Last Minute Corruption


March 17th, 2013


Last Minute Corruption


Whereas the ruling thugs and luteras and the corrupt and dishonest politicians are jubilating and felicitating each other over the completion of their 5 year term, the common man in the street is grateful to the Almighty for the good riddance wishing it never to return.  Apart from many other startling last minute corruptions – some of them mega ones –  that the departing rulers indulged into, suffice it would be to cite only one example of the kind of havoc they had been playing  with the nation and the national exchequer. 

Seventy (70) CNG stations were reportedly sanctioned by the govt. on the very last day and during the dying moments of their rule !!  Could someone have done it without minting millions from the allottees.

Bhagte chor ki langoti sahi”, how aptly it applies to them and their stinking character?!! Corrupt to the marrow of their bones and corruption to the last minute of their being in power?!  Raja Sahib had every reason to thank Allah (swt) for giving him the opportunity of being the PM of this hapless nation and addressing it so.

 Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)







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