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The Tribune 26 Dec 2016 Selection of India’s Army Chief a Sensitive Issue : Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:

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The Tribune 26 Dec 2016

Selection of India’s Army Chief a sensitive issue

Comments by Simranjit Singh Mann:


 Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) states that our party feels that the seniority of the generals should have been kept in place, as the other two were equally good. The armored corp and motorized infantry officers, at that level of army commanders, should not have fallen by the wayside.
            Lt. Gen. Rawat had an advantage over the others as he was at headquarters in Delhi as vice chief and had all the time to work around the political and bureaucratic rigmarole. Moreover, he was from the same battalion of the Gorkha regiment as Gen. Dilbag Singh, the army chief. Officers coming from the same regiment have a great camaraderie and an esprit de corps. Therefore Gen. Dilbag Singh obviously favored an officer from the Gorkha’s. That is a bit of good luck for Lt. Gen. Rawat and bad luck for the other two army commanders.
            When I was Aid de Camp to Punjab Governor Pavate, Gen. Manikshaw was invited to a luncheon by the Governor. A serving Brigadier who was deprived of his command on the border with Pakistan asked me whether he could travel with me to receive Gen. Manikshaw at the Chandigarh airport. Having received Gen. Manikshaw at the airport I let the brigadier sit with the General in the rear seat. The Brigadier who had lost his post during that war cribbed and told his boss that it was unfair to withdraw him from his post in the middle of the battle. Gen. Manikshaw replied that it was just his bad luck and could anyone have ever wondered whether he (Manikshaw) would ever have reached the top post. It was just luck that propelled him to the top, he emphasized.
            Therefore it is also luck that Lt. Gen. Rawat had made it to where he is now. However, it will definitely affect the morale of the officer corp. In future officers vying for the top slots would definitely kowtow to the politician and the bureaucrat. This will make a bad precedent and break the morale of the soldiers.
            When politicians and bureaucrats prefer loyalty over professionalism it does not work that way. Prime Minister Bhutto of Pakistan chose Gen. Zia ul Haq over other generals, but Gen. Zia ul Haq took his Prime Minister to the gallows. Similarly, the present Premier Nawaz Sharif in his earlier prime ministership appointed Gen. Musharraf as his army chief. However Gen. Musharraf was a little kinder than Gen. Zia. Musharraf like his predecessor also wanted to show his prime minister the gallows, but Saudi Arabia intervened and asked Musharraf to send Sharif to Arabia in exile. General’s at the top have a queer behavior and to exercise total and absolute power, can undo their creators and benefactors. Anything is possible in the Indian sub-continent.
            There is something to say about the Hindu polity. Whether it is the Congress Party or the BJP-RSS. They are both intolerant of the minorities, especially the Muslim’s and the Sikh’s. We have seen when the Hindu’s go on a killing spree of the two minorities; the army stoically remains in its cantonments. However when the Hindu ruling setup wishes to teach a lesson to these minorities the army happily goes into action as was the case in 1984- Operation Bluestar, the atrocious ingress into the Sikh’s holiest shrine the Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) in Amritsar and the slaughter of thousands of Sikh pilgrims and the total elimination of the then young and spirited political Sikh leadership. The present scenario in Kashmir is the same as the Sikh’s have been facing since 1984.
It is a shame that the army is shy and cowardly in taking on an opponent its own size. Every time the Chinese cross over the McMahon Line, Gen. Dilbag Singh’s boys beat a quick retreat. Though Mr. Modi states that the next army chief is an infantry officer and knows all the hot spots on the eastern, western and northern borders, it is hoped he will face the challenge and not chicken.  
            One thing in common with Gen. Dilbag Singh and his successor is that they both come from a martial race. Gen. Dilbag Singh is a Jaat and Lt. Gen. Rawat is a Garhwali. We do hope the new Chief to be will bring his forces out of the barracks when the Hindu’s go on a killing spree.
Editor’s Note: Pakistan Think Tank invites articles from writers in India,/Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives & Myanmar

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The Big Power Game





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Narendra Modi runs a Website that justifies Gujarat Riots (GujaratRiots.com) through his IT Team by Mukul Sinha –

Narendra Modi runs a Website that justifies Gujarat Riots (GujaratRiots.com) through his IT Team

In the modern times, to carry out an organized religio-ethnic cleansing and then to get away despite the present day media watching every event is indeed a great feat by any Goebellian standards. Keeping aside the question as to who was the prime mover of the Gujarat pogrom, the recent pronouncements of the special courts trying the major cases of violence like Gulberg Society, Naroda Patiya, Best Bakery, Sardarpura etc would undisputedly establish that the violence was lead by the saffron brotherhood. In the Naroda Patiya case, even the minister of Modi’s Government Mayaben Kodnani and the VHP leading activist like Babu Bajrangi etc have been convicted. Yet despite these and many other irrefutable evidence, the concerted effort by the rioters to paint the violence as a spontaneous reaction of the angry Hindu masses to the “barbaric” attack of the Muslims killing 59 Hindus in Godhra has found many takers and paid handsome dividends to BJP which presided over the violence.

The perception of the common man to willy-nilly accept the action-reaction theory was primarily because of the voluminous propaganda material that the rioters threw at the common man without any effective counter by the other political establishments in the country. We have tried to research the mode and manner adopted by the saffron brotherhood to dominate the cyberspace, and to our shock and surprise, we discovered that Narendra Modi through his closest aides has created a network of websites to disseminate propaganda on variety of topics and subjects.

India272.com, GujaratRiots.com, NitiCentral.com, BJPOne.com etc – All these websites are being run by Rajesh Jain’s team who is officially appointed by Narendra Modi to run his IT campaign. Their common roots can be seen from the fact that each one of these websites reside on the same server with the IP Address Rajesh Jain’s blog Emergic.Org is also one of these several sites sitting on this server. India272.com which is regularly endorsed by Narendra Modi on twitter also sits on this same server.

Modi Runs GujaratRiots.com through his IT Team
Modi Runs GujaratRiots.com through his IT Team

Having shown the above network of sites created under aegis of Modi, one of the websites which is immensely note-worthy for its distortion of facts is the GujaratRiots.comwebsite. The choice of the name itself is very diablolic since any netizen who searches for information on gujarat riots is likely to use phrases which includes the words “gujarat” and “riots”. As a result all the cursory searches will end up with visits to GujaratRiots.com site since it features very high in Google’s search results.

Gujarat Riots consistently ranks high on Google
Gujarat Riots consistently ranks high on Google

Thus by an ingenious choice of name, the saffron brotherhood gets a netizen into their website and is fed with false and distorted information. A example of one such distortion is an attempt by the GujaratRiots site to justify the complete inaction of Gujarat Police on 28th February 2002 when the mobs went on rampage in the area of Naroda and Gulbarg Society. The site states that as on the second day of the riots, i.e. March 1st 2002, when even the army could not control the situation in Ahmedabad, how could the police control it on 28th Feb1.

How fallacious this argument is can be seen from the fact that both Naroda Patiya and Gulbarg Society are within a radius of 2 kms and come under a single police zone number 4 headed by DCP Gondia IPS. The said zone also comes under the Sector 2 of Ahmedabad police led by then Additional Commissioner of Police – Shri MK Tandon. Both these IPS officers Gondia and MK Tandon were accompanied by large contingents of Armed Policemen along with Special Task Force with modern weaponry. Besides them, those areas are also covered by the local police led by the respective police inspectors of each area namely Naroda and Gulbarg (KG Erda).

From the deposition of KG Erda in Nanavati Commission, the police inspector of the Gulbarg area it is clearly seen that since 12:00 noon on 28th February, the crowd had swelled from 10,000 to 20,000 around 2:45 p.m and had surrounded the Gulberg society.

Quoting from KG Erda’s deposition in Nanavati Commission:

(On 28.02.2002) Till 12.15 pm a mob of around ten thousand people had already collected.When I again reached Gulbarg society at 2 pm there were twenty thousand people and at that time there were a total of sixteen police men…it is true that at 2.45 pm I had sent a message to the control room that a mob of ten thousand people had set fire in the area of Gulbarg society and surrounded it and that police has also been surrounded and requested for the SRP force to be sent.

At that time me and other six constables had got encircled by the mob and smoke was coming out from the houses in Gulbarg society.

During this period Erda had desparately sought for police reinforcement to disperse the mob and had made several phone calls to the Police Control room as well as Mr Gondia and Mr Tandon. The phone calls shown in the images below were obtained from the phone call data submitted in Nanavati Commission. The first image shows the desperate phone calls of KG Erda to the Police Control Room asking for police  reinforcement. The second image are the phone calls between Erda and DCP Gondia/Joint Commissioner Tandon.

KG Erda's calls to Police Control Room
KG Erda’s calls to Police Control Room
KG Erda's calls to Gondia and MK Tandon
KG Erda’s calls to Gondia and MK Tandon

While on one hand a massive crowd was surrounding the Gulberg Society making Erda desperately ask for police reinforcements, on the other the hand the analysis of the locations of Joint Commissioner Tandon establish that he along with his task force had come to the Naroda/Gulbarg area around 12 noon and had hurriedly gone away with his task force to a distant area called Revdi Bazar and hung around there  till 4 p.m. despite there being no major rioting in those areas.  By the time MK Tandon went back to Gulbarg Society at 4 p.m, the mob had already burnt down the entire society along with 64 men, women and children including Ehsan Jaffrey with only Erda and his few policemen being silent spectators to the whole massacre. Similarly DCP Gondia reaches Gulbarg only at 4 p.m. when the society had been already burnt down. This clearly shows how Police along with their task force moved away from areas of rioting.

MK Tandon's Location Graph
MK Tandon’s Location Graph
Gondia's Location Graph
Gondia’s Location Graph

It can therefore be seen as how Narendra Modi through GujaratRiots is trying to mislead the nation by providing distorted account of Police Action and much more. Truth Of Gujarat therefore finds it necessary to go into details to disabuse the wrong perception being created by the saffron brotherhood to justify violence that was nothing but an organized pogrom against the Muslims.

We will deal with the other ‘myths’ being circulated by GujaratRiots.com site and demystify them in the coming days.

Continuing our research into Modi’s IT conspiracy, we found many more websites running on the same IP Address, all promoting one man – wanting us to believe that all the websites springing up are spontaneous support for him – Infact they can all be tracked back to one man – Rajesh Jain. Read More At: – Modi Appointee Rajesh Jain Spamming the Cyberspace With NaMo Lies


India272.com promptly changed its IP Address from to180.149.244.132 after our exposure. You can see that the change was detected on 06 Oct 17:38 GMT i.e 11:08 p.m. IST. We published the post at 8:08 p.m. IST. Is Modi feeling shy now?

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The Nazi in Hindutva Mind of Narendra Modi & BJP eyes Indo-Pak-Bangla-Afghnistan unity to form ‘Akhand Bharat

Editor’s Note: Pakistanis born after 1947,should understand the psychology of the Hindutva mind. In this article in Times of India,Ram Madhav,a Hindutva Nazi is exposed (Symbol of RSS is a Swastika).

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The Hindutva Mind














BJP eyes Indo-Pak-Bangla unity to form ‘Akhand Bharat



India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will reunite to form ‘Akhand Bharat’: Ram Madhav aka Saffron Bandit

TNN | Dec 26, 2015, 05.05 PM IST




• India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who were separated 60 years ago, will reunite, said the BJP general secretary
• Ram Madhav also speaks about the issue of intolerance, says returning of awards bid to defame India
• He also speaks about bringing peace in J&K, says Kashmir an integral part of India
India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will reunite to form ‘Akhand Bharat’: Ram Madhav-India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will reunite to form ‘Akhand Bharat’: Ram Madhav
BJP general secretary Ram Madhav has said that parts of India – including Pakistan and Bangladesh – which were separated 60 years ago, will reunite to form “Akhand Bharat” (undivided India).
“The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) still believes that one day these parts, which have for historical reasons separated only 60 years ago, will again, through popular goodwill, come together and Akhand Bharat will be created,” Ram Madhav said in the interview to international news network Al-Jazeera.
He also said that as an RSS member, he also holds that view.
Ram Madhav, however, clarified that this will not happen through war, but through “popular consent”.
“That does not mean we wage war on any country, (or that) we annex any country. Without war, through popular consent, it can happen,” he said.
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p style=”text-align: center;”>Why did you leave out afghanistan sirji??! afghanistan is also part of Akhand Bharat and it was ruled by Mauryas until 1… Read More

He also spoke about the issue of growing intolerance in India saying the returning of awards by artists and intellectuals is a bid to defame the government and in turn to demafe the image of India. He also said that the method of protest adopted by these intellectuals is wrong.
Madhav, an RSS leader, was deputed to the BJP after the general elections last year. He played an important role in Jammu and Kashmir elections and formation of a BJP-PDP coalition government in the state.
Speaking to Al-Jazeera about bringing peace in the region. “The only outstanding issue with regard to the Kashmir problem is the Kashmir under Pakistan occupation,” he said. “The Kashmir that is an integral part of India, it has been proved time and again that it’s an integral part of India.”



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CPEC controversy…army’s failure By Ayaz Amir




















CPEC controversy…army’s failure


Ayaz Amir

January 12, 2016



Islamabad diary

It was a ‘game-changer’, we all gushed, destined to change the face of Pakistan. No one could mention the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor without breaking into superlatives. Actual details were hard to come by but the rhetoric was intoxicating.

This was before our genius for statesmanship kicked in. When it did we are finding out that instead of reaching for the stars we are managing to dig ourselves into another hole. The controversy over the CPEC is spiralling in such a manner that the Chinese embassy has taken the unprecedented step of issuing a statement urging all parties to “strengthen communication…and resolve differences properly.”

Our Chinese friends can be forgiven for feeling miffed. Here they are holding out the prospect of all these roads, highways and power projects and we are speaking in different tongues. Seeing our performance they are likely to dwell in their minds on the merits of a one-party state.

The main charge against the Sharifs is that they have hidden everything behind a veil of secrecy and are not being open about maps and finances. Every now and then the Punjab chief minister makes another thunderous announcement about game-changing. Press him for details or ask him to show the actual maps and the highway/motorway alignments and the industrial zones and beyond his wagging finger, and eyes aflame with passion, there is little to see.

I can bet that if parliamentarians and corps commanders are subjected to a test about what the CPEC is about nine out of ten will flunk it. When the State Bank governor confesses to not knowing anything about the money and the loans, terms and conditions and repayment schedules, we get an idea of the mess the federal government has managed to create around this issue…which is supposed to alter the alignment of the stars in our favour.

But we should be honest with ourselves. Was any of this unexpected? Was anyone really expecting that the Sharifs, the two of them who are running the civilian half of this country, would transcend their limitations and turn overnight into a Bismarck couple on the CPEC?

Here were elected leaders who couldn’t get the threat of terrorism right. They had not the heart to take on the Pakistani Taliban. They could take no decision on Karachi. It was the army which knocked sense into them and the army, on its own, which declared war on terrorism – both of the religious variety as in Fata, and the ‘secular’ variety as in Karachi. When the army had taken the decision, the civilians hurriedly clambered aboard the terrorism bandwagon. It is another matter that they now give the impression that the resolve all along was theirs.

Given this record on what grounds was anyone expecting that coming to the ‘game-changer’ the same civilians, the same leadership class would become statesmen: bring all the provinces together and get everyone to sing from the same score?

The army is managing the internal security front and overseeing foreign policy. Visiting foreign high-ups invariably call on the army chief because everyone understands where the locus of real power rests. The army is providing security for the CPEC and raising an entire division headed by a two-star general (from our own resources) for this purpose. Without this guarantee there would be no corridor and no Chinese money coming in.

So how come, when the army has its finger in every pie, when it is spread all over, when it is handling all key issues, when it came to this supreme ‘game-changer’, this khan of khans, this king of kings, it left everything to the higher wisdom and statesmanship of the Sharifs? It doesn’t add up, doesn’t make sense.

Let us not be hard on Heavy-mandate PM and whiz-kid Punjab CM. They are doing nothing unusual. This is how they have been conducting business and politics – it being hard to make out where the one ends and the other begins – for the last 30 years. When they look at the map of Pakistan they see Punjab. When they look at Punjab they see Lahore. When they see Lahore what rivets their attention the most are the roads leading to Raiwind.

Being industrialists and businessmen, that too on an industrial scale, when they conduct state business with other countries it is but natural, given their background, that one eye is fastened on their own interests. With both the PPP leadership and the PML-N leadership the lines between public and private interest are blurred. It was not always like this. Once upon a time politics and commerce used to run on separate lines. Alas, not any more. Perhaps as a country we are atoning for sins unexplained.

I am not making any of this up. All reasonably well-informed Pakistanis know all this. But to return to the mother of all questions: how come in our holy of holies, the Vatican we call the General Headquarters, was the CPEC, this supposed definer of our future, left to the tender mercies of the Sharifs?

Give the Sharifs credit at least for being consistent. They are treating the CPEC as if it was one of their sugar mills, a karkhana of the Ittefaq Group. Again they are hardly to blame. They are just being true to form. Only in this case the army decided not to exercise the system of ‘checks-and-balances’ it not only exercises in other fields but thinks it its birthright to do so. Why?

Why intrusive interference in every other corner, every other aspect of national life? Why benign neglect and masterly inactivity, leaving the present leadership to its devices, regarding the ‘game-changer’? Or are we to think the unthinkable, what should hardly be put into words, that the Punjab-centrism of the Sharif approach strikes a chord with the larger Punjabi-ism of what euphemistically, when we want to take cover, we refer to as the ‘establishment’?

The CPEC was supposed to bring Pakistan together…tie up its constituent units, the four provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan, in a tighter framework of communication and economic integration. The Raiwind approach to the CPEC is fanning the flames of inter-provincial discord. The Chinese are not at fault. They know their history of the Long March and the subtleties of Mao Zedong Thought. In what institute of Marxism-Leninism could they have learned the subtleties of Raiwind thought?

The politicians can’t clear up this mess. They could forge no consensus on terrorism. The army did it for them. The Sharifs are in the driving seat…they cannot resolve the growing controversy regarding the CPEC. The differences are too wide, the suspicions too deep, civilian incapacity too glaring. It is a particular gift of PML-N ministers that whenever any of them speaks on this issue he manages to fan the flames of suspicion higher.

It’s the army which has to take the lead, behind the scenes, discreetly…but firmly, knocking sense into the political leadership, the way it did over terrorism.

Let us host Saudi princes and read out soothing words to them. But let us understand that the CPEC controversy is more important for us than the row between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Email: bhagwal63@gmail.com


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