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MQM is by far the most anti-Jihadi major political party in the entire AfPak/MENA region


Introduction: Europe in grave danger

Who is MQM?

Punjab/KPK Provinces: Bastion of Jihadi terror

UK “Faith Schools”: Punjabi Terror Camps

Imran Khan, ISIS and Promiscuous English Women

UK’s Punjabi Paedophiles and Jihadis: Tag-team Operation

Who are the terrorists?

10-Point Plan to Crush Global Jihadism

Support MQM, Save the West from Jihadi Terror


Introduction: Europe in grave danger

Western Europe is floundering under an onslaught from Global Jihadi terrorism.  European citizens (predominantly of Pakistani Punjabi and Arab origin) are behind a vast array of terror plots.  Most are detected by security services, yet enough get through to cause widespread panic and grief.  The West has been at war in faraway lands against Jihadi terror networks, yet in that time those very same jihadi networks have expanded their tentacles deep into the heart of Western cities.  Whenever whites living in Europe seek to impose additional measures to combat Jihadi ideology (even by restricting Punjabi teachers in UK government schools from teaching their kids Jihad), they are met with howls of “Racism!”
It seems as if Europe has failed to learn the lessons of the 1930s: Is it really necessary to wait until the totalitarian enemy has spent years arming and strengthening themselves, and then made several conquests, before action is taken?  The West should have snuffed out the Nazi threat far earlier, before tens of millions died, with millions of Jews sent to gas chambers, and Europe reduced to ashes.  With hindsight, what would Europe have done differently to prevent such massive destruction?
And yet, the 1930s was a time of appeasement.  The public was war weary after the draining World War 1, and in no mood to fight.  Similarly today, Western populations feel drained after years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  These wars have helped drag the West into recession, and left both Iraq/Afghanistan in seemingly worse shape and posing more of a threat to the West than before the wars started.  Not only that, Punjabi and Arab thugs roam the streets of Europe, menacing Jews much as the Nazis did during their rise to power.  The European neo-Communists see these thugs as their surest allies in their quest to destroy the capitalist system, whilst broadcasting their views using the Venture Capital backed Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.
With the advent of ISIS, a vast number of Punjabis and Arabs with European citizenship have gone to fight Jihad in the Middle East.  The numbers, I would surmise, are far greater than reported in the media.  And for every terrorist who has gone, there are 10 more considering whether to join their brethren. For every one of them, there are 10 more that are fully sympathetic to their views.  Now add females and the numbers are doubled.  This is not a fringe minority: there are unquestionably tens of thousands of hardcore ISIS/Taliban supporters in the UK.
None of this is due to suggestions that somehow the USA is better at assimilating Muslims once they arrive.  This argument implies that Europeans should do more to prevent Global Jihadism by yielding to Punjabi/Arab demands for extremist Sharia.  Although there are plenty of USA Jihadis too (Anwar Awlaki being one of many such cases), the reason for the difference in scale is simple.  The overwhelming majority of Muslim immigrants to the US entered as qualified professionals and students who stayed on, worked for a few years and gained citizenship.  Europe, on the other hand, imported the illiterate peasants of the Muslim world (eg. rural Punjab).  These people were fiercely resistant to assimilating, clung to savage superstitions, often refused to learn their new host language, and preferred to recreate their home environments in self imposed ghettos.  Crime, banditry, theft and murder are everyday events in their home rural environments, and Europe’s Muslim immigrants are consequently filling Europe’s jails, whereas USA’s educated immigrants are wealthier than the average American.  So the difference is primarily due to import quality, not management of the immigrants once they arrived.
Note also, references to “Arabs” in this article means the illiterate superstitious Arabs which the Europeans imported into Europe and their unassimilated descendants, not all Arabs.  If there were a sudden influx, for example, of UAE or Omani Arabs into the UK, the only nuisances would be noisy sportscars driving through posh areas of town and difficulty in getting a table on Edgware Road’s Arabic restaurants.  So no disrespect is intended at all to those Arab communities or individuals which are peaceful and constructive.
The European Jihadis, products of Western welfare and education systems, will return as hardened fighters.  They are tasting blood in Arabia, and they will return to the European cities which nurtured them to wreak vengeance on the free market democratic system their penniless, illiterate parents sought asylum in.  Their capacity to cause colossal damage to Western economies should not be underestimated.  The potential danger is much greater than realised, and the doomsday scenarios could become a reality far earlier than many expect.

Who is MQM?

MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement – United People’s Movement) was founded by Altaf Hussain as a student organisation in 1979.  MQM is the political party whose voter base is almost entirely the “Muhajirs” of Pakistan, with over 2.5 million votes in the 2013 Elections.  Muhajirs are the descendants of the liberal, secular Indians who led the Pakistan movement and migrated to present-day Pakistan at independence.  Muhajirs live predominantly in Karachi and Hyderabad. We consistently win 85% of seats in Karachi, 2 out of 5 seats in Hyderabad (ie Muhajir areas) and nothing else anywhere in the country.  MQM has always been virulently opposed to Jihadi terror.  We opposed Benazir Bhutto when she (and her Defence Minister N. Babar) sponsored the Taliban in the early 1990s.  We opposed Imran Khan due to his support for Jihadis in Pakistan (most recently calling for Taliban to be allowed to open offices across Pakistan).  We called for all political parties expressing sympathy for Al-Qaeda etc to be banned.  We called for terrorist “mosques” to be destroyed.
The fortified Red Mosque, located 1 mile from National Assembly in Islamabad, declared allegiance to ISIS
In 2009, every single other Pakistan political party agreed to cede sovereignty over Swat (Swaat) district to the Taliban as an appeasement measure, only MQM opposed itWe believe there can be no compromise with Jihadi terror, which seeks relentlessly to destroy our freedoms and subjugate us to their extremist outlook.
George Galloway was elected MP for the 2 most pro-Jihadi constituencies in the UK (Bradford West and Bethnal Green)
However, despite MQM’s mandate in Karachi, we are governed by a complex mix of local PPP government (despite PPP only winning 1 out of 20 Karachi seats) and Federal government.  We do not have any security control over Karachi.  Mirroring present day Europe, Altaf Hussain’s warnings that the Taliban were entering Pakhtun areas of Karachi were mocked and derided as racism.

Now the Taliban are entrenched with total no-go areas for security forces, just likemany areas of European cities.
Due to our anti-Jihadi stance, MQM is hated by ordinary Punjabis and Pakhtun.  However, the massive support for Jihadis amongst Punjabis and Pakhtun compels politicians from those areas (eg. Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif) to pursue policies of appeasement.  For example, Shahbaz Sharif (brother of Nawaz and Chief Minister of Punjab) requested the Taliban not to attack Punjab because the “Punjabis are your brothers and we want the same as you.”  Similarly, many European left-wing politicians depend on Punjabi/Arab votes in marginal seats, and therefore find themselves compelled to appease the Jihadi viewpoint of their constituents.
Wherever Punjabis form sufficient numbers, they compel their politicians to follow their destructive Jihadist agenda.  Eventually they replace the white stooges with their own.
Whatever issues Europe is facing, MQM has plenty of experience in them.  This is a personal blog based on my observations of MQM statements and policies, and my suggestions how these translate to the West.

Punjab/KPK Provinces: Bastion of Jihadi terror

Jihadi terrorism enjoys widespread support in Punjab and KPK (Pakhtun) Provinces of Pakistan.  The depth of support ranges from the very top to bottom levels of society.  It was no surprise whatsoever to see a  leading Punjabi cleric (Mohammed Shoaib Chishti Qadri) leading funeral prayers for the 2 terrorists behind the Paris massacre at the Charlie Hebdo office.  This ghastly eulogy was largely overlooked by the Western press. The only reference in a major publication I can find is a blog on the Wall Street Journalwebsite.  A closer examination reveals that the cleric leading the funeral prayers for the Kouachi brothers is the founder of a major “Islamic” educational establishment in Birmingham (UK).
Funeral Prayers for Kouachi terrorists held in major Madrasah
These funeral prayers were held at short notice in the ground of the “Dar-ul-Uloom Ghausia Nomani” Madrasah in Peshawar (Pakistan).  This is located in very close to the recent Taliban attack on Army Public School (APS) in which the Jihadis massacred 130 children of Army soldiers (mostly Punjabis). Although most Punjabis oppose terrorists who kill Punjabi children, terrorist clerics who target Shia, Ahmadi, Muhajir, Christian and other children are preaching openly in Pakistan on a mass scale.  There is overwhelming support amongst Punjabis and Pakhtun Pakistanis (total approx 125m people) for Jihadi terrorists who target the West.
Hundreds of Thousands of Punjabi/Pakhtun Jihadis rallied to urge death to Taseer and in support of his assassin Qadri
Many terrorists have become Islamic clerics.  This does not mean that all Islamic clerics are terrorists.  In the same way, many Catholic priests were paedophiles.  Neither does this mean all Catholic priests are paedophiles.  There are many Muhajir clerics who support MQM, and not one of them will countenance Jihadism.  If any did, they would be expelled with immediate effect.
If the Jihadi clerics were protesting against something (for example a page on Facebook or a YouTube video which caused them offence), they are capable of bringing tens of thousands of violent Punjabi and Pakhtun Jihadis onto the streets of Pakistan. When Punjab Governor Salman Taseer suggested amending Pakistan’s 1984 Blasphemy Laws, under which non-Muslims are routinely victimised and sentenced to death.  There were massive public rallies by Punjabi Terrorists.  Taseer was an unelected appointee born to an English mother.  When he was assassinated by Mumtaz Qadri, his own Punjabi bodyguard, more than 300 Punjabi lawyers (including the former Lahore High Court Chief Justice) offered to represent Qadri pro bono (ie for free).
Punjabi Lawyers showered Taseer's assassin with rose petals as he arrived in court
However, when eulogising slain terrorists, the Jihadi clerics usually do so on a smaller scale, whilst ensuring that their eulogies are broadcast widely.
For example, in the aftermath of the assassination of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, Punjabi and Pakhtun clerics who are also MNAs (Members of the National Assembly) held a funeral prayer service for Osama bin Laden on the floor of the National Assembly itself.  No attempt was made to halt these terrorist MNAs, and they were not censured in any way.  One of them was even a former Federal Minister of Pakistan.
The West has limited ability to directly shape events in Jihadi madrassahs based in Punjab/Pakhtun areas of Pakistan.  However, the West can set policies and procedures to deal with Jihadi terrorism on its doorstep.

UK “Faith Schools”: Punjabi Terror Camps

The leader of the funeral prayers for the Charlie Hebdo terrorists, Mohammed Shoaib Chishti Qadri, did so in order to increase his prestige amongst legions of Punjabi/Pakhtun terrorists. By doing so, he is likely to attract more followers, and increased funding.  Such terrorist clerics are a dime a dozen in Pakistan.  What makes this story extraordinarily shocking is realising the role Chishti has played in establishing major “Islamic” educational establishments in the UK.
Cleric leading prayers for terrorists founded "Islamic Education Centre" in Birmingham UK
Chishti’s biographical details are listed on this official Dar-ul-Uloom website (click here).For foreign readers, the Dar-ul-Uloom (House of Knowledge) movement represents the clerics seeking to inculcate the most extreme interpretation of scripture, with a firm emphasis on the desirability of armed Jihad to create a governmental system based on their perverted outlook.  Dar-ul-Uloom madrassas are a recognised conveyor belt for Jihadi terrorists, and they enjoy immense support amongst the general Punjabi/Pakhtun population.
To summarise the web bio: Chishti was born in Attock (Pakistan) in 1959.  After completing his studies (apparently exclusively in Islamic Studies), he moved to Birmingham (UK), where he “took up the full-time post of Imam and Khateeb [prayer leader]”.  It is further mentioned that Chishti established the “Islamic Education Centre” in Birmingham.  There are now quite a few Dar-ul-Uloom educational centres in Birmingham, so it is unclear which one this refers to.  The largest is the Dar-ul-Uloom Birmingham, which has an adjacent mosque for 2000 worshippers.  This school was founded in 1985, soon after Chishti arrived in the UK.  The school is heavily oversubscribed, because the Jihadi sympathising Punjabis of Birmingham wish for their children to adopt a Jihadi outlook on life.
UK-Punjabi parents mostly want their kids to go to Jihadi schools
In 2011, secret recordings at the (UK Government funded) Dar ul Uloom school in Birmingham revealed the nature of their curriculum.  Basically it is exactly what tens of millions of Punjabis and Pakhtuns in Pakistan fervently believe.  Recordings showed the children in the UK school being taught that:

  • You are not like the “Kuffar” (non-Muslims)
  • When you see women not wearing hijab, “You should hate walking down that street”
  • Hindus “have no intellect” and “they drink cow piss”
  • Kuffar (non-Muslims) are ” the worst creatures”
  • Students who adopt Kuffar (non-Muslim) habits such as shaving, dancing, listening to music, or girls not wearing hijab, will be tortured in Hell

Effectively, this is a prepatory terrorist training camp, where the focus is on indoctrination.  Once these children have been brainwashed, a number of them go to the next stage of terror camps for weapons and bomb training.  It is shocking to note that the school was not shut down after these secret revelations came to light.  This effectively means that the UK Government is funding terror training camps within the UK State education system.
Head of ISIS Cyberwarfare Dept is yet another Punjabi product of Birmingham's Jihadi environment

Imran Khan, ISIS and Promiscuous English Women

It is a fallacy to believe that the openly Jihadi clerics and warriors of the Pakistani Dar ul Uloom movement somehow hold different views to their brethren in the UK.  As the example of Chishti shows, there is no divergence between the Pakistan and UK branches.  The UK branches are under clear direction from the leaders of the Pakistani branch.  The UK teachers receive training in Pakistan, and travel frequently.  The main UK Dar ul Uloom teachers (such as Chishti) have been directly imported from Pakistan.  They are one and the same.  The only difference is that the UK Branch is compelled to pretend publicly that it is against terror, but this mask is not required in Pakistan.

It is also a fallacy to believe that these despicable views are held only by a small group of people.  They are held by even the most (seemingly) Westernised Punjabis and Pakhtun.  For example, Imran Khan spoke at the all-Pakistan Ulema (Clerics) Conference in 2012.  In his speech, he stated that “the downfall of the West is due to promiscuity”.  Aside from that he would never utter such disgusting words in English, Imran Khan was himself one of the most promiscuous people in the UK for many years.  He famously had a series of affairs with white Christian women.
Let’s say Imran’s ridiculous idea that promiscuity is causing the West’s downfall were true, the implications are clear: (A) Promiscuity must be avoided in the Punjabi areas and (B) Interaction between the sexes and free movement of women must be restricted.  Many would go further and force women to cover up.  Some would go further still and violently attack women who refused to comply.  This is not regular misogyny, as it is based on a fervent Jihadi desire to avoid the perceived downfall that comes from promiscuity.  In fact, many of the supporters of this grotesque outlook arePunjabi women themselves.
UK-Punjabi Jihadist Aqsa Mahmood (named by her parents after the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem) is reportedly in charge of an ISIS all-female enforcement squad
Some would call Imran hypocritical for saying the West’s downfall is due to Promiscuity.  However, in fact Imran Khan is being consistent with the Jihadi outlook.
Punjabis are behind a Rape Epidemic in the UK
According to the Dar ul Uloom-based viewpoint of the overwhelming majority of Punjabis and Pakhtun, white women are mere pieces of meat.  They do not wear hijab, therefore they are fair game to be raped and terrorised.  In the UK, there have been countless examples of Punjabi rape gangs preying on vulnerable white teenagers.  After plying them with drink and drugs, the Punjabis take turns to gang rape the white girls.  The girls are so terrorized that they are usually too scared to go to the Police, and they are continuously raped, in some cases over several years.  The white Police, scared of Punjabi accusations of racism, are often reluctant to investigate further.  The white left-wing politicians, who rely on the welfare-dependent Punjabis to vote them into power, are reluctant to offend their vote bank.
The scale of UK’s Punjabi rape gang issue can be understood by seeing that 1400 white girls were raped over 15 years in Rotherham, a small town with population 250,000.  Now multiply that with dozens of cases of Punjabi rape gangs in cities across the UK, and it seems that the number of white girls subjected to terrorist Punjabi rape is in the tens of thousands.

UK’s Punjabi Paedophiles and Jihadis: Tag-team Operation

There are paedophiles in every country and in every culture.  The difference with the Punjabis is that they conduct their rape openly and in gangs – literally everybody in the community knew it was happening.  Girls were raped above Punjabi restaurants over years.  Worse still, it is certain beyond doubt that these rapists lived with their families and their own women folk were forced to stay at home and threatened with honour killing if they refused to wear the hijab.  Everyone should be free to wear what they want subject to security considerations, including the hijab, but the Punjabis girls do so under violent threat from their own fathers and brothers – who may well be systematic paedophile rapists.
This doesn’t mean that every single Punjabi supports the paedophile gangs, but clearly those opposing it take no measures to stop it.  No rallies, no physical restraints on the rapists, in fact many of the rapists are well known and seen regularly at their mosques.  The silent “majority” is completely silent when it comes to paedophile gangs, yet will come out in tens of thousands to protest Israel’s actions in Gaza.
Punjabi rape gangs help push whites out of Punjabi areas, helping the Jihadi objective of creating extremist "Sharia Zones"
Also, it must be understood that this rape campaign fits the Jihadi Dar ul Uloom terror agenda.  If a group of UK-Punjabis went around their cities finding Punjabi girls and pulling off their niqabs (full face covering), they would be lynched by the Punjabi Dar ul Uloom Jihadis.  They would be utterly shunned by the Punjabi UK community because they contradicted the Jihad agenda.  However, the rapist gangs are under no threat or censure whatsoever for raping white girls.  This is because the Dar ul Uloom madrassahs teach that white women are mere cattle, and they wish to terrorise the Kuffar population into submission.
Western commentators are often bemused that hardened Arab and Punjabi criminals with convictions for drug dealing and violent crime then join “religious” groups such as ISIS.  In fact they are one and the same, when understood from the perspective outlined above.
If the Punjabi Jihadis had absolute power, like the areas under ISIS control, today’s UK Punjabi paedophile gangs would be capturing the white women, raping them and selling them into slavery.  In other words, their actions today are exactly the same as ISIS, the only difference being that they are prevented currently from their full wishes by UK police forces.  (It should be separately noted that UK Police in the areas of UK Punjabi rape gangs have utterly failed the victims and the community at large, their conduct has been a disgrace).
As a result of this situation, the white UK population is fleeing Punjabi majority areas.  Unchecked, this will lead to the creation of a state within a state, and the Punjabis are increasingly pressing for extremist Sharia law to be implemented.

Who are the terrorists?

There are 3 categories of Jihadi terrorism:
Category 1: The terrorist who pulls the trigger or suicide bomb vest, or anyone who directly participates in a terror act (eg by providing logistics support)
Category 2: Those who preach violent Jihad or glorify Jihadi terrorists anywhere in the world.  This includes broadcast or other promotion of Jihadi insignia.  For example, the black ISIS flag, based on genuine Islamic symbols, was rarely if ever seen before ISIS emerged.  Yet ISIS supporters confound white politicians and police by arguing that banning these symbols would infringe their religious freedom.  Why don’t they use a white flag, or a blue flag, or a yellow flag, which are equally applicable?  Their argument that the ISIS flag should be allowed because it is derived from religious symbols is preposterous.  It is a clear sign of allegiance to Jihadi terrorism as a concept.
Category 3: Those who openly support the objectives of violent Jihad (ie to create an extremist Sharia state) even though they may publicly reject violent methods to achieve this objective. (As there are far more such people rejecting violent means living in the West than in Pakistan, it can be safely assumed that the vast bulk of such people are lying)
The mistake of the West is to classify only Category 1 Jihadis are terrorists.  Category 2 Jihadis operate openly under free speech laws, as they ensure they do not cross the flimsy boundary of directly inciting violence.  Category 3 Jihadis are free to advocate their belief in the establishment of extremist sharia in public (even on TV broadcast) as long as they follow the formula of rejecting violent means.
Due to this faulty classification, the West is locked in a cycle of preventing mega Jihadi terror attacks as they are being planned, or occasionally failing to prevent them.  The Jihadi conveyor belt of Category 2 & 3 terrorists is producing ever more Category 1 terrorists.  And the problem is growing exponentially.  Thousands of UK-Punjabis have travelled abroad to participate in Jihad (or terror training).  On this basis it can be safely assumed that there are tens of thousands of hardcore Punjabi Jihadi terrorists in the UK.
Thousands of UK-Punjabis would be prepared to behead a UK Policeman
If the number of successful terror attacks increases, it will embolden more to step forward and carry out attacks.  If this happens, public confidence in UK Security forces will be drastically affected, and chronic civil unrest will follow.  In 2011, the UK experienced several days of rioting and looting by white and black kids across the country.  Several riots occurred in London simultaneously, with 20-30 riots across the country at the same time.  Shops and homes were burnt to the ground.  However, this would be a cake walk compared to 20 simultaneous Jihadi riots.  There would be thousands of Punjabi Jihadis trying to shoot, stab or behead UK Police.
European "Pakistan expert" neo-Marxists like Galloway and Owen Bennett Jones: 100% opposition to both MQM & Drone Strikes killing Jihadis
However, the main obstacle to action in the West is the neo-Marxists.  They secretly or openly wish to collapse the capitalist free market system which has improved the living standards of all segments of society.  For this reason, the neo-Marxists do all they can to support the anti-West Jihadis.  The litmus test for this is their stance on drone strikes.  Thanks to US drone strikes, scores of Taliban leaders have been killed in their remote mountainous hideouts in Pakistan’s northwest.  For this reason, the (Pakhtun) Taliban leaders come and take refuge in Pakhtun areas of Karachi.  Without exception, the European neo-Marxist Pakistan “experts” who oppose drone strikes, also hate MQM.  For any European with limited knowledge of the intricacies of Pakistani politics, let this be an instant lesson.
Owen Bennett Jones, like all neo-Marxist Pakistan "experts", hates the MQM

 10-Point Plan to Crush Global Jihadism

The West’s Punjabi/Pakhtun/Arab Jihadi problem is not insoluble, but certain shifts in attitude need to occur.

1. Recognise that the West is at war with Global Jihadism

The UK has been fighting a war against Global Jihadism in Afghanistan for more than a decade.  However, it was a chronic mistake to think that this was a limited war confined to some rocky plains halfway around the world.  The struggle against Global Jihadism needs to be fought with full force in Birmingham as it is in Afghanistan, although the methodology on the ground may vary.  Afghanistan was merely a vacuum which the Global Jihadi movement filled and used to launch worldwide attacks.  The Dar ul Uloom Jihadis of Birmingham would do exactly the same in Birmingham if they could, and that is their objective.
Once it is recognised that the war is not confined to a faraway rocky plain, action must be taken against not only Category 1 Jihadists, but also Category 2 and 3 Jihadists.  All must be tried and sent to internment camps for the duration of the struggle.  Based on ample prior evidence, allowing Jihadists to congregate in prison merely strengthens their networks and reinforces their ideological beliefs.  Therefore all Jihadists (Categories 1-3) found guilty must be held in solitary confinement, or with very limited and monitored interaction.  (Category 3  Jihadi terrorists should first be given the option to utterly renounce, in public, any support for Jihadi terrorists who wish to collapse Western secular democracy.  Their renunciations should be available for broadcast, and they should be interned only if they refuse to do so).

In World War II, Western nations made the mistake of taking all Germans/Japanese origin citizens living within their states and sending them to internment camps for the duration of the war.  This type of blanket policy is racist and unacceptable because it sent those UK-Germans or USA-Japanese who believed in civilised democratic values to internment camps as well.  The policy I have outlined above should apply only to confirmed Category 1-3 terrorists, as determined by legal due process.
It must be reiterated that such measures would be unthinkable in peacetime.  However, in the context of a World War of far more existential consequence than any which preceded it, internment of enemy agents is perfectly acceptable in this context.  Doubtless many of those “moderate” Punjabis who are quick to issue mealy mouthed condemnations of Jihadi attacks would protest this measure also.  This will demonstrate the extent to which they really believe it when they say that the Jihadi terrorists are not “true Muslims”.

2. Don’t Rely on Punjabis to fix Punjabis

A common Western mistake is to rely on Punjabis (aka “Moderate Muslims”) to fix their own communities.  The seemingly educated liberal Punjabis will deny, obfuscate, cry racism or some other manufactured phobia, or use any tactic to deflect heightened attention to their community.  There are a number of government sponsored clerics in the UK, such as the Muslim Council of Britain which relies almost entirely on payments for UK Government sponsored “projects” to survive.  These are Punjabi “stooges” by any sense of the word.  The proof is that the Jihadists operate without government funding – so let funding for the stooges be withdrawn and see if they still feel compelled to issue their standard condemnations after every Jihadi outrage.  Given that no such groups operate independently of government support, it is clear there is no genuine intent behind these stooges.  This is well understood by the Jihadis.  Beyond the standard condemnation of Jihadi outrages, the stooges do all they can to protect the Jihadi infrastructure from closer scrutiny.
Punjabi "Liberals" always attack their enemies yet protect their "own"  jihadis
To make it even worse, the UK Government has been funding Punjabi Jihadi groups, on the basis that they would assist in deradicalising Jihadis.  Based on the formula outlined above, this is effectively asking Category 3 Terrorists to help remedy Category 1 Terrorists.  This is another reason why the “Moderate” Punjabi Jihadi clerics (aka Category 3 Jihadists) are never targeted by the Category 1-2 Jihadists – they all know that they are on the same side, struggling for the same ultimate objective.
Another mistake is to hope for the Punjabis to achieve some sort of “Islamic Reformation” and wondering how long this may take to occur.  When viewed from the perspective that the UK Government is funding Dar ul Uloom schools (ie terror training camps), the notion of hoping for a reformation is beyond preposterous.  The reality is that the Jihadis are using government funding to further inculcate their ideology – they will not be reforming themselves.  The problem is deepening every day.
This problem cannot be fixed by any Punjabi former Jihadis.  In many cases, these Punjabis were pushed out of minor Jihadi groups after they were caught drinking and sleeping around with white women.  When they had no prospect for advancement in their groups, they suddenly saw the light and re-emerged as leading advocates of “reforming” their communities.  Their impact on the Jihadis is laughably negligible.  They serve no purpose other than making the whites feel better that the Punjabi Jihadis could conceivably be fixed.  Yet, without the lure of prestigious TV appearances and TeD talks around the world for each of these Jihadis, that is unlikely to happen.
By removing any reliance on the community which produces terrorists to fix terrorism, a side benefit is that there should be no more demands for ordinary Punjabis “to do more to condemn terrorism”.  This is insulting to those members of the community who feel that they have no connection to Jihadism.  It is the role of government to extinguish the Jihadi threat, not an ordinary citizen who is peaceful yet happens to be a Punjabi.
Lord Nazir, an unlelectable virulent left-wing anti-Semite appointed as a token Punjabi to the House of Lords
It is also a fallacy for major political parties to find handpicked Punjabis and elevate them.  Such Punjabis will completely ignore the chronic issues within their own community, and focus only on issues which will gain them the favour of the Jihadis within their own communities.  This is why such Punjabis will be highly vocal on Israel & the Palestinians, Kashmir, and even persecution of Muslim’s in Burma, and silent on child rape being committed by Punjabis.
Many such Punjabi appointees such as Lord Nazir, reveal themselves to be hardcore supporters of Category-3 terrorists such as Imran Khan, as well as holding the most virulent anti-Semitic beliefs.  Though they are careful not to reveal such views in England, they are occasionally lax enough to reveal them in Pakistan.  In all such cases of Punjabi appointees, the white politicians who appointed them were proven to have made catastrophic errors which gained them absolutely nothing in terms of decreasing Jihadism in Punjabi communities.
MQM acts quickly when it comes to religious intolerance
By contrast, note MQM’s actions with Aamir Liaquat, one of Pakistan’s biggest TV personalities.  When (MNA – Member of National Assembly) publicly backed a Fatwa for the death of Sir Salman Rushdie, MQM immediately stripped him of his seat in National Assembly and his ministerial responsibilities.  When Aamir Liaquat used his religious chat show program, watched by tens of millions of Pakistanis, to condemn and threaten the fringe “Ahmadi” sect, he was immediately expelled from the MQM.

 3. Avoid Statements on “True Islam”, Reject Civilisational Confrontation

There are an almost countless number of different Islamic sects, each of which interprets scripture in different ways.  British politicians or judges are responsible for protecting the secular legal system, as opposed to making pronouncements on what is true Islam or not. Invariably whichever white politician makes these statements has little clue about any details regarding Islamic scripture, so they would be incapable of defending their viewpoint if confronted by a knowledgeable Jihadi.  Neither does the Government need to reassure the “moderate” Muslims.  The best reassurance that can be provided will be when Global Jihadism is eradicated.
Very often, the government and other politicians are misled into relying on Category 3 Punjabi terrorists to assist them in evaluating what is “true Islam”!  Besides, whenever non-Muslims comment on such matters, the Jihadi belief that the Kuffar seek to interfere in their religion is confirmed.  This strengthens the Jihadi sentiment rather than weakening it.
To illustrate this point, let me use the hypothetical scenario of a religion from a faraway place called “Speedianism”, with millions of Speedian immigrants arriving in Europe.  In the Speedian scriptures, God tells the Prophet Lambo: “O Lambo! When you come for your remembrances, fly like the wind”.  In the old days, the Speedians used to ride their horses to Temple on Monday morning (Speedian holy day) at extra speed.  However, because these were horses, this was no issue for anyone else aside from the horse.
In the modern era, however, there are some extremist literalist Speedians who insist on driving their cars as fast as they can to Temple on Monday mornings. Certain Western commentators point at them and say, “Look, they are following Speedian scripture to the letter, which is a terrorist religion!”.  Then there are other Speedians who claim that this ruling only applied to Prophet Lambo, and is not inapplicable in the modern era.  Another Speedian sect believes that “fly like the wind” is metaphorical, and refers to the soul of the Speedian reaching out for their God.  Are the Western politicians going to adjudicate which is the “true Speedianism”?
Let’s complicate matters further by saying that aside from the main scriptural text of Speedianism, Sect A has an additional holy book called “The Book of Ferrar” which is repudiated by Sect B, who believe in “The Book of Aoody”.  Then there is Sect C, which believes in an amalgamation of the Books of Ferrar and Aoody, and also believes that a Messiah/Redeemer called “Astoomarty” came after Prophet Lambo to reform Speediansim.  Sect C is called heretic by both Sects A and Sect B.  Are the Western politicians going to adjudicate which is the “true Speedianism”?
Now let’s complicate matters further still by saying there is a small Speedian autocratic monarchy (“Speediland”) in a faraway land.  In this land, the Speedian monarch has installed speed bumps in urban areas, so the Speedians cannot endanger others with dangerously fast driving.  Yet on the highways in Speediland, there are no speed bumps and the Speedians have no speed limit.  The Speedian literalists say they have divine right to drive at any speed.  The moderate Speedians point out that you can also drive at any speed on German Autobahns, and the urban speed bumps result in the Speedian Kingdom enjoying the lowest urban road fatalities anywhere.  Are the Western politicians going to adjudicate which is the “true Speedianism”?
Finally, the extremist Speedians in the UK feel aggrieved at the restriction of their beliefs.  The Western politicians cannot put speed bumps everywhere like the Speedian Kingdom, but give penalties to anyone speeding.  So a sect of Speedian terrorists starts driving at great speed on Monday mornings, terrorising the rest of the population, and deliberately causing road fatalities.  Will the Western politicians start shying away from handing out speed tickets to them?  Will they start putting speed bumps in the Speedian ghettos?  Will they start telling the non-literalist Speedians that they should do more to condemn the terrorist Speedians?
This allegory illustrates the inadvisability of Western politicians from getting involved in theological statements especially when they have no idea what they are talking about.  In the same way, it would be inadvisable for MQM Officials to make theological statements as to whether, for example, Scientology should be considered Christian or not.  Secular democracy should be robust enough to handle all sorts of divergent viewpoints.  All should be protected with their right to practise their religion respected.  However, there must be one shared secular legal system for all, and no exceptions should be made to this to accommodate anyone’s views which contradict the legal system.

Also, it is important to reject and marginalise those commentators who are monotonously broadcasting that Islam is by definition a terrorist religion, especially those who then claim that Christianity is somehow more peaceful.  Effectively, these people are saying that there is no solution to the Global Jihadi problem except targeting every single Muslim, in other words a new holocaust.  Such views are confounded by, for example, the devout Muslim who saved the Jews in the Paris Kosher supermarket. Although these commentators will then come up with some excuse why the devout Muslim who risked his life to save the Jews is not doing so through motivation by his faith, whilst the terrorists are.

Ironically, such commentators often use selective Biblical sayings of Jesus (eg turn the other cheek) to demonstrate their point, whilst ignoring saying of Jesus such as Matthew 14-15 “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. Truly I tell you, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the Day of Judgment than for that town” (ie Infidels will roast in hell), or Matt 10:34-35: “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law— a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household” (ie advocating civil war to slaughter all infidels, which is basically what occurred across the Roman Empire from 250-350 AD).  This selectively is precisely what these commentators accuse non-Jihadi Muslims of doing to mask their alleged hidden terrorist nature.

Within every religion, there are scriptures with verses that can be taken to imply ill-will or worse towards those who do not believe in their faith.  Some could argue that the New Testament (especially the 4 Gospels and the Books of Paul) is the most anti-Semitic book on earth, as it could be taken to suggest that the Jewish establishment of the time killed God himself in the person of Jesus.  This view led the learned and devout scholars of the Church to lead anti-Semitic pogroms for centuries, with severe legal sanctions against Jews lasting well into the 20th Century in many European countries.  Yet today, the same Christianity has virtually extinguished religious terrorism from its midst.
The Global Jihadis are aiming to spark religious wars, with those of each faith forced to take sides.  This wish must be confounded.  The solution is to drain the swamp of Global Jihadism via specific targeted methods, not assist the Jihadis in bringing about a new World War which would eclipse all those before it.

4. Monitor all Mosques

Many Punjabi mosques across the UK have been proven to be nests of terrorism.  Countless secret recordings have revealed preachers exhorting Jihad.  In Karachi, many mosques have been used by terrorists to store weapons and as bases for terror attacks.  MQM Party, despite winning 85% of seats in Karachi, has no security control over its areas.  The Karachi Police is controlled by the PPP Bhuttos, who bring in non-local police (from their own Sindhi ethnicity) from villages in rural Sindh to police Karachi.  These police are behind drug trafficking, illegal gambling dens, extortion, bootlegging, and other criminal activities in the city.  They buy and sell police posts amongst each other, then turn to crime to finance their purchases and generate profits.  As the PPP hates MQM and its Muhajir voters, they do nothing to halt mosques being used as terror bases.  There is little vigilance or monitoring, and Jihadism grows.

As stated by MQM on several occasions, all Mosques must be monitored for Jihadi activity.  This principle must be applied to mosques in the UK, and the authorities must detain anyone guilty of Category 1-3 Jihadi terrorism as outlined above.  The true “moderates” should have nothing to hide, rather they should be glad that UK Police is assisting to remove the scourge of terror which they repeatedly condemn.  If the “moderate” Punjabis oppose their sermons being monitored, this in itself is a red flag.
If the UK authorities cannot monitor only mosques for fear of being labelled as racist, they should compel all houses of worship to post YouTube videos of their sermons.  Alternatively, they should set non-racial criteria which mostly lead to mosques being selected for monitoring.  One way or another, every Punjabi mosque should be monitored.
No mosque should be allowed to:

  • Condemn the “Kuffar”, as this leads to societal antagonisms
  • Criticise any other religion (Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc) in their sermon
  • Criticise any other Islamic sect (Shia, Ahmadi, etc) in their sermon
  • Make political statements

The sermons should focus on inner harmony, charity, women’s rights, family values, inculcating a duty to abide by the law of the land, and so on.  Without doubt, any mosques breaching these conditions should have their charitable status removed in the first instance.
It should be intolerable for any radical cleric to describe the Kuffar as “cattle”, and their convoluted explanations once found out should be given little credence. These are the fanatics creating animosity between their congregations and the rest of the community.  By calling the Kuffar “cattle”, the only implication is that cattle will be slaughtered.  The reason such clerics never call the Kuffar “rats”, is nobody can even catch a rat with their bare hands.  The rats simply scurry away.  In the current environment when Jihadis are beheading the Kuffar in great numbers, such language must be intolerable.  Any Jihadi cleric uttering such words must immediately be prosecuted for hate speech at the very least.
MQM has no security control in Karachi.  Yet we monitor all mosques.  If we could, we would act to curb all hate speech.
As many such Jihadi clerics wear a mask in front of the Kuffar, and speak their true demonic feelings in private, Western governments must offer rewards (eg. $1000) for those in their congregations or school assemblies to secretly record the statements made by these clerics in private.  Even if 5 Punjabis record a cleric calling Kuffar “cattle”, the government must pay $1000 to each of them.  This will cost far less than the billions spent in fighting wars against the Jihadis.
Any “moderate” Punjabis who are offended by such a policy have invariably themselves attended Punjabi madrassahs in the UK (eg Sunday Quran School) and they know well what the Punjabi clerics say in private.  Their offence, usually framed from a libertarian perspective, is proof of their complicity.

5. Close Jihadi Schools

Many government schools in UK Punjabi areas have been taken over by Category 2-3 terroristsThey have been glorifying terror in school assemblies, inviting Jihadi terrorists to give speeches, as well as practices such as forcing girls to sit at the back of the class.  This is unacceptable to the values of a civilised society.  In fact, if these Jihadis had full control of their situation, the girls would be schooled separately (if at all), and taught that they have no value aside from cooking, cleaning and being a vessel for child rearing.  This is what happens with the overwhelming majority of Punjabis and Pakhtun in Pakistan, with their females having far lower literacy rates.  In Muhajir society, both women and men have near 100% literacy.
Any schools inculcating Jihadi values should be viewed essentially as terror training camps.  They must be closed, or restructured as secular schools, with completely new management and dedicated external oversight.  Anyone who was complicit in Jihadi inculcation must be viewed as a Category-3 terrorist.
In my personal opinion, all religion should be kept firmly out of schools.  Amongst Karachi Muhajirs, there are Sunnis, Shias, dozens of Sunni/Shia subsects, as well as respected and protected Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, etc.  There should not be any influence within schools which encourages kids to divide themselves on a sectarian basis.  Yet the moment a single religious statement is made within the education system, kids are being encouraged to do just that.  Parents and religious leaders may educate their children outside schools.  This private teaching should also be monitored – for example, no Sunni extremist teachers should be allowed to teach kids that Shia are apostates who deserve to be killed.

6. Break Ethnic Ghettos

Those who teach their children to “hate the Kuffar” in UK Government funded schools will not integrate, as they want their host society to disintegrate.  Many immigrants in Western nations come from societies in which barbaric practices are widely prevalent and conducted with absolute impunity.  This includes: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), acid attacks on women, gays being jailed or killed, honour killings, widespread and systematic persecution of minorities (including non-Islamic sects such as Ahmadis), or so on.  The only way for immigrants in the West to assimilate into the West is to abandon these practices.  It is a fallacy to assume there can be integration whilst retaining such barbaric values.
As long as Punjabis are allowed to keep themselves closed off from local communities, watching Punjabi TV, being brainwashed by Punjabi Jihad preachers, the more they will fail to integrate into UK society.  This is turn will lead to a vicious cycle of increased alienation, and deepening hatred for the Kuffar.  Encouraged further by the continuing rise of Jihadi groups in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle East, goaded by local Jihadis, these Punjabis will turn increasingly to terror as they do “back home”.
In the British Empire era, the Punjabis were the mainstay of the British Indian Army, serving the British “loyally” generation after generation.  They were mercenaries who were ready to fire on other Indians anytime, anywhere, and in exchange they received rock solid British Army pensions.  Without such pensions, these Punjabis lived in utter squalor and depravity.  However, the British mistook this sentiment for loyalty.  Since the Punjabis arrived in the UK, the welfare system has made the need to join the Army redundant.  UK Pakistani Punjabis serving in the UK Armed Forces are virtually unheard of.  However, more Punjabis are now joining ISIS and the Taliban every single year, than joined the UK Armed Forces in the last 50 years.
The West must make a concerted effort to rebalance the ethnic ratios in Punjabi and Arab ghettos, perhaps diverting any East European immigration to these areas.  Otherwise, states within a state will develop in major European cities, and the Punjabis will continually push back the writ of the state.  This is precisely what has been happening for decades, yet the process must now be acknowledged as a failure and reversed at all costs.  With ethnic ghettos removed, the Punjabis are far likelier to integrate over the coming decades.
Taliban in Karachi
In Karachi, the Taliban have entered into Pakhtun areas, with support of the local Pakhtun.  They have set up sharia courts, enforced draconian laws amongst themselves, use their areas to smuggle heroin and weapons, and all with total impunity.  Just like the problem faced by Europeans, when Altaf Hussain raised warning flags that Pakhtun communities were hosting Taliban bases in Karachi, MQM was called racist.  Like the European left-wing politicians support mass Punjabi/Arab immigration to boost their vote banks, the ANP party played a similar role in Karachi.
The ANP is a “secular” Pakhtun party.  They rejected Altaf Hussain’s warnings of Talibanisation in Karachi, because they thought the Pakhtun influx into Karachi would swell their vote banks.  Their miscalculation is an indication of the fate which awaits European pro-immigration leftists: The Taliban began a campaign of mass assassinations of ANP politicians and workersToday the ANP is non-existent in Karachi, they have literally been blasted out of town.  Only the Taliban has a presence in Karachi Pakhtun areas.  Now the only way to remove the Taliban from Karachi will be a significant armed operation.  MQM will do what is necessary to protect its people from the Jihadi terrorists, but Europe must not let it get to this stage.

7. Extend Terror Classification

Most European nations only classify a group as a terrorist organisation if it is directly involved in committing terror acts.  However, this policy has clearly been a failure, as self-proclaimed peaceful groups indoctrinate Punjabi and Arab kids.  Once these supposedly peaceful groups have completed their work, many of their alumni graduate to banned terrorist organisations.  In recent years, several terror plots have been led by former Heads of London University “Islamic” Societies.  In fact these university societies are feeding grounds for Jihadi terrorism.
Any student group which invites a Category 2-3 terrorist to speak at its events must be closed down, with its organisers and key attendees banned from participating in any such society again.  Any charity which funnels money to groups which qualify as Category 2-3 terrorist organisations must be shut down.
The UAE recently designated CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) and MAB (Muslim Association of Britain) as terrorist organisations, as well as a number of other European groups.  It must be recognised that these groups are a key part of the Jihadi terrorist infrastructure, and their activities within civilised democratic countries must be brought to an end.
In the same way that MQM has called for a ban on Jamaat-e-Islami, the West must ban any groups expressing sympathy for Jihadis.

8. Demolish Terror “Mosques”

Recently, one of the most famous Punjabi “mosques” in Pakistan declared allegiance to Caliph Abu-Bakr and vowed to fight for the establishment of ISIS in Pakistan.  The response of MQM was to issue a demand to Pakistan Army that they should demolish the Red Mosque.
The Red Mosque is located 1 mile away from Pakistan's National Assembly
In the 1970s, this mosque was granted a huge piece of land in a prime area of Islamabad by General Zia.  Over the years, this mosque has become a stronghold of hardcore Jihadi ideology.  In 2007, “students” from the Mosque began defying the writ of the state and attacking supposed dens of immorality in Islamabad.  Clearly they enjoyed the strong support of tens of millions of Punjabis.  This Jihadi campaign had to be halted when they kidnapped 5 Chinese masseuses, drawing a furious reaction from the Chinese Government.  General Musharraf (a Muhajir) ordered Pakistani SSG Commandos to storm the Mosque, leading to heavy casualties including the Jihadi Mosque leader himself.  A few weeks later, a suicide bomber attacked an Army Intelligence facility, killing 25, and another suicide bomber penetrated the main SSG base and detonated a bomb inside the SSG Canteen, killing 15 SSG Commandos.
2007: Jihadi "students" of Red Mosque firing on Pakistan soldiers
This attack on the Red Mosque drew a furious response from Punjabis, who resolved to overthrow Musharraf.  The (Punjabi) Chief Justice of Pakistan began a “Lawyers’ Campaign” to unseat the dictator Musharraf.  These are the same terrorist Punjabi lawyers who later overwhelmingly supported the assassin of Governor Taseer.  However, the Western media simply assumed that lawyers are better than dictators sosupported the campaign.
Fast forward to 2015, and the Red Mosque has been rebuilt and it is now heavily fortified.  The Red Mosque recently issued a video statement, praising Caliph Abu Bakr and pledging allegiance to I.S.  Since this anti-state declaration, no official action has been taken against Red Mosque.  Just like in Europe, many “moderate” Punjabis support Red Mosque and ISIS, backed up by heavily armed and motivated Jihadis.  A handful of activists have been staging protests outside Red Mosque, but these are proving to be inconsequential.  There is minimal Punjabi support for action against Red Mosque.  In fact, even those at the forefront of the tiny vigil to arrest the Red Mosque leader are themselves from Karachi and either Muhajirs or 1/2 Muhajir.

The response from MQM on the other hand, has been clear.  At 16 hours notice, MQM called a rally in Karachi, attended by approx. 100,000 people.  Altaf Hussain, MQM Leader, demanded Pakistan Army that they should demolish Red Mosque, that it should be “burnt down”.
MQM Policy: Jihadi Terror bases masquerading as Mosques should be demolished
The same should apply to any Mosques in the West which are found to be nests of terror.  They have at some point ceased to be houses of worship, and instead become bases from which Jihadi terror attacks are planned.  Although such instances are rare, there are specific examples.  In such cases where local Muslim residents protest, the buildings should be taken over by security forces and handed to the concerned local residents.  However, in instances in which local Muslim residents do not protest, it means that they have found an alternative prayer location.  In this case, the appellation of “Mosque” is merely a facade.  It would be best to consign any such facilities to history, no trace of their existence should remain.

10. Freedom of Speech, YES – Hate Speech, NO

MQM believes absolutely in Free Speech, there are no ifs and buts.  We also totally oppose Hate Speech, there are no ifs and buts.  Our policy is to strongly protest against Hate Speech, but to absolutely reject violence as a means to express anger at publications which are designed simply to offend and spark sectarian conflict, as opposed to constructive criticism or genuinely dissenting views.  As Altaf Hussain pointed out in an interview (15-Jan-2015) those who seek to violently protest against offensive cartoons are the same people who refuse to condemn the Taliban, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda.
MQM would remove all discriminatory religious laws in Pakistan if we could, as we have stated many times
By way of background, it should be noted that MQM’s Karachi base and the UK are very different environments.  The UK has a long history spanning centuries as an ethnically and religious sectarian homogenous country (until the 1950s).  The Jews were massacred and then completely expelled from England in 1190 and did not return until the 1650s.  From 1530-1630, the Catholic presence in England was virtually obliterated.  Catholic monasteries were looted and destroyed, Festivals and Holy days were prohibited, and Catholic Churches were destroyed and defaced on a mass scale.  In addition, countless Catholic dissenters were burnt at the stake as heretics.  Similarly in the USA, the bulk of society was overwhelmingly white and Protestant for more than a century of the USA’s existence (not including the Native Americans and Black slaves who didn’t count).
Once England had been made “Judenrein” and “Catholic(almost)rein”, the Protestants developed a tradition of free speech to accommodate the proliferating diverse Protestant sects (Baptists, Methodists, Puritans, and so on).  There were nevertheless Blasphemy laws in place in the UK until recentlythe last such conviction was in 1977Whilst violence against “Blasphemers” was quite unlikely by 1977, that would not have been the case in 1877.  Likewise, it would have been quite unthinkable for anyone in the UK to dare publishing cartoons of Jesus Christ in obscene sexual positions in 1927.  Yet nobody would argue that UK democracy was not functioning in 1927 or 1877 in the era of Disraeli and Gladstone.  The USA has allowed free speech without any restriction, but this emerged from the inherited English Protestant background and history described above.
The Muhajirs are a mix of various Islamic sects (mostly Sunni, a large Shia minority, plenty of Sunni/Shia subsects, and a respected and protected minority of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and others).  We believe in Interfaith Harmony.  In the backdrop of (Sunni) Jihadists targeting the Muhajir Shias in particular, it would be unthinkable for us to support anyone’s right to publish and distribute heinous anti-Shia cartoons in Karachi, like the heinous Charlie Hebdo depictions.  We know on our home turf that anyone who did so was trying to spark off sectarian clashes with the aim of massacring the Shia.
Mirza Ghalib (1979-1869) is the eternal Poet Laureate of the Muhajir People.  His works influenced Urdu Speakers to turn to Secularism
However, MQM fully supports the right to constructive criticism and dialogue.  This is based on longstanding tradition.  The “national poet” of the Muhajir people is Mirza Ghalib, who lived in the mid-19th century.  Ghalib was a religious sceptic, to say the least, and wrote many couplets questioning widely held doctrine, poking fun at the notion of heaven, mocking those who asked him if he had fasted in Ramadan, celebrating his love of wine, and joking that he would rather not go to Paradise with those most earnestly marketing it (ie the extremists).  All of these views would lead to Punjabi/Pakhtun mullahs issuing a deadly fatwa on Ghalib if he were alive today.  Yet not a single MQM Muhajir would dream of censuring Mirza Ghalib – in fact we would teach his works in schools like Shakespeare is taught in the UK.  We can’t however, as MQM is excluded from setting education policy for the Muhajir areas where we enjoy overwhelming electoral support.

Support MQM, Save the West from Jihadi Terror

The biggest obstacle the West faces in the fight against Global Jihadism is internal: it is the constant cry of “Racism!” whenever anyone proposes measures to counteract the spread of Jihadi ideology.  Whether it’s Trojan Horse schools, monitoring Jihadi “mosques”, restricting the entry of Jihadi immigrants, or even daring to name “Global Jihadi Extremism” as the civilisational enemy, at each and every single step the Cultural Relativists and Neo-Marxists will seek to prevent action being taken.  They will be backed up by European “moderate” Muslim Arabs/Punjabis, who will declare that these policies constitute “Islamophobia”.  Any politician who seeks to act will be tarred with the toxic brush of basically being a racist bigoted bully.
The Western masses are rightfully ashamed of their racist acts in the past (eg Slavery and the worst aspects of Imperialism).  For this reason, they are easily swayed by neo-Marxist and Jihadi cries of “Racism!”.  Consequently, anti-Jihadi Western politicians are often boxed into a corner, frightened to act against the clear threat.
The best way for Western politicians to counteract the neo-Marxists, Cultural Relativists, and “moderate” Muslim Jihadist sympathisers, is to support MQM’s political objective to run the affairs of Karachi, where we enjoy overwhelming electoral support (85% seats).  Karachi (population c.15 million) is governed as part of Sindh Province (population c.45 million).  Karachi is a Muhajir dominated city which contributes 70% of Pakistan’s tax revenues.  Sindh is a backward rural area, with socio-economic indicators (literacy, childbirth deaths, etc) well below Sub-Saharan levels.  Around 94% of Sindh Provincial Government’s tax receipts come from Karachi.
PPP governs Karachi, all the time rejecting any form of Local Government. Karachi Police is mostly composed of rural Sindhis who have never lived in Karachi, the Muhajirs are excluded.  These Sindhi Police have no interest in countering the spread of Taliban in Karachi.
Bhutto-PPP: he will only allow Karachi to become a separate Province "over my dead body"
MQM has no power to run local Police, education, transport, infrastructure, public healthcare and so on.  We wish to reorganise Sindh Province into 2 separate Pakistani Provinces, Sindh-1 (Rural) and Sindh-2 (Karachi).  This is firmly resisted by PPP, who view Karachi as their cash cow.
If the West assists MQM in pressurising the PPP and other Pakistan authorities to reorganise Karachi into a new Province within Pakistan, it will be of incalculable value to Western anti-Jihadi politicians.  If you spent $1 trillion fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the value of an MQM-run Karachi would be worth $10 trillion in economic terms to the West.
Any time the naysayers oppose your moves to monitor Mosques as racist, you can point to Karachi and say “What about those brown people in Karachi, are they also racist?”
Any time the naysayers oppose your moves to prevent Jihadi teaching in schools, you can point to Karachi and say “What about those brown people in Karachi, are they also racist?”
Any time the naysayers oppose your moves to ban pro-Jihadi groups as racist, you can point to Karachi and say “What about those brown people in Karachi, are they also racist?”
Any time the naysayers oppose your moves to restrict immigration from Jihadi-infested areas of the world, you can point to Karachi and say “What about those brown people in Karachi, are they also racist?”
The struggle against Global Jihadism will certainly be won.  The forces of freedom will crush the nihilistic Jihadis and neo-Marxist agenda.  We will not only crush them, we will eliminate all traces of their destructive impulses from the face of the Earth.  MQM stands shoulder to shoulder with the civilised nations of the world in this fight.
As Altaf Hussain (Founder and Leader of MQM) said, “We will not be left behind in the barbarous Dark Ages of the Taliban”.

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