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Archive for April, 2010

Indo-Pak nuke disparity

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.Tuesday, 27 Apr, 2010

With an assured supply of fuel for its power reactors programme, India could redirect its current uranium production to military use. Besides using liberated uranium, India has planned to increase its production from uranium mining.

It wants to step up uranium production from its Nalgonda mines from about 150 to 200 tonnes a year to 450 to 500 tonnes a year. It may divert at least 70 to 20 tonnes of mined uranium every year to produce 60 to 100 kg (per year) of weapons-grade plutonium by partially running one of its unsafeguarded power reactors at low burn-up.

Diversion of imported uranium or use of liberated uranium to make more weapons would be in line with India

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Rs117 million spent by police every month on VIP security

Friday, 16 Apr, 2010

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Ethnic cleansing in Afghanistan

As I write this, two NATO rockets have just slaughtered around a dozen innocent Afghan civilians during the latest military assault in the war torn country.

Ordinary Afghan men, women and children are paying the blood price for a war launched by politicians from the West.

Soldiers, including American and British, who signed up to escape the poverty in their respective recession-hit countries are also giving the ultimate sacrifice.

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‘Talk to Taliban with Pak, not India in lead’

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President Obama’s Muslim Heritage-An Islamophobe’s compilation

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