant, cannot be confined into a single article. The insights and information provided by Prozorov thoroughly examines and concludes that MH-17 flight downing was an aggressive action taken by Ukraine with the backing of foreign intelligence agencies, particularly British, to discredit the Donbass militias.

I would argue this was also done to legitimize a Western intervention in Ukraine. Just as Bellingcat’s disinformation campaign against Syria has failed, Higgins and other peoples campaign to blame the Donbass volunteers for MH-17 tragedy is also crumbling apart.

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