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Archive for March, 2011

Indian forces riddled with expensive ‘duds’

 Indian Taxpayers Read and Weep!


India’s pride — its defence forces have a reputation that precedes them. But it

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Terrorism, Economy Dual Threats for Pakistanis

Majority believes government

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I Had Ray Davis’s Job, in Laos 30 Years Ago

The story of Raymond Allen Davis is one familiar to me and I wish our (US) government would quit doing these things – they cost us credibility.

Davis is the American being held as a spy working under diplomatic cover out of our embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. You can understand why foreign countries no longer trust us and people are rising up across the Middle East against the Great Satan.

In the Vietnam War, the country of Laos held a geo-strategic position, as Pakistan does to Afghanistan today. As in Pakistan, in Laos our country (USA) conducted covert military operations against a sovereign people, using the CIA.

I was a demolitions technician with the Air Force who was reassigned to work with the CIA

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China and Pakistan Signal the Rest of the World (Also, a Great Video of PAF in Action)

U.S. is following a two pronged policy of courting India and destabilizing Pakistan.  It set-up a nuclear deal with India. On the otherhand, it looks the other way, when Karzai, the Afghan dictator, and a rabid anti-Pakistan, but pro-Indian stooge, infilterates Taliban saboteurs across the Pak-Afghan border. 
 It also serves U.S. interests to destabilize Pakistan, so that it could serve as the quid pro quo for neutralizing Pakistan’s nuclear program. The Raymond Davis, Xe Corporation, and Aaron Mark DeHaven have been a wake-up call to Pakistanis, that Pakistan is being stabbed in the back by it’s most trusted “ally.” U.S.  is also trying to extricate  itself out of the Afghan quagmire. So to keep it’s interests alive after the exit; wants to leave a surrogate power like. India to look after it’s interest.  India is nurturing Taliban through its network of RAW agents and through facilitating clandestine access to opium trade routes to Europe through Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi.  India is also destabilizing southern China, by facilitating opium trade from Myanmar (former Burma), along the China-Myanmar border.
These so-called “Taliban,” also  follow their own agenda based on greed and lucrative opium trade.  They are akin to a prostitute, who sleeps with the highest bidder.,  The question than arises, why is the U.S. following such a duplicitious policy?  The answer is fairly obvious. The U.S. wants to establish India as a counterfoil to China. Since, China is an advanced nuclear power, U.S. mistakenly thinks, that by helping India counterbalance China, U.S. security interests will be served.  This has resulted in India U.S.Nuclear partnership.  Following are the key aspects of the Indo-US civil nuclear deal:

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The Paralyzed Government

The erstwhile jail bird and currently the president of Pakistan his Excellency Asif Ali Zardari hovers over the globe in the presidential aircraft, like a bewitched midget, touching one capital after another. The Prime Minister Gilani is busy in his frantic efforts to make unworthy compromises for remaining in power. His beloved son is so far successful in blunting all judicial and executive efforts to nab him in one of the stupendous money making scams. The Defense minister Rahman Malik is in the lead for his inimitable skill of compulsive lying. With his unremitting falsifications, he reinforces the belief in the reincarnation with Goebbels

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