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UQAAB, The Pakistan Think Tank Invites Our Readers to Express Their Opinions About Pakistan


UQAAB, The Pakistan Think Tank invites Pakistanis and Non-Pakistanis

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Publish on Pakistan Think Tank

Global Critical Thinkers, Writers,Researchers,Volunteers

All Pakistanis, Friends of Pakistan, and Global Community members are freely and openly are invited to write articles for Pakistan Think Tank.

If you are interested in contributing articles or commentary to Pakistan Think Tank, please email your articles or commentary along with related images and photos to our editor at




We look forward to hearing from you. We welcome articles from the global community.

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UQAAB’s Distinguished Panel of Scholars, Journalists and Commentators

  • UQAAB’s Distinguished Board
    Thursday, 10 December 2009 05:44 
  • Executive Editor 
  • Dr.M.Durrani
  • Editorial Board
  • Col.(Retd) Riaz Jafri
  • Maqsood Kayani
  • Engr.Pervaiz Humayon
  • Begum Uzma Durrani

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September 6 : A Salute to the Pakistan Armed Forces of Pakistan

A September 6, A Salute to Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Army, Strategic forces, Defence Scientists and Engineers, Workers of Defence Industry, Marines,

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Author FAQ

  1. How do I add an article?
    1. First, send your request to become an author.
    2. Once you have been set up as an author, login.
    3. Click “Add An Article” in the login area.
    4. Enter the title, article text, choose the catergory and press SAVE.
    5. Finito!
  2. Are there any Article Submission Rules?
    YES. Please read below:
    1. Do not submit articles with images only. If the article itself is an image, you should retype it so that it is text rather than an image.
    2. Read the How-to Add An Article and follow those directions explicitly.
    3. Do not place images above the “Read More” line in any articles.
    4. All Articles must be approved by the site admin team, this means your article will not be published immediately. Please be patient.
    5. Any deviation from the directions in the How-to article or of these rules will result in your article not being published.
  3. How do I add a YouTube video to my article?
    1. Simply go to www.youtube.com
    2. Find the YouTube video you want to add.
    3. Go to the video’s page.
    4. Select the web address at the top of your browser.
    5. Right-click your mouse and click the “Copy” link.
    6. In the article editor box, find the place within the article where you want to place the video.
    7. Right-click your mouse and click the “Paste” link. Done!

More questions will be added as they are submitted. If you have a question, please email us at editor[@]pakistanthinktank.org (remove brackets from address before attempting to email.)

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