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Afghan Women Council : Feminine Spirit of New Afghanistan

Afghan Women Council is a women’s human rights organization based in Kabul. We have advocated for the rights of Afghan women and built programming to secure, protect and advance
Afghan women’s human rights across Afghanistan. 
It is the feminine spirit that lives within women that must pour forth freely to heal the new Afghanistan.
Please find a Screensaver on Courageous Afghan women spirit,   
Fatana Gailani
A little donation can protect the lives of thousands of women in Afghanistan. 
Donate to the Afghanistan Women 
Afghanistan Women Council 
Kabul, Afghanistan
Main Office:
House #61, Burj e Barq Stop
Kulola Pushta, Kabul
GPO Box No. 3213
Telephone: 0093-(O)799-888 118 
                   0093-(O)770-069 980
                   0093-(O)708-677 093



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