Protests not against CPEC, PTI chief assures Chinese envoy By Imran Mukhtar, The Nation, Pakistan

A PTI leader, wishing anonymity, said the meeting was arranged on the request of PTI and the party chairman made it clear to the ambassador that his party was not against the CPEC project. “The government is trying to build up a narrative that our anti-government protest is meant to derail the CPEC. We have made it clear to the ambassador that the Panama leaks was a national issue and it has nothing to do away with the CPEC. We have conveyed that our agenda is not against the project,” he said

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China, Russia And Pakistan: New Superpower Triangle

India has no idea whether it can or cannot rely on receiving any sort of help from the U.S. And while the country is stronger than Pakistan in terms of its army power, Pakistan has more nuclear weaponry than India, which means A LOT in any global conflict.

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FOOL’S WAR in AFGHANISTAN – by Eric S Margolis

A report by Global Research has estimated the 15-year Afghan War and the Iraq War had cost the US $6 trillion. Small wonder when gasoline trucked up to Afghanistan from Pakistan’s coast it costs the Pentagon $400 per gallon. Some estimates put the war cost at $33,000 per citizen. But Americans do not pay this cost through a special war tax, as it should be. Bush ordered the total costs of the Iraq and Afghan wars be concealed in the national debt.

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Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah attends Passing Out Parade at Pakistan Military Academy

The Admiral said that the defence and security preparedness of any nation is in direct response to its security dictates. We, in Pakistan, have a history of facing perils and successfully surmounting them. The challenges that this young nation has faced over the past few decades have made us more resilient and stronger. The unresolved disputes that continue to smoulder, and the daunting challenges that lie ahead, mandate that we maintain a constant vigil on the internal as well as external fronts.

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What Pakistanis Think About USA

Pakistani’s Opinion of US Duplicity:Old Archival footage:opinions may change if Hilary Clinton is elceted

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