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Kao-Plan Underway – By: Asad Khan Betini

Kao-Plan Underway – By: Asad Khan Betini

Chief Minister Balochistan Dr. Malik Baloch made a statement while talking to the newsmen in Islamabad that he had failed to bring estranged nationalist leaders to the negotiating table, but vowed to continue his reconciliation efforts, his forlorn statement affirms that there is no vivid phantasm of the Balochistan government and appears to be just up to completion of it’s tenure. Through out the Histroy of Pakistan, Baloch Sardars and Nawabs have been at war with the establishment for control over the natural resources and provincial autonomy in particular, but whenever these Sardars and Nawabs achieve their end and enthrone themselves in the government, they forget their so called Independence and provincial autonomy. The unfortunate Baloch wearing turbans and fighting in caves never knew their fate but were used as a tool for Baloch’ dukes in order to gain a political momentum. Likewise Sardar Akhter Mengal failed to win election on 11 May 2013, He had come up with a new plan to enthrone himself as a chief minister of Balochistan, lamentably his failure once again turned him towards U Turn with self-style denunciation game. Unfortunately, there is no body loyal to this country, if their desires are met with failure they begin to press Pakistani establishment for being involved in enforced disappearance Drilling and mutilated bodies of Baloch nationalists. The uprising in Balochistan was a part of Kao-Plan prepared by Indian Intelligence Agency soon after Indra Gandhi was elected in the late 60s, According to Daily mails findings, the Report says “When Indira Gandhi took over as Prime Minister of India in the late 60s, among her basic priorities was to undo the division of India that created a new State, Pakistan which was highly irritating the Indian leaders since its birth. In that particular era, India’s all intelligence related matters, both internally and externally were managed by only one intelligence agency of the country that was the Intelligence Bureau (IB). The Daily Mail’s research indicates that when Mrs. Gandhi assumed the charge of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) at New Delhi, she ordered the IB to prepare comprehensive plans to destabilize Pakistan and to transform into a failed State and to negate the 2-Nation Theory which was the foundation of the creation of Pakistan. The Daily Mail’s research indicates that in 1968, the then head of IB’s External Division Wing and the founder of Directorate General of Security, commonly known as DG(S) in India, Rameshwar Nath Kao, a confidante of Indira Gandhi and her late father as he was cleared of falling to any honey trap because of being a gay, presented a very comprehensive plan to fulfill Indira Gandhi’s wishes regarding Pakistan. This, around 240-page plan, which is still known as The Kao Plan in India’s clandestine community had three different operations to destabilize Pakistan. The Kao Plan, which is described as a three-pronged strategy by the Indian officials, had three different operations to eliminate Pakistan. The first, known as Kao’s Bangla Plan(KBP) was chalked out to start an insurgency movement in East Pakistan and transform the Eastern part of Pakistan into a new State. The 2 nd plan, known as Kao’s Balochistan Plan (KBP-II) was architected to create a similar scenario in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, while the 3 rd one was relating to organize a separation movement in the then North Western Frontier Province(NWFP) and now Khyber Pakhtun Khowah to establish an independent State there and this one is known as the Kao’s Pakhtoonistan Plan (KPP).” 

The basic features of Kao plan were to launch a Psychological Warfare operation in East Pakistan; to communicate with East Pakistani politicians, mainly those belonging to Awami League; they portrayed Pakistan’s Army as the mother of all evils, the primary goal of plan was to make a sense of deprivation among the Bengalis. The Plan instigated the political circles of Bengal, resultantly, the media and press was used to defame Pakistan. After successful conspiracy in accordance with the (KBP-I) plan that not only portrayed Pakistan’s role as a occupiers of Bengal but also portrayed them as the worst violators of the human rights violations. After 1971, When Pakistan lost Bangladesh, Rameshwar Nath Kao put proposal to initiate (KBP-II) to separate Balochistan from Pakistan, at that time, India couldn’t execute the plan owing to US involvement in Pakistan during the cold war, while India also had no direct link to Balochistan , Similarly, some amendments were made in the plan and it was pursued from another direction, India could never find a safer place than Afghanistan to pursue (KBP-II). RAW had already started contacting Baloch leaders through social activities in foreign countries and a PSYWAR was launched amongst the Balochistani people with a crystal clear reference to what happened in East Pakistan and how India helped East Balochis to have a spate, independent country. In the meantime RAW also sought agency-to-agency help from its counterpart in former Soviet Union and KGB. However, KGB couldn’t take a longer part into Balochistan’s game due to cold war with the united states of America. But soon After the former USSR’s invasion in Afghanistan that captured Afghanistan, The reports suggest that KGB played the major role in training the Baloch militants, given to RAW by certain Baloch tribal leaders, to use the arms and weapons shipped by RAW through sea routes to Balochistan over the years. The reports also indicate that it was not possible for RAW to successfully form the militant outfits in Balochistan without the strong help and assistance of KGB as both RAW and KGB managed to install militant forces like the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) etc. there were comprehensive training facilities for these militants by KGB in adjoining Afghanistan and loads of money for their mentors by RAW. After the fall of soviet, The research indicates that it was only after the 9/11 tragedy that RAW started getting very positive response from America’s CIA to make life miserable for Pakistan and its ISI. The research shows clearly that as the CIA, RAW ties started deepening owing to common interest of both the agencies; the things in Balochistan started getting worst, day by day. The RAW-CIA fulcrum once again got a formal approval of launching the Kao plan in Balochistan after the Congress government came into power in 2004. The Kao plan was initiated in Balochistan formally in 2004-2005 and within one year of its formal launching things got drastically changed across the province. The Kao plan made veteran Baloch leader Akbar Bugti and his like minded tribal leaders of the province defiant towards the federal government and they bent upon initiating an insurgency movement in the province and even brought a name for the new Independent country as Islamic Emirates of Balochistan. After the assassination of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in 2006, The Baloch uprising started taking place. The groups formed in Afghanistan BLA, BLF, etc. amplified their covert attacks on security forces, government installations, gas pipelines, power pylons, railway tracks and passenger buses particularly damaged Chinese development projects. On the other hand, sectarian violence, target killing of settlers, educationists, lawyers and teachers continued as a part of destabilization. In the here now, Balochistan’s coalition government need to clarify their stance over Baloch Maneuver because at one hand, Afghanistan is frequently supplying weapons to the terrorists while on the other hand the failure of coalition governemnt had already made it unblemished that Balochistan will continue to be suffered at the hands of sponsored terrorists. Unfortunately, there is not a single strong Baloch leadership which could bring exiled leaders at the same page even these exiled baloch are being played at the hands of their masters. Baloch leadership is marked by acute failure owing to forget the real cause of insurgency. This is not only a single time, but in fact during Aslam Raisani’s led government too, kidnapping for ransom incidents increased alarmingly in Balochistan during the tenure of Nawab Raisani while the alleged involvement of some ministers in kidnappings for ransom was also echoed in the sessions of the Balochistan Assembly and Supreme Court hearings in missing persons’ case. At the moment, The people of Balochistan doesn’t get what development is being made in regard to bring the province at the par, no strategy is being proposed to bring exiled baloch leaders through inter-pol or negotiation tables, while Afghanistan has become a hub of terrorists trainers, the government need to take serious steps to curb Indian and Afghan’s involvement in Balochistan in order to regain peace and eliminate external terrorists from history. 

The Writer is a Freelance Journalist based in Balochistan 


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Countering Iranian Allegations & Removing Misunderstanding









Countering Iranian Allegations & Removing Misunderstanding




Sajjad Shaukat



Being a neighbouring and brotherly country, Pakistan always respects Iran’s sovereignty, system of governance and its socio-political developments. But, some external elements misguide Iran through false propaganda by manipulating various terror-incidents which take place inside Iran, especially its province of Iranian Sistan-Baluchistan and Pakistan’s province of Balochistan.


It could be judged from the latest incident of October 25 when 14 Iranian border guards lost their lives and six others were wounded in a shoot-out with terrorists in the border region of Saravan in Iran’s southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan. In this regard, Iranian lawmakers accused that the US and Pakistani intelligence services lead the Pakistan-based Jaish-ul-Adl terrorist group responsible for the recent deadly attack on Iranian border guards. While raising false allegations, Iran’s Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee member Javad Karimi Qoddusi said, “The key point in this case is role played by US spy agency by means of Pakistan’s Services Intelligence (ISI) in conducting such terrorist attacks…the ISI’s control over such terrorist like Jaish-ul-Adl Group has been authenticated.”


On the other side, Islamabad denied the charges as baseless, while Pakistan Charged Affairs in Iran, Sohail Siddiqui stated that Iranian government urged Pakistan to further investigate the issue. Pakistan’s government assured that that the country would investigate the issue and would fully cooperate with Iranian officials in arresting and handing the terrorists. 


Earlier, an Iranian deputy foreign minister pointed out that the country was weighing plans to dispatch a delegation to Pakistan to probe the recent terrorist attack in southeastern Iran.  But, it is regrettable that instead of grasping reality in order to remove the misunderstanding, Iranian lawmakers, analysts and the TV channel leveled self-created allegations against Pakistan and involvement of ISI in terrorist attack on Iranian border guards. They must better observe prudence by knowing the real conspirators who are not only behind this terror attack, but also other subversive events which have continuously been taking place in Pakistani side of Balochistan, and from time to time, in Iran’s Sistan-Balochistan.


Notably, although the whole of Islamic world is target of Indo-Israeli plot, yet the same has intensified in case of Pakistan and Iran. In this regard, US-led some western countries have also been supporting the Indo-Israeli nexus against Islamabad and Tehran overtly or covertly.


However, we cannot blame India and Israel including US regarding the conspiracy against Pakistan and Iran without some concrete evidence. In this context, in his interview, published in the Indian weekly Outlook on February 18, 2008, Israel’s ambassador to India, Mark Sofer explained regarding India’s defence arrangements with Israel by disclosing, “We do have a defence relationship with India, which is no secret” and “with all due respect, the secret part will remain a secret.” In reply to a question, Sofer replied, “Certain issues need to remain under wraps for whatever reason.”


Indo-Israeli plot remained under wraps till 2003, when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited India to officially reveal it. In this respect, Indian ‘The Tribune’ wrote on September 10, 2003, “India and Israel took giant leaps forward in bolstering the existing strategic ties and forging new ones” and Tel Aviv has “agreed to share its expertise with India in various fields as anti-fidayeen operations, surveillance satellites, intelligence sharing and space exploration.” Next day, ‘Indian Express’, disclosed, “From anti-missile systems to hi-tech radars, from sky drones to night-vision equipment, Indo-Israeli defense cooperation has known no bounds in recent times.”


As regards the American tactical backing to Indo-Israeli relationship, on September 5, 2003, American Wall Street Journal pointed out, “The U.S. finally gave its approval to Israel’s delivery of Phalcon Airborne Warning & Controlling Systems (AWACS) to India.”


Now, the matter is not confined to purchasing of military equipments only, Indo-Israeli overt and covert links are part of a dangerous strategic game. In the aftermath of 9/11, as to how this strategic game is being played can be judged from some developments. For example, on October 18, 2009, a deadliest suicide attack killed dozens of officers including the deputy commander for the Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Nour Ali Shoushtari and the provincial commander, Brigadier Rajab Ali Mohammadzadeh in the Sistan-Baluchistan. Jundullah (God’s soldiers), a Sunni militant group which is pro-active against the Iranians, claimed responsibility for the incident.


The Revolutionary Guard released a statement after the attack, revealing that there was “no doubt that this violent and inhumane act was part of the strategy of foreigners and enemies of the regime.” Afterwards, Iran directly accused US and Britain for their alleged patronage and funding of such type of terrorist attacks for creating instability within Iran. Parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani blamed the US, saying, “We consider the recent terrorist attack to be the result of the US action. This is the sign of America’s animosity against our country.”


Tehran also lodged a strong protest with Islamabad over the failure of its law enforcement agencies to dismantle the Jundullah network in its part of Balochistan, while remarking that plan was prepared in Pakistan. Some reports suggest that in confusion, even some Iranian leaders expressed apprehension on some of Pakistan’s officials in cooperation with the Jundulluh regarding that suicide attack. This is what the US, India and Israeli wanted.


While condemning the terrorist attack, the former President Asif Ali Zardari assured the then President Ahmadinejad that Government of Pakistan would provide all out assistance in arresting all those responsible for the attack, if they are found on Pakistani soil. Afterwards, Islamabad ensured a visiting Iranian delegation for an appropriate investigation in relation to the mayhem. Nevertheless, misunderstanding against Islamabad and Tehran was eliminated.


In this context, the former Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi had stated, “It is obvious that the same forces which are working in Pakistani Balochistan are also working in Iranian Sistan.” While, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei had indicated, “The bloody actions being committed in Iraq, Pakistan and Iran are aimed at creating a division between the Shias and Sunnis…those who carry out these terrorist actions are directly or indirectly foreign agents.”


It is mentionable that on February 8, 2012, the hearing of the US Congress Committee on Foreign Affairs, chaired by Dana Rohrabacher favoured an independent Balochistan. And military scholar Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, while writing in the June 2006 issue of The Armed Forces Journal of the US had suggested Washington about the creation of a “Greater Balochistan” which would integrate the Baloch areas of Pakistan with those of Iran—and the Frontier Province should be incorporated into Afghanistan.


Nevertheless, it would be a good sign that besides Pakistan, Iranian rulers and media must also understand that it is a collective plot of the US, India and Israeli to sabotage Pak-Iranian ties, and is part of their secret strategic game against the Islamic countries.


In fact, America, India and Israel have been backing the Baloch separatists of Pakistan through their secret agencies CIA, RAW and Mossad respectively as witnessed by a perennial wave of subversive acts such as destruction of gas pipelines, attacks on the government buildings and murder of political leaders. They are covertly supporting the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and Baloch nationalist leaders who have been fighting for secession of the province.


8As regards Jundullah, in past few years, the group has conducted multiple terrorist activities like kidnapping and killing of a number of Iranian nationals including suicide attacks in Pakistan’s side of Balochistan and that of the Iran. Its agents are also behind sectarian violence. On many occasions, BLA and Jundullah claimed responsibility for terrorist acts.


According to some reliable sources, Jundullah is a small group which does not have potential to inflict more than small attacks on security forces in Pakistan and Iran. Like BLA, this militant group is also supported by RAW and Mossad with the technical help of CIA. Now, both BLA and Jundullah have links with each other. And their militants are getting arms and ammunition from Afghanistan where US-led India and Israel have established their secret network not only to create lawlessness in Pakistan and Iran, but also to sabotage good relationship of these countries. Notably, Afghanistan shares a common border with Pakistan and Iran, so it has become easy for these foreign elements to achieve their sinister anti-Pak-Iranian aims.


It is notable that Jewish-Hindu lobbies are collectively working in America and other European countries to exploit the double standards of the west in relation to terrorism and human rights vis-a-vis Pakistan and Iran. They also accuse Tehran and Islamabad of sponsoring cross-border terrorism in the related regions of South Asia and the Middle East.


It is worth-mentioning that US-India nuclear agreement is part of American desire to make India a major power to counterbalance the rising influence of China in Asia and control Iran. In this context, on May 22, 2013, Islamabad and Tehran signed the gas pipeline project without waiting for New Delhi’s participation because the latter was tilted towards Washington, using delaying tactics in this connection.


Moreover, it is owing to the ideal geo-strategic location of Balochistan with Gwadar seaport which could prove to be Pakistan’s key junction, connecting rest of the world with Central Asia and further strengthening Pak-Iranian strategic position that America has also become a part of Indo-Israeli plot in creating instability in Pakistan and Iran so as to complete the hidden agenda.

Nonetheless, instead of leveling baseless allegations against Pakistan and ISI in relation to the recent terror-attack on the Iranian border guards, Iran’s top officials, lawmakers and political experts must better show realistic approach by taking note of the foreign conspirators which have been creating misunderstanding between Islamabad and Tehran.


Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations


Email: sajjad_logic@yahoo.com



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Remembering Pakistani Social Media Activist Norouz Jan Baloch Martyred in Target Killing by BLA

















Pakistani social media activist martyred in target killing by BLA



In a clear case of target killing to silence freedom of speech, a prominent and young Baloch social media activist Norouz Jan Baloch was martyred in Nushki city of Balochistan province by militants of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), a separatist group headed by Brahamdagh Bugti who lives in self-exile in Europe, mostly seen in and around Switzerland.

The BLA was designated as a terrorist organization by Pakistani law-enforcement authorities in April 2006. Similarly, in July 2006, British authorities declared the BLA as a “proscribed group” in light of the Terrorism Act 2000. The US State Department categorized the group’s actions, and not the group itself, as “terrorism”.

It has long been believed that the BLA has the clandestine support of India’s intelligence agency, the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW). Former Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik had shared in detail the history and motives of the group with the Upper House of the Pakistani Parliament.

Norouz Jan Baloch was the Founder and Manager of the Facebook page Balochistan Liberation Army is a Terrorist Organization (Margh Bar BLA). He was known for making open remarks against the separatist group and spearheading a volunteer cyber activism campaign to counter the stream of propaganda spread by a few Baloch sub-nationalists. Testimony to his influence and support among ordinary Baloch people in specific and Pakistanis in general are the 26,000+ Facebook followers (at the time of compiling this report). Most of the Facebook IDs which fan anti-Pakistan propaganda in cyberspace, according to sources, are ghost IDs which can be traced to India (research by a source showed most of the IPs led to Karnataka).







Norouz’ brutal target-killing is evident of the fact that some Baloch elements who are employed by Pakistan’s enemies cannot tolerate freedom of speech. Ironically, these same elements hold sympathy-seeking rallies in Europe and the US demanding protection for journalists who they claim are killed for voicing their free, independent opinions.

It is hence not incorrect to conclude that since the BLA did not have the facts and capability to engage in a debate with Norouz Jan Baloch, who was known to be a learned young man, they resorted to doing what they do best: killing people, even if they are of the same ethnicity. The ultimate thorn that triggered this hate? Norouz’ staunch patriotism and love for his homeland, Pakistan.

Pakistani social media activist martyred in target killing by BLA | PakIdeology

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‘Norouz Baloch is dead, not Balochistan’ by Imran Jamali, Rojhan Jamali, Balochistan


























‘Norouz Baloch is dead, not Balochistan’



My day on December 2 (2013) started with a heart wrenching news. Norouz Jan Baloch, my friend, my brother from Balochistan, has been martyred by the BLA, who have claimed the responsibility. Ina Lillah wa inna elaih e raji’oon. Norouz was very much active against the so called Balochistan Liberation Army goons. He started exposing the terrorists through the “Alternative Media” at a time when nobody from the mainstream media could dare touch the subject. In fact the mainstream media was busy in glorifying terrorism. Norouz Shaheed restlessly yet aggressively led the campaign; regularly giving us the input and feedback. He was the one who right at the outset had understood the actual scheme of things, with the enemy hands behind. Sometime back he went out of the country, and as he was preparing his luggage to go back home, he called me and said “Imran Bhai, aik documentary banani hei, tayar ho jain, BLA ko poori tarah expose krna hei” (Imran Bhai, we need to make a documentary about the BLA that would help expose its atrocities as a terrorist organization. We need to expose them on larger scale. In return I smiled. While coming back he wasn’t thinking about what could happen to him. All what he was worried was his concern for Balochistan. He used to have often said, “Norouz can die one day but Balochistan and Pakistan will have to live for all times to come. When he landed at the airport, he called me again, saying, “Imran Bhai, I am back, lets rock a party, we are meeting very soon”, to which I replied “sure, InshaAllah. But then the news came of his murder at the hands of enemies of this country.  His death reminds me of the lesson once I learnt from scholars. “Life without an aim is nothing, only an aim that we pursue is something which keeps us alive even when we are no more alive.” Norouz did the same. He may not be around but his message, courage, valor and passion for Pakistan will remain the guiding light for people like us, who at times, complain for no change even after “so much” efforts. Trust me my fellows, we haven’t yet done anything for this beautiful country. The last message of Norouz on Facebook is nothing but a big wakeup call for all of us.

His murder at the hands of BLA bears witness to the fact that the insurgency is in the hands of very few, disgruntled and with the backing of invisible hands. The local people of the troubled areas have seen those hands, but unfortunately there is very less awareness on the national level. There is no pro-Balochistan front, but there is growing awareness amongst the people of Balochistan that plots have been hatched against the will and even participation of locals.


Imran Jamali, Rojhan Jamali, Balochistan

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